Betrayed! When Best Friends Tyler Bohannon And Isaac Peerce Decide To Head West In Search Of Adventure, Fortune, And New Beginnings, They Leave Everything They Know And Love Behind In Order To Make A Fresh Start And Forget The Pain Of Their Past Now That Tyler S Father Is Dead And His Mother Has Remarried, He Longs For A Home Of His Own, Especially One That Doesn T Include His New Stepfather Isaac, A Freed Slave, Is Looking For A Place Where He Won T Be Judged By His Race The Boys Get Adventure Than They Bargained For As They Are Misled By Seemingly Trustworthy Individuals Into One Dangerous Situation After Another And As The Boys Struggle To Survive On The Frontier, Their Friendship Is Testedjust When They Need Each Other The Most Patricia Calvert Has Crafted A Rousing Novel That Explores Issues Of Race And Identity, Loyalty And Friendship In The Rugged, Unforgiving World Of The American West In Betrayed , The Final Novel Of The Acclaimed Trilogy That Began With Bigger And Sooner

We are all emigrants from the same country the land of childhood What I want to do is write about the journey all of us have taken or are in the process of taking from that special place Patricia Calvert celebrates her birthday on July 22nd She grew up in the mountains of Montana, in what was a magic world for any child, one in which lodgepole pines grew like arrows toward a sky that se

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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Betrayed!
  • Patricia Calvert
  • English
  • 16 June 2017
  • 9780689866937

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    This is the best book that I have read It uses the word betrayed a lot Patrica Calvert is a good author This the first book of hers that I have read She is good at going really far out and then bringing it back and having it all make sense Two boys head out west in search of adventure They leave behind all they know and there whole family They are also searching for a new place to call home When some things get in the way they get past them With all there might they find friends There is a reason the book is called betrayed I don t have anything wrong with this book It will not loose your attention for the whole book I would recommend this for anyone 10 16 It would be the easiest to understand at that age But it could be enjoyed by all ages The book is not to long for young readers but long enough for older readers to enjoy.

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    Tyler Bohannon and Isaac Peerce head west to start over Tyler s father is dead and his mother remarried Tyler doesn t feel he belongs among his seven new stepbrothers So Tyler, Isaac and the dog Sooner travel to St Joseph Missouri to catch a ride on a boat going up the Missouri river and hopefully on to the Mississippi.The travelers discover that their captain intends to sell firearms to the Indians Tyler and Isaac plan to escape before they arrive at the sale point But the Indians meet the boat and decide they want to buy Tyler and Isaac Tyler is devastated and refuses to adjust to being a captive Isaac on the other hand adjusts very quickly to this new life.This is an action packed adventure about survival, friendship and loyalty It is a companion to Sooner and Bigger but stands on its own too.

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    In this third installment, Tyler, Isaac, and dog Sooner leave Missouri to go west Tyler felt betrayed by his mother,s marriage Before this adventure ends, Tyler faces betrayals, and his own jealousy Tyler will have to change his views or risk losing everything he holds dear Good historical novel for elementary and middle level students.

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    Wonderfully written and heart warming story.This is a well written story that keeps you reading to the end The historical facts had obviously been researched and blend into the story well I recommend it to any age reader.,

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    In this story there are two friends by the name of issac and tyler In the beginning of the story tyler at age 14 follows his dads steps when he dies by leaving home, away from his step father for a frontier in the west with his friend issac Tyler and Issac do this to get a fresh start and to forget the bad things in the past But the frontier is a unforgetable place where a wrong action would make them get into a lot of trouble.Issac is a newly realeased slave and is happy to go to the frontier with tyler He also looking for a place where nobody is going to judge him I would recomend this book to people who like the adventure type books like Moby Dick or Treasure Island.

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