Brownies andBroomsticks

Brownies andBroomsticksI thought this was a cute cozy mystery.Katie Lightfoot s started out as an assistant manager of an Ohio bakery.Her aunt Lucy and uncle Ben are opening a bakery, Honeybee Bakery, in Savannah s and she jumps ship and goes to work for them She purchases a quaint little cottage house and gets set to start work From the start, there are some things that just don t add up to Katie Her aunt has herbs that she adds to her baking As they prepare for the grand opening, they are asked to host a DBA meeting At the end, one of the guests is murdered and Katie s uncle Ben is the prime suspect.Katie works with Steve Dawes and Declan McCarthy to help solve the mystery.I know there is a story between Steve and Declan and we heard half of it, but I didn t care for the interaction between them I liked Declan, but found Steve to be odd, so I m thinking there is to the story then we were told.3.5 STARS Katie Lightfoot left her life in Akron, Ohio and choose to be with her aunt and uncle in Savannah, Georgia After her engagement called off , she prefer to get away and when she had a chance to help her aunt Lucy in her bakery, she jumps right on She was starting to enjoy her life in Savannah while running the Honeybee Bakery when bad things happens It is all started with an agreement with Mavis Templeton, a bitter old lady who wants to hold a business meeting in Honeybee Bakery in a short notice The deal gone bad when Mavis decide to pay her less than they agreed the first time Her uncle, Ben, defends Katie and get into a bad argument that led to Mavis threaten to close the Honeybee Bakery Just a few minutes after she left the bakery, she was found dead in her car with a broken neck Due to their argument later, uncle Ben become a suspect and Lucy try her best to prove that her uncle is innocent Little did she know, thats not all the problem she have to deal with She discoveres her family secret that shake her world while dealing with two men who fights for her affection I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES It was a fast paced , fun reading for me This is exactly how a cozy mystery should be The book focused on the main character for a few chapter, and it makes me relate to her story One thing i love, this book didnt throw a lot of characters in the first few chapters to make a point that a lot of people have motives to be the murderer Instead , all the characters are slowly introduced right after the murder happens I will definitely read another books in this series and from the author. EASY BAKE COVEN Katie Lightfoot S Tired Of Loafing Around As The Assistant Manager Of An Ohio Bakery So When Her Aunt Lucy And Uncle Ben Open A Bakery In Savannah S Quaint Downtown District And Ask Katie To Join Them, She Enthusiastically Agrees While Working At The Honeybee Bakery Named After Lucy S Cat Katie Notices That Her Aunt Is Adding Mysterious Herbs To Her Recipes Turns Out These Herbal Enhancements Aren T Just Tasty Aunt Lucy Is A Witch And Her Recipes Are Actually Spells When A Curmudgeonly Customer Is Murdered Outside The Honeybee Bakery, Uncle Ben Becomes The Prime Suspect With The Help Of Handsome Journalist Steve Dawes, Charming Firefighter Declan McCarthy, And A Few Spells, Katie And Aunt Lucy Stir Up Some Toil And Trouble To Clear Ben S Name And Find The Real Killer It was enjoyable enough.I liked the idea of the magical bakery and I could almost smell the goodies Katie baked The mystery was well planned and nice paced through the book The characters were interesting and well presented in the story.BUTMy main reason for not giving it than 3 is that I didn t feel the magic I liked the concept the author adopted but I just didn t get that much excited and compelled by the magic doing Truthfully, there were not many scenes with characters practicing magic, but even those were somewhat lacking I won t get my hopes down though, since our Katie only just discovered her talents in this book I will continue with the series with fingers crossed. What kind of chef doesn t like knives Not the greatest character flaw. This was a good start to what looks like a fun paranormal cozy mystery seriesI truly think if I had to pick a paranormal being to be I would definitely pick a witch this book made me feel even strongly about this, Katie was just so likable i d love to spend time hanging out with her and the bookclub, Not to mention all those yummy baked goods The mystery in this book was good, it definitely kept me guessing until the very end at first I wasn t thrilled that there might be a possible love triangle, but then I thought to myself I lived through 23 books of Stephanie Plum without her making any kind of choice, why not Definitely will be continuing with the series Witches, Bakeries, Book clubs are three of my favorite things so this book scored on all three along with some great characters and a decent mystery view spoiler I knew as soon as the elevator accident victim was mentioned that, that would be the motive behind the murder But it took a long time for who the boyfriend was to actually come up with the killer hide spoiler As my friend Suranjana knows only too wellcozy mysteries are not really my go to genre But her fondness for them coupled with my love for food even when present in book titles or book covers made me take the plunge.Katie Lightfoot is a pastry chef who shifts to Savannah when her elderly aunt and uncle decide to open a bakery and offers her the position of the chef However things go awry when right before the grand opening of their cute little bakery a woman gets murdered just after leaving the bakery All suspicion falls on Katie s uncle and in order to put things right, Katie sets out to solve the mystery and free her uncle from blame.The mystery is a good actually keeps you guessing But although Katie does actually figure out the murderer at the end, I personally didn t think she has the makings of a good detective I d say it s all good luck coupled with witchery.There s a lot of magic use and witchcraft in this book which really isn t much of a spoiler since it s pretty obvious from the series title.There s also a lot of tasty food described or being cooked throughout the book and the author even included a few recipes right at the end of the book which I thought was a fabulous idea Also there s a love triangle in here, though the book doesn t really have much in the way of romance I d say it appears to be of a beginning to a love triangle that shall be continued in succeeding books.I thought the author made Mavis Templeton to be this all powerful lady The one who can ruin people s lives with the snap of a finger Yet it isn t really clear how she s so powerful view spoiler And that whole Frank Pullman thing Leaving sawdust behind Really Why would other people get so worked up over it and side with Mavis It s seemed very unbelievable hide spoiler A cozy mystery about witches and baked goods with some recipes in the back And then add in a love triangleSorry, while the rest is my jam, a love triangle definitely isn t I seriously don t know what it is with writers who think people love to read about these sorts of things Between that and the few spelling errors, those were the things I didn t like about this book.For the most part, I liked this book though The baked goods sounded tasty and there are even recipes in the back for Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies and Cheddar Sage Scones I also thought the women of the spell book club were quirky, though the magic in this novel is New Age y than Hocus Pocus focused.All in all, it was or less what I was looking for I already ordered the next three books to have on hand. Audiobook narration excellent Katie Lightfoot is a witch but even better than, she s a baker New to her witch side she explores the possibilities while she bakes delights in her aunts new bakery Everything was going well till an old mean woman came in and threatened the bakery, family and anything else she could think of while stealing money owed to the bakery The old bat wasn t done there no she went and got her neck broken, complicating matters and leaving some serious accusations on her uncle s shoulders Katie who just can t stop snooping hunts to true killer using her two hunky new male friends, her aunts coven book club and her new magical techniques.I really liked this light southern cozy mystery The characters were fun, interesting and complimented each other well The nasties were truly nasty, delightfully so Katie Lightfoot makes scones that had my mouth watering luckily she included her recipe Yes, I made them, and enjoyed them with some rosemary tea Great recipe, great reading snack Double the pleasure, double the fun I ordered the second book, and I see Biscotti in the title I ll be baking up some of those very soon.


☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Brownies andBroomsticks By Bailey Cates ✑ –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 323 pages
  • Brownies andBroomsticks
  • Bailey Cates
  • English
  • 14 September 2017
  • 9780451236630

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