Black and White Rabbit's ABC

Black and White Rabbit's ABC Black And White Rabbit S ABC Little Rabbit Books Gray Rabbit And Black And White Rabbit Have Their Own Adventures As They Discover Numbers And The Alphabet Toddlers Will Have Fun And Learn With These Concept Books, Warmly Illustrated With Meticulous Detail By Alan Baker

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  • Paperback
  • 24 pages
  • Black and White Rabbit's ABC
  • Alan Baker
  • English
  • 04 July 2019
  • 9780753452530

10 thoughts on “Black and White Rabbit's ABC

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    I loved reading this to my little girl I was so happy this was not your typical ABC book Instead it s a story about a rabbit painting an apple Then each step along the way another alphabet letter is incorporated A very creative book And since my focus this year is art in our homeschool, this book was perfect

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    1.N A2 This book is for grades PreK first grade.3 This book follows a rabbit as it attempts to paint a picture Starting with A for Apple, rabbit does things that start with each letter of the alphabet as he paints a picture of an apple all the way until Z when rabbit is zzzzzz fast asleep 4 This alphabet book not only lists words or things that start with each letter of the alphabet, but has a storyline to it that is continuos through the book as the rabbit beings painting, things go wrong, the process of painting, and then finishing and cleaning up The only part that I disliked was for X the books states X is for the kisses that rabbit draws on his painting Obviously referring to XOXO where X is for kisses, but in an alphabet book for young children where every other page had a word that started with that letter it could be confusing why X if for kisses 5 In the classroom this book could be used for letter recognition, reading this book during a read aloud the teacher could have the children identify which word on the page is for each letter or even have them work with a partner and identify the words and practice writing them if there are enough books.

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    Awards Received NoneAppropriate grade level s Preschool to KindergartenSummary Black and White Rabbit s ABC is about a rabbit and it s adventure with an apple Throughout the book the rabbit is doing activities and discovering the alphabet.My review I enjoyed that Black and White Rabbit s ABC is simple and the alphabet flowed within the story The book contains colors and shapes that children will love.1 2 Possible in class uses Black and White Rabbit s ABC can be used during circle time, to learn the alphabet, and during independent reading I think this would be a great book for a student to have in their book box It contains the alphabet, colors, and shapes to help students absorb topics at once Its simplicity will make students want to read it repetitively and I think the illustrations will keep them engaged in the book

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    1 This book did not receive any awards 2 PreK K 3 This is a story about a little baby rabbit who is beginning to paint The little rabbit uses all of the letters of the alphabet to help him finish a painting of an apple for its momma Once the little rabbit finishes its masterpiece he goes straight to bed to catch some Z s 4 This book is cute but I think that is all that this book has to offer There is not much creativity to this book and it is very simple 5 I would not use this in my future classroom.

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    1 none 2 PreK Kindergarten3 This is a fun story about a black and white rabbit that discovers the alphabet.4 This book features a cute bunny that discovers the alphabet I like the use of the bunny because it s a friendly animal that young children generally love.5 This book can be used to teach the alphabet obviously , along with colors, and shapes This is a fun and easy early education classroom book

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    This one s kind of fun for an ABC book because instead of just objects for each letter there s a continuous narrative It s also kind of interesting that the depiction of the rabbit isn t the usual cartoonish rendering despite the animal being anthropomorphized I m not gonna say the rabbit looks exactly true to life, but it certainly looks like a rodent.

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    1 Awards the book has received none 2 Appropriate grade levels preschool 2nd grade 3 Original 3 line summary This alphabet book is about a black and white rabbit who learns the letters of the alphabet The rabbit goes through each letter by doing things that start each letter He starts off by painting an apple for his mother 4 Original 3 line review This book is very cute It teaches children about many things including, the alphabet, colors, and shapes The author used simple words to describe each letter 5 2 3 possible in class uses One possible in class use is teaching children about the alphabet, colors, or shapes Teachers can demonstrate the use of the alphabet through this book Another in class use is have students draw pictures of some items they seen in the story This will help the students develop their drawing and writing skills.

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    2.5 stars

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    Read the same book differently illustrated My 4YO loved the illustrations, each page we turned he went on aweeee sooo cute.

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    The visuals are very appealing and easy for those to learn the alphabet.

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