Black Monastery

Black Monastery Some gore, some sex, some supernatural This was a pretty good read that I almost wanted to be a series If killing characters is a turn off, find something else. If you like your books intense, exciting, and full of graphic detail then this is the book for you Asgrim A young man without a nose Trying to defend those who were weaker than himself, he picked a fight with the wrong man, and now he must live with the consequences, now he is permanently disfigured He is told by his father to harden his heart, as he is a Danish raider, and that is his role and his life Asgrim and his brother Bjorn, take their crew of vikings and go to sea to raid and plunder for profit to help pay back a serious life debt Asgrim owes for killing a noblemans son Acting on some gossip that came from a Saracen which stated that at the Black Monastery there was treasure Asgrim and Bjorn set off in search of it in the hope that it will be enough to pay what Asgrim owes However, this turns out to be a bad decision, which turns a promising viking raid into a terrifying progression into seeming madness They find the place they seek but things go horribly wrong from the moment they get off the ship The dead lay everywhere Even the hardened men of Asgrim s crew are shocked by the carnage they discover Soon they feel the presence of something terrifying that has them afraid for their lives An ancient evil lurks in the shadows Watching and waiting for its next victim.I won t say anyabout the plot or it will spoil the suspense but once you get into this story, it s hard to put the book down I was a little surprised by the graphic descriptions of the deaths of some of the characters Gruesome and vivid I think describes them best Possibly they were a touch overdone Having said that, the story is riveting I stayed up all night reading it The characters were really easy to become involved with I found myself feeling their anxieties and fears The plot is very well put together and gallops along at a rate of knots but that really works Nothing feels rushed about it I love the whole idea of vikings going on a raid and findingthan they bargained for The story has a real raw power to it Possibly because it is described so graphically.I honestly believe that this book, and its characters, will stay with me long after I have finished reading it. The Viking North Clashes With The Supernatural East In An Epic Historical Fantasy Tale Of Heroism And RedemptionBanned From His Homeland, Viking Warband Leader Asgrim Wood Nose Has Been Declared Outlaw Unless He Can Raise A Princely Blood Debt, He Will Never See His Beloved Denmark Again When A Saracen Merchant Brags Of A Great Treasure Hidden On The Frankish Island Of Noirmoutier Home To The Black Monastery Asgrim Believes Fate Is Offering Him A Chance To Go Home Again But An Ancient Evil Has Escaped The Black Monastery, An Eastern Demon That Wears The Skins Of Its Victims Hunted By This Monstrous Foe And Tormented By The Ghosts Of Those He Has Slain, Asgrim S Only Ally Becomes Another Lonely Soul, A Frankish Woman Abandoned By Her People Under Suspicion Of WitchcraftBeware The Foe Behind The Strange Threshold Voted Outstanding In Genre By Red Adept Select I can remember as a kid watching scary TV shows through the cracks between my fingers as I covered my eyes Too scared to keep watching, but too interested to turn away Reading Black Monastery by William Stacey was a lot like watching those scary shows as a kid The book disturbed me, yet I had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next.Asgrim is the hero of our tale Disfigured in a duel and unable to return home until a debt is paid, he and his crew set sail with their sites set on an island that Saracens tell him is full of great treasure Asgrim and his crew are ready to plunder the monastery and steal it s treasures, but they weren t prepared for the what they found What the Saracens didn t tell him, is that a dangerous demon with the ability to wear humans like cloak has been set free.Asgrim not only battles with the demons on the outside, but he also wrestles with his own internal demons With the help of Alda, woman who has been declared a witch by her community, will Asgrim find the power within himself to overcome the demons, inside and out Black Monastery by William Stacey is a gritty, extremely well written novel It certainly won t appeal to everyone Mr Stacey uses vivid imagery and creates a world full of the paranormal, death and he even includes a little romance I put the book down onthan one occasion because of how it made me feel, but I kept picking it up again, I absolutely had to know how it turned out in the end It certainly isn t a bedtime story by any means If you are looking for a great Viking Adventure Black Monastery is the book for you, but be aware it can be quite disturbing Disclaimer I received a free copy of this ebook from LibraryThing in exchange for my honest review. Asgrim has left his Viking village with a huge tax on his head for the murder of his chieftain s son Unless he can pay it, he and his crew will not be allowed to return After hearing talk from some merchants, Asgrim attacks a monastery that he was told had a huge amount of gold inside What he discovers is something else entirely. If I could put this book into a nutshell it would be Vikings vs Supernatural However, to put it that way does not do the book justice There is a lotunder the surface that makes this a really good read The story is full of tense moments, moments where you want to tell the characters Stop or Get out There is quite a bit of killing, some of which is graphic The pacing of the story is such that it seems to fly by without having a sense of it being rushed Overall a really good book. Not greatI m surprised at all the good reviews I found it slow and predictable The main character did nothing but whine about his problems so I just couldn t care one way or another about him. A good book to get.You are left wondering what is going to happens next, they leave you wondering It has a lot of going on as you read the book. Stacey combines Vikings with the supernaturals in an unmistakably unique way I enjoyed the mixing and meeting of cultures, mythologies, and religions Stacey has lots of intricate world building that adds to the story rather than slowing down the plot to go on a long narrative I appreciated the little bits of history and realism that were also scattered throughout I found the process of building the longship very fascinating There is a sense of foreboding throughout that really kept me on my toes The sense of darkness gave me chills at times It was remarkably well done Stacey s well written, intimately crafted tale made me think and definitely had me coming back forquite enjoyed the characters in this novel as well The fact that their ultimate role in the novel wasn t immediately apparent was a treat I enjoyed getting to know them and finding out where they belonged in the tale I also enjoyed how each stayed true to their beliefs, rather than being swayed by those around them.This was a bit of a dense read, but it s definitely one that I ll never forget Stacey brought this entire world to life in a big and unforgettable way Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review. What man could change his fate William Shakespeare once saidIt is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves Well, in Black Monastery , William Stacey took it one step further, as he showed us that, not only can a man decide his own destiny, but he can also turn the tables to his favor, even when it seems fated that he fails to do so.Asgrim Wood Nose, a Viking war band leader with a hideous face thanks to a past duel has killed the wrong person In order to be able to return home, he has to pay a rather high wergild Saracens tell him of a treasure in silver being kept at a Frankish monastery, so he sails to the island on which said monastery is located, ready to plunder and be done with it But something dark and sinister that was kept captive there has been freed a demon that wears its human victims like shirts It s looking for a new vessel and Asgrim is just the man it needs Will the Viking Captain escape what seems to be his fate Together with Alda, a Frankish woman declared witch by her people, he strives to survive, defeat the evil pursuing him and avenge the deaths it caused I admit I was a bit sceptical when I first started reading this book It started in an explosive manner, and got me hooked, then it somehow slowed down and got into so many details, I feared I was tricked by the cover and the blurb into believing it would be good Turns out, Mr Stacey is quite the tricky writer He gets a reader hooked, then lulls them into a false sense of slow pace and security a lethargic state, if you will And, just when your head starts to fall forward, and you feel that familiar drowsiness that comes with boredom, he violently shakes you awake, shoves your face as close to the text as possible, and leaves it there And do you pull your head back once it s free to do so No, sir, not at all Because at that point, you re busy trying to keep up with Asgrim, who turned out to be a delightful main hero and who I dare say deserves a spot in GR s list for misshapen heroes in romance You re right there, by his side or hiding behind his broad back, and really, it s not like you can help it Not only because you need to see for yourself whether things will finally look up for him, but also because the story itself tosses you in the middle of the most dangerous, scary, and intriguing adventure, where you must keep reading in order to take a breath Stacey s writing is so good, he manages to cause a reader all sorts of emotional outbursts and believe you me, there are a lot of those, and of any kind, in this story.Apart from the careful world building, the main characters were quite something, too Each of them broken in their own way, yet they manage to mend each other s scars in the most beautiful of ways The romance was fitting, believable, and never took the storytelling off the main plotline It came naturally, and was every bit HOT and yet ADORABLE I never thought I would see the day where I would suggest to female authors to take a look and study the way a man has developed a love story Balanced in all its aspects, with a hero and a heroine that are far from perfect as individuals, but manage to reach complete perfection when together A love story that survives despite the boundaries of different languages, races and religious beliefs it only goes to show that Mr Stacey wrote what is really important to make it work, and that s what is inside So, still wonder what man could change his fate He could.I was given a review copy from a LibraryThing Member Giveaway in exchange for an honest review The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it

A former soldier, William Stacey served his country for than thirty years, including multiple combat tours in Bosnia and Afghanistan William loves exercise and all things martial and is a black belt in karate.

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