Blood: A Memoir

Blood: A MemoirThis book is one that I would recommend to someone who has went through anything traumatic in their life It shows that you are not alone and that what you go through in your past makes you who you are today It s ok to remember what you ve been through, even if it s hard, as long as you keep going everyday I felt like this was a healing thing for the writer and that writing your thoughts down about what you go through in life is a form of therapy I think it would help anyone going through a difficult time to write it down even if no one sees it I m glad I read this book. Oof.I admit that I opened this book looking for some trauma porn By that I mean, I looked forward to escaping my own paltry stresses by living within a distant tragedy experienced by other people It s a distinctly human pleasure, right I didn t expect this memoir to be so intimate and so relatable I haven t been through anything like the ne plus ultra in trauma that the author faced when she was a young teenager Yet, it s as possible to drown in twenty feet of water as it is to drown in two hundred feet of water Childhood trauma is variable and can be insidious The author s style moves between straight first person narrative and astream of consciousness style It reads quite like a diary, and though I ve read in a few other reviews that it strikes some readers as slow, it strikes me as authentic It s the way our thoughts naturally waffle when we re trying to process the unthinkable We assign significance to small things we make connections I thought the author did a profound job revealing herself in these pages It was a powerful memoir, and I m really grateful to have been able to read it ahead of publication thanks to an advance reader copy I received from the publisher. The Grammy And Academy Award Nominated Singer Songwriter S Haunting, Lyrical Memoir, Sharing The Story Of An Unthinkable Act Of Violence And Ultimate Healing Through ArtMobile, Alabama,A Fourteen Year Old Girl Is Awakened By The Unmistakable Sound Of Gunfire On The Front Lawn, Her Father Has Shot And Killed Her Mother Before Turning The Gun On Himself Allison Moorer Would Grow Up To Be An Award Winning Musician, With Her Songs Likened To A Southern Accent Eight Miles An Hour, Deliberate, And Very Dangerous To Underestimate Rolling Stone But That Moment, Which Forever Altered Her Own Life And That Of Her Older Sister, Shelby, Has Never Been Far From Her Thoughts Now, In Her Journey To Understand The Unthinkable, To Parse The Unknowable, Allison Uses Her Lyrical Storytelling Powers To Lay Bare The Memories And Impressions That Make A Family, And That Tear A Family Apart Blood Delves Into The Meaning Of Inheritance And Destiny, Shame And Trauma And How It Is Possible To Carve Out A Safe Place In The World Despite It All With A Foreword By Allison S Sister, Grammy Winner Shelby Lynne, Blood Reads Like An Intimate Journal Vivid, Haunting, And Ultimately Life Affirming More reviews and book ish content Club Book Mobile Andrea RBKBlood A Memoir by Allison Moorer is a really, really emotional real like off the charts y all As a teenager, Allison s mother is shot and killed by her father, and he then kills himself Allison hears the gunshots, and she sees the aftermath The memoir is her reflecting on what led her family to that point and where she goes from that day The way the story is told is a bit choppy, but that works well because you see how the memory of her family comes back to her in pieces Throughout she revisits what she remembers of her parents, and all that happened before that terrible day This is a powerful read as she delves deep into places of her memory that are definitely painful, but also they are what she has left of her parents This memoir is full of so much raw emotion She s revisiting her childhood as an adult, and that takes many different directions She s also able to tap into the parts that brought her joy, while still sharing what made it tough Throughout, there is also a thread of resilience as you see all she has overcome This is a beautifully written memoir that is also full of incredible tragedy Thanks to Hachette Books for the advanced copy of this soon to be released read. I too grew up in Alabama a place where everybody had guns It was normal to respect, revere and glorify them It was oh so common to see pickup trucks with gun racks boasting rifles in the back window As I ve aged I can look back and remember many stories of murders, suicides, and deadly accidents I can t, for the life of me, remember one single story where someone actually saved their family s life with the use of a gun I now believe that holding a gun gives a false sense of security I would feel just a safe holding an angry rattlesnake in a flimsy cage as to have a gun locked in a closet of my house The details of Allison Moore s mama s and daddy s shot bodies were too gruesome to bear. I always find it hard to rate and review a memoir because it is the telling on someone else s life and how do you judge the recounting of someone s life This memoir does a great job of recounting the events of Allison Moorer s life that lead up to the tragedy of her parent s death It was beautifully written and the story was told in a way that you got to watch as she challenged herself through the emotions from her past The way that the story not only told the events from the past but included reflections about Morrer s feelings towards those events as an adult with her own child were moments that I thought captured the whole story nicely I thought it was such a great way to process her emotions and also leave the past in the past because no matter how she dwells on it, what happened there already happened. Blood is one of the most gut wrenching memoirs I have ever read Life changed in a moment for Allison Moorer Her mother walked past her one pre dawn morning, never to return Allison heard the shot that ended her Mama s life by her Daddy s hand I four beats later, his suicide was complete Blood chronicles her thirty year quest for closure, haunted by a host of why s, what ifs, and what might have beens Bound by blood to a legacy of dysfunction, Allison struggles with the trauma of her childhood Allison Moorer s strength of character and her determination to move forward will be inspirational to anyone who has ever struggle with the past. Blood A Memoir is profoundly complex and masterfully written in lyrical prose A story you will never forget, it is heart wrenching, beautiful, haunting and often graphic Trigger warnings Murder, suicide, domestic abuse, and detailed descriptions of blood spatter patterns Not for the squeamish Full of gritty, raw, honesty, if you can read this story of a truly, horrific crime and its aftermath without it affecting you, please seek professional help You may have a heart made out of stone. Blood A Memoir will be released on Oct 29th by Da Capo Press Hachette Books. Non fiction MemoirAllison Moorer and her sister are fairly well known singer songwriters What isn t well known is that their father shot their mother and then shot himself Blood is Allison s story Her life growing up in rural Alabama leading to the death of her parents There are some stories throughout that touch on her life after the tragic event, but primarily the book focuses on the ages of about 5 to 14.Allison s ability to write beautifully and thoughtfully are without question Love is rarely a simple concept when people get their hands on it, and it certainly wasn t simple in our family It was there, but it wasn t a grounding force, it was something we chased.Her memoir is filled with anecdotes and the chapters progress non linearly which gave the book a disjointed dreamlike quality The pages are filled with her desire to understand, come to peace with the events and move on As such, some points are belabored She keeps coming at the problem from different angles trying to come up with an alternate ending Writing a review of a memoir is always tricky These are the author s memories and stories, so who am I to critique them All I can then do is write about my experience of reading theirs The prose is gorgeous, but the story dragged for me Anyone from a dysfunctional family will relate to this memoir and will find that Ms Moorer has done an excellent job of expressing the feelings and results of growing up that way I read somewhere that one of the best things a person can do is to give up hope for a better past Here I sit, trying to work it all out, not giving up that hope at all, trying to find proof that we weren t and aren t ruined by it all The only proof I have of that is who we ended up being We are okay, but we are not unbroken The verdict, however, is still out. An incredible story of love, survival, strength, and the fragility of forgiveness The only reason I didn t give it 5 stars is that I found the narrative slow moving early on.

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