Cat Crimes III

Cat Crimes III Like Foosteps In An Empty Alley Or Screams In The Dead Of Night, Cats And Mystery Fit Purr Fectly Together CAT CRIMESIs An Eerie Collection Of Eighteen Original Spine Tingling Tales About Cats, Humans, And The Curious Company They Keep For Fans Of Mystery, Felines, Or Both, Dare To Scratch The Surface Of These New Stories From The Best Mystery Writers Working Today

E.J Gorman,

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Cat Crimes III
  • Ed Gorman
  • English
  • 18 July 2017
  • 9780804112253

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    Alright, 100 Wicked Little Witch Stories has refreshed my taste for short stories so now we re on to my last Cat Crimes compilation Let s see if Greenberg can pull off at least one of three.A pair of greedy thieves see an easy path to ready cash, but they re caught red handed by their not so harmless victim Cat Got Your Tongue by Barbara Collins and Max Allan Collins was a deliciously creepy start to the book, and the twist at the end caught me completely off guard A Few Strokes for Mitzi is all it takes to get well earned revenge Herbert Resnicow s story of an art restorer getting some payback for the unintentional death of her elderly cat will be a hard one to top While the killer s financial scheme was too confusing for me to follow and ate up pages explaining , it doesn t make the revenge plot any less ingenious Especially since it manages to work around the restorer s unbendable morals Next Year, Kankakee, but this year it s Tierra del Fuego for a trip this couple won t soon forget Mark Richard Zubro sends us on a trip to a tiny coastal town just in time for their yearly human sacrifice This story wasn t as great as the first two and actually seemed a little silly at one point did he really have to make everyone an undercover cop , and the culmination was a bit of a fake out, but it wasn t terrible Mostly it read like it was trying to be something bigger than itself.A pet therapist regrets his choices when he s hired to reconcile a woman s cat and her new husband Where s Mittens by Matthew J Costello was a pretty good story that, while lacking the buildup of drama the first two stories had accomplished, does give a strong, surprising resolution My big issue is that what seems like a great plot by the wife actually relied a lot on luck What if the therapist had brought an assistant What if he told someone where he was going or got someone to drive him What if the police did some actual investigating and checked his alibi or questioned the neighbors In Larry Segriff s story, a burglar breaks into a house and runs into some bad luck No Hard Feelings is amusing, but I m hard pressed to figure out anyone s reasoning A burglar is allergic to cats, so when he sees his target s daughter and her cat come home for the holiday he decides to break in right away before the fur gets too bad First off, why not put it off until she goes back to college Second, why are you breaking in while the family is at home Third, why are you knowingly breaking in at all to a house that just became even dangerous for you to be in instead of cutting your losses and moving on And finally, why did the daughter send him a kitten as gift, and why did whoever is taking care of him accept it He s horribly allergic and that poor thing is going to be immediately abandoned.A cat hating Cat Burglar by Bill Crider is caught red handed thanks to some feline intervention I have to admit that, up until the burglar leaves the house, it was really funny It starts out so calmly then he suddenly walks into a trap out of a Home Alone movie Adding to that is that one of my own cats used to do the same thing sleeping in the sink but she actually enjoyed having the taps turned on But after he left the house the neighborhood cats had it out for him and it turned into bad made for TV slapstick Were they upset for using them to figure out when their owners weren t home Who knows The police are reluctant to involve themselves when fifteen cats go missing over a two month period, but the animal shelter manager knows something suspicious is going on With a bit of work, he and his girl Friday find the Fat Cat behind it all Nancy Pickard is a writer who doesn t usually let me down, and here she s pulled off another great cozy mystery You like the characters and the plot is smooth and logical, and if the solution clears itself up for the reader before it does for the characters, at least the detectives aren t so far behind that it has a chance to get annoying It s a well rounded, perfectly enjoyable story.Another cat and mouse story of a man turning into a small animal and being hunted and eventually eaten by a Kitty John Lutz wrote the only such story for this compilation, but there were one or two in each of the previous two books as well It wasn t an entertaining plot to start with, and now it s just a waste of my time Skip The Wall by Lisa Angowski Rogak is another solid cozy story A city couple move to the country and find something odd about their new neighbor s reputation around town But the pair has a pressing concern, such as why their cat keeps disappearing into the basement and returning looking like he d lost a round with a wet racoon The story has a good pace to it and I enjoyed the attention to detail, but the ending is almost funny with how blas the local police are with what the couple finds in their basement.A woman s cat is her Constant Companion, and her husband isn t at all amused When she and her cat go missing it s up to her brother and his friend to be the cats to drag her up Peter Crowther s story of a miserable wife, a rotten husband, and a cat determined to give a killer a fond F you was entertaining, but the only really memorable part was the cat From how its relationship with its owner is described through the story you expect it to be a sweet tempered lap cat But when it shows up it s like a mangy, battle scared old tom that, if it weren t for always being with its owner, I m sure would probably be spending its days terrorizing the neighborhood dogs Its appearance at the end was absolutely hilarious, and the text doesn t say so but I 100% believe the finger he dropped at their feet was a middle finger.Dogs are Dumb Animals, and Dumb the bulldog is the worst of the lot A cat gets rid of an unhygienic roommate in DeLoris Stanton Forbes story, which is perfectly decent but far from being a favorite.The Life of Riley is looking good when their owner dies and leaves them to the tender care of the valet for the rest of their life However long that may be Wendi Lee s story is from the point of view of the valet, who tries to go about murdering the cat in a competent, patient way that I wholeheartedly approve of It s so nice to see a villain who understands that these things need to take time if they hope to get away with it But I can t understand why he didn t just relax and accept being the cat s caretaker He gets the money, car, and house when the cat dies, but it s an old cat and he s still getting a generous salary and full use of the house and car in the meantime Even if he s not a cat person it s an incredibly cushy job.A lawyer is hired to get a beloved Maine Coon from a gambling boss when his client hands over the pedigreed puss to cover his debt But the boss has blackmail plans for that cat, and the state attorney and chief of police are both on the Catnapper s payroll, so this lawyer is going to have to get creative if he wants to see justice done Joe L Hensley s short story was great fun and a standout of the book It kept you thinking and gave you a satisfying conclusion.A cold case turns hot when a cat is denied it s dinner Killed in Midstream by William L DeAndrea was enjoyable and clever, and while not the best in the book it was still one of the better ones.Annie knows she s never Leaving Cornucopia, but a girl can t help but dream When her dream guy himself walks into her bar she finds herself swept up into a story of romance, betrayal, and pool playing cats D C Brod s story is probably the best in the book The characters are great, Annie s relationship with the cat, Eight Ball, was charming, and the culmination was superbly satisfying.I have no idea what s going on in Cat House by Melissa Mia Hall Is the main character going crazy Is it another cat and mouse story Were they inside the cat the whole time Are they now How Why What s going on A P.I is Neutral About Cats by Jan Grape but knows to give credit when it s due It takes an instinctive action from her feline roommate to figure out who really robbed a plane and murdered a stewardess This one was an interesting case with a thrilling beginning and a clever solution, but I was a little disappointed in how the suspects were set up There were only two and we knew one was innocent, so the mystery was actually how they did it I definitely would have preferred this as a full sized novel with suspects to muddy the waters Buster by Arthur Winfield Knight is a crime, but only because it managed to break from the rest of the theme and couldn t even do it well A mismatched couple is going through some issues while the main character observes how bad they are for each other A cat dies and it s likely from being poisoned by the drama queen girlfriend, but no one really notices and it doesn t affect the plot Hell, I m not sure it ever had a plot It s never confirmed to be intentional the couple actually totally ignore it while Buster vomits and seizes so it may not even be a crime Maybe the dead cat is a metaphor I m missing.EDITING No mistakes and no complaints.ENJOYABILITY A much better compilation than the previous two books Out of eighteen stories, nine were good enough to warrant my admiration on some aspect or another, so it gets a half score.THEME Buster is barely a crime story and maybe not even that I m going to deduct a half point for that since it s the only story that doesn t fit.THE VERDICT The third time was the charm for this compilation series I m happy to say that I can recommend this one as a good one to pick up for some quality cat crime fiction.

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    Door de verschillende verhalen in het boek is er een groot verschil in waardering Sommige verhalen verdienen een absolute 5 terwijl andere dan eerder een 2 waard zijn.

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    This is a good compilation of short stories involving cats You will laugh, cry and be very pissed off with how some of the stories end I noticed with a couple of stories it seemed like the cats were just an afterthought and just added because the story likely needed something the author could have just done something about the story itself instead of just shoehorning a cat in there and making it seem like the cat didn t really belong in the story in the first place but other than that this compilation was enjoyable.

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    There is something for everyone in this book You ll laugh, cry and get mad at the way some of the stories end.

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    Collins, Barbara Cat Got Your Tongue Resnicow, Herbert A Few Strokes for Mitzi Zubro, Mark Richard Next Year, Kankakee Costello, Matthew J Where s Mittens Segriff, Larry No Hard Feelings Crider, Bill Cat Burglar Pickard, Nancy Fat Cat Lutz, John Kitty Rogak, Lisa Angowski the Wall Crowther, Peter Constant Companion Stanton Fordes, DeLoris Dumb Animals Lee, Wendi Life of Riley Hensley, Joe L Catnapper DeAndrea, William L Killed in Midstream Brod, DC Leaving Cornucopia Hall, Melissa Mia Cat House Grape, Jan Neutral About Cats Knight, Arthur Winfield Buster My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

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    Mostly good, but this collection had some odd flaws The final story in the anthology, Buster, was a real clunker, with no actual story or resolution Another tale, Neutral About Cats, had major plot holesit involved a crime committed aboard an airplane, and the whole mystery hinges on the police allowing some passengers to leave the scene without keeping track of their names That made no sense at all, and it ruined what should have been an interesting story My impression is that they ran out of really good stories and had to fill the book with things that would otherwise have been in the slush pile.

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    This grouping of stories is the strongest so far Unfortunately, since I ve been on vacation and this is the first time I ve been able to get onto a computer in a while, I don t remember very much about my opinions on this book I know I liked most of the stories, and that s going to have to be good enough.

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    Curiously compiled collection of comedic and catastrophic cat tails no spell check needed this is a deliberate misspelling to be funny lol I just loved most of the stories, the kitties were adorable and the big cats were sometimes scarier than zoo animals There are two other collections in this series and I will be on them like a cat stalking a mouse.

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    purrr fect was my best one word description of this book in junior high.

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    I like cats and I like mystery stories I liked most of the stories in this book but a few I really dislike Maybe because the writer hated cats

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