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Catholic Family Fun Wonderful book for little family adventures. Amidst the busyness of family life with small children, some parents can miss the numerous opportunities to simply have fun with your kids These are the memories your children will treasure.One of my favorite things to do with my own children even those who have reached adulthood is to play games with them I ve always enjoyed a fun game of Life, Scene It or video games When they were younger, my sons loved to play pretend games based on movies like Aladdin, the Wizard of Oz and Return to Oz and of course, as the only girl in the family, I always got to play the girl parts like Dorothy or Jasmine As my sons have grown into young men, we still enjoy playing games together Boggle is our latest favorite game.Sarah Reinhard is no stranger to fun Anyone who reads her columns, blog posts, Tweets or Facebook messages, know what a wonderful sense of humor she has and what a great writer she is She has taken two of her strongest talents and made them into a book on how families can have fun together, not only fun, but fun with a Catholic twist.This terrific resource includes nine chapters ranging from a series of light hearted activities to suggestions on how one can draw deeper into the Catholic faith Each section lists the activity, the faith angle and a way to make the activity your own It s filled not only with great ideas for family fun in general, but also some specific ideas I especially enjoyed seeing each activity from a Faith Angle and that s what makes this book unique.The Appendix is packed with a categorizing of the activities organized by prep time, activities organized by duration and by cost I highly recommend this wonderful resource for any family looking for ideas to make family time fun and enjoyable. 5.0 out of 5 stars The Art of Catholic parenting., May 6, 2012 By Val Bianco Author of SONS OF CAIN Pittsburgh, PA See all my reviewsThis review is from Catholic Family Fun Kindle Edition I ve just completed a book that should be on every young family s Go To shelf.Without question, CATHOLIC FAMILY FUN should be standard reference material for all Catholic young mothers In her aptly titled book, Sarah Reinhard works her way through dozens and dozens of excellent suggestions She details innovative techniques for enriching the lives of everyone in the family and, by extension, many outside it Nothing in the book is earthshaking, and isn t meant to be, for this is a book for the committed Catholic pragmatist Though Reinhard s deep faith is evident, pervading all aspects of the work, her tone is that humorous, self effacing, clarion call familiar to all good moms The message may well be I don t knowtry THIS , because the path, to her, is not nearly so important as the goal, i.e enriching the family by deeply assimilating the Catholic faith.The author s upbeat, leisurely, presentation belies the strong Benedictine ethos, ora et labora , pray and work This, in my opinion, is the strength of the book Clearly it is fundamental to the author, and her intended audience, to raise a good Catholic family She leaves no question that there is, labora, required to do so Reinhard, however, strives to keep that work lighthearted by reminding us that keeping the family amused is the most direct path to keeping them interested She clearly intends that the Holy Spirit do most of the heavy lifting, but offers a wealth of advice to those many of us who appreciate a practical roadmap, as well.The book is intelligent, well written and easy to read, although, to simply do so would miss the entire point, for CATHOLIC FAMILY FUN is, above all, a delightful reference book It needs to be on the bookshelf somewhere between The Joy of Cooking and The Imitation of Christ I highly recommend this book to all young Catholic families as well as to grandparents, godparents, or anyone else who cares to help create CATHOLIC FAMILY FUN in the lives of their loved ones.I will certainly be purchasing this book for my married children, in fact, I may well be giving out several copies to First Communion Mom s in this season I ve no doubt that Sarah Reinhard s CATHOLIC FAMILY FUN is a gift that the whole family will come to cherish. Catholic Family Fun At first glance, it seems like those words don t all belong together, or maybe it s the answer to a Before and After puzzle on Wheel of Fortune In reality, this is a book from Catholic super blogger Sarah Reinhard I first heard of this book in 2012, but I am ashamed to admit, I didn t do much with it until recently, because I didn t have a family yet Presently, my family is still small, and my 9 month old son isn t capable of appreciating these activities yet, but I know our whole family will in the coming years.Catholic Family Fun is divided into four parts Are we Having Fun Yet , At Home, Out and Around, and Faith and Fun In each of these sections, you will find ideas to help your children spice up a boring day as well as grow in their faith Some of the activities included are singing silly songs, creating skits, scavenger hunts, and Eucharistic adoration Almost all of the activities are low in cost and low in prep time This is a big selling point as you don t want to sink a lot of time and money into an activity that your kid might show no interest in.Maybe I m holier than thou or maybe I m just looking for a way to increase in holiness, but I really liked the Ways to Serve chapter As Sarah points out at the beginning of this chapter, Service was the core of Jesus s ministry, and it is integral to who we are as Catholic Christians Let s look at her ideas for pregnancy centers She suggests hosting a diaper drive at your church where people can donate diapers You could also do a fundraiser where you pass out baby bottles and get families and friends to fill them up with dollars, coins, and checks I ve seen that work at my mom s Baptist church What s great about these ideas is that they are both fun AND helpful It is also a way to include not only your family, but the Church family as well So whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, or catechist, you will find this 5 star book to be invaluable for many years. When I first heard about Sarah Reinhard s book, Catholic Family Fun A Guide for the Adventurous, Overwhelmed, Creative, or Clueless I knew I needed to read it My wife and I are always looking for idea of things to do with the kids as a family.Now, being the parents of 9 kids means that there is not a lot that my wife and I have not really tried before I am not saying that I am a super genius and I have thought of everything under the sun, but over the years we have tried a lot of different things for family entertainment What it does mean is that we are always on the lookout for new ideas, enter Catholic Family Fun A Guide for the Adventurous, Overwhelmed, Creative, or Clueless This book is full of ideas.For us many of the ideas were things that we had tried before, but even those Sarah had taken the time to put together lists of how you could change these ideas up in the Make it Your Own sections so that it fit your family, and how you could make use them to build your faith Although we tend to be the fly by the seat of your pants kind of people, the planned details in to book were great Information on what you would need and how long each activity could take and how long you would need would to take to setup ahead of time where invaluableThis book is just filled with ideas If you have a family whether you are a first time parent or you have nine kids like us, you have to have this book on your selves. From silly things to story starters, from crafts to outdoor adventures and , this book will make your family time meaningful and a lot of fun.The nine chapters are broken down into four themed sections so you ll easily be able to find what you re looking for Reinhard starts each activity with important details prep time, duration and cost Many of these activities are low cost, which is very helpful in these tough economic times In the spirit of blending faith and fun, each activity in the first three sections ends with a Faith Angle, that shows how you can make the activity meaningful for everyone There is also a Make It Yours section that helps your family personalize the activities.I appreciated how Reinhard provided a diverse group of activities for families no matter where they are in their Christian journey Part 4 is entitled, Faith with Fun Here you have Saints to Celebrate, Ways to Serve, and ways to pray together These will truly help your family build their faith while enjoying time together These sections still have the Make It Yours section, but instead of the Faith Angle, they have The Wider Angle The author turns the activities into lessons, often asking reflective questions.The Appendix offers a chart that gives you all the activities in the book at a glance There are also lists that categorize all the activities by cost, prep time, or duration A great deal of thought was put into making this book easy to use.I highly recommend Catholic Family Fun to families who are looking for new meaningful activities that will provide quality time together. More silly than seriously helpful or realistic. Got God Got Kids Got Spouse Got Fun Get this book and get them all together in one place I am the publicist for this author. Catholic Family Fun is a guide families can use for having a great time together, often using supplies from around the house or just plain imagination Sarah Reinhard has a variety of ingenious ways to have fun in an old fashioned way that doesn t seem old fashioned The headings alone point you in the right direction Who can resist Silly Things to Do Together, Story Starters, or Outdoor Adventures Each activity has a several variations, starters to help you get going, faith angles, and a way to make it yours There must be over a hundred possibilities when you consider all the alternatives Some of these are activities that we did with our children when they were little but many of the variations are new to me I d have loved this book as an idea generator for a way to grow closer to the kids.In keeping with the faith theme, the sections Faith with Fun, Ways to Serve, Saints to Celebrate and Praying Together are all just as fun and ingenious as the rest of the book Somehow I never thought of doing the housework together while singing the Divine Mercy chaplet but just thinking about the house ringing with that song is one that makes me smile.Although it is Catholic Family Fun, you could easily give it to families who don t care about the Catholic angle Fun is fun no matter what a family does or doesn t believe In the faith areas, many of the service ideas, for example, work just as well for any faith orientation with a bit of creative tweaking.Just reading this book cast my memory back to sleepovers our girls would have when the big event was a musical show The kids planned, costumed, and scripted it using Disney soundtracks The next morning, all the parents got a show Nothing we bought them could have given the fun and excitement they had from those evenings This book is full of similar ways of making your own good times.Full disclosure when this book showed up in the mail, I immediately began thinking of which young mother of my acquaintance would be the recipient Certainly, I planned on reading a few sample chapters at best Therefore, this book s best testimony is that a third of the way into it, I was wishing I d had it when my children were small and planning to tuck it away thinking grandchildren someday Families with small children or grandchildren need this book Period If I had the cash, I d keep a supply on hand to distribute to my many friends with small children This could not only save their sanity but give them the reputation as the most fun mom on the block. Looking For A Way To Bring Your Family Together In Faith And Fun, But Not Sure Where To Start Discover How Game Night Meets Catholicism In This Guidebook Of Activities With Strategies And Suggestions For Fun Family Engagement With One Another And With Faith Adaptable Ideas For Storytelling, Arts Crafts, Meals, Outdoor Adventures, Places To Go These Are Just Some Of The Ways Families Can Bond And Deepen Their Faith, Building A Domestic Church Of Their Very Own

Sarah Reinhard is a Catholic wife, mother, and writer living in Ohio When her nose isn t stuck in a book, she writes at in the midst of rural farm life with little ones underfoot A convert to Catholicism, she s still learning what to do and when to do it, and she struggles like so many others with keeping sight of her faith in the midst of everyday life.

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