Betraying Season (Leland Sisters, #2)

Betraying Season (Leland Sisters, #2) Penelope Pen Leland Has Come To Ireland To Study Magic And Prove To Herself That She Is As Good A Witch As Her Twin Sister, Persy But When The Dashing Niall Keating Begins To Pay Her Court, She Can T Help Being Distracted From Her StudiesLittle Does Pen Know, Niall Is Acting Upon Orders From His Sorceress Mother And Although It Starts As A Sham, Niall Actually Falls Deeply In Love With Pen, And She With Him But Even If He Halts His Mother S Evil Plan, Will Pen Be Able To Forgive Him For Trying To Seduce Her Into A Plot And What Of Pen S Magic, Which Seems To Be Increasingly Powerful

I try to write to stories I most enjoy readingwhich means stories with heroines finding out who they are, their strengths and purposes, and where they belong in the worldand usually saving the day in the process no damsels in distress here It means romance, but not with a capital R It means a lighter tone because I write what I like to read and I m not really into cathartic readings

[EPUB] ✼ Betraying Season (Leland Sisters, #2) Author Marissa Doyle –
  • Hardcover
  • 330 pages
  • Betraying Season (Leland Sisters, #2)
  • Marissa Doyle
  • English
  • 22 September 2019
  • 9780805082524

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    I adored the first book in this series, Bewitching Season, for its fairy tale like magic and romance The second book was wonderful as well not quite as good as the first I personally thought, though I m sure some of you will disagree There was a bit sexuality in Betraying Season, which turned me off a little even though they don t end up sleeping together yes, I m one of those that goes for the clean, good stories.I absolutely must applaud Doyle for her research, however Check out her blog She knows so much about the time period she s writing in, which is the mark of a very good writer, and what will make a very successful writer.The characters were absolutely and completely believable, as far as fantasy books can make them Pen was sweet and likable, but also witty and clever Niall could be weak at times, but was suave and fun.But the circumstances of the love between the two seemed a little unrealistic, regarding Pen s ability and Niall s family Definitely possible in real life, but really Two completely gorgeous people happen to have important magical similarities and happen to fall in love on the spot and neither happens to be spoilt rotten It s possible, but just that.The ending was fairly predictable, and I like a good twist, so that was a bit of a let down, though there were a couple of neat twists within the plot.Because of that, I feel like I must give Betraying Season 3 stars, even though it was a spectacularly fun read I recommend it if you re looking for something light, romantic, and fantasy.

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    The thing that annoys me about teen romances like this is that they make so much of not going all the way but take you so close that there s very little difference Was it necessary to centre the primary relationship around his trying to convince her to let him ruin her in order to save her The first book in this series was so sweet, but both the romance and the excessive magic goddess worship makes this one quite sour.

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    Oh, I am so contrary When I put down Bewitching Season, I thought Well I got through it it held my attention, but so what and proceeded not to think about it again But I did not know about the sequel So imagine my surprise as I m making a quick stop at the library and see Betraying Season I saw my hands reach out and snag it, my mind vaguely flickered in interest, and suddenly I was checking out with Betraying in hand So here we are, after I had dissed Bewitching Season, the book had succeeded in doing what it was supposed to make me interested, make me interested enough to grab for the sequel Although, I will not, not do you hear me fingers buy these books Take that publishers, muahaha Only pathetically check them out at libraries Back into the world of Victorian England full of witches who buy kid gloves and whatnot, Betraying Season focuses on a character that was a little neglected in the first book Penelope Leland She was mainly there as the driving force between Lochinvar and Persy s relationship, and as a little bit of a bother for Persy when she was confused about her feelings for Lochinvar But all that tiring relationship drama is over and done with Persy and her beau are married, which leaves Pen, well she doesn t exactly know where She spent her first season worried about her twin messing up her one true love and trying to find a husband for herself as well She failed to find a husband and neglected her magical studies in the process, though she had neglected those most of her life Now that Persy has all that she desires and , Pen feels like she should concentrate on her own life so that she might find those things as well I did enjoy this book a little bit better than the first There was emphasis on the magical aspect of the Leland s life, and we got a glimpse into what other people with magical abilites do to train this, not just what Ally teaches Persy and Pen In the first book, Lochinvar talks about how a professor at school found him and taught him the ways of magic How did he find him Do magical people send of waves that can be detected by skilled wizards It just didn t make sense to me, and still doesn t But it was nice to see what magic classes are really like I also enjoyed the emphasis and the Three Goddesses, who are a very interesting topic in my opinion and added a little depth to Marissa Doyle s magic The plot wasn t as easy to guess as the first was There were a few points that I didn t see coming, which surprised me pleasantly However, the characters are still horrible Not one wasn t a Mary sure cookie cutter character, and frankly they all bored me to tears, but maybe that s how Marissa Doyle likes to see the world one dimensional I think Lady Keating showed the most promise, and she was the villain I think the author could have explored a little of the why of Lady Keating She was a powerful woman in an era when woman such as herself were not looked well upon Especially being a woman with magical abilities, she must have run across boundaries in her life that would have frustrated her Expansion on her history and personality would have made her much interesting, and not just the big bad woman to defeat As before, interesting to read but not much is written between the lines, which is how I enjoy my books The kind that make you think long after you are done Or are just so surprising and inventive, they make me wish I had the author s brain Neither, I m afraid to say, are in Betraying Season.

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    This was the companion to Bewitching Season, which was okay, though not great But this one I just didn t like Anyway, this is about the other Leland sister, a witch in the Regency Era who goes to Ireland to study magic and gets involved with a mother and her grown up son and daughter And the mother has some evil plans and plans to use the main character to achieve them.It s multi POV, which means the reader knows what s going on, but the main character doesn t Sometimes that works, but, in this case, I just ended up thinking the main character was SO stupid Not only that, but she was far too trusting of some people and too distrusting of others And the son who had been ordered to flirt with her and then fell in love, you know the story wouldn t tell her what was going on Which meant he completely lost my disrespect Plus, there was this whole thing where he planned to seduce her to save her, and, I m sorry, but that just made me incredibly uncomfortable.So, yeah, I just couldn t get on board with the main character OR her love interest There were a couple of interesting minor characters, but they pretty much got dropped by the end, so this was a real struggle to get through.

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    Penelope Leland has come to Ireland to further her studies in magic She hopes to become as good a witch as her dear twin sister Persy, and so she devotes all her energies to being studious But once Pen meets Niall Keating, that is so much easier said than Niall is both gorgeous and charming, and Pen is a little surprised when he shows so much interest in her And she should be, because Niall is only courting Pen at the orders of his mother, a powerful sorceress who needs Pen s help with a dangerous spell But what began as false pretenses blossoms into real feelings for both Niall and Pen And when Niall realizes that he loves Pen, he knows he cannot continue deceiving her But will Pen ever be able to forgive Niall for taking advantage of her in that way And will Niall even act in time to prevent his mother s evil plans from coming to fruition I just loved Bewitching Season when I read it years ago, so I knew that I had to read its companion Betraying Season as soon as I got the chance I m happy to say that for the most part, Betraying Season was just as fun and enjoyable as Bewitching Season Doyle uses the new setting of Ireland well, capturing and beautifully portraying how its customs and people are different from those of the London Pen is from I loved how Pen s magical and personal journey was so connected to ancient Irish lore, because it allows readers to see magic from a fresh perspective I was a little less satisfied with the central romance, because something about it felt a little inconsistent I never thought there was any question that Niall was in love with Pen, but I kept waiting for him to prove that love by being honest with Pen, something that took a very long time I also didn t really like how easily Pen seemed to be tricked into taking part of Niall s mother s evil scheme she seemed a little too clever to be manipulated that easily Despite those two issues, though, Betraying Season was still a quick and entertaining read Fans of Bewitching Season will not want to miss its companion in Betraying Season This novel also appeals to readers who enjoyed La Petite Four by Regina Scott and The Season by Sarah MacLean reposted from

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    Pen takes center stage as this novel s protagonist She has traveled to Ireland with her former governess and is intent on becoming as good a witch as her twin However, she meets Lady Keating and her handsome Niall and starts to become distracted from her studies What she doesn t know is that Niall has been instructed by his mother to make Pen fall for him Niall doesn t know at first what his mother has planned for Pen, but he finds himself falling for her in return and begins to doubt his mother s intentions However, he doesn t know how to keep Pen free from his mother and still keep her affection.I didn t like this book as much as the first book, perhaps because it seemed so obvious that Lady Keating isn t what she seems and after the experiences in the first book, shouldn t Pen be wary Also, Niall didn t quite cut if for me as the romantic lead See the spoiler section below if you want details on that SPOILERS BELOW Why don t I like Niall Well, once he realizes his mother s evil plot, he has a couple of choices tell Pen but risk losing her, because she might not trust him after she finds out that he was initially pursuing her because his mother told him to or seduce her since his mother needs her to be a virgin in order to use her for a particular magical scheme And Niall opts for seduction How gentlemanlySo, honestly, I had a hard time rooting for him He DOESN T seduce her, although he does try, and even after he tells her about his mother s plot, he still tries to seduce her Um, why couldn t he have tried to just convince her to leave I don t know, maybe the author wanted to make this book a little edgier and have that scene where he s touching her and trying to convince her that she should let him make love to herbut honestly, for me, that doesn t exactly make him a dashing romantic hero It makes him a cad, because he should have tried the HONORABLE thing and told her the truthand it made me want a different male lead.

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    After her twin sister, Persephone, marries during her first London season, no less teenage witch Penelope Leland travels to Ireland in the spring of 1838 with her former governess Ally, who is also newly married Pen has never been as talented with magic as Persy, and would like to prove that she can be as good a witch as her twin She hopes her studies in Ireland will enable her to do just that.Shortly after her arrival in Dublin, Pen meets the handsome young Niall Keating He begins to court her, and attracted to him, she enjoys it even to the point where she is distracted from her studies Unknown to Pen, however, is that Niall is acting on orders from his mother, who is also a powerful witch Lady Keating wants to use Pen as part of a sinister plot against Queen Victoria What wasn t part of the plan was Niall and Pen falling in love with each other for real.Betraying Season is a wonderful sequel to Marissa Doyle s first book, Bewitching Season, but also manages to stand on its own for readers who haven t read the first book It contains a perfect blend of magic, romance, and history I highly recommend both books to readers who enjoy young adult fantasy or historical fiction.

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    Pen Leland is on an adventure of her own when she arrives in Ireland to intensify her studies in magic But unlike Persy, Pen is much less shy and much prone to distractions And that isn t a good think especially when her magic is becoming stronger.When Pen meets Lady Keating, the older woman immediately expresses an interest in getting to know her and invites her to her home There Pen meets the dashing Niall Keating who entices Pen into a love story At first everything starts as a scheme as Lady Keating needs a maiden in her big upcoming ritual She will be the Crow and her daughter, Doireann, the Mother But in order to complete it she needs the maiden who needs to be of magic.But soon Niall can t stop his feelings and chaos erupts Hard feelings and lies take the place of love when Lady Keating sees her son as a threat to her plans to destroy the reigning Queen Still, will Pen be able to have her happily ever after, after all An enjoyable, quick read which is set during Queen Victoria s reign, Pen is a spunky heroine who brings forth a story which can be read over and over.

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    The prose and style is good, the historical aspects quite enjoyable, but the romance in this one Cringe inducing Truly I enjoyed Bewitching Season, even if it was predictable, but this second offering was just off putting And who on earth would fall for the whole In order to save you, I must deflower you before marrying you, although I love you so much and I fully intend to marry you Ick And no one is that pathetic Seriously, Niall, you could think of no better plan There was nothing else you could do Well, that makes Niall either stupid or unimaginative, possibly both, with lechery thrown into the less than heroic or palatable mix of a male lead Seriously, he was so bland And his family No one else picked up on those vibes I still look forward to reading The Waterloo Plot, due out later this year, but I can only hope it returns to the form of Doyle s debut and not this lackluster volume.

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    I enjoyed this installation in the Leland Sisters series just as much as the first This time the story focuses on Penelope aka Pen and her time and magical studies in Ireland Once again Ally is not there to offer her protection and guidance which is unfortunate because we haven t really gotten to know her character that much and Pen is left to the whims of Lady Keating, a witch herself who has some sinister plans There was a great blend of magic, romance, intrigue, and mystery with some good writing and historical references Once again readers who like historical fiction and magic will enjoy this one.

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