Beyond a Reasonable Stout (Sloan Krause #3)

Beyond a Reasonable Stout (Sloan Krause #3) 4.75 StarsThis is the third book in the Sloane Krause series by Ellie Alexander.I read the first book in this series, DEATH ON TAP, back in March I bought the paperback from my local grocery store I don t drink so I wasn t sure what to expect My cousin had been dabbling in micro brewing soI thought I d give it a try And I am so glad I did This series just sucks you in Sloane is still having Mac problems Mac is her ex hubby in book three and I can t quite figure where she stands romantically with any man, but that s okay All the sleuthing takes your mind off of it The dead body of a man running for office ends up the centerpiece in a city council race And apparently everybody and their brother has a motive to do him in The man is buying stakes in many local businesses and plans to make this beer haven a dry gulch Even the ever German clad Heidi is accused of the crime When I started reading this series she was not my favorite character So, the fact that I felt a little bad for her when she lost her mind and her German accent during this book is telling She is growing on a fungus, but it is indeed a nice fungus I would have liked to see of her in this book even though I think she is a little okay a lot crazy Sometimes crazy keep them coming back to read a series.I wish there had been with Garrett and the possible connection between him and Sloan Not to mention Nitro I feel like she needs a haven in the storm that is her life and right now I don t see her security being too strong Oh, she plays a good game of making it seem like all is okay, that is for sure.As the mystery developed I was wracking my brain as to who could possibly have done it I skipped book two so I wasn t certain who the mainstay characters were in order to take them out of my equation Once the culprit was named I was like who is that That name didn t stick with me for some reason And that whole bombshell with Mac s parents at the end Wow What was that Definitely cliffhanger there I can t wait the next installment of Sloane on Tap and see how all the details that were left hanging washes out.This is definitely a cozy mystery author to watch and put on your must read list She never disappoints.Highly recommended.I received this as an ARC Advanced Reader Copy in return for an honest review I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title. I am a fan of this series and enjoyed the third installment as much as the first two Ellie Alexander has a wonderful ability to develop characters that just engage a reader and keep them coming back I like how Sloane is progressing and growing both personally and professionally She is coming into her own as a brewer with Nitro and making a new life for her and her son Alex The secondary characters are also well written and add to the story in their own right Mac and his family are at the heart of these secondary characters and their relationship with Sloan may be changing The main mystery was decent, although what this author is pretty well known for is her character driven stories There were a few plausible suspects and the author provided them with sufficient motives to keep the reader guessing as to the culprit It wasn t a hard mytery to figure out The one that is posing of a challenge is the secondary mystery that runs in the background of each book who is Sloan and who are her parents That mystery ramps up a bit in this book and will leave the reader wanting to know This book was an easy read that kept me entertained I enjoy the series and will be back for.I voluntarily read a digital ARC provided to me by the publisher, Minotaur Books, through Netgalley. Beyond a Reasonable Stout is the perfect book to get a reader in the mood for all things Oktoberfest The series centers around the quaint tourist village of Leavenworth, Washington that is devoted to all things German Sloan Krause continues to rebuild her life after her separation and impending divorce Working at Nitro, a small craft beer pub and being a part owner of Der Keller, her soon to be ex husband s family s large beer maker keeps Sloan busy Add being the devoted mother to 15 year old Alex and she s always on the go However, when a candidate for city council, who wants to change the village s main revenue source Oktoberfest and other holiday celebrations is murdered, Sloan finds herself with one job, to find a murderer.I liked the Sloan character and admired her devotion to her son and family friends, career and her determination to succeed on her terms The idea of a village that looked like a small German town, in Washington, made for a unique and fun backdrop for a mystery The supporting cast was quirky and fun The mystery of Sloan s parents grows and becomes an issue between her and her beloved in laws.A perfect book for Oktoberfest I received an ARC from NetGalley for a fair and honest review of this book. This is the third book in the Sloan Krause cozy series Over the past couple of weeks, I ve enjoyed the first two books in the series which, like many cozies, provides the reader with the requisite quaint setting, small town feel and a light mystery The books also give readers interesting tidbits on the world of craft brewing.This was an entertaining, lighter mystery There are a few red herrings but the hints to the identity of the culprit were fairly obvious making the ending less surprisingly than expected Still enjoyable, just not shocking The beer info and, particularly, the mystery of Sloan s murky past are what have kept me coming back to this series but the plot about Sloan s unknown past is beginning to feel dragged out My interest is still piqued but I m hoping to quench my thirst for closure to that part of the story.Overall, this is an entertaining addition to this light mystery series that is a perfect pick as we begin to get in the spirit of Oktoberfest at least in my neck of the woods Disclaimer My sincere thanks to the publisher for providing me with a complimentary digital copy of this title, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review. I really like this series it is just so interesting to learn about beer and the process it takes to make it I had no idea and with each book, I am learning and I unfortunately do not like beer and cannot drink it due to having Celiac Disease, but the process is still fascinating to learn about and when you add that with some great characters and a very quirky town, it makes for an excellent read This one took longer than normal to read and I am unsure why I was invested from the beginning, but for some reason, I just couldn t get through it as fast as I normally do a cozy mystery perhaps it is Sloan s side story of finding her family and the drama of her impending divorce that does make for slower reading to be sure And even though I had the murderer pegged pretty early, the red herrings did keep me guessing The only negative thing I have to say about this one is the ending I despise cliffhangers almost as much as I do love triangles, which this thankfully does not have and to be left with one now is very annoying and smacks of lazy writing in my opinion These are really good books and we don t need a gimmick to keep us reading I hope this is not a trend Still a great read and a really fun series Thanks to NetGalley and St Martin Press Minotaur Books for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Beyond A Reasonable Stout by Ellie Alexander is the 3rd book in A Sloan Krause Mystery series, and it was great I love all of Ms Alexander books and series, and this one is no exception The craziness of Oktoberfest is finally over in Leavenworth, Washington, and Sloan and Garrett are ready for some down time to brew new flavors Unfortunately and mayor is running a reelection and wants alcohol outlawed in the town The town that is full of brewers, and tourist events When the mayor is found murdered, the mystery begins Can t wait to read the next book in the series I strongly recommend this book series Please keep them coming Ms Alexander.I reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and St Martin s Press Thank you. Nestled in the Cascade Mountains, a small German village, Leavenworth, has made it through Oktoberfest, and everyone is enjoying less tourists and having time to catch up on chores before the next onslaught of the holiday season Sloane Krause is managing life as a separated woman with her teenage son and working at a nanobrewery, Nitro The major fly in the ointment is a mayoral candidate is threatening to turn their beertopia to a dry village Not surprisingly, the position had hazardous implications on his life Somehow, Sloane gets railroaded into investigating his murder Settle in for an intriguing visit to this not so bucolic town with wonderfully drawn characters and a solid mystery Adams adds depth to the characters, so much so, that I wish I could be a BFF for Sloane IRL Highly recommended Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. Someday, I m going to go back and read Ellie Alexander s other series, The Bakeshop Mysteries A librarian friend who isn t a big cozy mystery reader raves about those books Alexander and her characters suck a reader into a series, whether the subject matter is of interest or not I really don t care about beer or craft beer brewing, but the Sloan Krause mysteries are appealing because of the characters, and the mystery of Sloan s own background Beyond a Reasonable Stout is interesting despite my lack of interest in brewing.Sloan Krause is a brewer, celebrating the end of Oktoberfest and the few quiet days Leavenworth, Washington, has become well known for the craft beer industry, and its celebration lasted a month It might be a quiet time for the beer industry, and Nitro, the brewery where Sloan works, but the town has its own turmoil Election time is coming up, and Kristopher Cooper, an incumbent city council member, is running on a temperance platform Despite Leavenworth s reputation for beer and all things German, Cooper wants a dry town When Sloan and Garrett, Nitro s owner, attend a town meeting, locals are vocal in their opposition to Kristopher However, when he s seen after the meeting, a smug Kristopher seems to have his reasons for optimism He has arguments, though, with local business people, including April Ablin, the town s self appointed ambassador.Despite the anger, Sloan is shocked the next morning when she stops to see April and finds the sheriff arresting her for Kristopher s murder Even with the arrest, the sheriff mentions to Sloan that April could use a friend and someone to help her Sloan isn t a big fan of April s, but she doesn t think of the woman as a killer She s willing to ask questions about Kristopher to find other suspects.While Sloan might be willing to investigate, she has her own personal problems She s going through with her divorce, but she worries about her fifteen year old son, Alex And, she s afraid of losing the only family she ever knew, her husband s parents and brother Sloan grew up in foster care, and she doesn t easily reveal herself to others But, little by little, she s trying to learn about her parentage, with help from a social worker.Whether you re interested in beer, craft brewing, an interesting tourist town in a cozy mystery, or intriguing characters, Ellie Alexander s Sloan Krause series is worth picking up I d start with the first book, though, Death on Tap It won t take long for you to arrive at the third one, Beyond a Reasonable Stout. It s been over a year since I read the second book in this series, so I was really ready to go back to Leavenworth, WA and see what Sloan and her friends were up to An incumbent city council member was going around saying that when he got re elected, the town was going to become dry Everyone was up in arms at that, because beer was their livelihood, so they were happy that a woman named Valerie was running against him and from the looks of popular opinion, would win When the town s most pesky woman, real estate agent April, was arrested for the murder, Sloan couldn t believe that April could murder anyone Pester them to death maybe, but not literally kill someone Before she knew it, she was involved with another case, but like before, Chief Meyers asked for her input I like the chief and that she has been recognizing that Sloan s people skills can be useful.I had a sneaky feeling early on that I knew who the culprit was going to be, but I didn t know why of course, so I had fun reading along and letting myself be pulled in by the red herrings The showdown and take down were quick, but it was definitely satisfying to see the killer in custody Sloan s own little mystery about her birth parents intensified some , and there is a bit of a cliff hanger on that subject, so I m very anxious for the next book Each of these books has had a little something similar at the end, and it reminds me a lot of the ongoing side mystery that was in the Pacific Northwest series that this author wrote under another name.I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley, and my opinions are my own. Amateur Sleuth Sloan Krause Delves Into The Murderous Political World In Another Delightful Mystery From Popular Cozy Writer Ellie Alexander It S The Dead Season In Leavenworth, Washington The Throngs Of Oktoberfest Crowds Have Headed Home, And The Charming Bavarian Streets Are Quiet And Calm Momentarily Villagers Use The Reprieve To Drink In The Crisp Fall Mountain Air And Prepare For The Upcoming Winter Light Festival Soon The German Inspired Shops And Restaurants Will Be Aglow With Thousands Of Twinkling Lights Visitors Will Return To The Northern Cascades To Drink Warm Mulled Cider And Peruse The Holiday Markets Brewer, Sloan Krause And Her Partner In Crime Garrett Strong Are Using The Slowdown To Stock Up On A New Line Of Their Signature Craft Beers At Nitro They Re Experimenting With A Hoppy Holiday Pine And A Chocolate Hazelnut Stout The Small Brewery Is Alive With Delicious Scents And Bubbling Batches Of BrewSloan Is In Her Element She Loves The Creativity And Lowkey Atmosphere At Nitro Only That Is Soon Threatened By The Incumbent City Councilmember Kristopher Cooper Kristopher Is Running For Re Election On A Platform Of Making Leavenworth Dry Everyone In Beertopia Is Fuming Leavenworth S Economy Relies On Keeping The Kegs Flowing Kristopher Wants To Banish Beer, A Policy That Might Just Bankrupt The Entire Village However, Kristopher Turns Up Dead Days Before Election Night Sloan Quickly Realizes That His Murder Isn T The Work Of A Stranger Friends, Family, And Every Other Business Owner Had A Motive To Kill Him, Including None Other Than April Ablin, Leavenworth S Self Described Ambassador Of All Things German Sloan Finds Herself Defending April And Trying To Sleuth Out A Killer Amongst A Group Of Familiar Faces

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