Captain Kate (Galaxy Elite Fleet, #1)

Captain Kate (Galaxy Elite Fleet, #1) Book One In The Galaxy Elite Fleet SeriesCaptain Kate Thorn Makes A Habit Of Bending The Rules To Suit Her Purposes, But Then She Meets Two Men Who Simply Break Them To Get What They Want Captain Katherine Thorn Has One Of The Toughest Reputations In The Galaxy Elite Fleet Her Problems Start When She Mistakes Two Powerful Diplomats For Rim Pirates, And Attempts To Ensure Their Silence Regarding Their Rescue By Using Sexual Blackmail But Kate Has Never Come Across Anyone Like These Two Men Before, Two Men Who Are Prepared To Use Every Method At Their Disposal To Ensure Payback, And They Want To Get Her Back In Their Power And In Their BedReader Advisory This Book Contains Scenes Of M M Intimacy, Spanking, And Questionable ConsentPublisher S Note This Story Has Been Previously Released As Part Of The Seeing Stars Anthology By Total E Bound

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Captain Kate (Galaxy Elite Fleet, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Sophie Angmering author readers around the world.

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  • ebook
  • 66 pages
  • Captain Kate (Galaxy Elite Fleet, #1)
  • Sophie Angmering
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9780857155887

10 thoughts on “Captain Kate (Galaxy Elite Fleet, #1)

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    3 1 2 starsI received a copy of this story from Inked Rainbow Reads in return for an honest review.Sci fi erotica Seems like it would be something right up my alley And to be sure, I found parts of the story great I love sci fi, and it did seem like some effort was put into the world building And I love erotica and some of the scenes were hot The problem I had was that the characters themselves seemed a bit flat Not so much the men, but definitely Captain Kate In the beginning, she seemed extremely interesting and resourceful She thought outside the box, and seemed to be an independent, determined woman, with an indomitable will And apparently no ability to have good sex with anyone else, so she gave up on the idea.Until she captures two men who she s sure aren t what they seem The problem is, after all of this, she becomes a placeholder She s their sexual toy slave, which is great if all you re doing is scenes of erotica But if you re going to give me a plot, I want actual characters to inhabit it After her capture, Captain Kate becomes someone who simply goes with the flow of whatever happens to her She doesn t interact with the two men in any way but a sexual one, which is a letdown from how promising her character started out During her captivity, the men don t converse with her to engage her intellect, they don t give her anything to do, they don t do anything but wage a subtle sexual war on her until she gives in.I don t want to say there s something wrong with the situation It could be very hot But I feel like the story could have been , and there was some lost potential in here It just missed being great.

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    This book would have been a higher rating except for one point The publisher s warning stated there was questionable consent it is not questionable There is no consent given in almost any of the scenes Enjoying it does not mean consent, which is where I believe the publisher fell down in their categorization I have no issue reading non con I have issue when it s not clearly stated ahead of time Apart from this issue, the story was interesting There were quite a bit of politics woven throughout it that at times were confusing but for the most part interesting It s what kept the story going even when it didn t have to Kate s personality changed quite dramatically somewhere toward the middle of the story She went from strong badass to crying and lonely, someone who used to stomp away all emotion to someone who was overwhelmed with it While I think it s realistic for her to be overwhelmed I don t think it was realistic in the way it was expressed The resolution also seemed unrealistic for me The Kate from the start of the story was completely gone and replaced by one who had a whole new personality In other words, she gave up to easily for someone who is bent on bending rules as the blurb stated I loved the world that was built here It was created vividly and carried throughout the piece I liked that it was all in one perspective the opening excluded and would have actually preferred it to all be in one perspective, especially for a short story Overall a quick read, but it wasn t what I was led to expect from it AJ I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review from Inked Rainbow Reads

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    I have to say that this is an awesome book Way to go Sophie Angmering I absolutely cannot wait until the next book is out.Captain Kate is a clever, spunky heroine Yep, you just can t keep a good woman down The heroes I say this in plural, because BOTH guys are well thought out characters that complement each other and the heroine Double thumbs up on Dom and Ren I loved the politcal intrigue and the concept of the GEF and RIM societies Since it s hard to give a really accurate accounting with out spoilers, let tell you If you enjoy sci fi romance and can handle some hot sexual tension, then I HIGHLY recommend Captain Kate I ve read it three times now and found some new aspect of the story each time There is m m and m f f here, and I felt that the relationships between all the characters was tastefully and thoroughly explored Buffi BeCraft

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    My big problem with the story was that in the first half I didn t like Kateat all She could have been blown out an airlock for all I cared It wasn t until after she was at Dom and Ren s mercy that I saw a change in her personality and found any redeeming qualities in her The second have of the story has a few interesting twists and turns We also get to see another side of Dom and Ren that I really liked There s danger, passion and a near death experience to get past before these three can hope for a happily ever after.

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    I read this in the seeing stars anthologyDom Ren are captured by Captain Kate Thorn She has this thing she does to keep the captured silent with the threat of blackmail while also downloading info from ships that she can pick and choose to give to her commander This way she doesn t have to kill anybody which is how the GEF usually handles captures She doesn t expect to be incredibly turned on or to be made a part of her little powerplay Really good story.

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    I really liked this one My only complaint is that it was too short This would have made a beautiful full length novell

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    Hmmm how to describe my reading experience while I like the world Ms Angmering created I felt a bit tossed about What I mean by that is that when I was beginning to suss out were we where and what was happening the chapter would end and another would start I found myself continually flipping back to see if I missed something I think the concept very good and for me the setting Excellent but, I would have liked the story to be cohesive than I feel it was I want to, by at least chapter two, be immersed in the world the writer has created To find myself vested in the main characters I kind of felt like I was continually trying to figure out if I missed something somewhere that would explain something important I look forward to reading something else by Ms Angmering Because, I dig the world she built and this just could have been me on this day just not getting it.

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    Decent, but it s a really short read for the price Also, the conclusion of the relationship felt rushed, like about 20 pages were cut out of it Big gap Well written, but needs to be fleshed out pun intended.

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    Part of the Seeing Stars Anthology

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    Great erotica and a cracking story, than usual for this type, really loved it, looking out for books by this Author.

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