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Big Girl Kelsey Miller Had Done It All Crash Diets, Healthy Diets, And Nutritionist Prescribed Eating Plans, Which Are Diets That You Pay Money For She D Been Fighting Her Un Thin Body Since Early Childhood, And At , She Finally Hit Bottom No Diet Could Transform Her Body Or Her Life With The Help Of An Intuitive Eating Coach And Fitness Professionals, She Learned How To Eat Based On Her Body S Instincts And Exercise Sustainably, Without Obsessing Over Calories Burned But, With Each Thrilling Step Toward A Healthy Future, She Had To Contend With The Painful Truths Of Her Past BIG GIRL Chronicles Kelsey S Journey Into Self Loathing And Disordered Eating And Out Of It This Is A Memoir For Anyone Who S Grappled With A Distorted Body Image, Food Issues, Or A Dysfunctional Family It S For Late Bloomers And The Not Yet Bloomed It S For Everyone Who S Tried And Failed And Felt Like A Big, Fat, Loser So, Basically, Everyone

Kelsey Miller graduated from Boston University with a BS in Film Television She began her career in the film production industry before transitioning to full time writing Soon after joining the staff of Refinery29, she created The Anti Diet Project, one of the website s most popular franchises She lives in Brooklyn, NY, and is currently working on her next book.

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    As a curvy girl, I was hoping to fully embrace this book and be giving it as a gift to everyone I know As a mother of a young daughter, I am constantly thinking about what I say and do in front of my child I know she is always watching and listening and I want to her to grow up with a positive body image I saw this book and thought it might be interesting I lost interest well before the halfway point and really had to push myself to finish I seem to really struggle with books written by bloggers or those who write online for a living I often find the book to be collection of blog posts but in this case, it seemed to be a book with some random, unconnected chapters interspersed throughoutnot very cohesive.I love that she is challenging the absurd and unattainable image of beauty that is presented to young girls I love her honesty about her own struggles I love that she had an epiphany and realized she needed to change her way of thinking about her body and about food I wish I loved the book I suspect that those closer to her age might enjoy it 2.5 stars.

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    There s no doubt that the way many of us eat tends to be a tad screwed up We eat when we re not hungry because it s mealtime, or for emotional reasons, or to be polite or don t eat when we are hungry because it s not mealtime, and or we re on a diet, and or because no one else is eating and we don t want to be the only one, etc Intuitive eating makes the case that if we work at it, we can eventually begin to listen to our own internal hunger cues, naturally eat a varied diet, and abandon some of our unhealthy attitudes about food and weight This may or may not result in a loss of weight, but it will definitely result in a gain of health and sanity.I think Big Girl would be a good place to start learning about intuitive eating principles Kelsey Miller, like a lot of people, has tried every diet with little success and is finally fed up, so, out of desperation, she hires a nutritionist and embarks on the intuitive eating path The book authentically depicts how discombobulating it can feel to have every food suddenly be allowed yes, even so called empty calories , how difficult it can be to shake the diet mindset, and how easily and perilously we can be made to feel ashamed of our food choices even when there s nothing inherently wrong with them I m thinking of the boss who gave Kelsey a hard time for making a sandwich with gasp potato bread instead of Ezekiel bread Because Kelsey is a beginner, the novice intuitive eater can learn as Kelsey does, hopefully thus feeling less alone in experiencing the various pitfalls, triumphs, and somewhere in between moments along the way.This memoir is based on Kelsey s web series for the site Refinery 29, which I didn t know when I picked up the book Ordinarily I m not crazy about the casual, disjointed feel of blogs turned books, but, perhaps because this writing was done for a professional site with actual editors, I didn t mind it this time In fact, I was impressed with Kelsey s writing and also with her sense of humor The girl is genuinely funny, not just amateur blog level funny No offense meant some amateur bloggers are definitely funny Just not all of them Admittedly, there were a few TMI moments I didn t really need to know about it when she view spoiler contracted herpes from her boyfriend hide spoiler

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    In the mirror I saw a tilted, round face, craned upward to hide a potential double chin I saw legs placed wide apart, with one hip jutted out so the thighs didn t touch I saw hands on hips and elbows yanked back to narrow my broad shoulders I saw everything I did to avoid seeing myself It was full body duck face It was the only way I knew how to look in a mirror When I read the title to this book I was pretty intrigued Like majority of females I have been on several diets in my life, whether I needed them or not The idea of giving up dieting was refreshing for a dieting addict like myself This books method for doing so is through the intuitive eating method A phrase many of us have heard before, it seems almost too simple to work Surely for a diet to work it has to be overly detailed, restrictive and laid out step by ten thousand steps Not so.As expected this book is somewhat vague about intuitive eating because wellit s intuitive eating It s about listening to your body and savoring your food and generally being mindful of what you eat and how you eat Not exactly rocket science, but sometimes the simplest answer is the only answer There is no diet layout in this book and it s of a memoir with a large focus on intuitive eating rather than a diet book.I did find a couple of contrary statements in the book, for example after her boss wrongly accuses her of wearing flip flops to work she angrily fumes to herself that she is not such an urchin to wear shower shoes to work But then literally on the very next page proudly proclaims that no one should be picked on for the shoes they wear Not a direct contradiction but pretty close I also would have liked to have seen clearer progress A before and after so to speak However I understand the author s reasoning for not wanting to weigh herself, but it would have made it easier to see just how successful this type of eating was for her At the end of the day though I suppose success is different for everyone, and if you are happy and healthy than that is all that matters Sometimes self love is the best diet there is.Random quote I enjoyed from the book People say that food is the good girl s drug But now I realize it was just one particularly cheap and sticky strain of my real drug of choice distraction. Buy, Borrow or Bin Verdict BuyNote I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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    I got this book for free from a Goodreads giveaway that I entered who knew they actually gave away the free books Big Girl very much exceeded my expectations Kelsey Miller is fucking hilarious, first of all I remember her R29 column being entertaining, but the book is next level I think at least three pretty solid masturbation jokes and many solid non masturbation jokes One pretty funny bit about adolescent girls who read Holocaust books Anyway, very funny I would recommend this memoir even to people who wouldn t normally think to read a diet memoir which is actually a pretty inaccurate description of this book If generations of men can win literary awards for their memoirs about, like, camping in the woods, books about women s lifelong battles with unattainable beauty ideals are real literature too Read Big Girl if you ve struggled with a fucked up body image, have mommy issues, or just really respect a well placed masturbation joke check, check, and check for me, tbh

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    4.0 Stars This is a wonderful body positive memoir that provides an honest account of a woman s struggles with weight, dieting and body image This is a great starting point for anyone who is curious about intuitive eating.

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    It s a 2.5, but I m rounding down because there were a couple of things that really bothered me about it We got this book at the library a few weeks ago, and it s been sitting and staring at me from the New Arrivals shelf since I grabbed it to read at lunch one day and ended up reading it in two days, so it obviously kept my attention, although closer to the end I kind of stopped caring Anyway, it was an interesting enough read, a story of a woman s journey from a terribly unhealthy relationship with food to being able to listen to her body and eat what she truly wants to eat There were some extraneous stories that didn t seem to relate to her journey, but they must have made sense to her, I guess But my whole feeling about the book was changed by a line midway through I returned the book already, so I can t write the quote exactly, but it was something along the lines of your body can t control your life Guess what It really can Your weight may not be able to control your life, but if you ve ever had mono or had it twice as an adult or migraines or seizures or hundreds of other sicknesses and or diseases, than you know that yes, your body can control your life Kelsey may never have had that experience, but she shouldn t discount other people s experiences just because she s never had an issue with illness I was also annoyed at the conclusion, which was basically yes, I m a late bloomer, but since I ve gotten my life in order by the time I m thirty, that s okay As someone slightly older than Kelsey who graduated from college during the recession because of health problems that still haven t been solved and still doesn t have a dream job, a perfect man, or perfect, successful friends that I ve known since high school because I m not a New Yorker and apparently, New Yorkers don t move at all after high school , I am really bugged at this sentiment Everyone moves at their own pace Some people are moving even slower than her And that s okay, too My life isn t over just because I m past thirty Also, not everyone listens to audiobooks to escape from thinking about their lives Some people listen to them because they don t feel the need to mindfully do the dishes, or drive down the freeway on their commute, or scrub the toilet Sometimes it s okay to be entertained So yeah If you re okay with reading about someone who has a really scary relationship with food and want to read about her journey into a better place, I recommend it Just be aware that some of her wisdom comes off as judgey.

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    This is exactly what I wanted when I asked for an introduction to Intuitive Eating I needed a story from a real person who experienced disordered eating and found a way to fight back Reading about her struggles and her tactics to overcome them was encouraging and inspiring.

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    I hesitated before rating this five starsthe lusted after five stars But this book really clicked with me, and I will probably want to read it again, soThere were several quotes in this book that I am going to have to find the time to type out, because they were just so profound Kelsey Miller is really honest and straightforward in this book, and not only does she offer personal experiences and wisdom, but she also has lots of information scattered throughout the book that she culled from other sources I may not be big but the mental state that Kelsey has It can apply to all kinds of body image issues I have come to realize and that whether you are over weight or under weight lots of times the thoughts and feelings around dieting remain the same.If you have a bodyREAD THIS BOOK

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    I loooved this book Kelsey s writing is so engaging at times hilarious, at times moving, and always really damn relatable There were so many moments in this book that made me go, Oh, wait, that s not just me It was such a reassuring and comforting read, and ultimately very empowering Following Kelsey s journey, with all its ups and downs and the knowledge that it s still ongoing was eye opening I listened to the audiobook narrated by Kelsey herself, and hearing her story told in her own voice was even better She may not have become an actor like she dreamed as a child, but her performance here was excellent.

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    Full disclosure I only picked up this book because it was available in e book when I went to put her latest book I ll Be There For You on hold from the library I literally had no idea who Kelsey is or her Anti Diet website, etc I just wanted to read her book about Friends but had to get on the wait list so I picked up her first one to see what her voice was like I went into this book very unaware of the author or its contents.That said, I really grew to like Kelsey it helps that we are around the same age The first few chapters were a little rough, but about halfway in she started opening up and being vulnerable and truthful about herself and her triggers and I just really identified and fell for her Food is not a vice for me but I have other vices and distractions that I need to consistently work on to be the best version of myself and having Kelsey show that she is flourishing and powers through even on days when everything goes wrong just gave me hope We are not in this alone However I will say that I am not fond of her subtitle, she did have a life before she gave up dieting She had friends and work and her relationship with her dad It s not like she gave up dieting and everything magically became better she even admits that.

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