Bloodhound (Beka Cooper, #2)

Bloodhound (Beka Cooper, #2) Beka Cooper Is No Longer A Puppy She S A Dog Now A Full Fledged Member Of The Provost S Guard, Which Keeps The Peace In Corus S Streets Beka S Natural Skills Of Observation And Tenacity Are Augmented By Her Unusual Magical Talents, Which Allow Her To Gather Information Both From Pigeons Are From The Eddies Of Dirt And Dust That Swirl On Street Corners But Even Her Magic Isn T Very Useful When Unrest Comes To Tortall S Capital In The Form Of Counterfeit Coins, Which Turn Up In Shops All Over The City Merchants Raise Prices To Cover Their Losses, And With Winter Coming On, Hikes In Food And Fuel Costs Could Spell Disaster Most Of All For The City S PoorThe Dogs Discover That Gamblers Are Bringing The Counterfeits From Port Caynn And That The Port Caynn Dogs Don T Seem To Be Doing Anything About It Beka And Her Mentor, Clary Goodwin, Are Chosen To Go Undercover In Port Caynn And Find Out What They Can And Wherever Beka Goes, So Do Some Of Her Animals Departing From Corus With Her Are The Scent Hound Achoo, Who Has Been Newly Assigned To Beka, And The Pigeon Slapper, Who Carries The Voices Of The DeadIn Port Caynn, Beka And Goodwin Delve Deep Into The Gambling World There Beka Meets A Charming Bank Courier, Who May Be Involved In The Counterfeiting Ring Things Come To A Head Just As Goodwin Returns Home To Report In Corus It Won T Be Enough To Beka To Be Her Usual Terrier Self She Ll Have To Learn From Achoo To Sniff Out The Criminals To Be A Bloodhound

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  • Hardcover
  • 554 pages
  • Bloodhound (Beka Cooper, #2)
  • Tamora Pierce
  • English
  • 05 November 2018
  • 9780375814693

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    The second book in the series takes Beka away from Chorus and her friends and puts her on a case in a strange city giving her a new love interest This book didn t hold me as much as the first or third but it s still worth the slog to know what happens to her there I suggest it also because of the presence of one of the first instances I know, in YA fantasy, of a transgender woman There is a beautiful little scene where Okha Soyan explains what this means to a confused but sympathetic Beka.

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    I was filled with glee when I got my advance readers copy of Bloodhound I tore my way through Terrier as quickly as possible and I m glad I did , before I started on Bloodhound as soon as I was able.Whilst waiting for Bloodhound to come out and it has been a long wait I would eagerly read all the news from Tammy about the progression of the book I was a little dismayed to learn that Beka would be out of Corus and in Port Caynn, therefore away from all of those much loved characters from Terrier Aniki, Kora, Rosto, Ersken, Tansy and et cetera I also learned, while she would still be with Goodwin, Tunstall would be out of the picture with broken legs However, it turns out as it usually does , that my fears were unfounded and what I think sounds odd in summary turns out to be grand in actuality Bloodhound takes place sixteen months after Terrier, and the action happens over the course of almost three weeks The book builds on what Terrier established There are new words introduced into the language one reason why re reading Terrier before Bloodhound is such a good idea as well as an expansion of Dog methodology Bloodhound is one long hunt to resolve the issue of coles being filtered into the money stream, which are raising the prices of food and causing civil panic There are some sterling action sequences in Bloodhound, making me feel like I was actually part of the riots and chases and also making me feel that poor Beka must have had some terrible hand cramps after her long stretches of diary and report writing There is also significant time spent in Corus before the adventures round Port Caynn begin, giving some quality moments with all of the well loved characters before we meet the new folk Yes, the old faithful were keenly missed at some moments during Bloodhound, but this is good for both Beka and the reader but mostly Beka, as we are selfish readers who want things Our Way We are introduced to a vast quantity of new characters, mostly in Port Caynn but some in Corus too The most notable addition is Atchoo, the scent hound who was mentioned in Terrier takes a leading role here and once you read the book you will understand why the cover was changed to focus on her and leaves Pounce out Atchoo is a fantastic partner for Beka, who adds to Beka s skills set and resources as well as being a loyal and lovable companion in the way that dogs are Another of our new characters is Dale Rowan, a clever and likable cove who captures Beka s affections and won over me too Other new characters include the Port Caynn Rouge, her Rats and Port Caynn Dogs As with Terrier, there are familiar family names in Bloodhound watch out for a member of one particularly famous family who proves that insanity really did run in the family I suspect that the majority of these characters we will never see again, but it d be a crying shame if we didn t see a few back in Mastiff or at the very least a mention of what they ve been up to There are further explorations into things that have previously been touched on in the Tortall universe books the female warriors of the temple of the Great Mother are featured in Bloodhound somewhat, providing welcome detail into something that was merely mentioned in passing in Song of the Lioness The Dancing Dove is introduced, and I was pleased to note that the reasons behind its name have changed since the preview in the back of Terrier Also, if anyone was still in any doubt, Pounce s identity is confirmed once and for all Beka s magic also gets further explanation, which is welcome, and ties her to a particular god as she experiments with methods of using her magic Her understanding and implementation of her magic is markedly improved from what it was in Terrier It is these touches that make the book so vivid They are woven into the story in such a way that they are part of the tapestry for the book itself and the larger Tortallan history For those of us who are Tammy devotees this is an absolute delight and will enrich your knowledge of the Tortall world.It was a hard trial to put the book down every time I had to, and once I got into the final stretch I simply could not put it down until I was finished The plot is set up in such a way that it s fairly obvious early on who is behind the cole mongering However, Tammy throws in something she s become rather good at making you feel that sense of empathy for the characters behind the very thing that Beka is racing to put a stop to You don t want it to be them, you want to be proven wrong and at the final turn you can understand why they took the actions they took, but you really wished they hadn t There is a rich layering of detail that makes such a complex plot believable Beka makes mistakes during the book at one point I wanted to shake her for forgetting something she also does remarkably astounding things too she spends a lot of time traipsing through sewers, which made my stomach turn I was pleased to see that alongside her natural aptitude for Dogging she is still learning how to be a Dog, they ways of people and the ways of the world It humanises and humbles her, and I felt that she learned a lot from her experiences, both professionally and personally By the end of the book several things fall neatly into place how Beka s partner problem is solved and also the set up for explaining why Lady Knights and gender equality across the board exists in Beka s time yet the mentality has changed by the time Alanna disguises herself and turns Tortall on its head This will, I expect, be explored in Mastiff I m very much looking forward to Mastiff and the conclusion of the Legend of Beka Cooper, here s to settling in for another Very Long Wait although, mercifully, not as long as that between Terrier and Bloodhound

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    Uhhhh. What should I say I loved it and didn t at the same time Does that make any sense I ll have to explain myself.We get to see the same great action sequences and heart that Beka has Though we only stay in Corus for probably a fourth of the book and I thought the change of scenery did the series good There is a trickle of new characters that come in The most notable her new dog, Achoo This comedian of a dog really made you love dogs even Ok what I didn t like I m pretty sure people thought the romance that Beka has in the story was done well, but it actually bothered me I just knew how everything was gonna turn out, and for some reason for Beka s character I didn t think she would have let herself be so vulnerable Then again I guess Pierce thought that it was time Beka did something other than Dog work All I m saying is that I think it could have been done differently or with another character This one isn t as climactic as the first one You know early on who is doing what and the reason given of why they did it in my opinion was weak The book I think could have been 100 pages shorter It s not that it dragged it just seemed that some of the plot that was put in there was unnecessary.Through all of that though I did really enjoy the last fourth of the book This is where of course all the high action is and we see Beka at her best I thought the ending left the series in a good place, and has me eagerly anticipating Mastiff.

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    I m not sure if Ms Pierce is prescient or just economically savvy than the rest of us, but this book was chillingly suitable for our times The economic crisis in this book is caused by forgers colemongers, in her inimitable idiom rather than hotshot MBAs and back room financiers, but the general aura of panic and financial woe was dead on.If only a smart, savvy young cop could fix out problems as easily as Beka fixed Tortall s.My only complaint about the book is just that it was all solved rather quickly and easily Beka and Goodwin did a brilliant job, but throughout the book, Ms Pierce hints that there s an outside power working with Pearl to deliberately bring to chaos over a long, hard winter I was all set to hear that some foreign country was planning a spring invasion I was even looking forward to the next book, about keeping peace at home during wartime abroad The idea that a man fired from the army would be that angry AND that thoughtfully destructive struck me as a reach I wonder if Ms Pierce didn t have something else planned and had to take a shortcut because the book was getting too long It is a long and luxurious book for a Y.A novel I ll admit that I wasn t fond of the journal conceit when I read the first book, but it s grown on me Particularly as Ms Pierce expanded and took advantage of her fantastic street cant I can NOT believe she snuck some of those comments past the watchdogs that slaver over Y.A books her use of the word sack , in particular, made me chuckle And WOW on the LGBT front, too Ms Pierce is the first children s author I know who put gay people in a book without the book being ABOUT BEING GAY I m sure that there are tons of others, but she was the first one I found the Circle of Magic Books So I wasn t surprised when one of the characters in the book was gay But I didn t think that even a writer of Ms Pierce s standing could but a transgender character in Transgender or cross dresser I m going with transgender based on some textual evidence, but it could go either way But she does and makes him a small but vital part of the story I m sure others will bemoan the lack of Pounce in the book, but I was thrilled Ms Pierce is a little too fond of the wise animal trope, one of her only flaws as a writer Watching her and Beka do without was a pleasure.Ms Pierce clearly did her research for this book and Tortall, which is already a well defined world, came much richly to life I love this look into the lower classes what they eat and drink, what they wear, how they live The mechanics of how the police work in this pseudo medieval world is brilliant and nuanced She clearly has some things to say about torture but never gets heavy handed with it And the constant gnawing danger of hunger is very real, very terrifying, and very relevant to today s world.And, Bake got laid Yay Beka

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    Took me twice as long as it ought, but I ve FINISHED IT I have to wonder if Tammy ever finds Beka s Lower City slang creeping into her daily speech I ve been using it to insult the cats when they piss me off lately xD Another great adventure for Beka I liked the change of scenery that was Port Caynn although I will say I called it in regard to certain people being involved in certain unsavory things possibly the second or third time his name cropped up And it was really interesting to meet a third Rogue aside from Rosto, and George in the other Tortall books Pearl was something else If you liked Terrier, there s no reason you shouldn t like Bloodhound, I ll say it like that.That said, I m not sure why I m settling for the 4 4.5 rating Terrier got 5 stars and I LOVED it, but I never got distracted while I was reading Terrier seriously I think I ve read ten books in between picking up Bloodhound It was never boring and I loved the story but idk maybe it just didn t grab me as much as Terrier did I like to think if it had I never would ve put it down and thus would have finished it much sooner.Also, DO YOU HAVE A MOMENT TO TALK ABOUT OUR GODDESS AND SAVIOR, CLARY GOODWIN I love this woman so much And apparently in my head she looks like Riza Hawkeye but with black hair Like if Mustang and Hawkeye had a daughter, that s what she would look like And if you re not familiar with FullMetal Alchemist, I will happily fling it at you DOne thing and then I m done updating, I swear I was actually glad for Pounce s absence throughout much of this book On top of dealing with so many new characters, Goodwin AND Achoo, I don t think I could have handled Pounce s added cattiness harhar I was glad to see him again by the end, but by then I was getting a condescending vibe from him instead of the usual snark.

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    True to form, Tamora Pierce presents another intriguing Tortall legend and a satisfactory continuation of Beka Cooper s adventures In her afterword, Pierce expresses doubt about the subject of counterfeit money being exciting enough for her readers However, I found the subject engaging and timely The description of food riots and other societal consequences of a damaged economy were appropriate topics based on the current world situation Also, I continue to be impressed with Pierces fictional police force and the intricate and subtle interactions between the right and wrong sides of the law.My main complaint with Bloodhound is the very unnecessary sex between Beka and Dale I enjoy a little romance in what I read, but I felt the sex was not needed and detrimental to the story Thankfully, Pierce s sex scenes are always merely implied no graphic descriptions, etc and safe magical birth control in place Maybe this is to prove the point of a girl s power to choose, but for me it proves that sex before marriage cheapens a romantic relationship Dale is a likeable and intersting character until sex Once he gets what he wants, he skips out of Beka s life and becomes the scoundrel playboy he didn t need to be Also, by giving in to Dale, Beka s strong and moral character is weakened I always appreciate some weakness in my characters, but not moral weakness I still greatly enjoyed the story and the writing, but the intimate relationship between Beka and Dale soured some of my taste for the book.

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    really liked the first one and have been waiting for the second installment for a long long time The second book still works My initial quibble of not believing Beka able to write all of the stuff down in her journal still stands even with the explanation of ciphers and reports and how events are chopped down into several installments Still seems a bit far fetched However, I guess if one believes in ghost carrying pigeons and a young woman talking to street dust winds, one has to somewhat allow her to be able to write dialogs and descriptions in such minute details when recording her own exploits.That s another thing the pacing is a bit draggy at moments because it seems a bit too much of JUST Beka just her thoughts, just her experiences, and just her achievements All the secondary characters POUNCE, for example, who is absent for most of the story take a real Secondary position here Achoo the hound, although very important to the plot, is not satisfying as a strong supporting character because she is too much of a hound, no human traits at all I love her, but she cannot replace Pounce whose wry humor adds so much to the flavor of the story.Dale, as a secondary character at the beginning of the story, never got his chance to even remain in that position By mid book, he s already just a bit of thoughts in Beka s mind This shows Beka s dedication to her work and how incredibly sensible she is, but I feel slightly let down by Dale s demotion He definitely could have played a larger part in the story either helping or hindering Beka s tasks because he was positioned to do so from the get go but peters out Having Hanse explain all the rhymes and reasons seems a bit of an easy and very basic mystery device for that is what this series is Law and Order meets Tortall Fantasy I was hoping for huge surprises and unexpected villains and deeper plots.Oh, I sound too critical, I do believe Going to end by saying that I definitely enjoyed following Beka through the streets, watching her eat sea food, seeing her fight various villains above ground and underground It s great to be back in the land of such cool magic Am I now again eagerly waiting for the next book You betcha

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    Beka Cooper is now a full member of the Provost s Guard, who are charged with keeping the peace and upholding the King s laws But after a terrible injury, she s sent to Port Caynn, to keep out of the way of her enemies and find out where the counterfeit silver coins flooding Tortall are coming from At the port, she finds that the guards are led by an ineffectual and cowardly man Alanna s ancestor and the port s Rogue is greedy and selfish, even by criminals standards The writing is noticably smoother and a tad grownup than in Terrier This series isn t my favorite of Pierce s, and I don t like that Beka keeps getting these nicknames Terrier , Bloodhound from the common folk for her work on a single case She s impressively dogged in her work, but to the extent that people whisper her name as she goes past Plus, I want a little less attention paid to Beka s eating habits I know what she has for every single meal, every single day and a little to her police work I think my real problem is just that I started reading the Tortall books when I was a tween, and it s hard to remember that I ve grown up and they re still written for a young audience I need to manage my expectations, I suppose That said, these are good ya books, with a solid cast set in a country that makes sense Pierce has thought about how the sewers are built, and who supplies the food to where, and how the guilds work, and all those earthy details that most fantasy writers sidestep And when the action gets moving, these books are un put downable.

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    I don t think I was ever so excited to get my hands on an ARC Advanced Reader s Copy of anything than I was to get this I d already been waiting years for this to come out, and even waiting a few months until the release date at the end of April was making me fidgety I loved the first in this series and had devoured it and had been looking forward to Beka Cooper ever since I ve been selling the first Beka Cooper novel to anybody that will listen to me ramble about how great it is, so it was a real treat for me to be able to read this early and know just how good it gets There s always that sneaking worry that things just won t be as good as I hope them to be when I have to wait years, but this was no disappointment Beka is definitely still my favorite Tortall heroine which is saying a lot, I love them all , and it was great to read about her adventures as a Dog I have absolutely no complaints about this for me, it was the perfect companion to the first novel, and I loved every page of it The time it took for this novel to be completed was well worth the wait.I don t want to spill anything about the plot here to fans that are eagerly awaiting the release in April, just know it s worth the wait and I ll definitely be out there buying this on release day so I can re read it

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    Length of time on Mt TBR 7 years, 5 months3.5 stars, rounded down to 3 stars I didn t like this one as much as book one but it s still a fine YA Fantasy police procedural WHich is exactly what it is, full stop.I did like the small comments about the cult of the Gentle Mother As someone who started in this universe at the beginning Alanna , I was wondering how the women Knights fell out Especially with this series having Sabine.

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