Big History: From the Big Bang to the Present

Big History: From the Big Bang to the Present400 . Big History Begins When The Universe Is No Than A Single Point The Size Of An Atom And Ends With A St Century World Inhabited ByBillion People It S A Story That Takes In Prehistoric Geography, Human Evolution, The Agrarian Age, The Black Death, The Voyages Of Columbus, The Industrial Revolution And Global Warming , , There are only so many events in history for which I have a keen interest to learnabout I d much rather have a broad, comprehensive view of history than know specifics If you re like me, then you will love the hell out of this book Cynthia Stokes Brown reduces the exploits of empires into mere paragraphs Don t care about the human sacrificial rituals of the Incas, or the proliferation of tobacco, cocoa, tea, and coffee during industrialization Great Those topics among vast others will only take about 20 seconds of your time.Of immense importance is the fact that this book is written by a woman too few history books are Never is the reader burdened with the high horsed vision of humanity as the great conqueror Instead, events are examined for their true significance and Cynthia succeeds in revealing the all important connections between the cultures, technologies and events of the world She remains unbiased toward all groups throughout the entirety of the book and remains properly skeptical when delving into questions of why.Most commendable of all is that this book takes into account the ecological process and ecological effects of human growth It does this not because of any agenda, but because it is necessary to know these things in order to develop an accurate picture of the future, and what is the purpose of history if not to help guide us toward a better future Sure, these parts can be sad and cynical particularly the last chapter, which speculates on the immediate future , but that s because they reflect the truth about the properties of the Earth and of the human race Yes, 2 3 of Africa s forests have been destroyed since 10,000 years ago Yes, humans are the cause of a sixth major period of extinction in Earth s history Yes, if we don t curb the trends of the human experiment, we in for some rough times If you can t handle the truth, go watch some TV.I believe that this is the most compact yet comprehensive description of the past and immediate future available If you have any desire for a comprehensive and accurate worldview, do yourself a favor and read this book. 400.. In 1989, an American history professor named David Christian was teaching at Macquarie University in Sydney when he offered a course entitled Big History Rejecting historians definition of the discipline as beginning with the advent of written records just 5,500 years ago, Christian s course began with the Big Bang, 13.7 billion years in the past He invited colleagues on the Macquarie faculty to lecture on astronomy, physics, geology, biology, and other scientific disciplines to fill in the billions of years that transpired before any human set foot on our planet Christian s course proved popular, and the idea spread to historians in other countries A new sub discipline was born There is now an International Big History Association.Big History in printNearly two decades later, another American historian, Cynthia Stokes Brown, took up the challenge of writing a book about history as Christian had re conceived it She had recently retired from Dominican University in California The result was Big History From the Big Bang to the Present 2007 While Christian leaned on colleagues in the sciences to carry the story for its first 13.65 billion years, Brown took it all on herself With a good deal of simplification but relatively few apparent errors, she surveys the prehistorical past with great skill For anyone who thinks history is the story of wars and generals and presidents, Big History is a worthy remedy.Responding to overspecializationBig History is a belated response to the extreme specialization that now characterizes virtually every academic discipline It s no longer enough to specialize in world history, or even ancient history A scholar needs to specialize in a particular era in the history of Greece Candidates for Ph.Ds in history need to go even further For example, a dissertation might be written about women s role in Spartan society during the Pelopenessian War Just take a look at the titles of recent doctoral dissertations in nearly any field, if you don t believe me I, for one, think this is tragic God may be in the details, but even She could get lost there.Other works on Big HistoryBy the way, Christian himself didn t write this book because instead he approached the topic differently He wrote two textbooks, Maps of Time An Introduction to Big History, and Big History From Nothing to Everything, in collaboration with Craig Benjamin Hisaccessible treatment of the subject is a 48 lecture course he recorded for Great Courses The title is simply Big History Bill Gates was so impressed by it that he reportedly financed its distribution to schools to the tune of 10 million I ve listened to all 48 lectures and loved it. ok five stars as in this gave me a lot of information , not as in omg the writing was just mind blowing and the characters were so well written yeah, no but i could eat books like these up so many facts, from every possible domain chemistry, phisics, medicine, philosophy, religion etc i am a sucker for books that contain trivia because besides school, documentaries and works that happen to contain valid facts of history, i really have nothing to rely upon what I learned from this what the word hinduism means what the word barbaric means i got reminded of Broca s area Corpus Callus, the same Godwana the different emergence of humans as a species in the world and many fucking . 13 5180. .30.000 12.510.000 .

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