Beni (The Guzzi Legacy, #4)

Beni (The Guzzi Legacy, #4) Chicago Has Never Been Fun, Or Dangerous Sent Away With His Identical Twin To Get Their Wild Ways Under Control, Beni Guzzi Expects Nothing To Change Same Crap, New City, Right But If The Boss Of The Chicago Mob Can T Set The Principes Straight, Then Nothing WillAnd Then She Rolls Into TownStuck In A Job That Seems Intent To Keep Her Working Behind A Desk, August Rivera Hopes A Trip To The Windy City For An Assignment Will Make The Magazine Finally Give Her A Spread But Getting To See Her Best Friend, Well, That S Just A BonusAnd Then She Sees Him From Across A ClubWith A Gang Causing Trouble For The Outfit, And A Capo S Crew In Shambles, Beni Has A Million Other Things To Focus On Except The Beautiful New Yorker Who Keeps Finding Her Way Into His Bed The Thing Is, When He S With August, Everything Is Better EasierFalling In Love While Handling Family Drama And Mafia Affairs Is Anything But Simple And In This Business It Only Takes A Single Mistake To Lose It AllThat Lesson Can T Be Taught, And It Always Comes Too Late NOTE Beni Is A Standalone Novel Within The Guzzi Legacy Series It Can Be Read As Such

Bethany Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to four young sons, one cat, and three dogs A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something when she can find the time To keep up to date with new

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  • 08 November 2017

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    The Guzzis have always lived good and as the babies of the family, Beni and Bene got away with a lot However, when they push their father a bit too far, he decides that the best thing to do is send them away to Chicago so that they can learn some hard lessons and maybe come back with some appreciation and maturity Things ain t so bad with The Outfit It s not like they re not among family And the twins always have each other, so what could really go wrong Well, when August enters the picture and it quickly becomes obvious how serious Beni is about her, things between the brothers will never be the same.Everyone knows how much I love anything BK puts out She could re write the phone book and I d be one clicking that bad boy However this wasn t one of my favorite reads While I adored Beni, I didn t love how he treated Bene His blossoming relationship with August shouldn t have affected his relationship with his twin Family always comes first for these people I also didn t have a grand love for August Out of all the heroines I ve been introduced to in this world so far, Cam was my least favorite now August has her beat I felt absolutely no connection to this girl, which sucked because it s not often I get to read about a woman of color Everything between her and Beni lacked dimension I didn t feel their chemistry This is unheard of I feel bad even typing this But it is sadly the truth This story didn t have the same je ne sais quoi as all the rest I was missing the intense passion that usually makes me freak out in excitement That s not to say I didn t enjoy the story because I definitely did Every minute I get to spend in this world is a sweet delight It s only I have so many other BK stories to compare this to and so many other characters I ve already fallen in love with and I expected to add these two to the list.I m really looking forward to the legacy novels to come Bene is next and I can t wait to see how this author chooses to blow my mind Blog FB Twitter IG Tumblr Pinterest BookBub

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    This series has tanked for me a little, though there s been an improvement with this book I struggled with the Corrado and Alessio duet, Chris was an improvement and now Beni is getting back to what I love about all things BK I loved Beni, loved him His character is why I inhale this author s books and only rarely do I not get along with both hero and heroine though as much as I adored Beni, August not so much I struggled to connect with her and it was only towards the end of the book that I actually warmed to her.Beni sees us moving away from the Cartel drama and back into the mafia world that this author does so well She also teased us with Bene, what s up with HIM I can t wait for his book next month 3.75 stars

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    Title Beni The Guzzi Legacy 4 Author Bethany Kris

    When it comes to organised crimes mafia romance books I always turn to just a handful of authors and Bethany Kris is one of them.You can be assured that when you read her books, you will never be disappointed.Bethany Kris always manages to write books that feels dangerous, a little sweet and a whole lot of sexy Beni was just that and I couldn t put it down.Beni and August are DIVINE I couldn t get enough of them I love when heroines make the hero work for it and August was just that..Smart, confident and keeps Beni on his toes.Is this my favourite book by the author No.That s the tough part because the OG s are THE ONE for a reason but as always, Bethany Kris has given us a book that is filled with just the right amount of drama, love, lust, action and adventure.I loved reading about Beni and August so much Their chemistry is I highly recommend any of Bethany Kris s books I love them all For an excerpt, Click link below

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    Blurb Revealed Beni s on Pre Order Chicago has never been fun, or dangerous Sent away with his identical twin to get their wild ways under control, Beni Guzzi expects nothing to change Same crap, new city, right But if the boss of the Chicago mob can t set the principes straight, then nothing will.And then she rolls into town.Stuck in a job that seems intent to keep her working behind a desk, August Rivera hopes a trip to the windy city for an assignment will make the magazine finally give her a spread But getting to see her best friend, well, that s just a bonus.And then she sees him from across a club.With a gang causing trouble for the Outfit, and a Capo s crew in shambles, Beni has a million other things to focus on except the beautiful New Yorker who keeps finding her way into his bed The thing is, when he s with August, everything is better easier.Falling in love while handling family drama and mafia affairs is anything but simple and in this business It only takes a single mistake to lose it all.That lesson can t be taught, and it always comes too late NOTE Beni is a standalone novel within The Guzzi Legacy series It can be read as such.Preorder Beni now N iTunes

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    4.5 Ma ch rie sei bella, sempre StarsThe Guzzi Men keep taking my heart Beni and Bene are identical twins and the babies of the family They are wild but they are just 21 years olds Their last stunt has them shipped off to Chicago for a year They will work for their Uncle Tommas of the Chicago Outfit where they must learn to shape up or else Beni meets August and is immediately taken She is beautiful, driven, smart and keeps Beni on his toes As it s always been Beni and Bene, meeting August has given Beni a different purpose in life And for identical twins who were inseparable, Bene isn t coping with not being with Beni 24 7 Learning to navigate your life, falling in in love, working for another family, and learning how to be independent of your twin are all issues that Beni must face August too has her issues Stay in NY or move to Chicago, leave her job for a new one, and life dating someone in the mafia But each know that the other is something special and worth the time to figure out I will say that I enjoyed Beni and August s story It was rather sweet and of course very sexy There were some OMG moments and I have to say I loved them fierce.I m looking forward to Bene s story He not handling being his own man when all he s ever known was being a twin advanced copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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    OMG YOU GUYS Beni is legit the perfect example why I adore Bethany Kris mafia stories This story was absolutely incredible and outstanding It was so sexy, raw, intense and full of butterfly inducing swoony moments Beni and August were just captivating and addicting I fell in love with them, their connection and their love and never wanted their story to end When I read a novel by this author I am always taken aback by how real the characters seem They are compelling and gripping and their stories come right off the pages Beni was an absolute joy who I loved from the first page He was alpha and so strong but also unflinchingly honest I loved him and his brother, Bene, and how at first glance, he knew August would be a gamechanger for him He was a part of the mafia life and lived and breathed it on the daily, but he was also family oriented and a man in love who knew August was it for him Likewise, I adored how strong and independent August was She had goals and accomplishments she wanted to achieve and wouldn t let anything stand in her way But when Beni Guzzi entered her life, she never could have expected the way he could love her and transform her life.It s sickening how much I can talk about this couple They are amazing and just the best damn thing I ve read in a long time Now I need to read Bene and Marcus stories Bravo 5 stars Ratula

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    September 2019 4.5 StarsWow Beni is the most like Gian and I loved it I can t get enough of Bethany s writing I m going to read her catalog all over again Her stories are absorbing, character driven tales Another interesting component too is Beni s relationship with his twin, his mirror image, Bene These two were struggling a bit, not being in each other s back pocket My fav of this series, so far I ll read it again for sure Happy Reading

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    The Guzzi Legacy is one of my most favourite series by Bethany Kris Honestly it comes second after The Russians Each book of this series is a masterpiece and I love it to pieces Reading each book is like getting a Christmas present.I so loved Beni and his book It was so worth reading All those actions, angst and all other things just made this book so yummy And his twin brother Bene and their connection It so freaky but at the same time so cool Loved it and recoomend everyone to read it So looking forward to Bene s book

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    Good as alwaysSweet read with not too much drama Looks like the next book is going to be the one with the drama Beni is all alpha sexy as hell and just plan hot August was a good match for him.As always will read the next

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    Reading Bethany Kris is like watching an action movie It s raw, intense, and captivating.The mafia world she created is higly addictive and makes every single book unputdownable.I had so much fun so far The Guzzi Legacy is probably my favorite series of hers.

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