Booster & Reeves: The Night of the Revenants

Booster & Reeves: The Night of the Revenants I Say, All Is Not Gas And Gaiters In The Old Metrop Young Broderick Booster That Would Be Brodie To His Friends, Mind You Is Sitting Down For A Nice Evening Of Video Games And Vodka When In Ankles His Manservant Reeves To Spout A Lot Of Rot About The Shuffling Undead And The End Of The World It S A Dashed Bother, Dealing With All These Brain Munching Revenants, What After A Visit From His Dead Aunt Gertie, A Quick Trip To A Hardware Store, And A Harrowing Trek Across Town, Booster And Reeves Confront The Source Of The Confounded Nuisance And Try To Put A Stop To The Bebothersome Zombies Once And For All Perhaps They Even Meet A New Friend Along The Way, Though I Wouldn T Bally Well Count On It Not Everyone Is All That Friendly, After AllThis Novella Skirts A Strange Line Between Horror And Comedy, While Planting Both Feet Firmly In The Most Peculiar, Sir Camp

Troy Blackford lives in the Twin Cities He has nineteen published short stories, and eight longer works available for Kindle and in paperback.He s right behind you

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  • 09 November 2019

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    Broderick Brodie Booster and his valet Reeves, who likes to describe himself as a gentleman s gentleman, are the heroes of this story The objective is to get rid of the revenants which is just a polite euphemism for full fleged zombies in varying states of rot decay, out there to eat you.If you happen to know the Jeeves and Wooster stories by P.G Wodehouse, you almost know the two main characters of this novella But I bet those two never had to deal with the undead Well, our chaps are facing this very problem and are going to tackle it in their own inimitable style and with the help of a jaw saw I still stand in awe of What there is to do, they learn from Booster s aunt Gertrude, who has a little handicap She is already dead for two weeks when she enters the stage.Troy Blackford has decided to bring together these two different genres and by doing so he hit the the center of my humor, spot on Seldom did I laugh so much while reading a story Anyone who has a shred of black humor should read this read I sincerely hope that the two characters will be back some day experiencing hilarious adventures like this This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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    How to stop a zombie apocalypse I think the answer is cleverly divulged in Booster Reeves The Night of the Revenants by Troy Blackford, and if you can stop chuckling long enough to actually grasp the answer, it is all so simple, I have no idea why no one ever thought of it before Never have zombies been so irreverently described, fought and possibly beaten Troy Blackford writes with wit, his tongue in cheek sense of humor is something to behold as he makes light of a serious situation With colorful characters, such as Brodie Booster, the clueless wealthy man child and his ever present, ever faithful, ever patient, and thankfully ever intelligent manservant, Reeves, the banter and dry humor rolls on and on.Love zombies, but need a change of pace from the dark side If zombie tales can have a bright side, Booster Reeves The Night of the Revenants is it Publication Date September 13, 2013Publisher Troy BlackfordISBN 1492821594Page Count 85Genre HumorConnect with the Author From For reviews check out Tome Tender s Book Blog or find us on Facebook.

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    Booster Reeves is a take off of the Jeeves and Wooster TV show, itself a take off of the Jeeves stories by P G Wodehouse I have not read the Wodehouse stories, but I have seen about half of the TV show Booster Reeves reads like I imagine Wodehouse s stories would read, given that the TV show is written the way it is Confusing Imagine the mind that fully understands it that s scary This is a very funny book, very British in nature Some of the lines sneak up on you, much like a revenant might do if you re not paying attention Hopefully, with much less lethal consequences.If you re remotely interested in comedic horror, or enjoy comedy and don t mind a little zombie thrown in, this is the book for you

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    A nice little homage to Wodehouse with a modern day twist, in the style of recent classic horror pastiches Troy sets the right tone for this ripping yarn with a jolly good dose of silly banter from Booster, and the exact amount of respectful reproach from Reeves A fun story, definitely recommended.

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    This story is so much fun The word play is excellent Writing is crisp, witty and easy flowing Characters are easy to get to know and definitely have their own personalities The best part The surprise ending This was my first book to read by Troy I was only half way through this free one when I purchased two others He is THAT good.

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    Horror and Zombies is not my kind of stuff, but the language is hilarious Really liked reading it.

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    In a similar vein to Pride Prejudice Zombies, Blackford successfully merges classic literature with paranormal thrills In this case, the period social comedy of P.G Wodehouse with a thoroughly modern zombie apocalypse.Broderick Booster is happily ensconced in his New York apartment playing the latest cybernetic zombie shoot em up when his valet, Reeves, informs him the dead really have risen albeit without the latest in transhumanist upgrades Brow beaten by his domineering and deceased Aunt Gertie, Broderick agrees to chop the zombie invasion off at its root Ably assisted by Reeves, he bumbles his way through the stumbling hordes.Blackford ably matches the challenge of not only adding genuinely horrific paranormal threat to a comedy of manners without losing the humour, but also transferring it to the modern day.However, as with most mash ups, the union of tropes and themes also requires sacrifice although the novel is recognisably an homage to the works of P.G Wodehouse, it lacks some of the subtle nuances of his style.As befits a pastiche, the leading characters are almost entirely modern American versions of their almost namesakes Booster is oblivious but willing Reeves is competent and self effacing However, Blackford also makes them sufficiently self contained that readers unfamiliar with the originals will not find them mere cut outs.This presence of character is especially evident in the supporting cast the characters not directly based on classic Wodehouse figures are both plausible and consistent with the stylised protagonists.The zombies, as is only fitting, are characterised by their lack of character Shambling across the page they are a skilled balance of massed threat and individual ineptitude.Overall I enjoyed this book I recommend it to readers approaching either from Wodehouse or horror.

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    This was not your typical zombie story by any means When I started this I was unsure of where it was going to go, but it did take me to a pleasant place and made me like it and at least two of the characters a lot The story may have been a bit odd but it definitely had something rather fun and whimsical about it Booster and Reeves are both interesting characters who had an interesting chemistry that worked.The story itself had a flow that was easy to follow once you knew what exactly was happening and allowed you to follow the progression with no problem The characters themselves are a bit larger than life but fit well within the tale that is being told and you can t help but smile at what they are attempting to do and the way they go about it Broderick Booster is a bit of a layabout, rich and idle, he likes to play video games where he kills zombies Reeves is a manservant, Boosters manservant and undeniably the brains in the house When the dead start to walk an unexpected visitor shows up at the door, Boosters Aunt Gertie who has been dead for two weeks She comes to tell him that he can stop the dead from walking if he takes on the quest that she has come to tell him about He and Reeves cannot refuse and take off to stop the madness before it can destroy everything in its path There is not a lot of carnage or violence but enough to satisfy You do have the added bonus of black magic and time travel to balance that all out These guys should have another adventure because they are so good together Enjoy this for the light take on zombies and some interesting people.

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    I dare say ole chap, this tale is most peculiar.Brodie Booster had a brogue accent and wasn t very smart He concerned himself mostly on hedonic matters like electronic games and lived with a manservant called Reeves On a night filled with zombies Brodie s Aunt came to tell him something that was important but she had died two weeks ago She began explaining how a maid of hers had stolen a book of magic spells and thought she had something to do with the zombie attack.Turns out, she was a Witch who let loose the dead revenants zombies but was caught in her own spell and needed some help The novella had a lot of dialogue which made it all the alluring Very good, sir As I began to say, both the Calvary and Green Wood Cemeteries have filled with what appear to be the reanimated corpses of the deceased At this point, they have managed to overspill the fences and are I interrupted him Hold it, old boy You re saying that the graveyards are filling with what now The living dead, sir.

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    As soon as you start reading this, it s instantly recognisable as an homage to the Jeeves and Wooster characters of P G Wodehouse Here, Brodie Booster is our foppish, half witted hero narrator while the inimitable Reeves is his valet and the resident genius of the duo but the main change from Wodehouse is that this is a horror story.At only 85 pages long, it s a very short story and easily read but it gallops along with a comical gait so it keeps you entertained as it goes With a horde of zombie films and books out there, the story itself, of the dead rising and trying to eat the living, is a bit clich d but tying that to a pair like Booster and Reeves turns it into a very entertaining pastiche.I picked this up from free from the the Kindle store so it s a good introduction to Mr Blackford s work and I hope he does of them I might even investigate some of his other tales as well.

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