Bitter Tears: Missouri Women and Civil War Their Stories

Bitter Tears: Missouri Women and Civil War Their Stories We Can Think Of No Better Way To Acquaint Our Readers With The Civil War And The Women Of Missouri Than To Use A Quote From One Of Stories To Be Found Herein Of The True Grit Displayed By These Women Thru Four Long Years Much Has Been Written Of The Valor And Heroism And The Many Triumphant Victories Achieved By Our Soldiers On The Field Of Battle, And I Would Not Pluck One Laurel From Their Brow, But, There Is Another About Whom Little Has Been Written Who Was Equally Patriotic And Loyal To The Causethe Wife, The Mother, The Sweetheart All Bid Adieu To Their Loved Ones, Cheering Them On With Words Of Love And Encouragement, Then, Turning To Their Sad And Lonely Homes, Took Up The Work Which Had Been The Task Of The Stronger They Shouldered The Burdens, Met The Responsibilities, Endured The Privations, While Hoping And Praying For Those Loved Ones At The Battle Front These Women, Many Of Whom Had Been Reared In Wealth And Luxury, Soon Learned To Card, Spin, And Weave, Knit, Sew, And Cook And Do All Kinds Of Housework Many Of Them Went To The Fields And Labored There To Help Support Those Dependent Upon Them Words Are Inadequate To Describe Or Express The Trials, Hardships And Tribulations, These Women Endured, Always True And Loyal

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✺ [BOOKS] ✮ Bitter Tears: Missouri Women and Civil War Their Stories By Carolyn M. Bartels ❄ –
  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • Bitter Tears: Missouri Women and Civil War Their Stories
  • Carolyn M. Bartels
  • 04 August 2019
  • 9781929311644

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    This book tells of outrages committed against Confederate sympathizers, mostly women in western Missouri, during the Civil War Very partisan, it celebrates the courage of those women and praises their dedication to the Southern cause It presents Yankees as brutes and Confederate soldiers as heroes, but there are a couple of chapters toward the end that mention the suffering on the Union side These vivid accounts capture the horror, the brutality, the blood in fever heat, the true nastiness of the time They give interesting insights into the private lives and thinking of Confederates, including the kin of leaders such as Generals Quantrill and Shelby This is the home front of the war, if there was such a thing This is not a military history, not about battles or military strategies It is about civilians, refugees, Missouri women and children living in fear, being forced from their homes and sent through the lines to the South This book needs professional editing There are typos and misspellings The punctuation is poor The text is not always clear But on the whole, a readable book Its historical authenticity compensates for some of its faults It is 100% nonfiction and drawn from first hand accounts Recommended to anyone interested in the history of western Missouri.

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