Casually Cursed (Southern Witch, #5)

Casually Cursed (Southern Witch, #5) Man I love this series Tammy Jo and Bryn are one of my favorite couples Definitely a must read Highly recommend This book didn t seem to match the rest in the series All the new family that showed up seemed to bore me, along with the trip to Never What a mess that the Never was, almost as much as WAM I found it a bit hard to believe that Tammy Jo managed to get one over on everyone and learn bad things about Zack With that all being said, I did like how this one ended. From The National Bestselling Author Of Slightly Spellbound Comes The Latest Southern Witch Novel Featuring Tammy Jo Trask Tammy Jo Rarely Sets A Toe Outside Texas, But When She Learns Her Mother Is In Trouble, Tammy Is Determined To Save Her Even If It Means Going To Hell And Back Fresh Off Her Engagement To Wizard Bryn Lyons, Tammy Jo Is Surprised To Make Another New Family Connection When She Meets The Twin Sister She Never Knew She Had After Being Spirited Away To The Fae Kingdom Of Never As An Infant, Kismet Has Finally Escaped, And Arrived In Duvall, Texas, With Some Terrible News Their Mother, Marlee, Is A Prisoner Of The Seelie Fae Crossing The Ocean To Battle The Fae Isn T Tammy Jo S Idea Of A Romantic Getaway, But Bryn Refuses To Let Her Go Alone As Do Her Aunt Edie And Her Ex Husband Zach Unfortunately, Their Plot To Free Marlee Is Foiled When They Are Caught By The Fae Queen And The Only Chance The Queen Gives Them To Save Marlee S Life May Be An Impossible Quest I liked this one much better than book four Finally, Tammy Jo cuts ties with Zach for good I do wish we would have been able to seeof the conversation with Evie regarding Zach Lots of surprise family members appear in this one Bryn and Merc are the ever faithful men in her life Edie Evie still doesn t give Bryn a fair shot IMO.I could see the twist a mile away, but I still enjoyed the story Ms Frost tied up the loose ends well. Zany fun as usual Glad she wrapped up plot points from previous books Loved the series I ve loved this series from the very beginning and while I did love all that transpired in this, well, maybe not exactly with Zach, I did wantThe ending felt somewhat rushed and thrown together and that epilogue Could have been waydetailed and way longer I wanted to see and know how everyone was Where were they at in their lives, what exactly happened I didn t want any open endings or guessing on my part.But, that s okay I guess now I get to imagine it all how I want it to be instead of maybe how it was This was a great conclusion to the series though and it was good, I just wanted a bitin the that ending. Fun series Quirky characters and crazy situations Love this author Series all doneor less.Contented Sigh 0 Spoiler Note to Self Tamara Trask Tammy Jo,witch,divorced,twin sis,born half faehuman,23yo,preg Mercutio ocelot companion,Merc Bryn Lyons wizard, lawyer,selkie,pal Kismarley Trask Kismet,Kis,twin sis,born half faehuman,23yo,ex,Seelie,Queens assassin,full fae now, new Queen Benvolio Ben,Benny,wild horse Crux fae Knight,Seelie,ex bf,died Marlee Trask Mar,mom,sis1,McKenna witch Caedrin fae golden Knight,dad Melanie Trask 39yo,sis1,her aunt,McKenna witch Evangeline Rhodes now Edie,great aunt,former ghost,McKenna witch,body possessor Zach ex husband,deputy sheriff,Druman champion Andre Knobel pal,wizard,physicist Royal fairy,half browniepixie Shakes fairy,half browniepixie Osmet Fae,Oz,cousin Elhard bro,were chieftain Action were,Silver Loch Clan,bro,ex amber bearer Colis Fae,tree keeper I loved this series and have recommended it as a fun read The trouble these twins could get intoso crazy blast to read Tammy Jo s family has been taken prisoner and she ll have to go on an impossible quest to save them all in this exciting urban fantasy.Learning she has a twin sister explains a few things for Tammy Jo but sends her life into a tailspin as her mother has been taken prisoner by the Seelie Queen and the only way to save her is to obtain an object that the Queen has set her sights on putting everyone Tammy Jo cares about in danger The reader can t help but get caught up in the adventure with the all the pulse pounding excitement as they fight impossible odds, go up against enraged werewolves and of course all of the fae that the Queen commands The strong compelling characters of the Southern Witch series know how to command your attention and ensure that you always come back and the steady to fast paced plot keeps readers on the edge of their seat with suspense, action, magic and a little romance.The well written scenes and details paint vivid images that make it easy for the reader to believe they are part of the action and the well orchestrated events draw the reader deeper into the story and ensure that they never want to leave Tammy Jo is emotionally thrown through the wringer with every move she makes as she has to outweigh the cons, outwit the enemies and bravely pretend she has everything in control in order to accomplish her quest and the fact that her new fianc and her ex is along for the ride adds some additional spice the story as does the hidden agendas and betrayals.Let me recommend that if you haven t read the previous books in this series to do so would be best, not that you couldn t catch on and enjoy this one just as much as I did, but you would probably feel as if you are missing something along the way Eva Mon avis en Fran aisMy English review I really appreciated the previous volumes and I was very happy to see that Ada edition also had released some volumes in French I bought this last novel when it came out, but it took me a long time to read it So of course, I forgot a lot of events in the story as usual Tammy Jo gets to know early in the story her twin sister Kismet who was abducted by the fae when she was still a baby The meeting is pretty great and I was eager to learnabout her But it s true that I was surprised to see their differences and to see how impulsive Kismet was Yet it is true that it is quite touching to see K understand that she is no longer alone in this world But now, her arrival also announces new changes Indeed, it seems that Marlee, the mother of twins finds herself in a complicated situation in the Never and Tammy Jo is determined to go there to understand what exactly is happening But she will not be alone because Eddie, Bryn, but also Zach, will be there to accompany her on this new journey.I really enjoyed seeingof the Never after hearing so much about it, seeing how this kingdom was governed However, it is true that as often in all novels, this place is not simple even if it contains extraordinary things Tammy Jo will have to face some obstacles but also to protect those who accompany her to be able to advance I really liked to discover the parents of the two girls and I admit that it is not really what I expected.I struggled to get into the story but finally I had a good time with it I do not know if there will beone day but in any case it was a nice series to read.

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➬ [Ebook] ➧ Casually Cursed (Southern Witch, #5)  By Kimberly Frost ➸ –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 344 pages
  • Casually Cursed (Southern Witch, #5)
  • Kimberly Frost
  • English
  • 02 August 2018
  • 9780425267837

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