Carrie's Courage: Battling the Powers of Bigotry (1923) (Sisters in Time #19)

Carrie's Courage: Battling the Powers of Bigotry (1923) (Sisters in Time #19)Time Period For Ten Year Old Carrie Moe, Friendship With A Jewish Immigrant Is Perfectly Normal So Why Are Many Of Her Other Friends Uptight About That Sadly, In , Bigotry Is A Powerful Force In Society So Much So, That The White Robed Members Of The Ku Klux Klan Plot Violence Against Jews Carrie S Courage Is The Story Of A Young Girl Who Stands Up For A Friend In The Face Of Persecution Using Actual Historical Events As A Backdrop, This Young Readers Novel Shows That Standing Up For Others, Though Not Always Popular, Is Always Right It S A Perfect Teaching Tool, At An Even Better Price Very good Kept me interested The story centers around the lives of 6 children living in a neighborhood of old, grand houses on a street in Minneapolis in the 1920 s Two live affluent lives, two are orphans who live with their great aunt and their cousin The last one is a little Jewish girl, who has already seen much sadness in her life, first when fleeing from her old country of Russia, then losing both parents on the ship to America The main point of the book is to show how senseless and destructive prejudice can be, compared to the value of having empathy and love for each other The evil that is shown in the book is overcome when people accept each other, forgive and care for each other It s a great little read, written for girls 8 12, and part of a series called Sisters in Time. Carrie Ruhle has great fun playing with her friends in the attic She is at a time though where she realizes that there are some serious things going on in her part of America in 1923.She decidedly makes a new friend with the Russian girl, Dvora, who lives next door The big problem that grows bigger every day is the raging members of the Klu Klux Klan They are threatening Dvora s peaceful little family.There s another thing too that Carrie wants to do She wholeheartedly desires to show her piano teacher the truth of God s love No matter how hard Carrie tries though, Miss Tilden won t accept Him.Carrie is put into some very tough situations, but her strength is building up inside of her What will she plan to do I completely loved everything in this book It s one of my favorites in the Sisters in Time series Great book, I love how you showed the argument for the jews I would love you to write a book about the jews and Nazis in World War 2, That would be an Awesome book Please, please write books.

Norma Jean Lutz s writing career began when she enrolled in a writing correspondence course Since then, she has had over 250 short stories and articles published in both secular and Christian publications The full time writer is also the author of over 50 published books under her own name and many ghostwritten books Her books have been favorably reviewed in Affair de Coeur, Coffee Time Romance

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  • Paperback
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  • Carrie's Courage: Battling the Powers of Bigotry (1923) (Sisters in Time #19)
  • Norma Jean Lutz
  • English
  • 07 July 2019
  • 9781593106560

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