Cat Nap (Sunny & Shadow Mystery, #2)

Cat Nap (Sunny & Shadow Mystery, #2) Let Sleeping Cats Lie Kittery Harbor, Maine, May Not Be A Hotbed Of Criminal Activity, But Sunny Coolidge And Her Feline Companion, Shadow, Have A Knack For Nosing Out Trouble While Shadow Copes With A Sore Paw And An Irritating Puppy Invading His Turf, Sunny Gets Mixed Up In A Financial Dispute Between Rival Vets And Ex Spouses Jane And Martin Rigsdale Sunny Agrees To Help Jane Confront Martin About His Moneygrubbing Ways, Only To Find Herself Caught At The Scene Of A Crime Martin Has Been MurderedThough Jane Is Pegged As The Lead Suspect In The Investigation, Martin, With His Greedy Ways And His Catting Around, Did Not Have A Shortage Of Enemies Did A Scorned Lover Or Cheated Creditor Put Martin Down For Good It S Time For Sunny And Shadow To Team Up Again, Sniff Out A Killer, And Clear Jane S Name Before Someone Decides To Put Them To Sleep, Too

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cat Nap (Sunny & Shadow Mystery, #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Claire Donally author readers around the world.

❮EPUB❯ ❃ Cat Nap (Sunny & Shadow Mystery, #2)  ✾ Author Claire Donally –
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Cat Nap (Sunny & Shadow Mystery, #2)
  • Claire Donally
  • English
  • 14 July 2019
  • 9780425252130

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    This is the second book in the A Sunny Shadow Mystery series In this book, the uneasy friendship between Sunny and Jane continues to develop with Will stuck in the middle This is an unusual love triangle for a cozy mystery The norm is that the female protagonist has two men she can t or won t decide between There is also the addition of another possible love interest, Tobe Phillips Mike, Sunny s father, also shows growth in this book, both in his recovery from his heart attack, his independence, and his social life.The mystery in this book centers around the death of Jane s ex husband and proving Jane s innocence The ending had quite a twist and I didn t figure it out all Shadow continues to provide his point of view to the story which is very well done The setting and the difficulties of living and working in a Northern climate are described in realistic detail After reading many southern series, this was a nice change.I am definitely going to continue with this series, good characters and well written mystery plot

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    A cute cozy with Shadow the cat as a main character Shadow doesn t talk or even understand human talk, and he doesn t have superpowers like some cat cozies, but he s lovable, smart, and we can follow his thoughts as he works through problems with the Two Legs I love the cute nicknames for humans, such as Gentle Hands, Old One, etc Sunny is his current human She moved back to a small town on the Maine coast when her father suffered a serious heart attack She then got laid off from her job in the city, so she stayed to take care of her Dad and work at a travel local adventure agency One of her old friends also recently returned to town after a divorce and sets up practice as the local vet Unfortunately, her ex also sets up his vet practice in the nearby town He s a real sleazeball and manages to get himself murdered It s a cute story, an easy read, with likable characters, especially Shadow I m sure I ll read of this series.

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    There are some female detectives who I stopped reading because they keep putting themselves in danger This book has a cat I feel the same way about LOOKOUT, Shadow, you are making life hard on yourself.Now that I have that off my chest, I ll say that Sunny the main investigator and her dad are great characters Shadow the cat is realistic The mystery is well plotted The town is lovely Let s hear it for Kittery, ME I hope the vet stays in town, Shadow needs her.

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    Sunny and Shadow are at it again, sniffing out another murderer Even with an injured paw Shadow is still Sunny s trusty sidekick as she gets right in the middle of some sparing ex spouses Martin Rigsdale was a terrible husband and Jane thought she was rid of him, but he came back wanting another payoff Jane decides to set him straight for good and drags Sunny along as a witness Unfortunately they were too late, all the found was Martin dead in is veterinary clinic and Jane becomes the prime suspect Turns out Martin had plenty of secrets and enemies, Sunny and Shadow just need to find the right one before anyone else gets put to sleep permanently.Dollycas s ThoughtsMy granddaughter grabbed this book out of my hand and pointed at the cover and said Wiley Even she knows how much our kitty looks like Shadow But Shadow is a very special cat, he is very inquisitive and that can get him in trouble but he also has a keen sense of smell that can usually get him out of it What I really like about this story and this series is that the author not only writes from Sunny s point of view she also writes from Shadow s Anyone with a cat knows we wonder sometimes just what our cats are thinking and having Shadow talking about the picture box in the living room or the way he likes to snuggle up with his human will put a genuine smile on your face The way he talks about that Biscuit Eater and its owner had me laughing out loud.Sunny had come back to Maine to take care of her father after his heart attack She has a job at Maine Adventure X perience and the winter is a pretty slow time for tourists so she spends her time updating the website and waiting the phone to ring or emails to come in She is still catching up with old friends and hoping to get a certain someone interested in her the way she is interested in him.Donally has written quite the mystery for her starring characters Martin may not have been killed by his ex, or a jealous husband, heck there are Russian loan Sharks in Kittery Harbor Could they be involved The author surprises us with some very clever twists and turns.The cozy is a purrfect escape and I am so happy that the next book in the series Last Licks A Sunny Shadow Mystery will be out May 6 I am looking forward to snuggling up with Shadow again very soon.

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    Meh This book was not terrible but not fantastic either Just Meh I had trouble warming up to Sunny She was good to her father and her cat But she spent way too much of the book mooning over men, especially Will, and making snarky internal comments about Jane that showed her jealousy of the other woman It read a great deal like one of those catty girl books that I avoided in high school and could never see why anyone would want to read Sunny has a lot of growing up to do she comes across like a teenager rather than an adult The plot was somewhat interesting the my lack of engagement with Sunny made it difficult also to care too much about the storyline I also felt that some of the elements were really contrived Finally mini spoiler I hate mystery novels where the ending is foisted upon the charters investigating the crime, rather than the solution being determined by the efforts of the investigators see the real story if you would like details about the contrivances and this comment view spoiler Seriously The whole Dowdey catnapping Shadow so that she can later accidentally confess to killing Martin storyline That was so contrived as to be laughable except it was not funny or even amusing or entertaining Aside from this ridiculous plot point, I reiterate, a mystery book where the ending is accidentally determined rather than figured out is completely unsatisfying It is about as lame as an and then I woke up and discovered it was all a dream ending Is that really the best the author could come up with hide spoiler

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    Cat Nap is the second book in the A Sunny and Shadow Mystery series.Jane and Martin Rigsdale, both vets, have been divorced for a few months Martin has been after Jane to give him some desperately needed money Going so far as to ask Sunny to convince Jane and he will make sure Sunny benefits Once Jane learns this, she asks Sunny to go with her when she confronts Martin They arrive at Martin s clinic and soon find him in an exam room dead Right on there heels, Dawn, the receptionist, enters and accuses them of murdering Martin But Martin is a man that never met a woman that he didn t want to love Then, throw into the mix that he is blackmailing one of his mistresses and has misused some money that a loan shark was having him launder.So Sunny and Jane have their hands full trying to sort through all the suspects and can finally give Will, Sunny s policeman friend, enough information and facts to apprehend the murderer.Mike and his lady friend, Mrs Martinson, are back to lend some chuckles to the book But the character that I most enjoyed was Shadow, the black cat He doesn t provide clues, but does have his paws in helping to capture the person that has been holding him captive I think his best thought that reader will read, is his calling Mrs Martinson s puppy, The Biscuit Eater.I am certainly looking forward to the next book.

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    Enjoyed this second Sunny Shadow mystery A local playboy veterinarian is murdered, and police suspect his ex wife, who is also a veterinarian Even though Sunny sees her as a rival for a local cop s affections, she thinks her old classmate is innocent As they set out to find proof, they encounter Russian mobsters, a blackmailer and a crazy cat lady I never figured out who did it until the end This book was much better written than many cat mysteries I have read lately It is a very enjoyable cozy.

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    Second Book in the Sunny Shadow Mystery Series Vet Martin Ragsdale continues to cause trouble for his ex wife Jane until he meets his untimely death Who killed Martin and why While Sunny is trying to help Jane, Shadow wonders away from home after feeling threatened by repeated visits from Mrs Martinson and her new biscuit eater as Shadow calls the new puppy Not only does Sunny set out to clear Jane s name in the murder but she must now try and find Shadow Fun and enjoyable read.

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    I read enjoyed this book We had a mystery involving the death of a vets ex husband Lots of secrets about him come to light Also we have the cat Shadow, who is one of the smartest cats I have ever read about He has a mind of his own and has memories of some not so good times in his life Shadow gets catnapped in this book and you wonder when he will succeed in escaping I thought there also was going to be a romance between Sunny and the Constable but that is kind of up in the air I will definitely be reading book 3 to find out.

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    Definitely better than the 1st book in the series Again, I really like the way Shadow is written and it is the biggest draw for me The mystery made sense and the loan sharks were almost a comic relief in a scary way I ended this one feeling relief, which is not the norm for me with a cozy Cozy and cat lovers I d give this series a chance.

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