Calculus The Larson CALCULUS Program Has A Long History Of Innovation In The Calculus Market It Has Been Widely Praised By A Generation Of Users For Its Solid And Effective Pedagogy That Addresses The Needs Of A Broad Range Of Teaching And Learning Styles And Environments Each Title Is Just One Component In A Comprehensive Calculus Course Program That Carefully Integrates And Coordinates Print, Media, And Technology Products For Successful Teaching And Learning

Roland Ron Edwin Larson

❮Reading❯ ➿ Calculus  Author Ron Larson –
  • Hardcover
  • 1142 pages
  • Calculus
  • Ron Larson
  • English
  • 02 May 2019
  • 9780547167022

10 thoughts on “Calculus

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    I don t appreciate how the book skips over steps in the example problems I have a hard time with math, so I find it helpful to see and work through every step Also, I didn t like how the book doesn t walk through the steps in the check your answers section in the back of the book Sure, I can check my final number on the odd numbered problems but how am I supposed to catch my mistakes if I can t see where I messed up in my process

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    I have nearly ALL of the Larson books and just upgraded this one to the 10th edition 160 shipping YIKES This is THE BEST math book I have on my shelf Once in a while a book enters my life that changes me for ever This book in it s much earlier edition of course did just that I cannot recommend it enough.

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    This text is excellent as an introduction to the topics I definitely prefer it over Thomas, and while I like Stewart s, Larson s has such better visuals I m not sure why other reviewers find this to be a difficult text it seems to be the accessible of the Big 3 True, it s not the most rigorous out there see Spivak s Calculus on Manifolds , but for students seeking a balanced, comprehensive, and approachable beginning text, I vote for Larson.

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    I love calculus but I m not the biggest fan of this book And no this isn t a bitter review from a lazy student who didn t do well in his calculus class I do have a problem with how the book explains the mean value theorem and the fundamental theorem of calculus It really doesn t do those topics justice and makes them overly theoretical and therefore too complicated I think those topics could be explained both simply and concretely Those are huge topics too because every time you go on to differentiate or integrate something you are using those principles, but you might not understand why It mattes because sometimes you ll need to understand relationships between values, for example when looking at velocity and acceleration, and their derivatives and it helps to have a strong conceptual understanding, not just know the mechanics of derviation and integration.The book is highly mathematical, which seems like a good thing right Its a math book duh, but actually no I think a good math book also explains, in words the real people use, what in the heck is going on with the complicated equations in it This book is in the style of an old school math book where it just presents pure equations and proofs and goes see here, its all true, learn it Then it expects your professor or tutor or whoever to explain them step by step It absolutely doesn t walk you through some of the tricky concepts and doesn t do it well for others So personally, I don t hate the book, it just isn t that great Either explain topics or don t, but don t set up expectations that equations will be explained and then just not.

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    Not the easiest book to use at first The theory in earlier chapters is difficult to follow, and in many cases needs gone through several times before the aha moment In some cases I didn t get said moment until Calc III, during bits of review Theory in the latter part of the book is easier, as are the examples, though I m not sure how much of that is from increased familiarity with both the subject and writing style.Homework is reasonably straightforward for the drill type problems, but the word problems and proofs can be difficult to set up Nor are the solutions manuals much assistance in this regard, either because the problem is even and not included, or because the worked out solution skips steps that are not yet obvious to someone only recently introduced to them They are not useless as study aids because you can still check basic setups for drills and check final answers, but as far as delineating how to work out those problems that are most useful in understanding the material they fall flat.

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    Probably the best book covering calculus currently available, totally reccomended and worth to be hold lifelong

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    A good text for the three semesters of basic calculus

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    A beautiful book with a wide variety of problems that will truly enhance you understanding of calculus and its applications.

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