Brush of Shade (The Whisperers Chronicles, #1)

Brush of Shade (The Whisperers Chronicles, #1) Olivia Pepperdine Has A Love Hate Relationship With QuietSilence Reminds Her Of The Accident That Killed Her Parents And Left Her Trapped In A Mangled Car On That Isolated Stretch Of Road With The Weight Of All That Silence Pressing Against Her Mind And Body, Something Sinister Had Kept Them Company Since That Night A Voice Haunts Her Nightmares And Snakes Out To Torment When She Is Alone And VulnerableStill Recovering Physically And Mentally From The Loss Of Her Parents, High School Senior Olivia Finds Herself Living With An Aunt She Hardly Knows In A Small Town In The Middle Of Nowhere Spring Valley, Colorado Should Hold The Connection To Her Father She Longs For, But That Longed For Connection Turns Out To Be Than Olivia Ever Imaged Behind Closed Doors Things In This Sleepy Community Are Far From OrdinaryOne By One Fundamental Truths Are Stripped Aside As Everything She Ever Believed About Her Family Is Called Into QuestionWhy Had Her Father Never Mentioned The Valley, A Place He D Been Making Routine Trips To Throughout Most Of Her Life Why Had She Been Told Her Mother Was From Nebraska When She D Been Born In The Valley Why Had Her Aunt Lied To People About Where They Would Be Living And Who Was The Guy That Seemed To Appear Out Of Nowhere To Give Comfort At The Wake And Then Had Disappeared Just As Fast Despite Olivia S Determination To Be Normal, Ignoring The Reason For The Flashes Of Movement She D Been Seeing Out Of The Corner Of Her Eye Since Her Discharge From The Hospital Proves To Be Impossible When A Sinister Voice Terrorizes Her Dreams Dismissing The Unnerving Local Residents Who Gawk And Pay For Her Purchases Is The Least Of Olivia S Worries A Spine Tingling Electric Shock That Lifts Her Off The Pew At Her Parent S Wake, Half Truths, Plotting Elders, And An Impossible Rescue Draw Olivia Deeper Into A Web Of Secrets And The Realization That The Accident That Killed Her Parents Might Have Been A Cover For MurderAn After School Job At Hattie S Quirky Tourist Shop Brings Olivia Into The Life And Arms Of Shade, A Guy Who Could Put Prince Charming And The Sexiest Man In Hollywood To Shame Mesmerizing Eyes Unlike Anything She Has Ever Seen Literally Reveal The Depth Of His Emotions That He Can T Keep Hidden While His Eyes May Reveal All To The World, It S His Irresistible Drawl That Whispers To Her Wounded Soul Noble To His Core, Shade Is Determined To Treat Her Like A Kid Sister Despite The Connection Between Them That Fills The Empty Places In Her HeartBut Shade, Like The Residents Of The Valley, Hides A Secret One That Compels Olivia To Take On An Inherited Responsibility That Upends The Future She D Envisioned Secrets, Hidden Chambers, And An Ancestor S Alliance Propels Olivia Into A World Where Voices Are Both Weapons And Instruments Of Comfort As The Line Between Sanity And Fantasy Blurs, Olivia Must Dig Deep To Unearth The Courage To Redefine What It Means To Be Normal Unfortunately, Believing In The Paranormal May Be Than Olivia S Troubled Mind Can Handle It Might Very Well Be The Straw That Sends Her Back Into Her Cushioned World Of Prescription Drugs And Psychiatrist Visits To Keep Olivia Safe, Shade Pledges His Life To Her Side In A Move That Could Rob Her Of Her Will And Turn The Elders Against HimOlivia Is In Someone S WayUndercurrents Within The Quaint Western Town Surge To The Surface As Those That Oppose Centuries Of Traditions Begin To Plot Their Rise To Power When The Threat Risks The Lives Of Those Close To Her, Olivia Must Learn The Identity Of The People Out To Destroy The Valley Or Face Losing What Could Become The Permanent Place To Call Home That Her Heart Has Been Searching For

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Brush of Shade (The Whisperers Chronicles, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Jan Harman author readers around the world.

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.2.5 Stars Olivia s parents died in a horrific car accident Since then, her mind has become dark and haunted She is often trapped in her own thoughts Olivia s aunt takes her to a small town called Spring Valley in Colorado, hoping it will help.Truths begin to unravel before her eyes Things she never could of imagined make her believe that her sanity is at stake.Why had her parents never mentioned this place Why was her aunt keeping secrets from her Everyone in the town seems to know her They either love Olivia, or want to kill her She finds herself falling into the hands of some unlikely company A boy named Shade has taken serious interest in Olivia, only not the kind of interest she wants He s drop dead gorgeous, and strangely over protective Olivia desperately tries to have a normal life, but what if normal isn t the path she s supposed to live I didn t have much to go on for Olivia, so I imagined her likeYes blurriness and all It kind of describes Olivia s character Most of the time she doesn t know what she s doing with herself, or who she is It s almost annoying how much she feels sorry for herself YES I get what happened to her was tragic, but the way she uses it in the story makes her personality ugly sometimes Other times she s courageous and beautiful and someone I could look up to She just needs some work.Then there s TrentOlivia s boyfriend sorry dude I haven t liked you from the beginning I hate his attitude I hate everything he does to her I just want to cut him out of the pages when I read them.Next we get to ShadowTheo James as Shadow why not Oh how I LOVE him despite being a huge jack a It s obvious that he cares for people immensely, despite his attitude towards Olivia He s just a bad boy on the outside and a teddy bear on the inside Could this be jealousy Hmmm regardless his love for his brother made me happy.OH that brings us to SHADE Sigh Shadow s brother the heart throb of the town and by far my favorite character, except for at the end P He is so heroic and wonderful I m not surprised everyone loves him He s of the highest rankings in town, and he helps people in need What could a girl want Let me start off by saying that this is a GREAT idea for a story line I LOVED IT It was a wonderful original idea I applaud the author for always making me want to know what happened next I m sure you re wondering why the lower review The problem was not the story line it was the writing.At some points it was extremely elementary and bland At others there were so many big words compacted into one sentence that it didn t even make sense It made my brain explode, and I often found myself skimming over the paragraphs when that happened.The imagery was good, but sometimes it was a little bit TOO good Every time it explained Shade s eyes I got annoyed and didn t even bother to finish the sentenceAlso, the book moves way too fast and it does not flow One second the main character is doing this at the end of a chapter and at the beginning of the next chapter it s been a month and the what s going on doesn t make sense It s very jumpy.It bothered me how Olivia either seemed completely oblivious to something said or she s having a mental breakdown from it It s confusing.There s also way too much repetition I don t know how many times I read, in his deep southwestern drawl it was a dozen times too many I get it, he has an accent It doesn t have to be repeated every time the boy speaks.So although I didn t like the writing, I did love the story I was pretty much always on the edge of my seat I will read book two simply because of the story line Don t let MY review discourage you from reading this book Maybe the writing just wasn t for ME Your opinion could be totally different This is not a story to miss out on

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    I was granted a giveaway copy of this book in exchange for a honest review So once again that is exactly what I will do Brush of Shade, part one of the Whisperer s Chronicles, written by Jan Harman, is a story about Olivia Pepperdine She has had a rather though year She was in a car accident not to long ago The same car accident in which both her parents died This is not all that has happened in Olivia her life though Not to long before her accident, her brother also died in a different car accident She and her brother were very close But at least then she had her parents support Now she was alone The only family she had left is her aunt Claire, who she only saw every once in a while and bought their love for her with expensive gifts.Her aunt is trying the best she can to take care of Olivia Which is rather hard since she just lost her brother Olivia has been traumatized and is stuck in a state of loss She feels broken and crazy.That is when her aunt decides it s time for a good change Away from DC, with all the torn memories of their family members, who died So Claire takes Olivia back to their home The place where Olivia her dad grew up and moved away from Spring Valley, Colorado Though once they arrive their they soon realize it was a big mistake Weird things starts to happen to Olivia People are avoiding her, looking weirdly at her and talking about her like they know her Why What are they on about Then she meets Trent, who seems nice enough He takes her too school and is a good friend Trying to get her to feel at home But he talks about her in the same way too Like he knows her And what does Trent mean about the money and her being rich Read the book and find out I was quite surprised by the characters and a few events I didn t see it coming Though I like Olivia, I would have liked her a little better if she was stronger and stood up for herself I don t understand most of her decisions but I respect them.I don t like the people in Spring Valley that much I understand what they are doing and why but I think it s disrespectful They expect to much of Olivia They want her to be part of them Part of something she knows nothing about I do not like Trent and his family and sometimes I don t even like Claire Though to be fair, she is just trying to do the right thing for Olivia, which Olivia doesn t notice.I m very much looking forward to the next part of this story For the original review on my blog click here Brush of Shade

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    Brush of Shade was a breath of fresh air I was so tired of reading books about vampires, angels, and other immortals Olivia is a character I feel as if I know personally I can t imagine the pain she has been through, but the author did an amazing job not only telling the reader but showing the reader what Olivia s thoughts, feelings, and emotions were throughout the book Like Olivia, I was determined to know what was going on I think Olivia handled the bombshell dropped on her life in a realistic way shock, denial, curiosity, and eventually acceptance Brush of Shade is an excellent mixture of fantasy, sweet romance, and mystery that holds the reader captive to the very last page I devoured this book in a reading marathon Shade and Shadow WOW I wish I could meet some men like them Thanks to the author I have a perfect picture in my mind of how these two gorgeous men look, and their beautiful glacier eyes I can t wait to see what happens between Olivia and Shade, I want time with those two Plus, with a protector as hot and as devoted as Shade at my side, I d leap into the fire A great first book in a series The ending was so touching it was perfect I got misty I need .

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    I really loved this book I thought when I was reading it it was described so well that I felt I was in sync with Olivia but sometimes the book lagged on a bit but after you pushed past that I felt that it was a great book.I received this book free if I reviewed it Thanks

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    I received this book in exchange for a honest review from I couldn t get past the first few pages of this book, so my review is limited The writing style was choppy, disjointed, and I found myself confused and unable to follow the story It needs one round editing.

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    I received a free e copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Ever since losing her parents in a tragic car accident that left her walking with crutches and taking medication for pain and anxiety among other things, Olivia Pepperdine has seen and heard things Flashes out of the corner of her eye Horrible voice that haunt her nightmares Although the medications take the edge off, they can t completely mask the growing concern that Olivia has that she s going insane Adding to the tragedy, Olivia lost her brother to another car accident a few years before, and now alone, she comes to live with her Aunt Clare in Spring Valley, a remote town harboring a lot of secrets, many of which link directly to Olivia and her family.Upon arrival, Olivia is met with mixed reactions from the townspeople Some people seem to be elated to have her there, paying for her groceries and going out of their way to come up and say hello in the store or on the street Others seem openly disgusted, staring, sneering, and some even going so far as to tell her to her face that she doesn t belong here As Olivia works to make sense of the bizarre treatment, she starts to realize that there was a lot that she didn t know about her father and that her family had a strong connection, even in recent times, to this town she had never heard of.Trying for normal and determined to convince herself she s not crazy, Olivia soon befriends Trent, a popular guy at school who is very forward and a little reckless Like many of the townsfolk, Trent often appears to be expecting something of Olivia and thoroughly confuses her when he keeps referencing the fact that she has a lot of money, something Olivia knows that she does not Olivia also takes an after school job at Hattie s store, working alongside the mysteriously handsome Shade, a man who holds his own secrets and connections to this bizarre town Shade always seems to be around, offering a shoulder to cry on and saving Olivia from any perils that come her way Olivia tries to write off his seeming devotion by saying that there s no way he could be interested in a mere high school girl, but she soon finds out that her connection to him might have deeper roots.Although I really liked the premise of this book, I m not sure I connected with the execution as much as I would have liked to I really wanted Olivia to take a stand and either fight for her freedom or take over her birthright position in the society As it stands, I feel like her character is to wishy washy and at times annoyingly emotional If she complained about being crazy one time, I think I would have lost it Ironically enough, these are some of the same complaints that Shadow, Shade s brooding brother, had about her as well Perhaps this was one of the reasons he was my favorite character I also felt something lacking in Shade and Olivia s relationship While there was definitely attraction on her part, and a pronounced eternal devotion on his, I felt like Olivia spent too much time trying to convince it away Perhaps some scenes from Shade s point of view might have filled this void of emotion that I noticed The character of Trent really infuriated me at times He seemed like a chauvinistic pig and I couldn t quite understand Olivia s attraction to him or the fact that she kept going back to him and forgiving him for his buttheadedness yeah, spell check really didn t like that one I ve also had a problem with third wheels lately, so maybe I m just being biased.Despite some of the shortcomings, it is a very interesting concept I have a feeling I ll be reading the next installment just to see where the author takes this story line so I can watch Olivia hopefully come into her own, see how the Olivia Shade relationship develops and perhaps the Olivia Shadow relationship as well and to see how the people of Spring Valley adapt to Olivia as their leader This review and others can be found at

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    I received a copy of Brush of Shade from the author in exchange for an honest review I love all things paranormal, but I needed something different This book is something new and different Olivia Pepperdine Has had so much loss in one year First her brother dies in a car crash, and not to long after Olivia is in a car crash with her parents Her parents don t survive the crash, and Olivia almost didn t make it She is severely wounded physically and mentally Olivia has a terrible fear of quiet a voice is haunting her and torturing her On top of all that Olivia is forced to leave her home and live with an aunt that she hardly knows in Spring Valley Colorado Olivia soon learns that most of her life has been a lie she never knew that her parents home town was the Valley They told another story Olivia s aunt wanted her to have some normalcy in her life and immediately sends her to school, and wants her to get an after school job The kids at school think she is a rich brat Olivia gets a job at a tourist shop and that is where she meets Shade a handsome man from town with eyes like none that she has ever seen Olivia soon finds out that she is expected to take on an inherited responsibility that she is lead to believe she will be sort of a diplomat for the town s people Olivia soon begins to wonder if she is going crazy she isn t sure who to trust and if her nightmares and that voice are real Jay Harman is a great writer she makes you feel all of Olivia s fears I began to wonder if she was going crazy or this was all an injury from her accident Olivia is also given information that leads her to believe her aunt only wants her so she can be in charge of the fortune Olivia had no idea her family had This begins the wonder, fear, and great excitement and action in Olivia s life You wonder if this family secret is something terrifying In come the supernatural This book is full of deep feelings, quite a few selfish people, a few great people that truly care For Olivia, a lot of surprises There is a lot of fun action I highly recommend this book I saw that I had a few pages left and I worried I had nothing to worry about Jan wrapped up the first part of this chronicle up perfectly and left me looking forward to the next book Go read this book and find out what the exciting parts are

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    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.The premise was interesting and original with some very interesting characters The story was about the mystery surrounding Olivia s parents car accident but as the story moves forward there are secrets revealed which will forever impact Olivia s life.The character of Olivia was very damaged both physically and mentally after her parents died in a car accident There were so many incidents happening around her that made her question her mental stability The thing that I didn t understand was that when secrets were exposed I could not understand why she didn t ask questions my first question would have been what, exactly, are Whisperers and what can they do I wanted to see a little realistic response from her when things started happening around her She did show her true inner strength and courage on then one occasion which improved my opinion of her.I loved Shade There is so much I love about this character that I don t even know where to start He is attractive, glacier eyes, strong, caring, attentive, and he always seems to inexpically show up when Olivia needs him I want to see a lot of him.Shadow, when first introduced I just wanted to slap him in the head He was rude and obnoxious and overly nasty to Olivia His transformation came slowly and over time I really liked him in a way that made him a good guy in my mind.Trent let s just say I did not like him from the first moment he showed up, I thought he was an arrogant jerk.Poor Aunt Clair has so much to deal with She is concerned with Olivia s health and she is trying to protect her from her heritage as she doesn t believe it is something she is ready for Claire shows strength and love She is a wonderful character.I was a little dissatisfied with the ending I was waiting for a gotcha at the end but it never came Nothing extraordinary happened There was no great climax That, however, does not prevent me from wanting to read the next installment in the series because this is a very interesting book I do recommend this book and I think young adult readers will really enjoy it

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    I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I m confused and if I m being perfectly honest I don t even know why I m so confused This book should ve been a dream come true for me, everything was so nicely explained and not with just random chunks of information every so often we got proper explanations of things And yet I m confused.I m feeling rather at a loss I hate giving bad reviews because I know how much effort authors put into their work and that there will always be someone who loves their work and then someone who hates it, but at the same time I don t want to lie about what I think about the book.Positive points first The idea was really cool, mind links and although it made me cry I adored Olivia s back story and the accident leaving her on her own Also Shade and Shadow were just so adorable, they had to be my favourite characters and no, it s no because they re hot That s just an added bonus I wasn t too keen on Olivia at times, sometimes she was really bold and rebellious and then she just went along and never questioned anything Her relationship with Trent i never quite understood it sort of just happened also that guy is a jerk with a capital J which really lessened my opinion of Olivia Yet there was stuff with her and Shade I don t even know how old that guy is but it was really frustrating as everything pointed towards them dating but they didn t.So the concept was cool and well explained but there were also some bits that I feel really weren t explained either that or I just didn t understand at all The Whisperer s This was the main concept and honestly I don t even know what was going on here It s probably just me but my brain is just confuzzled I said I liked the concept but I didn t mean this part since don t understand I m generally frustrated by everything in this book I wanted to love this but it just didn t work for me I think perhaps too much work was put into some parts and so the rest was a little bit lacking.

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    First of all, I love the name Olivia Pepperdine I wasn t sure what to expect whenever I began reading this book, and after reading it, I m so glad that I took a chance on it This story is absolutely unique, and I was blown away by the plot With one edit to polish out the few errors, I would gladly give it five stars.This story is such a seamless mix of intrigue, and my need to figure out where the twists and turns were leading me kept me racing through this novel It didn t have the first in a series downfalls that I normally expect, either Olivia was such a strong character, and I felt close to her the entire time Protective, even Her arc over this part of the story was well developed Even though this book can get heavy at times, there s still a fun side to it It was an enjoyable read, and I ll be looking out for books in this series to follow Olivia s journey I can t recommend it enough If you re a fan of the paranormal but you need a break from the usual offerings, Brush of Shade will prove to be welcome relief I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review My thanks to Jan Harman.

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