Miss Petunia's Last Case

Miss Petunia's Last CaseBOTTOM LINE 1 of 2 satirical village cosies concerning Lorinda Lucas, author, in peculiar Brimful Coffers, rural England, what a trip A burgeoning artists colony of writers in a small English village finds themselves not only in the sights of a dastardly practical joker, there s also a serial killer lurking The body count and the amount of mayhem is quite high, but it s mostly played for laughs and has layers and layers of innuendo and irony, a number of totally ludicrous situaions and resolutions, and a great deal of wit All in all, a lot of fun for those who like cats, cosy villages, spinster sleuths, maniacal artistes, loopy photographers, a dog or two, a rampaging child, deadly cocktail parties, and a denouement set on a foggy night, plus a spooky cemetery thrown in for good measure Brim full of fun, this way over the top spoof is recommended to those who have a silly sense of humor it s not everyone s cuppa. A great fun read Light British lit with an interesting plot of mystery writers who live in a village together and end up having the sort of thing they normally write about actually happening to them in real life Combined with the whimsy of their pet cats, it made a nice read Dorian sets up a small writers colony type living community in a small British town A place for writers to support each other Only some of the residents are not a good fit at all.What I really enjoyed was the characters Lorinda, the main character is so sick of her series characters that she writes chapters killing them off as a form of release.The mystery itself was rather weak The killer and motive, forgettable But it was still an enjoyable and funny very tongue in cheek read And oh yes, I loved the cats LOL This book is nothing but fun fluff A village of mystery writers find themselves confronting all kinds of evils including their own detectives coming to life Kitties and doggies and annoying Americans add to the fun Nadia May is a wonderful narrator Pokes a lot of fun at serial mystery writers I was awfully put off by the fact that the cats were unnecessarily in just about every scene and if they weren t actually in the scene, the characters were talking about them It was a cute enough book, but it took a very long time to get to the actual mystery I was probably halfway through the book before I even discovered what the problem was A harmless summer s day read for pet lovers and light serial mystery fans otherwise, you d be best to avoid this one. Dead Writers Tell No Tails The cat s out of the bag dead bodies are piling up in Brimful Coffers, a picturesque English village Among the deceased is Boswell, a pet white rat His killers were caught Had I and But Known, two mischievous felines belonging to Lorinda Lucas, mystery writer Unfortunately, the other victims were all too human and their killer remains at large The danger in Brimful Coffers was unforeseen when several authors created an informal writers colony in this lovely town outside of London In fact, the location was heaven until the undesirables critics and scholars began to show up Soon Lorinda and her friends feel as if they re living in a fishbowl Worse, they re getting chilling threats, supposedly from their fictional characters But when fatal accidents begin to claim the colony s residents, death isn t make believe And unless Lorinda can sniff out the filler, even a cat s nine lives might not be nearly enough back coverWhy did I even have this book I already knew she wasn t an author I enjoyed I guess somewhere I read a favorable review, and after all, I do love little English villages and cats Unfortunately, they weren t enough to save this book, imho The plot was dreary absolutely nothing happened for the first 3 4 of the book Then the killer became all too evident, at least to me I m not very good at figuring out who done it The cast of characters was trite, and annoying The cats were good though This was a darling book I listened to it on my MP3 The woman who did the reading had a wonderful british accent She read all the parts wonderfully The story takes place in Brimful Coffers, a lovely little colony of writers But all is not well when there are some accidents and a few murders The main characters have a variety of cats and dogs Sometimes these cats and dogs don t get along which adds to the whole character of the place I will be reading listening to books of this author. The Cat S Out Of The Bag Dead Bodies Are Piling Up In Brimful Coffers, A Picturesque English Village Among The Deceased Is Boswell, A Pet White Rat His Killers Were Caught Had I And But Known, Two Mischievous Felines Belonging To Lorinda Lucas, Mystery Writer Unfortunately, The Other Victims Were All Too Human And Their Killer Remains At LargeThe Danger In Brimful Coffers Was Unforeseen When Several Authors Created An Informal Writers Colony In This Lovely Town Outside Of London In Act, The Location Was Heaven Until The Undesirables Critics And Scholars Began To Show Up Soon Lorinda And Her Friends Feel As If They Re Living In A Fishbowl Worse, They Re Getting Chilling Threats, Supposedly From Their Fictional Characters But When Fatal Accidents Begin To Claim The Colony S Residents, Death Isn T Make Believe And Unless Lorinda Can Sniff Out The Killer, Even A Cat S Nine Lives Might Not Be Nearly Enough I listened to this on audiobook.This was my first book by Babson so I didn t know what to expect I assumed it would just be another cat themed cozy mystery It was than that.The book was surprisingly funny It parodied its own genre in so many ways and even had a meta textual element to it.The cat element was entertaining and quite endearing especially Roscoe.I look forward to reading books by this author. I didn t think from the start of the book that I was going to like this, but I did The only thing I didn t really like was that there were so many characters, the British words I got to know over the course of the book There were quite a few twists and turns and I will probably read of the author s books She was a new author to me

Marian Babson, a pseudonym for Ruth Stenstreem, was born in Salem, Massachusetts, but lived in London for the greater part of her life She worked as a librarian managed a campaign headquarters was a receptionist, secretary, and den mother to a firm of commercial artists and was co editor of a machine knitting magazine, despite the fact that she can t knit, even with two needles A long sojourn

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