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Boys Don't Knit Ben Fletcher Must Get To Grips With His Feminine Side Following An Unfortunate Incident With A Lollipop Lady And A Stolen Bottle Of Martini Rosso From Waitrose All A Big Misunderstanding Of Course To Avoid The Young Offenders Unit, Ben Is Ordered To Give Something Back To The Community And Develop His Sense Of Social Alignment Take Up A Hobby And Keep On The Straight And Narrow The Hot Teacher He Likes Runs A Knitting Group So Ben, Reluctantly At First, Gets Stuck In Not Easy When Your Dad Is A Sports Fan And Thinks Jeremy Clarkson Is God To His Surprise, Ben Finds That He Likes Knitting And That He Has A Mean Competitive Streak If He Can Just Keep It All A Secret From His Matesand Notice That The Girl Of His Dreams, Girl Next Door Megan Hooper Has A Bit Of A Thing For Him

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  • Paperback
  • 277 pages
  • Boys Don't Knit
  • T.S. Easton
  • English
  • 21 February 2017
  • 9781471401473

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    Very light maybe a little too light and quite funny, in a Georgia Nicholson way.

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    This book was a complete delight I loved being inside Ben s head Ben doesn t always understand his messy family or feel like he fits, he s not sure how he feels about his friends they keep getting him into trouble and he doesn t know how to talk to girls he likes When Ben gets put on probation for a situation that involves poor judgement, liquor stealing, and hitting a crossing guard with a bicycle, all largely the fault of his idiotic friends, Ben ends up taking a knitting class Of course, Ben doesn t want anyone to know about it even though he s a natural, and that leads to much hilarity and inner turmoil Ben s a little awkward, quite clueless at times though he can also be very perceptive , and he doesn t feel like he fits with his friends or at home Ben doesn t like sports or cars or the other manly things his dad prefers, or his friends wild schemes, which always end in disaster Ben likes organizing things and school and no drama But it is through the seemingly unmanly activity of knitting that Ben realizes he might not be the loser he always thought he was He has friends and support and maybe a girl who likes him too Plus he finds he s also pretty good at helping others Ben s inner voice was completely endearing, and I enjoyed seeing him gain confidence and begin to see his own worth The story is told by Ben in a very conversational style, organized by date, instead of chapter sort of like a diary, but don t worry, it s not epistolary and the storytelling method works very well and adds to the overall experience Reading BOYS DON T KNIT was like cuddling up in a warm sweater while watching a comedy They perfect mix of hilarious and heartfelt.

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    5 StarsI m always on the lookout for books with well done male POV Boys Don t Knit is such a little gem, and I wish it got attention.Ben Fletcher is your average teenage boy Well, maybe not so average, but, hey, we all have our quirks Call me Mr Template Otherwise known as Ben Fletcher My friends sometimes call me Bellend Ben which I m not so keen on I am small and thin with black hair and brown eyes I don t like sports, though my mum thinks I like football I don t like cars, though my dad thinks I like Jeremy Clarkson I don t like fighting, though Lloyd Manning from school thinks I like being punched in the back of the head What do I like I like writing and reading and maths and organising things I sort of like spending time with my friends, though I m constantly worried about what new trouble they re going to get me into After Ben s friends dragged him into one of their shenanigans, he ended up causing car accident, crushing his bike into lollipop lady and breaking stolen Martini Rosso all over place Now as a part of his probation he had to complete a journal, participate in the Giving Something Back program which means to spend time with crazy lollipop lady Worst of all he is forced to attend a class and the only available one is knitting.Ben is such a likable and endearing character I see a lot of my son in him And I loved humor in this book I constantly smiled or laughed while reading it There was a lot of silliness and fun in Boys Don t Knit, but there were also serious thought provoking scenes and a lot of heart in this book.I loved everything about this book Ben s eccentric and loving family, his friends and their silly antics, hilarious emails with his probation officer Claudia Gunter, his touching friendship with lollipop lady Mrs Frensham and of course awkward teenage first love You know what I like about you most she asked My cabling technique No It s that you don t know how great you are, she said, smiling shyly.I also appreciate how family positive this book is In truth I m sick of crappy parents YA trend.This book is full of happiness and good feelings It s a perfect story to curl up on the sofa in the evening after a tiresome day.PS Best knitting analogies I ll tackle the rest later One stitch at a time You can find my reviews

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    I love this book so much In my head this was John Oliver s voice narrating his memoirs I love it even because I m such a bad knitter and can appreciate that some people can BE REALLY GOOD AT IT It s just not going to be me What I DIDN T LOVE is the back and forth between UK American vernacular, which I notice happens in Australian released novels as well I m pretty sure the editors change U.K specific words and make it Americanized because I went to this workshop about it hosted by an amazing Australian librarian STOP DOING THAT Anyway, I kept having to check the back of the cover and confirm that this was indeed written by a British author It just was jarring and I couldn t figure out if Easton was doing this on purpose to relate, or if certain words were being changed It s really minor and I m sure most readers won t care I m just going to go out on a limb and say it was changed on purpose.Other than that, I did not even care when the plot got ridiculous At that point, I was completely invested in the characters, the story itself, and the humor was so poignant that I was hysterically laughing cheering let s do this Easton TAKE ME TO THE FINALE I mean, I m crying laughing just thinking of all the shenanigans that happened in this book I wasn t sure what situation was funnier Ben s anecdotal stories of his parents, how he got on probation, or making sure his journal format was acceptable I adore Easton I adored his posse creation and the added side characters and I swearrrr to you, Ben needs to write my memoirs I also hope that Graham goes far in life with his writing That is my wish for those two characters Everyone else sorta took a back seat not really, but I just had to do a brief shout out Also, if this is Easton s debut novel, I m sooo excited to see what he releases next.

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    First of all, my library holds this in Juvenile Fiction I will be having a chat with the librarian when I return this book I am relieved I didn t let my 6 year old read this The very first page talks about the parents using food based double entendres with each other While my son doesn t know the term yet, he knows that wieners and buns can also be names for certain body parts And as an adult reading them, it got old really fast The main character gets in trouble for stealing alcohol to sneak into a party And there is lots of talk about making out and having sex, and a bit if foul language It isn t until halfway through the book that you learn the main character is 17, so thinking that you have maybe a sixth grader talking about this stuff was disconcerting The jacket and Goodreads summary say so, but I hadn t read it immediately before reading the book Young Adult, not Juvenile Aside from that, the story is awfully far fetched from start to finish As a knitter, I was really hopeful that this would be a good book, but the knitting wasn t believable at all I m supposed to believe that this kid learns to knit so well that he can design his own sweaters and vests right away, that he can knit a sock in an hour Come on And he enters a knitting competition after just a few months And at the competition, why are so many top knitters dropping stitches The story takes place in England, which may account for some slight differences in knitting vocabulary, but in my American knitting life, I have never used weaves and wefts in knitting, or purling in fair isle knitting in the round It just seemed that the author knew a few cliches about knitters, their podcasts, their relationships, etc., and didn t know how to subtly spin them into a good yarn Disappointing.

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    Keine Ahnung, wann mich ein Buch das letzte Mal so gl cklich gemacht hat, und es gab einige wirklich gute dieses Jahr Und ich kann mich spontan auch an kein Buch erinnern, das ich sofort gleich wieder angefangen habe zu lesen, als ich die letzte Seite fertig hatte.Und dabei ist dieses Buch nun nicht gerade ein literarisches Meisterwerk ist eh sehr subjektiv, was gut ist und was schlecht , und es ist eher ein Jugendbuch, und aus dem Alter bin ich auch schon raus Vielleicht hat mir das Buch deshalb so gut gefallen, weil es ein Thema behandelt Stricken , das ich selbst sehr liebe, und beim Lesen hat es mich auch st ndig in den Fingern gejuckt, mein Strickzeug zur Hand zu nehmen Und dieses Jahr h nge ich mit meiner Reading Challenge eh gnadenlos hinterher, weil sich so viele Strickprojekte bei mir stapeln Die Geschichte um Ben, der durch die Verkettung ungl cklicher Umst nde und dem Angeh ren einer etwas rambolesken Clique in einem Strickkurs landet, und Gefallen an Wolle und Maschen findet, wird in Tagebuchform erz hlt, also in der Ich Form Dabei war mir Ben von Anfang bis Ende absolut sympathisch seine Bem hungen um seine Familie, das Verheimlichen seiner Strickleidenschaft sein schmutziges Geheimnis und seine Erlebnisse mit der Lollipop Frau und den Strickmeisterschaften Einfach nur herrlich Diese Geschichte m sste es als H rbuch geben muss ich mal gleich schauen , dann kann man die Geschichte h ren und nebenher genau stricken Unbedingt lesen

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    Boys Don t Knit was the second book I read in June for aryaclub, a young adult book club Tom Easton read from Boy s Don t Knit back in March at the Drink Shop Do Speakeasy I rarely find books that are laugh out out funny, but Tom s reading was so hilarious that it made everyone on my table want to read the book even so we did.After Ben Fletcher gets into a kerfuffle with a lollipop lady, which isn t really his fault at all, he narrowly avoids the Young Offenders Unit by pledging to Give Something Back to the community He has to take an extra curricular activity at the local community college, choosing between Car Maintenance run by his Dad no way , Microsoft Office boring , Pottery embarrassing and Knitting even embarrassing He reluctantly chooses Knitting because it s taught by his favourite teacher, Jessica Swallow, only to find out there was a mistake in the scheduling It s run by a different teacher the mother of a girl he quite likes , so now he s going to have to convince her not to mention it to anyone Ever Ben starts lessons only to find that he has quite a knack for it Not telling anyone starts to become tricky when he actually begins to enjoy itBoys Don t Knit takes place over 8 months and we see Ben Fletcher go from Knitting Sceptic to Knitter Extraordinaire He s such a fantastic protagonist, with a realistic, stand out voice His passion for knitting is contagious and it got us all talking about learning to knit and trying to convince some of our friends to teach us It s something that I ve always said that I want to learn , but never have Reading about the impressive clothes Ben creates plus he jots down all the knowledge that is needed in knitting shows just how much hard work goes into it I loved hearing about knitting groups and knitting podcasts it made me realise how it s not that different from when a bunch of book lovers get together I also loved the Britishness something which I hope isn t taken away when it s published in the US next year I realised this year that I don t read as much UKYA as I should, and Boys Don t Knit shows how much fun a book can be when you recognise all the cultural references, no matter how tiny and insignificant they are I read a lot of contemporary YA lately, but Boys Don t Knit offers something new and fresh and not just because it has a male protagonist.Boys Don t Knit is entertaining, silly and ridiculous it s a lot of fun But it ll also get your rooting for Ben Fletcher and for the right for boys and girls to take up any hobby they want, regardless of gender stereotypes An English Boy in New York is the next book in the series, which I m really looking forward to reading I can only imagine what Ben Fletcher might get up to next as he continues to navigate the world of knitting and girls Thank you to the publisher for providing this book for review I also reviewed this book over on Pretty Books.

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    This was a funny, quirky story about seventeen year old Ben Fletcher who could win an Academy Award for worrying Ben is fussy and funny and marches to the beat of his own drummer After an bicycle accident involving a crossing guard and a Porsche Cayenne Ben finds himself on probation He needs to keep a diary which we are privileged to read He also has to find an extra curricular activity to keep him out of trouble Rather than taking the auto mechanics class taught by his dad, he signs up for knitting which he thinks is going to be taught by a cute teacher from his schoolBen s luck being what it is, he finds that they mixed up the teachers and the teacher of his knitting class is actually the mother of the girl Ben has a crush on Ben is the only male in the class but he quickly learns to knit and finds that he really enjoys it Of course, he decides to keep his knitting a secret from everyone, especially his father But secrets have a way of getting out Winning a place in the All UK Knitting Championship Junior Division blows his cover big time I liked Ben very much as I was reading He was a worrier and had a poor self image He was bullied at school and his friends were likely to get him into trouble than they were to listen to Ben s good advice But along the way, Ben makes friends, including the crossing guard that precipitates his fall into the criminal life, and the probation officer who is guiding his probation, and the assorted knitters he meets He also learns that he has strengths and gains confidence Best of all, he gets the girl.Fans of contemporary young adult fiction with than just a touch of humor will enjoy Ben s story The British slang confused me a little in the beginning but Ben and his story swept me away.

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    Funny, irreverent lad lit about a British teenager who joins a knitting class as a condition of his probation While it lagged a bit in the middle for me and then ending was predictable, it had its laugh out loud moments.Recommended for fans of Nick Hornby, the Inbetweeners, Adrian Mole and the like.Full review soon.

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    You can see this full review and at Book Briefs I can t even accurately convey how much I enjoyed Boys Don t Knit In Public This book is kind of my new obsession It has everything It s funny, it s heartwarming, it has an awesome male protagonist I can t say enough good things about this book Other than, I think everyone needs to read it Ben is a high school student in the UK and he has a pretty typical group of friends They always seem to be getting into very minor teen trouble, but what s funny is that is so not Ben He is kind of the opposite of all his friends in that regard, but he goes along with them anyway And of course, he is the one that gets caught red handed So off to probation he goes, where is gets a give something back community service punishment and he has to take a local class With slim pickings available he chooses knitting, thinking at least it was taught by his young and hot high school teacher Spoiler Alert It isn t Boys Don t Knit is told entirely from Ben s point of view through the form of journal entries With letters and excerpts of things thrown in as well I loved that Ben narrated this book through his journal He is the most adorable, great, quirky, and totally funny guy I want to hang out with him I want to be his friend Ben s antics of his knitting class and his Give something back project had me smiling and laughing on every page I put this book down multiple times, not because I was bored, but because I just didn t want it to end.The writing is perfect for the story Very conversational, and packed with pop culture references and jokes galore I can t imagine anyone not getting a chuckle out of something from Boys Don t Knit If you don t laugh while reading this book, I don t trust you unless you are a robot Readers will fall in love with Ben They will fall in love with his ragtag group of friends, and with all of Ben s knitting creations I love the pattern names he comes up with I love how much of a worrier he is he takes a wholistic approach to worrying that is, he worries about everything all the time I loved absolutely everything about this book, even the excerpts from his friends novel 50 Shades of Graham Not to mention I thought the way everyone in Ben s life came together was a really nice heartwarming message This book just worked for me on every level I think there is something for everyone in Boys Don t Knit The book comes out March 24th so you should pre order your copy today because this is one that you will not want to miss Quirky fun and humor at its finest This review was originally posted on Book Briefs

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