Break You (Coldcreek, #1)

Break You (Coldcreek, #1) this guy was a complete ass and never did anything right even when he knew he was wrong both characters infuriated me and the ending was very blunt i truly expectedout of this storyline than there was sorry. Grace FitzgibbonEnglish 81 2 15Reading Review Break You by Jennifer SnyderBlaire is a simple type of girl that is working hard for her dream of becoming a Doctor in the Medical world She is determined and hardworking and ready to pass her exam Until she meets her former high school crush and then her life flips upside down, her priorities change and her life becomes that much harder Jason has always had a hard life losing his father and now his grandfather is extremely ill Jason has never been stable because of loosing so much and he always relied on parties, drinking and girls to make things better But when he meets Blaire he finally opens up and becomes a better person and realizes life isthan parties and drinking.Paige Blaire s best friend is a girl that like to go out and have fun She always encouraged Blaire to go out and have a good time She sticks by Blaire the entire time even though being dumped by the love of her life Paige is very optimistic and cheery which helped Blaire with her journey of love Blaire Hayes is working at a nursing home preparing for her big medical exam that she has studied for a long time Blaire likes to make things simpler for herself like not going to parties and bars and meeting up with friends on a typical night However, tonight is going to be a huge change in Blaire s life Blaire learns a different side to Jason that she never knew about A side that could affect her future and her simple lifestyle greatly.Blaire has never been challenged with this type of decision before, and if you ask me I don t think anyone should have to make this type of choice, because it seems like any way you turn your trapped Blaire is choosing between her high school love and her career If she chooses the wrong one she could regret it for the rest of her life I personally enjoyed this book for many reasons One of them being my favorite is that you should always follow your heart and do what inspires you because life is short and you should live every moment to the fullest Second I thought that this book showed that you can learn from your mistakes and fix them to make things right Finally, I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this book in many ways but my final thought is to live every second of your life the way you want to not your friends and family only you. sadly I couldn t make it past 26% nothing was really pulling me in and it was a bit repetitive here n there. I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review This was my first book to read by Jennifer and I can tell you it will not be my last Jennifer did an amazing job of writing in both the male and female point of views The chapters went back and forth between the two main characters, Blaire and Jason each telling their thoughts Jennifer was able to express the thoughts and feelings that Blaire and Jason were experiencing in such a way that I was able to feel what they were feeling The characters were so like able, people I would call my friends.Blaire and Jason knew one another in High School, but both felt the other was unattainable So they never becamethan acquaintances seeing each other in passing through the hallways going to and from classes The story takes place years after high school Blaire is a CNA at a nursing home and going to the local college working on her Nursing degree Her life revolves around work and studying.Jason is going to college in another state working on his degree in psychology Jason left home right after high school to get away from all the sadness at home His father had unexpectedly passed his senior year and he ran from the sadness going to college in another state Leaving his mom alone to dwell in her sadness While away his grandmother passes and this brings his mom into a deeper sadness A year has passed since her death and his grandfather is now dying of a broken heart He has been put into the nursing home where Blaire works and Jason has come home to help his mom get his grandfather s house ready to sell He realizes his mom needs him and that it was wrong of him to have left her to deal with the passing of his father Finals are over and as a way to unwind Blaire s two friend s dragger her out to a party to celebrate This is where she and Jason run into one another, Jason is home for a visit and his friend takes him to the same party They end up talking to one another and both realize they are attracted to the person they once felt was unattainable in high school This is the part of a review I hate do I tellof the story or do I leave it here I hate to give up the whole story line, but I also hate to fell I have left you hanging What I can say is that Blaire and Jason do date and reveal the way the felt in high school for each other They havethan their fair share of obstacles that get in their way All in all this was a great story and I would love to readon Blaire and Jason I see there is a book two of the Coldcreek Series and I am looking forward to reading the sequel I without any reservations give this book a 5 start rating Awesome job Jennifer, I look forward to readingof your books. Blaire Hayes Enjoys A Quiet Life, Spending Her Days As A CNA At The Local Nursing Home And Nights Studying For Exams She Prefers Things To Be As Uncomplicated As Possible But When Her Friends Drag Her To A Party And She Bumps Into Her High School Crush, The Path Of Blaire S Life Veers In An Entirely Different Direction Than What She Had Planned For Herself Jason Bryant Created A Nice Life Away From His Hometown, Putting Distance Between Himself And The Suffocating Sadness Of His Father S Death But When He Finds Out His Grandfather S Health Is Deteriorating, He Decides He Must Return Home Partying Was Not On His Agenda While In Town, But It S How He Bumps Into Blaire Hayes The Girl He D Always Thought Of In High School As An Unobtainable Pass Together The Two Learn There Are Moments In Life That Hold Within Them All The Power To Break You New Adult Contains Sexual Situations, Language, Mature Themes, And Alcohol Usage Gorgeous story Full review to follow Edit.Within a few pages of starting this book, I knew that this story was going to be special Everything about it felt real to me, the characters, the settings, the feelings and emotions that people were experiencing It just felt like real life, which is something that always endears me to a story As nice as the heroine meets hero and they live happily ever after is, it is always comforting to see realistic characters overcome hardship, much like we do in everyday life Blaire was a character that I identified with so much, and I really felt connected to her, feeling her emotions and pain as the novel progressed, and I wantedthan anything, for her to have her happy ending.Jason was a great character I have a feeling some reviewers will say that they couldn t identify with him, but I thought that the way Jennifer Snyder created him, and gave us peeks into his way of thinking, really made him a real and flawed guy I also didn t feel like I was reading a woman trying to write a man s point of view, it felt very male and that is something that is particularly difficult to pull of so I commend the author for her talent I liked seeing how Jason changed throughout the novel, almost starting off as a boy with few responsibilities, and having to learn very quickly how to become a man.The pace of the character and story development was done to perfection, and not at one point did I wish that the story would speed up or slow down I loved that there were bumps and stops in the story, and these had to be overcome throughout the journey and not just at the climax of the book I liked the little things that built up, making Blaire and Jason feel hopeless, rather than one big event causing them to struggle More than anything I adored Blaire for her kind nature The situation she found herself in she could have taken an easier path, but she didn t even consider it, and instead accepted the new path that her life would take.Overall, this was a gorgeous story that I adored from start to finish I loved the ending, as despite it being bittersweet, it echoed real life incredibly well, in which not everything in life can be fixed, but we have to fight for the most important things.5 Stars We are The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club, to knowabout this book and read a guest post, go to the post in our website Break You by Jennifer Snyder If you are interested, you can visit our website The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club s Review Review Jennifer Snyder captivated me with this heart breaking, sweet and innocent story I couldn t believe that such an amazing love story could have such a bittersweet ending I was crying so hard for Blaire and Jason All I could ask myself was why And of course, I didn t see it coming.But what make this story such an amazing one, is the well developed characters Blaire is sweet, studious and what everyone would call a good girl I really liked her And Jason s what you can imagine of a twenty something boy Despite this, he s really mature throughout the story and really nice, making him the most adorable guy on Earth and wanting him to be your boyfriend Although he really needs to think, before speak Sometimes.Their story is pretty realistic With some dreamy scenes and bad ones, too Jennifer Snyder s shows us how life can be unexpected and it can come out some pretty amazing things from it.I simply love the story and can t what to readabout Blaire and Jason Hope we get to readabout these two.What s left to say, Book Addicts, is that you need to read this story Not only because is a sweet story about love and life, but because is an amazing one and you are going to enjoyed it as much as I did. Received from the author for a honest review I enjoyed this college age love story about two young college students who meet up again after being in high school many years before Each have their own way of remembering their high school encounter Blaine always like him and Jason always thought she was hot but never felt they were in the same league 3 years later We have the usual ups downs over thinking no communicating with some surprises the story is enjoyable. NOT PLEASED AT ALL WITH ENDING

Jennifer Snyder lives in North Carolina where she spends most of her time writing New Adult and Young Adult Fiction, reading, and struggling to stay on top of housework She is a tea lover with an obsession for Post it notes and smooth writing pens Jennifer lives with her husband and two children, who endure listening to songs that spur inspiration on repeat and tolerate her love for all paranorm

[Reading] ➽ Break You (Coldcreek, #1)  By Jennifer Snyder –
  • Paperback
  • 358 pages
  • Break You (Coldcreek, #1)
  • Jennifer Snyder
  • English
  • 18 March 2018
  • 9781493720040

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