Boys "R" Us (The Clique, #11)

Boys "R" Us (The Clique, #11) Massie Block After Disbanding The Pretty Committee, Massie Takes Charge Like Visa, Forming OCD S Hawtest Clique Yet Massie And Crew Even Though Money Can T Buy Love, It Can Buy New Friends Or At Least Model Actresses Who Will Act Like Your Besties Until You Get Real Ones Lights, Camera, MACtion Alicia Rivera Hearts Her New Role As Alpha Of The Soul Ms, BOCD S First Ever Boy Girl Clique But When The Boys Head Back To The Newly Renovated Briarwood Academy, Will The Remaining Soul Ms Become Squares Dylan Marvil Is Happy Times Ten To Finally Have A Crush Who S Crushing Back, Especially Since They Luh V All The Same Things Marshmallows, Lip Kissing, And Chugging Red Bull Buuuuuuuuurrrrrrrp Kristen Gregory Scored Three Goals On The Soccer Field Last Week And Massie S Crush Which Earned Her An Ejection From Her Ex BFF S Heart Can Massie Forgive And Forget, Or Is Kristen Out Of The Game Forever Claire Lyons Has Declared Herself Neutral In The Battle Of The Cliques But Dividing Her Time Among Massie, The Soul Ms, And Cam Has Left Her Stretched Thinner Than Extra Small Spanx Can She Get Her Friends To Reunite, Or Will She Be Forced To Pick A Side Once And For All The Clique The Only Thing Harder Than Getting In Is Staying In

Lisi Harrison is the author of the 1 New York Times best selling series The Clique , Alphas , Monster High, Pretenders, and her first adult novel The Dirty Book Club out 10.10.17 Lisi was born in Toronto, Canada, and lived in NYC for 15 years while she worked at MTV She now lives in Laguna Beach, CA and is a member or her own Dirty Book Club.

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    Oh Clique series, how I adore your ridiculous plot lines and characters

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    for some reason i cant get into this book maybe it has to do with the fact that this has happened twice in the series already Alicia wants to be alpha, she cant handdle it, again blah blah blah Massie has to much pride to admit she was to much of a bitch in the last book blah blah blahi just hope the ending is better i wonder if Lisi is running out of ideas nah probably just a rut at least thats what i hope it islol well the ending was good, Claire s idea was very clever, sometimes i think that if the clique needed a new alpha she should be the one to take over I also think Massie knows this too thats why she lets Clair get away with a lot i cant wait to read the next book, these girls are so much fun to read about.

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    This is for the whole seriesreal quick the series was about snotty rich girls and a poor newbie who tries to fit in The Clique goes through some very dramatic obstacles as friends And blah blah blah they re still friends at the end of the story Whatever.Quite frankly, i read most of the Clique series while I was in fifth and sixth grade I could read two books in one night I was obsessed with the books, and now that i look back on it, i have no clue as to WHY At the time it was very entertaing to read about the girls lavish lifestyles and at the time i thought that Massie s signature insults ex Did i invite you to my BBQ UhhNo Then why are you up in my grill all of the girls would start to snicker were funny I looked forward to hearing what she said BUt now as an 8th grader and having a different outlook on things, i think that Massie is obnoxious and stupid.Also, the constant use of Ehmagawd started to get on my nerves even when i was obsessed with the books As the series went on, the girls started to get really interested in the guys at the brother school I m going off of memory here D Anyhoo the girls would always talk about lip kissing the boys Seriously, lip kissing that s what they called it Did you lip kiss him Claire Honestly, if you re going to say something as immature as li kiss to describe kissing a guy, then you have no business getting all up in his personal space WTH that always pissed me off Lip kiss I felt ashamed for reading such nonsense For girls so high and mighty, they had the vocabulary of air headed fourth graders No offense to you 4th graders You re still cute honey I can t wait to lip kiss him as opposed to what Nose kissing Cheek kissing Ear kissing Yeah, i don t think so Big Sigh Claire was an interesting character I sure did get tired of her talking about Gummy Feet Although, it was kinda sorta cute how Cam would always give her a bag And then again, does he want her to die from clogged arteries or whatever you die from from consuming too much damn sugar Moving on, Claire actually grew up which i was that proud of She started to stick up for herself, and the first time she did stick up for herself i shouted AMEN Massie gives me a headache Her followers give me a headache Everyone that looks up to her gives me a headache She is just too controlling and she s very unrealistic and hard to relate to How many thirteen year olds do you know that wear Prada and have a fresh manicure every time you see them I can t think of any but hey maybe it s because I go to a public school and fall under the upper middle class part of society I m a no bullshit type of person so if i ever was in her clique, i wouldn t have been in it for long Something else that got annoying was how in every other book, The Cliques friendship was falling apart Really who cares It s not the end of the world Honestly The girls spend their time obsessing over the stupidest shit What s sad is that Lisi Harrison s talent is pretty much wasted and flushed down the toilet in these bitchy, pre teen novels of hers Hmm What else is there What was good about the story was how Lisi described the character s surroundings I wasn t left confused like i normally am nowadays as i read scenery descriptions from Young Adult books And thank God Lisi didn t talk about how you could see to so and so s heart by looking into their eyes or how by looking into their eyes you could tell that they really wanted a cheesebuger I ve read some pretty messed up stuff, so for the most part that was refreshing Sorry for my bad words I m a secret potty mouth i just thought that they were necessary to correctly portray how upset these stories make me ANd sorry if it s kind of all over the place It s hard to stay on topic when you re ranting about things that upset you You just get so caught up you know Read em if you want but i wouldn t

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    The long awaited Boys R Us, the next book to the popular The Clique series, by Lisi Harrison is finally out Up until now Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, and Claire have always been together and best of friends But now we re at like the climax of the entire Clique series, Massie disperses the Pretty Committee and now all 5 friends have split apart too Alicia moves on by making her own crew where she is now the alpha, called the Soul M8s, but soon Alicia will come to realize how hard it really is being an alpha as things begin to lose control Kristen who was suppose to help Massie get her crush, Dempsey , to like her , but ended up falling for him instead, and finds out that the feeling was mutual This leads to Massie feeling betrayed and kicking Kristen out Kristen feels guilty of course and tries to win Massie back, but will it work Or will Kristen give up trying Massie feeling alone than ever, decides to hire herself some new friends But even though her new friends are beautiful, they couldn t be dull and clueless Massie soon comes to realize that friends can t be bought with money and that she really misses everyone who she can not just replace But will they come back to her Or will her pride get in the way And Dylan is just happy that she has someone who finally likes her back, while Claire is stuck in the middle of all this chaos wishing everything was back to normal When Alicia offers Claire to join Soul M8s she doesn t know what to reply back because Massie has also offered Claire to join her new group of friends too So who will Claire join Who will she end up betraying, Alicia or Massie Or will she choose none of the above I had a great time reading this book because the story so far in this series has always been with everyone getting along, together, and happy, but now the story has completely turned in a different direction I could really see how the character s feelings changed from hating one another, then feeling regretful, and finally really missing one another It really shows how strong their friendship is And also like always Lisi Harrison is always capable of portraying the mind of a typical teenager which makes it a lot easier for me to empathize with the characters Anyone who likes The Clique series should definitely continue by reading this book as well Or any fan of Lisi Harrison s books Because this book is definitely an enjoyable read and that will keep you reading from the beginning all the way to the end You might like it so much that you could finish all 263 pages within one day, like I did I would highly recommend you to go and get Boys R Us by Lisi Harrison.

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    For how drawn out the fight was, the ending and resolution happened really quickly I m not mad, though I love when TPC is together This book was fun, and it felt the most real, I think All friends have fights, and they re especially hard in middle school and high school Your first best friends are basically your first loves You share everything, you re always together, always there for each other, and, it s hard to admit when you re in the wrong, and to apologize.I m glad that the girls are maturing, and beginning to realize that they can work as a group, but also separately Only 3 books to go

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    I love the Clique series

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    3.5 Lisi Harrison needs a better editor.

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    really excited for the next book

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    2 tired 2 try 2 keep giving these actual reviews claire listened to a playlist titled fired up femme and that s canon.

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    What is an alpha to do without her clique Better yet, what is a clique to do without their alpha Lisi Harrison s Boys R Us pushes these problems on the Pretty Committee and shows how they deal This book was fun to read and very easy to relate to Boys R Us tales place after Massie Block disbands her clique the Pretty Committee Much to her surprise, the other members Kristen, Alicia, and Dylan are quick to leave Clare, however, hates to see her friends torn apart, so she decides to stay neutral Alicia, the old beta of the Pretty Committee, sees endless possibilities Since Massie was the only girl without a beau, she insisted that the other girls ditch boys Without Massie as their alpha, the girls can do whatever they want Alicia starts a new clique called the Soul M 8s, the first boy girl clique in the history of the school Massie decides to take charge and start her own dominant clique that she calls MAC, or Massie And Crew Too bad everyone has heard of Massie s over controlling tendencies because no one is jumping at the chance to join Instead, Massie hires gorgeous but brainless models to play her new friends Can the girls get over their problems to come back together as the Pretty Committee once After reading the book, I determined that the theme for this book is the same as that of the other books in the Clique Series That is that being popular or having the best clothes, best looking friends, or best boyfriend is not important Instead, the most important is to have good friends that really care about you Lisi Harrison writes this book from the point of view of all five members of the Pretty Committee She writes in a very easy to read way that sounds like what a teenager would think or say Some passages include text conversations, IM conversations, notes, or written lists These different styles add variety to the book The main characters in the book are very easy to imagine They are well described I can even see characteristics of myself, my friends, or other people I know in them It is interesting to see how the characters act in different situations For example, at school, Massie is a confident alpha with impeccable style When she s at home or with her friends, she is insecure Each character has different characteristics that sum up what they are all about The setting of Boys R Us is New York Each scene is described to that the reader can clearly see what the characters see Lisi Harrison describes everything, including what each girl is wearing, in great detail Because of the characters, Boys R Us is very easy to connect to Any teenaged girl can relate to the problems that the Pretty Committee goes through The characters think and feel like we do when put in situations, and even though we may not live lives like theirs, we can imagine how we would respond As always, I loved this book I say as always because I really like all of the books in the Clique Series They are easy to read, but they are still entertaining I would recommend this book for every teenage girl.320 Pages

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