Bobby Fischer: Profile of a Prodigy

Bobby Fischer: Profile of a Prodigy Revealing Biography Of The Controversial Chess Champion, Written By A Chess Player Who Knew Fischer Since The Latter Was It Chronicles Fischer S Tumultuous Public And Private Lives, Including An Analysis Of Games That Trace His Rise To Supremacy Plus A Complete History Of The Fischer Spassky Match Photographs

Frank Brandy is the author of numerous critically acclaimed biographies Internationally recognised as the greatest authority on the life and career of Bobby Fischer, he is also president of New York City s Marshall Chess Club and was the founding editor of Chess Life.

[Ebook] ➠ Bobby Fischer: Profile of a Prodigy Author Frank Brady –
  • Paperback
  • 480 pages
  • Bobby Fischer: Profile of a Prodigy
  • Frank Brady
  • English
  • 06 November 2019
  • 9780486259253

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    Dear Bobby Fischer Fans,This book is well worth your while The author goes into details about various tournaments GM Bobby Fischer played in There are lovely photos of Bobby Fischer as well This is a very well written, all encompassing biography An added plus There are several annotated games at the end of the book for your enjoyment I thank Mr Brady for having written this book and having it published.

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    Nearly everyone who has some decent experiance with chess has heard about Bobby Fischer and his mysterious behavior He is one of the best chess players in history and I bought the book recently to get insight into his character and mind The book has about 400 pages and a little than a half consists of his biography from childhood up to 1972 Fischer Spassky Championship and the other part is 80 selected Fischer games with very good annotations and turnament results.The biography in itself consists very little of Fischer s personal life, and majority of it are various turnament events and how well Fischer did at them I think it s well worth reading for people who have interest in Bobby Fischer, and would like to immitate his career to some extent The part that has put biggest imprint on my memory is when the author Bobby s early chess advisor and Bobby went to meet one of the NYC bussinesmen who offered to fund Bobby s travel to a turnament Tis what happened after a short conversation the bussinessman added However there s just one thing I d like you to do If I put up the money and send you to this turnament, and when you win and are interviewed by the press, or anybody, I want you to say I couldn t have won this turnament without the help of Sam Blanker Bobby was on his feet immediately, seeming to have grown years in a moment I can do that , he said evenly If I win a turnament, I win it by myself I do the playing Nobody helps me I win the turnament myself, with my own talent Bobby rejected the offer for one particular reason.This gives a lot of insight into Fischer s mind.The pluses and minuses 1 Pluses The book was written in a very simplistic form without input of unnecessary words and information which makes it quick and pleasant to read I read entire book in 3 days and I don t regret it The attached annotated games and turnament results are a very good idea for people who are interested in Fischer s chess style if it can be called a style besides his biography.2 Minuses There s one huge problem with the book which to some extant destroys the postive impressions with the book I took a way 2 points for this The author over and over again rationalizes Fischer s behavior in a positive manner which might not be true and tries to impose on the reader the idea of Fischer being the greatest and most rightous genius on the planet This happens especially in conclusion, of which I read only 2 pages as I couldn t cope with its Fischer worshipping tone I advise anyone who reads the book to simply not care so much about those parts.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this biography of Bobby Fischer s life up to 1972 which takes up about half of the book and now I am slowly working through the games in the other half.

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    I had this book laying around for a few years but because I am interested in reading the recent follow up biography Endgame , also by Brady, I thought I should read this one first The events of Fischer s early years and rise to world champion chronicled in this volume are particularly sad knowing the decline and erratic behavior that only increased after the final events covered here take place All of Fischer s eccentricities and social awkwardness, even rudeness are here still excused as indicating Fischer s slow to mature social skills while in hindsight they seem to be early warning sighs of the ultimate breakdown that seems to have occurred in maturity It is however still romantic in a a sense to read these interesting accounts of traveling the world and getting paid just to play chess.

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    Most non chess people will find this book a good biography of Bobby Fischer s life up until he won the title of world chess champion It might be a little tedious for the non chess enthusiast however, Frank Brady is an excellent author and he sets up the scenes in a way that Fischer s life comes alive I am a chess enthusiast so I am a little biased about this book If you love chess and love Fischer s chess genius, you will love this book I think many people unfairly judge Fischer s behavior as being extreme or bizarre, I did until I read this book and gained new insight as to why he behaved the way that he did in certain situations I have respect for Fischer as a determined person than I did before My appreciation for his artistic genius as a chess player grew as well.

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    Fascinating story of, in my mind, the greatest chessplayer of all time You may legitimately challenge this assertion but there is no doubt that he was the most influential player who ever picked up a pawn.This is probably the definitive bio on Bobby right up to his conquest of the world championship in 1972 It s probably a good thing that there is no sequel as his later years were marked by antisemitism, anti Americanism, and downward spiral into insanity Here we get to experience his precocious, meteoric rise to the chess summit There were definitely challenges on the way but many of these were of his own invention.

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    After Bobby Fischer s recent death, I reread Frank Brady s masterful telling of Fischer s solitary, willful ascent to the chess summit Conventional schooling was not designed for Fischer His disregard for political correctness and conventional social s perfectly fits his extraordinary gifts and tenacious fighting personality Hey, he was even was born in Chicago

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    4.5 stars This was a fascinating look into one the life, motivations, psychology, and thrill of one of the best chess players in the history of the game The annotated games at the end were a great learning tool, as well.

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    Bobby Fischer was one of the greatest chess players ever, but something of a troubled fellow This was a very good book about his life up to and including his years playing tournament chess.

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    Bobby Fischer s in depth story Full of juicy stories I love this book

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