BehemothThis seriesGod damn, this series.I want to go sing its praises across campus, to haul people down to the library and shove copies of Leviathan into their hands, to wander the country like a modern day Johnny Appleseed scattering lovely books wherever I go.Okay, not so much that last one But you get my point.But anyhow I was quite content with the first book, but I m elated about this one It s one of those fabulous novels in which it s not just the characters who mature and grow as all characters should the plot adjusts and changes to suit them As such, while Leviathan was somewhat weaker for its focus on getting the characters where they needed to be, Behemoth shows what this series really is that being SPECTACULAR by puttingon the line and giving both Alek and Derynto deal with Best of all, pretty much every action in the book makes sense, in terms of motivations.Here, the Leviathan is arriving in Istanbul Doctor Barlow s secret mission is almost complete Alek and the Austrians aren t feeling particularly welcome, though, and make plans to escape when they reach the city Naturally, nothing goes as planned for either party One of Doctor Barlow s precious eggs is crushed when it s presented to the Sultan, and German saboteurs are all through the city spreading anti British propaganda Alek s escape gets botched, and he finds himself in a strange city and separated from his foremost advisor, Count Volger Oh, and Istanbul isn t exactly placid, either but sayingwould be spoilers, of course.While I still like Deryn better than Alek, I did really appreciate some of the development he got in this book though most of it made him look like an idiot We see him interacting with a girl his own age for once, and his attitude is, well, less progressive than poor Deryn might wish In fact, until that girl proves herself, he s downright scornful It certainly doesn t earn Alek any points in my book, but Westerfeld gets some for not making him illogically ahead of his time Also, it throws a wrench into the romantic subplot, which is fabulous.Alek also goes through a little I AM DESTINED TO DO THIS phase and, not to say too much, it gets deliciously squashed by the end of the book I don t like that sort of attitude, nor the self righteousness which usually accompanies it, and it was nice to see him get taken down a peg Always provided, of course, that he doesn t wangst about being confused in the next book I trust you, Westerfeld Don t screw this up.Deryn s development, though, is even better She s a wonderfully strong character, barring one thing which I ll discuss later and she only gets stronger Here, her heroic actions saving Newkirk at the beginning of the book win her a medal and a secret assignment The way she handles command is very interesting, and the way the experience changes her is the sort of thing I love to see happening to characters Also, we re seeing behind some of her swagger here, even in Alek s chapters, and she s ainteresting character for it I wish I could say , but that would be spoilers.OH, we need to talk about the Behemoth of the title.DAYUM That thing was freaking awesome It looked like an anglerfish with tentacles and next to it the Leviathan was a toy Ohhhhhh what a beastie I sort of want one And now I m really curious about what the Goliath of the third book will be Westerfeld s creativity shines when it comes to fabricated creatures, and that s a goodly part of why I devour these books as I do.There s one other character I can mention without spoilers, and that s Eddie Malone, an American reporter He is, as reporters seem to be in fiction, rather annoying, but I liked him up until he obliquely threatened to do something that would have put our heroes in danger His relevance really hasto do with the hints he provides about American society in this world a blend of Clanker and Darwinist technologies than with what he actually does in the plot.The thing that bugged me through the book, though, was the romantic plot tumor Sorry, but I just don t see why Deryn likes Alek Development or no development, he s still kind of an ass sometimes and she s waaaayworked up over him than he deserves If it had beendeveloped, it wouldn t be a problem, but as it is it s part of several plot points and while I was willing to take those sort of on faith, I wish I hadn t needed to.Finally, the art As per expectations, it s fabulous Westerfeld s version of Istanbul is so vivid and innovative that I m not sure I would have been able to picture it properly without Thompson s gorgeous, detailed illustrations This one was my favorite image error The Behemoth Is The Fiercest Creature In The British Navy It Can Swallow Enemy Battleships With One Bite The Darwinists Will Need It, Now That They Are At War With The Clanker PowersDeryn Is A Girl Posing As A Boy In The British Air Service, And Alek Is The Heir To An Empire Posing As A Commoner Finally Together Aboard The Airship Leviathan, They Hope To Bring The War To A Halt But When Disaster Strikes The Leviathan S Peacekeeping Mission, They Find Themselves Alone And Hunted In Enemy Territory Alek And Deryn Will Need Great Skill, New Allies, And Brave Hearts To Face What S Ahead review buffet A Review in the Classic StyleBehemoth is the second book in Westerfeld s steampunk adventure series for the little ones It continues at breakneck pace, following its plucky young protagonists as they hurtle through misadventure, politics, and just the teensiest bit of lovelorn longing, all taking place in an alternate World War I era Ottoman Empire vividly and vibrantly depicted as a near ideal melting pot of cultures All of the tropes of steampunk remain firmly in place Overall this is an endearing book full of enjoyable characters, strange mechanical contraptions, and amusing beasties Westerfeld writes with an expertly light touch and manages to hit gently upon such topics as duty vs loyalty, respect for living beings, and the importance of diversity This reviewer could have used less of the words barking as in that s barking ridiculous and, most unfortunately, bum rag I AM A MODERNIST REVIEW,and all the angst that implies, all the feelings that I could be readingchallenging fiction, writing deeper thoughts, experiencing a richer life between pages I read a review by Steve or Ceridwen or Sven or Elizabeth and sometimes I just feel Oh mark You shallow person You write in such a shallow way You like shallow things Shallow things in this shallow genre Steampunk and its shallow use of now tired tropes and its breathless pace and its sweetly clueless characters and all of that, and I don t care, because yes I liked this one, I did, is this flight into childhood Regression into simple and easy things Are the daring adventures of X and Y a way for me to peel back the layers of complexity that life can be, could be, should be Do I read these rather thrilling adventures because I lack a certain substance Behemoth lacked a certain substance itself and I do not hold it against it, although I do hold its overuse of the phrases barking and bum rag against it because that s just steampunk brit for fucking and ass wipe and my shallow mind just objects to little kids running around calling people fucking ass wipes all the time, characters go to Istanbul they call it Constantinople they are corrected i appreciate that they might be giants Constantinople was once Byzantium that is not mentioned i went to Istanbul, i went to Turkey i loved it modern day Istanbul is diverse Behemoth a dream version of Istanbul dream dream of the past the author admits it his idealized version of a diverse society, he says steampunk diverse society as well 1 mechanized society 2 use of animals Darwin moved forward and then back into steampunk 3 gender roles essentialism challenged 4 overuse of quaint words like adj quaint er, quaint est 1 Charmingly odd, especially in an old fashioned way steampunk is quaint quaint quaint quaint say a word too many times and it loses its meaning quaint an overuse of quaint words like barking and bum rag and it s quaint its quaint it quaint and quaint and quaint and quaint and quaintand A delightful sequel to the author s Leviathan , an alternative history fantasy that pits the machine oriented Clankers Germans and Austro Hungarian Empire against biotechnology dominated forces of the Darwinists Brits and French Our teen heroes are Deryn, a girl posing as a boy Dylan to serve as a midshipman aboard the British bio airship dirigible, and Alek, son of the assassinated Serbian Archduke Ferdinand, on the run from the Germans who engineered the murder in this version of history Here in Istanbul both rise to the challenge of trying to prevent the Ottoman Empire from coming into the war on Germany s side.This one has lots of fun and thrilling action, amazing bioengineered beasts and fiendish war machines, and colorful characters As in history, the British impounding of battleships the Ottomans were having built in England makes an opening for the Germans to sway them to their side through the gift of ships they slip through the Mediterranean Alek takes on a mission to help foment a people s revolution against the Sultan, while Deryn works to foil the German s development of a death ray machine based on Tesla s designs The romance element between Deryn and Alek simmers sweetly in the background, leaving me yearning for Deryn to reveal the secret of her gender The boffin bioengineer, Lady Barlow, Alek s mentor Count Volger, and an American reporter all get perilously close to the truth The cute creature, the Perspicacious Loris, that hatches from the mysterious eggs in the first book, keeps providing a clue by often spouting Mister Sharp Such images as this street scene in Istanbul grace the book version, created by Keith Thompson I had the pleasure of Alan Cumming s wonderful narration of the audiobook version I can still hear in my mind Deryn s frequent refrain of barking spiders in his Scottish accent Amazing how well such substitutes for curse words not to be found in this YA novel And amazing how content suitable to enthrall a ten year old can revive a sense of wonder in this old reader. Please Note This review will contain mild spoilers for Leviathan so if you know want to know zilch avert your eyes pleaseDo I look like a ninny she asked Alek You do indeed, Mr Sharp Initial Final Page Thoughts.I m not supposed to be buying anybooks until after Christmas bites nails but this series is just too good It would be a crime not to buy the final book, wouldn t it WOULDN T IT High Points.Ninnies Dummkopfs Mr Sharp Beasties Bovril Lilit Costanipole Istanbul Libraries Hotels Taxis Spices Dress uniforms Perspicacious Elephants The best love triangle since Green Wing The illustrations that just get better and better Low Points.There were a few points in this story that I got a bit lost with what was actually happening This has absolutely nothing to do with Mr Westerfeld s writing just my small brain All the plotting and the attacking and the whatnot.some of it went over my head But I still enjoyed it immensely Hero.OK, Alek.I m going to spend sometime with you because I ve been feeling guilty about overlooking you in my Leviathan review.You are so sweet and so goodhearted and so loyal and so sensitive and so completely obliviousSo sweet and goodhearted and so completely oblivious to everything ever But that s what I love about you You re so sensitive and honest and true and I love that even though you re jealous of Deryn s Dylan s boyish ways and good looks , you never pretend to be anything you re not It would be at this point where I d be a bit nervous about what will happen when Y know you find out about Mr Sharp, but I m not.Because I think pleasepleaseplease that you ll handle it like you have handled everything else with tact, intelligence and by just being a little sweetheart that I just want to cuddle Heroine.I think I ve said everything that I want to say about Deryn in my Leviathan review and my love for this lady has not changed one squick If anything my love has been multiplied from this book.I would pay infinite amounts of money for Mr Westerfeld, Mr Ness and Mr Pullman to meet up and put their brilliant brains together and write a series of stories where Deryn, Viola and Lyra go on adventures across the world.I swear if that ever happened I would be the happiest girl in the world Every now and again they could give Alek, Todd and Will a chapter where they just sit and talk about how fantastic their better halves are You know crack a few jokes or something Can you imagine how much fun Pan and Bovril would have together, too And um Manchee, too Lilit.This girl needs a medal and a high five for creating the only YA love triangle that didn t make me want to lunge wildly at people screaming HOW MANY NORMAL TEENAGERS ARE INVOLVED IN A LOVE TRIANGLE ON A DAY TO DAY BASIS Lilit was ace.And if I didn t love Alek so much I would be quite happy with that development Theme Tune.Considering I ve been listening to Christmas songs non stop over the past few days I haven t really come up with a suitable song for this.So I ll chooseBig Girls Don t Cry by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.For Deryn.I know, I know Leviathan s song was for her too I ll try and pick one for Alek in my Goliath review Sadness Scale.6 10.I swear if Alek doesn t react in the way I hope he s going to act in the next book I m gonna throw him to Tazza Or at least lock him in a room with Volger so he can get glared at disapprovingly until he sees sense Recommended For.People who love continued brilliance in a YA series People who turn dead girly when they think of Austro Hungarian princes People who think their library system is complicated People who hate it when fabricated animals tell your secrets to people People who feel that the word ninny just isn t strong enough sometimes Girls who refuse to let some stuck up prince outlast them in holding their position in fencing training.You can read this review and lots of other exciting things on my blog here. I think Bovril counts as an excuse to add a book to my talking cats shelf Also, I am going to try to add some images to my review for the vewy first time, so please bear with meBehemoth was even better than Leviathan Why 1 First up, Alek is my fave still He was a little less pathetic in this book than the first, which was good and bad Good because he was taking charge of his life in a way that made me want to stand up and cheer, bad because I thought his snobbishness was super amusing I kinda missed the old Alek who was all, I can t fight without servants standing ready with towels But I suppose we all must grow and change.2 The other characters grew on me a LOT I still really love Count Volger something about him reminds me of my dear Severus Snape not a lot, but just enough to make me all crazy eyed when he steps on the scene Dr Barlow waslikable for me personally, mainly because she was turning that all seeing eye of hers onto Deryn s secrets instead of Alek s I m very protective of my boy It was pleasant to have Alek s men Bauer and Klopp developedAnd Deryn, of course, was full of swagger and sweetness I like her a lot and she s only getting better But I think every other review of this book has already said enough about her 3 The new characters Lilit BOVRIL were a lot of fun Bovril kind of completes me Perspicacious doesn t even begin to cover it And I thought the gender issues that Lilit s presence brought up were interesting My affection for Alek was put to the test, but we pulled through Oh yes, we did.4 ILLUSTRATIONS Thank you, Mr Keith Thompson and on that note, I adore the fact that the title page calls the author Mr Scott Westerfeld way to keep it classy.PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR AND WAVE EM LIKE YA JUST DON T CARE IF YOU LOVE ALEK Oh my gosh, my first image What a milestone.5 The plot So excellent The climax is saved for the last few chapters, but even the rising action was intriguing The Darwinists attempts to get the Ottomans on their side were quite interesting to read And I wanted to punch Eddie Malone in the face That is all.6 Deryn s friendship with Alek was just precious I understand her reluctance to share her true identity with him, but I feel confident that when the time finally comes Alek will be a splendid little chap and go girl it ain t no thang But in aprincely sorry Alek, ARCHDUKELY diction 7 Mr. Sharp Oh my sweet Bovril Every time Bovril said that I just about died And it was just the icing on the cake when I saw an illustration of Bovril saying that on the back cover of my book A hardly extensive Google Image search did not turn up this image, to my immense disappointment But it seriously amuses me to no end that EVERYONE but Alek seems to be onto Deryn s secret Even the fabricated animal knows it. Alek is so hopelessly oblivious Which I love.So there you have it, seven reasons I think Behemoth was splendiforous And from all the reviews I ve peeked at, I m getting the feeling that Goliath will be just as good, if not better Yay Are we going to fight Deryn finally asked Or just stare each other to death view spoiler Sequel oriented Musings I am completely stumped as to why Dr Barlow wants Alek to be the one to bond with Bovril I hope the reason is really awesomeI can t decide if I m happy or annoyed that Klopp survived the train crash It seemed almost like a cop out that should have killed him.Prediction Alek will not get the crown, thanks to the Pope s untimely death but he ll live with it, because this turn of events will leave him in Deryn s lovin arms Bovril will grow in perspicacious ness, and do something epic in the next book I just feel it.Alek will finally live up to Count Volger s high standards But he ll be insulted anyway hide spoiler DERYN grumbles to self about how stupid girls are who are pretending to be boys and don t tell the guy they love that they re actually not a guy when they have a chance to because he s telling her about how a girl seems to have a crush on her YA steampunk I finally figured out the name of this genre is engaging We see Istanbul get quite a bit of notice here Even though I can t remember hearing too much about Istanbul in history I think it fit pretty well Most authors I think pick places like Germany, France, and Great Britain as the setting in their books for the WWI era but Istanbul is a place I ve neither seen nor heard much about I knew it was in Turkey shrug And even if Westerfeld changed some of the history so to speak I think he tried to keep the culture of the place intact I could enjoy the culture without it getting too cumbersome to the story Now for the stuff I really read the book for The Action, Deryn, Alek, the beasties, and machines Plenty of action for both Deryn and Alek Some new machines and creatures are presented I don t think I m spoiling if I say the eggs hatch The Behemoth doesn t show up as much as I thought it would it being the title and all But we get some real Clanker action in the last part of the book The climax left no disappointments for me Deryn is moving right along with her secret but now she is starting to feel a little guilty about keeping it from Alek when he trusts her so much Alek is his trusting, or gullible whichever you prefer, I like trusting and a bithumbled self Where Alek is earnest Deryn is clever Things are getting a bitcomplicated between them though Alek doesn t know it yet Love the illustrations I think there might beof them in this one than the first but I could be wrong They help people like me with small imaginations and they are nice to look at Now I have some suspicions about the Count and the Dr but I ll keep them to myself and just wait for the next book Goliath, which of course is not coming out soon enough Expect for one small part I think the book is just right. Sigh, problemi iz pro le knjige su preneti i ovamo slabi karakteri koji se i dalje vi e pona aju kao idioti u svojim akcijama i razmi ljanju Onda imamao pri u koja jeste zanimljiva ali dosta naivna i brzo i likovi lako pre ivljavaju sve probleme Sa druge strane sam svet je i dalje fenomenalan, art u knjizi je isto odli an i atmosferu koju stvaraju je takva da vas prosto dr i prikovanom da itate I sam stil je lak za itanje, radnja se fino prati, akcija je odli no opisana.Sve u svemu bilo bi odli no samo kada bi likovi bili interesantniji.Ka imo 3.5 Idemo dalje. 3 starsThis is another fun, fast paced adventure with Deryn and Aleksandr in the futuristic alternate World War I history first introduced in Leviathan I enjoyed this story just as much as the first installment I think that my slight lessening of enthusiasm might actually relate to this book s heavy focus on the Clankers and their technological marvels I found the Darwinists farinteresting luckily it seems like the next book is heading into Darwinist Japan Darwinists and Japan Yay.Once again, it was probably my extreme love of the characters that kept me reading Deryn is officially one of my favorite girl dressed as boy heroes And believe me, I ve read quite a lot in that area She succeeds so immensely in that role because she truly isn t hiding her identity There s never a moment where Deryn laments her loss of the feminine trappings she actually is the most unadulterated version of herself as a boy She sof a boy than Alek in many ways She never doubts what she s doing and she s totally comfortable in her own skin I expected to be in agony, waiting for Deryn to reveal herself to Alek, but as the story progressed I found that I was actually quite happy to have her continue on with her daring exploits and suicidal missions I never once felt that the secret of Deryn s gender was maintained simply to keep the suspense or hook the reader she has a very legitimate reason for not telling Alek that fits perfectly with the nature of her character That being said, I so look forward to the next book Thanks to the illustrations, I will actually be able to see the look on Alek s face I hope It s going to be priceless Alek is like the heart of the duo His misadventures in deception lend a charming comedy to the story His total faith that it s his purpose to help prevent the war somehow despite the skeptical looks from Deryn and Lilit is sweet He has a quiet appeal that isn t as flashy as Deryn s but is still compelling.I can t wait to read the third book One of the reasons that I love Scott Westerfeld is that there s never going to be a guaranteed happy ending His endings are powerful and unexpected, but nothing s ever neat and tidy Something tells me Alek and Deryn won t be riding off into the sunset wearing royal clothes and listening to the cheers of the populace, but I still can t wait to see what happens.

Scott Westerfeld is a New York Times bestselling author of YA He was born in the Texas and now lives in Sydney and New York City In 2001, Westerfeld married fellow author Justine Larbalestier.He is best known for the Uglies and Leviathan series His next book, IMPOSTORS, returns to the world of Uglies It comes out September 11, 2018.

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