Beyond Addiction (Beyond, #5)

Beyond Addiction (Beyond, #5) You re a crazy motherfucker I know I love so much the AceJaredCruz scene So cute and awesome As it s from Cruz s point of view we can see his affection for Ace I love so much how he feels about him I actually like that Mad hates Finn And I also like that Bren and Jas were giving him a chance view spoiler Well, Jas gave him a chance after he hit him hide spoiler Strangely, I am actually starting to like the dystopian story in this series After 5 books, there is an actual story developing, and that s saying something because these books are 90% sex, 10% story Eventually, that 10% adds up It s like porn where you get a little glimpse into the pizza boy s life with each movie Five movies later and you re dying to know if pizza boy s mom got her liver transplant or not And, how s his sister doing Did she dump that jerk yet But, I look so happy riding my rocket.So, usually we get to know the people who will be doing the featured banging in the next book and we are rooting for them to bang But, in this book, the main girl Trix Tracy is as bland and nondescript as a white sock We know she has red hair, but that s about it as far as personality goes I guess being a ginger is all we need to know about a person okay, well we do know that Trix burns easily and has no soul That s a start.On the good side, Finn, her bang buddy is a pretty good character It s good to have a character that you like in porn You can root for them while they are having sex like a cheerleader Go, Finn, Go My dad is so embarrassing sometimes He totally has the wrong colored pom poms But, in between all of the sex there is some fun stuff with a world that has the typical city in control, and the sectors on the outside who each specialize in one thing Our people are in sector four and they make alcohol Gotta get the people drunk to have all the public sex after all But, there is a war coming between the sectors And, if they have war, the city might just decide to bomb them all and destroy their life style of debauchery So, along with all of the sex, we get some killing, fighting, and kidnapping It livens things up a bit I approve. Warning Not for the faint of Smut 3.5 Stars I d officially like to submit My application to be Lex and Dallas s Love Slave Teach me Don t judge me.I m not really into girl on girl action man on man action orgy atmospheres threesomes foursomes somes until I am.The Beyond series has a couple things really going for it This is this is a dystopian world so there are new rules that make it so much easier to accept the sex and sharing culture that is the Sector 4 area that Dallas O Kane and his Woman Lex cultivate and lovingly control Sure this is total book porn but there is a captivating story going on in the background There are thesubtle plots going on between the different sector and an upcoming war brewing between Dallas O Kane and the rest of the sectors and Eden the upper scale but highly repressed society and that uses the sectors as their piggy bank and worker bees All the sex is super consensual Look it is hard for me to buy into we can all share our bodies with practically any other character in the book but at the end of the day I only love you In the series it totally works because it is really part of the culture of the society they live in And there is absolutely no shame in anyone s game.Sex there is a lot of it and it is always so hot in this series Anytime that Lex and Dallas decide to play with some of the other characters I know I m in for a treat This was no exception and that sex scene will go down as one of my favorites from the seriesAny idiot can get someone off It takes skill to make it a singular fucking experienceAlso there is a story going on in the background This book s couple is Trix and former boyfriend Finn He thought she was dead She escaped sector 5 after the main drug lord took an interest in her and got her hooked on drugs and planned to use her against Finn Now Trix has been kidnapped and brought back into Finn s life He will have to decide really fast how to save her and possibly save himself in the process.I liked certain aspects of their story They come from sector 5 which is rife with drugs and has abrutal mentality to it Trix escaped and built a new life, but she never forgot what she left behind Both of them are addicts, Trix got sober when she left and Finn when he thought she died But that doesn t change that a lot of their decisions follow an addict s mentality that I don t really understand completely.They weren t my favorite couple of the series but overall the sub storylines have progressed very interestingly I can t wait to see what Rider is up to in Sector 5 and how those strings are being pulled Super smut solid storyline I m in for the long hall. 5 beyond addiction starsFinn spent his time in Sector Five waiting for the right time to put an end to Mac Fleming, being the right hand man of Fleming gave himthan enough reasons and opportunities, choosing to do it slowly, taking away his power and success The one thing he didn t count on was opening the door to see Tracey, he mourned her death for four years only to be hit with her face once again Tied up and hurt, he doesn t even hesitate taking him downnow he has one goal get her back to Sector Four, back to her family, the O Kanes.Trix doesn t go by Tracey any, to her Tracey is dead, embracing her freedom and her life, she lives a life only few dream of, a life as an O Kane Trix was in her element, reveling in every scrap of freedom she d won, showing off the body she d reclaimed from the faded wraith she d been. She never thought she would see him again, but instead of the painful memory of their past, it brings hope and a second chance It s up to her to open Finn s eyes to see it too,You know where I m from, baby, and you know what it s like there What would you think if you were me I d think She shuddered, and her head fell back against his shoulder I d think you can find beautiful things even in ugly placesFinn has earned himself a reputation amongst the O Kanes, not one that would work for his favor Lucky for him, he doesn t give a shit what anyone thinks, the only one who matters is TrixIf I stay, it ll be for you If I go, that ll be for you, too There s no back for meNow that they are finally together without the drugs, they are high only off of each other, quickly realizing what they have isthan haze of the high and their hopelessness They were sober, clear headed, free to do what they wanted and this was it More than anything else,than breath. With the war between the sectors, Trix doesn t stop showing him just how beautiful life can be Their future is all that matters, but before Finn can settle he has scores to settle and prove to himself that he can be the man she deservesYou deserve the moon and stars, baby doll He pressed a kiss to the inside of her wrist If you re willing to settle for me , I m too damn selfish to give you up So wear my ink, and you ll always know I m coming home to youSeriously how can this series keep on getting better The title Beyond Addiction , is exactly what I feel towards this series, I have been forever sucked into the world of Sector Four I loved this story because it was finding a second chances when you think all hope has been lost Trix and Finn have been beat down and broken but managed to put themselves back together, stronger While reading I could totally feel her energy as Trix dances on stage, the pride of seeing where she is now and all the things she has overcome Finn, now this man I could bow down to, he did whatever it took to do what was right for Trix, doing it just like any other O Kane badass, I loved it Absolutely loved this addition and I can t wait to see what s gonna happen next I didn t love this one as much as the previous ones in the series I wasn t feeling the chemistry between Finn and Trix and I just couldn t get invested.I still have total faith in this series and I m ready for the next one 5 I m Addicted To You StarsTrix escaped Sector Five an its ruthless leader four years ago, she fought her addiction to drugs and made a life for herself as an O Kane in Sector Four But now the nightmare is back when she is kidnapped and brought back to the hell she escaped from The only bright spot is Finn, the man she always loved but had to leave behind to get herself clean.Finn has been in a slow path towards death since the day Tracy died but he is determined to take Mac Fleming, the sadistic leader of Sector Five, with him to hell When he walks into Fleming s office to find Tracy alive and captured he makes the only decision he can He will save her life if it s the last thing he does, because whatever fate befalls him he has earned by being the guarddog of one of the most despicable men in the Sectors.This was my favorite book in the series so far The story was better than ever, with many examples of how special is what the O Kanes have accomplished in their sector and how they would all fight for each other And Trix and Finn have a heart breaking story that made me want to cuddle them and kiss it all better.Trix was a great person She fought to get out of the gutter and when she s thrown back into it she fights again She got herself clean, worked her ass off and earned a position in the O Kane ranks She is exactly the type of heroine I like Strong but with the capacity to feel love and compassion And the fact that she never, not once, doubted Finn despite the things he had to do to survive only makes herspecial Finn was another story alltogether By being the enforcer of Mac Fleming he had to do some very bad shit to survive and he blames himself for every single one of them It was so sad to see how some people blamed him for doing what he had to in order to stay alive But I loved how he rose above all of it and became the man he always wanted to be He became the hero instaid of the villain and earned his place among the O Kanes.The sex in this book wasn t as much as the rest of the books that means that instead of 70% of the book it only was 40 50% and it was vanilla for the most part or at least as vanilla as they come in this series but there in the end Kit Rocha threw in an orgy in case we d missed them. You know I m thinking Kit Rocha are shortchanging themselves in the world building department.Yes, the Beyond series is formulaic, but I like their formula.You can inevitably count on an alpha male that isn t good enough for the amazing female who inevitably turns out to be submissive for him They have copious amounts of smoking hot sex The conflict tests their lub The outsider becomes an O Kane and gets tatted.Ta Da It works I like it, though the sex is becoming increasingly wrote and nowhere near kinky enough I guess Kit Rocha shot their wad with Beyond Shame in the kink department Everything since has been disappointing kink wise Teasingly frustratingly so.I ve pretty much gvien up on their ever being any actual m m It gets bandied about, but they re clearingcomfortable with f f intimacy Yet another frustration If it s never going to come to pass then stop fucking with me, please.Maybe because I m so indoctrinated into the Sector 4 sex shenanigans I ve begun to look forwardworld building Something gets added with each new book dating back to Beyond Control, but there are so many threads that never get resolved I feel like we re left dangling Off the edge of a building.It happened again here.Trix and Finn are hot Of course they are They re always hot Not very kinky, but I did like the pearls thing.PEARLS, I MEAN I m a total lemming and will continue on with the series I just hope I m not left dangling forever When the fuck am I going to get Gideon s story If you re a Sector 4 fan, you ll like this It s alright Didn t blow my doors off An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review. Now, I probably say this every single time that I read one of the Beyond books that it is my favorite But this is by far the best one Not only due to the fact that Kit Rocha can always get me out of my book funk but she delivers a book full of love, passion, suspense and a scorching level of heat that will melt your panties Happy days, ladies 4 Remember what you promised me Stars.It is also very surprising for me anyway that the each book gets better and better That the development of the Sectors as well as the dystopian world that has been created as well as the plots and twists that are included I was really anxious that Trix would have to go through the whole drug withdrawal as well After reading Beyond Jealousy and coming off my Ace, Cruz and Rachel high I didn t want to read this one straight away to realize that it wasn t on par with the others This book was also very touching and emotional and had me with tears in my eyes.Trix is originally from Sector Five, she clawed herself away from the drugs and left the one thing that meant the world to her behind That is until she is kidnapped by Dom who was kicked out of Sector Four and the O Kanes for abusing Trix and running to Mac Fleming the leader of Sector Five As revenge for blowing up his illegal distilleries Finn has always lived in Sector Five and has been an enforcer For the past four years he has thought Tracy aka Trix to be dead that is until he is called to Mac s office What made me like Finn was that he put a bullet through his head for Trix to get her back to Dallas Fleming s second in command Logan Beckett is bat shit crazy and a sociopath He is married to Lili who is as numb as they come and the daughter of Mac Fleming I loved that the plot of the story was also based outside of Sector Four To escape Finn went to Shipp and Ayla They owed him a favor Not many live out that way beyond Eden and the Sectors I would like to see a book with Hawk he intrigues me Finn has played an important role throughout the series although I have only realized it till now What with framing Sector Two for framing the leader of Sector Six Trix didn t want to leave Finn back at the farm He went back to Four and wasn t exactly welcomed with open arms But family does what they can and they did it for Trix to begin with Finn and Trix get all their ugly shit out in the open and see what they really have without the past in the way If things hadn t gone the way they would have then they both would be dead Teach me, Trix Prove it can be beautiful instead of twisted Don t get me wrong I like hot n steamy in my books but it is nice to see a one on one couple I like the monogamy of it I want to work these pearls into you again, until you re on the edge, just like this Their passion is pure and unrestrained Tell me this is different, she begged I don t have to You can feel it You know it in your bones Nothing s the same as before Because he wasn t fighting her any Fighting himself They were sober, clear headed, free to do what they wanted and this was it More than anything else,than breath But that there was also the debauchery and the filthiness of all around They were filthy in their own ways Without shame and without judgement, and it was the most intoxicating fucking thing he d ever seen You couldn t bottle the high that came with loving acceptance You couldn t buy it.You had to earn it He proved his worth for what he did for Amira Flash and Hanna Sector Five falls and war is inevitable It s going to be war, one way or another Only question is who hits first And who hits hardest I really want to read the next one but over 5 for a book is too steep for me Patience is a virtue I guess. She S Fought Like Hell To Leave The Past BehindTrix Changed Her Name And Her Life When She Got Clean Four Years Ago Now, She Has A New Family And A Job She Loves Tending Bar And Dancing At The Broken Circle As An O Kane, She S Happy, Untouchable Until A Nightmare From Her Old Life Tears Her Away From Her Home And Drags Her Back To Hell Also Known As Sector FiveHe S Still Living And Dying In ItLosing Trix Was The Kick In The Head Finn Needed To Get Sober, But Working As An Enforcer For A Man He Hates Is Slowly Crushing His Soul The Only Thing That Keeps Him Going Is His Determination To Destroy Sector Five From The Inside Then Trix Comes Back Into His Life Alive, In Danger And Nothing Else MattersGetting Her Home Could Be A Suicide Mission The Only Thing Deadlier Is The Old Spark That Flares To Life Between Them Soon, Finn And Trix Are Battling The One Addiction Neither Of Them Ever Managed To Kick Each Other And It Could Cost Them Everything 4.5 addictive starsMy love for this series continues to grow as each book gets us deeper and deeper in with the O Kanes a rough and violent gang who live hard and fuck harder in a dangerous post apocalyptic world, but they do it together, fiercely protective of each other, and they don t give a shit what anybody else has to say about it And you ve gotta love that about them Book 5 in the series picks up right at the end of the last book of the series, and brings us the story of Trix a much loved member of Sector Four who is kidnapped right off the streets and dragged back to Sector Five in what is clearly a move to spark war between the sectors Before she came to Sector Four, Trix s life in Five was spent in a drugged out stupor Painfully addicted to the drugs she was given against her will, her only happiness came from her next hit and the time she spent with Finn.As an enforcer to Sector Five s sadistic leader, Finn was the one pushing product into the hands of the innocent, Trix included, although he hated every moment of it Four years ago when Trix escaped the sector he was told that she had died, and it set him on a course of self destruction, and he has been working to bring down the whole sector with him His plans are derailed when Trix shows up alive, and he does the unthinkable in order to get her out putting a price on both of their heads and setting them both on a desperate run to get her safely back to Sector FourI m breathing because you re breathing You hear me I was on a slow trip out of this world before you showed upTrix is the only thing that ever mattered to Finn, and he proves over and over that he is willing to do anything to protect her And during their mad run for freedom, their past passion is quickly rekindled, although now that they are both free and clear of the drugs that tainted their lives, everything between them is so different from anything they ever shared in the past And it makes their reconnection all theintenseTell me this is different, she begged I don t have to You can feel it You know it in your bones Nothing s the same as before Because he wasn t fighting her any Fighting himself They were sober, clear headed, free to do what they wanted and this was it More than anything else,than breathI wanna see how high you can fly when the only thing we re hooked on is each other Having found each other again, neither of them are prepared to let the other go, and so that means that when Trix gets back to Sector Four, Finn is with her And here is where we get to see a whole new, fantastic dynamic to the series as for the first time, our hero is not an O Kane and not only an outsider, but also an enemy The tight knit and usually welcoming O Kanes are fiercely protective of their own, and Finn s past actions have caused a lot of pain to a lot of people some of whom are now members of the gang and so Finn s arrival causes all sorts of agitation and fury But for Trix s sake they begrudgingly and somewhat violently bring him into the fold I loved watching how each of the guys responded to Finn It s a true indicator of their different personalities and loyalties how they react to his presence, and I thought it was really well played out And a big part of that acceptance is because of Trix Her love and unwavering faith in Finn is absolutely gorgeous, and seeing him accept all that she had to offer him was something truly special Trix still saw something shiny and new underneath the grime of Finn s life, and he didn t know if he wanted to shake her until her vision cleared or wrap both arms around her and never let go I love you, Finn He closed his eyes I m gonna work every fucking day until I deserve you Shh She leaned her forehead to his and shook her head Just show meBut the bottom line is, Finn wants nothingthan to be with Trix and to make her happy, so he is determined to do what he must to fit in And I loved watching how each of the relationships shifted over time as Finn starts to find his way with the O Kanes and, for the first time, is offered the chance of having a family and a life that he has never known They were filthy in their own ways Without shame and without judgement, and it was the most intoxicating fucking thing he d ever seen You couldn t bottle the high that came with loving acceptance You couldn t buy it.You had to earn it. But Sector Five is still gunning for Finn, and when his new life is threatened, what will he be willing to sacrifice to protect it Dun, dun, duuuuuun.Trix and Finn s story is absolutely gorgeous They have both been through so much, and I loved seeing them finally able to be together, all sweet and swoony, and finally get their happy ending And as always, the smut level is off the freaking charts Their reconnection is passionate and intense, and the entire O Kane gang are living up to their smuterific reputation in fine style including an O Kane party where each of the previous couples get a chance to get it on, and a wild welcome for Finn and Trix as a couple direct from the King and Queen of Sector Four DAMNYou re in O Kane territory now We do what we want, and fuck whoever doesn t like itThis is a fast paced, action packed ride from start to finish Conflict between the Sectors is at an all time high, and as always, Sector Four is right in the middle of it all And with a number of future storylines in the making, I am hoping for lotsstories to be told.4.5 stars.

Once upon a time, two best friends decided to write paranormal romance And while that was awesome, they also sometimes wanted to write insanely dirty stuff that wasn t paranormal at all This is that stuff Kit Rocha is the dystopian erotic romance writing alter ego of writing duo

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