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Carpe CorpusRead Rachel Caine S Posts On The Penguin BlogIn The Small College Town Of Morganville, Vampires And Humans Lived In Relative Peace Until All The Rules Got Rewritten When The Evil Vampire Bishop Arrived, Looking For The Lost Book Of Vampire Secrets He S Kept A Death Grip On The Town Ever Since Now An Underground Resistance Is Brewing, And In Order To Contain It, Bishop Must Go To Even Greater Lengths He Vows To Obliterate The Town And All Its Inhabitants The Living And The Undead Claire Danvers And Her Friends Are The Only Ones Who Stand In His Way But Even If They Defeat Bishop, Will The Vampires Ever Be Content To Go Back To The Old Rules, After Having Such A Taste Of Power

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❮Ebook❯ ➨ Carpe Corpus Author Rachel Caine –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 241 pages
  • Carpe Corpus
  • Rachel Caine
  • English
  • 20 November 2018
  • 9780451227195

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    Soooo I finished this one way before Carve the Mark, but haven t had a chance to type out the quotes yet But, even if the quotes don t represent it very well, this book is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BY FAR And, if I gave you every single swoony quote, there d be no point in reading, right Sohere you go P Shane stood up when he saw her, which made her heart turn cartwheels, and he pulled out her chair Eve and Michael shared an amused look So cute, Eve said When Shane glared, she smiled No, really It is Dude, chill Night, she said, and watched him walk toward the door Hey How d you get in He wiggled his fingers at her in a spooky oogie boogie pantomime I m a vampire I have secret powers, he said with a full on fake Transylvanian accent, which he dropped to say, Actually, your mom let me in Seriously My mom Let you in my room In the middle of the night He shrugged Moms like me It sounded like tigers fighting, and as she backed up from the snarls and howls and sounds of bodies slamming around, the boards of the fence broke again, and a white hand not Myrnin s, this was a woman s clawed the air Reaching for Claire I ve changed my mind, Myrnin called He sounded eerily normal Do go on and run, Claire I ll catch up This may take a few moments That doesn t explain why she bit me Claire said Myrnin blinked Blood is the fuel that drives the engine, my dear As with us all Ada requires regular infusions of blood to operate You never heard of plugging her in My God, Myrnin, you made a vampire computer As safe as anyone is in Morganville, he said, which really wasn t an answer He stopped and leaned against a wall and closed his eyes Claire I m afraid What He shook his head I m just afraid And that s rare That s so very rare I understand She did, but Claire still felt heartsick Does he ask Shane asks about you every day, Richard said very quietly Every single day I think that boy might really love you And I never thought I d be saying that about Shane Collins For of my reviews, please visit

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    Carpe Corpus is the sixth installment of Claire s story in the Morganville series As with the other books, Caine does a great job in keeping the action going and twisting the events when you least expect it.In this book, Bishop s rule comes to an endgame and the people of Morganville, humans and vampires, make a move to take back their town Claire faces her most challenging moments as she becomes the pawn between both Amelie and Bishop Her loyal friends, Shane, Michael and Eve are never far out of reach and as with the other books, they ban together to keep each other safe from those trying to destroy Morganville and its inhabitant.I loved the Claire and Shane moments and all I have to say about page 121 is FINALLY Well, I also have to say, very well done Shane is absolutely awesome in this book and I m dying to know what was in the box that he gave Claire at the end I have my suspicions, but they tend to be wrong as I ve made my fair share of assumptions in this book that didn t turn out I did have a hard time suspending my reality and wrapping my fictional imagination around Ada It was difficult for me to picture what she really looked like and her contribution to the storyline was just a little odd, but she served an important purpose of explaining the portals and the magical workings around the town of Morganville So it was very clever on Caine s part to introduce her into the plot in this book.Myrnin was probably the best character in this book I finally let my guard down and trust his motives and intentions, and he didn t disappoint I was happy at how his conflict was resolved in the book He does have some of the best snarky lines and reactions Great character Overall, great addition to this series and I can t wait to continue to read how this story shifts I just hope Claire, Eve, Shane and Michael continue to be major characters in this series Loved it

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    Wooo Hooo I will say hands down that this is the best one yet Way to go Ms Caine This series is so different from all the other vampire books I have read Sure they tap into the same well at one point or another, but the creative plots and the action packed, fast paced story takes you into a whole other level You can t but help falling in love with this series And Shane and Michael of course I have to say that I have waited for page 120 121 patiently and I was totally giddy Now, don t fast forward to that, you must wait your turn.The chemistry between the characters has evolved wink, wink and grown stronger There are so many suprises in this one good and bad I just never knew which direction things were going to go I had to stop guessing and go with the flow That s kind of like life in Morganville right

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    Review on later date Maybe.

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    I always enjoy the atmosphere and mood Morganville books create, so Carpe Corpus gets a decent rating for that alone I went into this series a bit late than most under the impression that there are a few different story arcs within it With this novel, I fully expected that supposed culmination of events to really wow me yeah, not so much The story seemed to resolve itself so quickly that I was left feeling like I missed something I mean, I know the books are super short, but still What I did like about this novel in particular was the stellar character dynamics and relationship progressions I maintain that these characters feel a lot rounded and realistic compared to many other YA I m definitely still looking forward to continuing the series because reading each one feels like coming home, but overall Carpe Corpus didn t make much of an impression.Via The Obsessive Bookseller at

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    This will be a mini review because I have no idea what to write in the first place So get ready for some good rambling Carpe Corpus, or as my good friend Google likes to call it, seize the body weird, huh is a fancy schmancy way of playing with the old Carpe Diem seize the day gig as an analogy to Bishop being a bitch and Claire and Shane having some business time Thank you for that one.I liked this one better than the previous book We ve got of the flip flop wearing Myrnin, which is always a good thing Claire is getting badass with each passing book, Eve is awesome as always and we have explanations for the magical portals and such A pretty interesting explanation, if I might add And what the hell was that ending I ve started to call cliffhangers Morganvilles , for the apparent reasons But this one view spoiler did not end in a cliffhanger hide spoiler

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    Something scary, something sweet, something sad, something that rhymes with sad.That sums up the 6th of the Morganville books.Is it me, or did it feel like a last book in the series Not even a cliffhanger in it, which is kind of a trademark for Rachel Caine.There s so many stuff happening, in all fronts Some of them are typical Morganville stuff There s a big bad villain, a feeling of disrepair, allies where you least expect them, enemies where you sure as hell expect them, a couple of nail biting moments, them parents that have no reason of being in this series whatsoever, and an epic battle where you have no idea who s on whose side.As for the gang The gang is the same Eve is still awesome, Michael still carries the weight of the world, Shane still loves Claire, and Claire Claire just turned 17 She s stuck in that dreadful place where she s not yet a woman but she s definitely not a child One moment she s confident and takes the lead and then she s a frightened girl who needs to be taken care of and to be told that everything s gonna be ok And for the first time since this series kicked off, it kind of feels that things are going to be ok.And that s what s different It was such a great addition to the series, it summed up everything so nicely that I m kind of scared to continue reading it Like you know cough Mortal Instruments cough.

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    This was an okay story, but it was pretty dull compared to book 5.Claire once again came across as na ve in this book, even though she seemed to have grown a little mature in the last book The way she expected people to just give her what she wanted with no thought to their own circumstance was just ridiculous Has she learned nothing The storyline in this book was just so dull compared to the constant action of book 5 I found it pretty boring, and even the bits that were supposed to be exciting were hardly riveting reading There was some romance, and even some news on the whole will they ever do it front.The ending was a bit predictable in places, and didn t exactly make me want to read the next one quickly.Overall bit of a dull one,6 out of 10.

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    The sixth book of the Morganville Vampire series, again picking up right where the story left off in the last book Claire and her friends, vampire and human are left fighting for their town and trying to find a cure This entire series just seems to be one long continuous book really, so many different things intertwined into each addition A few things will finish with each book but others are always left up in the air I ve become hooked on finding out where the entire thing is going to lead and how Morganville will end up Never quite know what to expect and where the story will go from book to book.

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    Quick review Cover It s okay Rating PG 17 Thumbs Up 4Overall On par with the rest of the series.Characters Well thought out.Plot Wrapping up some series questions and beginning anew with others.Page Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend Sure Book Boyfriend Sam MyrninSUMMARY 60 words or less What can I say about this book, finally And I ll leave that at that For those of you that have read, you know what I m referring too I m glad that we are done with this plot line I m ready to move on to something new and fresh Looking forward to see where the author goes with this one.

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