Black (The Silver, #2)

Black (The Silver, #2) Words Cannot Do Justice To This Book, So I Won T Even Try Just One Of The Best Ever If You Love Werewolves If You Love People Trust Me Read This Book Scott R Reviewer I Literally Tore Through This Book And Boy Does It Pack A Punch I Have To Hand It To Ms Alsop She Is Very Creative And Know How To Create A Riveting, Heart Pounding Story Tifferz Book Reviews Book Blogger Cheree Alsop Doesn T Fail In Her Imagination And Ability To Draw You Into A World Of Kidnapping, Werewolves, And Greed I Suggest You Not Only Add Black To Your Collection But Every Book From The Silver Series Malcay Reviewer Sucks You In Right Away Great Series So Far Wasn T Going To Buy This Book, But I M Glad I Did Jessica Meinhardt Reviewer Black Is The Sequel To Silver And In It We Delve A Little Deeper Into The Werewolf World The Author Has Created I Loved The New Characters She Introduced And The Dark And Disturbing World Of Werewolf Cage Fight To The Death Fighting That The We Were Plunged Into Daxthedamned SF Fan Action, Love, Friendship, Joy Heartache All Perfectly Woven Into A Fantastic Novel I Have Read All Five Of This Series That Is Currently Available Loved Each One, But Black Is My Favorite I Love Cheree S Writing Style And Story Writing I Laughed, Cried Felt The Emotions Of The Characters Every One Of Her Books Is Different Yet Follows The Same Theme Of Overcoming Hardship, Friendship, Love, Loyalty Plenty Of Action Laughter Highly Recommend Spirit Reviewer I Really Enjoyed The First Book, But I Couldn T Put The Second One Down Jet S Story Kept Me Reading Through The Night It S Nice To See A Hero Who Can Come From Such A Horrible Past To Find A New Life This Is A Really Enjoyable Series And I Ll Definitely Be Recommending This To My Friends S Teppen Goodreads Reviewer Loved This Book So Much My Heart Broke For Jet His Life Was Not Easy But He Became So Much Than That Was Great To See Old Friends In Such A New Light Definitely Recommend This Book Grumpybybirth Goodreads Reviewer Black, The Second Book In The Silver Series, Is About A Werewolf Raised Through The Atrocities Of A Werewolf Fighting Ring He Is Rescued And Given The Chance At A New Life, But Haunting Reminders Of His Past Follow Him As He Tries To Make A Fresh Start He Has To Confront His Dark History In Order To Protect The Girl He Loves, Or Let Himself Be Swept Away Into The Pain And Humiliation Of The Arena Once The Second Book Of A Fresh New Werewolf Series, Black Is Fast Paced, Dark, And Shows That Love Is Something Worth Fighting For

❮Epub❯ ➜ Black (The Silver, #2)  ➛ Author Cheree Alsop –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 242 pages
  • Black (The Silver, #2)
  • Cheree Alsop
  • English
  • 06 March 2017

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    ExcellentBook two in the series is even better than book one What an amazing story of love, friendship, loyalty and trust Jet has hopefully gotten everything he deserves Now to see what book three brings.

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    I literally tore through this book and boy does it pack a punch I have to hand it to Ms Alsop she is very creative and know how to create a riveting, heart pounding story It broke my heart to see what Jet went through as a child It is tough not having any choices in life It was interesting to see how Jet once given choices, how he reacts and the choices he makes on his own We do get to see how people werewolf s can change given choices I really liked the dynamics of the wolf packs How they have protective instincts It was great to meet some new werewolf s and see how things are going for Jaze, Nikki and Chet from book one One thing I found had to follow is the time line I felt is really was not clear how much time has passed and I thought Jet was much younger before he meets Jaze But he is actually around 17 Other than that a super read For your info this does contain violence and bloody fighting But does not contain sex or swearing.This is a series you will not want to miss out on.

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    The first book in the series, Silver, was by no means light, but Black is way darker Here, we follow Jet as he is stolen from his parents and raised in the brutal world of werewolf death matches Forced to fight and kill from the age of seven, by the time Jet becomes a teenager is a deeply scarred and broken individual.Jet s journey to find some way to live any kind of normal life is heartwarming and intense The past keeps coming back to try and steal away what little happiness he can find, but his determination to hold onto what goodness is still within him will leave you cheering him on This is a flawed person whose instincts to fight and kill have been deeply engrained, but through Jet s story we find that even the most broken souls can be redeemed If you enjoy YA paranormal with darkly intense themes and characters you can t help but love, then you ll definitely want to check this one out.

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    Black by Cheree Alsop is book 2 in the Silver series, and is probably my favorite of the series Jet Black was stolen as a child and raised in a werewolf fighting ring He s vicious, ruthless, and heart sore When Jaze rescues him on the brink of death, Jet has to learn to forgive himself for the lives he s taken before he can join Jaze s werewolf saving mission The gentle hands of Taye, the beautiful alpha female waiting for him at Jaze s house, are part of the reason he comes to terms with his own past.The book delves into Jet s past and how he feels about his family But the true test of self comes when it s Jaze and Taye s lives on the line, and Jet reacts with vicious brutality to keep his new family safe They accept him with open arms, and Jet comes into himself I think that s why this is my favorite book Jet is so very broken, but with the loyal care of Jaze and the loving attention of Taye, he rebuilds himself into a cornerstone of Jaze s team.Although the book focuses on Jet, and is written from his POV, we don t lose contact with Jaze and Nikki and Brock and all our favorite characters from Silver Chet and the boys are still annoying, and the metal detectors at school still fail to reveal the werewolves Oh, and shoes Shoes are a terrible invention, at least in Jet s opinion.

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    OMG This poor boy I have to say that I truly Loved this story Jet was kidnapped by werewolf fighters, kind of like dog fighters, except they use werewolves and it s to the death From the time he was 7 years old he was beaten, starved and locked up When he was 16 Jaze and his werewolf rescue saved him But can her be saved He spent his whole life fighting, can he stop Jaze isn t sure He takes Jet in and gives him a real life but Jet needs to control himself I ran through all my emotions reading this I cried, I laughed and I was even outraged at a few points I love the way that Jaze took in Jet and Taya, a female werewolf, is always on his side, teaching him there is to life than fighting What a wonderful story.

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    Coming of AgeI very rarely give books a 5 star rating, but a 4 is still really good.This a story of a young werewolf stolen from his family and treated like a slave and abused so much that it s a miracle that he lived There are many struggles after being rescued, but somehow he manages to cope, with difficulty.I recommend this one for YA readers as many of the characters are in high school but be warned, there is a lot of violence in this book, some of which are very brutal.I m off to read the next one now.

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    He s a young werewolf rescued from a werewolf fighting ring It s left him with nightmares and very reserved, even with his closest friends As he meets a girl and things start to look up, he finds out that the fighting ring he thought he d left far behind, isn t quite so far in the past So much of it is heart breaking, but there is a lightEach book in the series just gets better and better New characters and old friends galore.

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    I really enjoyed the first book, but I couldn t put the second one down Jet s story kept me reading through the night It s nice to see a hero who can come from such a horrible past to find a new life I was also really happy to see characters I knew from the first book surface in the second one This is a really enjoyable series and I ll definitely be recommending this to my friends.

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    I love a happy endingAll I can say is poor Jet Taken from his home at a young age and forced to fight and kill in order to survive He is a werewolf who is shown no compassion or love and yet through it all he somehow managed to not be as psychotic as he could be lol.This is must read for my paranormal fans.

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    Very nice story line shift ght a whole new element to this arc.The first wrapped up most of where the story could go but the introduction of new characters and told from their point of view brought a whole new element to this arc Well done

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