CatnapSUMMARY Catnap is the first book in Carole Nelson Douglas s delightful Midnight Louie mystery series where we meet that fabulous 20 lb black cat about town and his sometimes roommate owner cutie Temple Barr Together they solve crimes and find love in Las Vegas.REVIEW I have read many of the Midnight Louie mystery series but somehow never read the first book I have always enjoyed the mysteries as told from the point of view of bothTemple Barr, the crime solver, and Midnight Louie, her cat assistant It was nice to find out how they became a twosome working together to solve mysteries Overall a clean read and enjoyable plot with twists, turns and a couple of surprises Love the setting for the majority of it at an American Booksellers Convention taking place in Las Vegas. Midnight Louie is an 18 lb black tom cat who lives in Las Vegas While roaming the American Booksellers Association convention, he discovers a hidden corpse, and leads PR woman Temple Barr to it Soon they both find themselves trying to solve the murder mystery and a possibly associated catnapping in their own ways Both end up with attempts made on their lives before the murder is solved The story is told in alternate sections Temple in the third person and Louie in the first Louie sounds like Sam Spade, going on about dolls and his own prowess mental, physical and sexual Temple s sections are interesting, although they dwell on her shoes an awful lot The book is the first of a series, and truly reads like a first novel I was surprised to find that Douglas was an established author of other types of books Catnap could have used some editing although given that the murder victim in the story is an editor, that might have been rather daunting I assume the author settled into the characters in later books and things became smoother and mature, and so I will give another book in the series a try. When Temple Barr, Five Feet Zero Of Feisty Redhead, Goes In Hot Pursuit Of A Stray Black Cat Streaking Through A Publishing Convention Exhibit Hall, She Stumbles Over A Big Time NY Editor Lying Dead While Temple And Midnight Louie Are On The Case, The Famous Publishing Mascots, A Pair Of Scottish Fold Library Cats Named Baker And Taylor, Are Kidnapped For Ransom The Pair Must Sniff Out A Murderer Before Murder By The Book Describes Their Fates I seldom favour multiple narratives but as human protagonist, Temple, did not click with me leniency fell to Las Vegas alley cat, Midnight Louis I have always cringed at the gritty demeanour mimicked for old fashioned detectives, smart aleck blue collars, New Yorkers, Jewish, or Italians Streetwise Americans don t universally have poor, aggressive grammar However, I was game to let this duo tell a story their way I appreciate that these tales are crafted after Carole s cat from years ago It must be tricky to develop histories over a series but need to excite readers immediately Our 30 year old career woman lived with Max, a magician, whose family she does not know Casual boyfriend material, maybe not a live in mate She deemed it a quirky characteristic, that he didn t explain taking off It becomes important to jive with Temple some other way We do, after she cares about Louis and champions the self worth of authors duped by their agent The novel pressed so hard to establish a business environment, that we were immersed in fingernails, attire, and curt mannerisms than mysteriousness Everyone loathed the deceased and cared about the mascot cats Interest improved but fizzled with a nonsensical ending.It seemed common knowledge that Las Vegas had a pound, in 1992, that killed In 30 hours No one checked there The famous cats had no tattoos Pound staff noticed no promotional posters After Temple is told she has half an hour to look, she runs an errand in the convention centre Let s please dispense with disbelieving police officers, irritating colleagues serving no purpose, and past boyfriends readers don t give a fig about Max will probably be dangled as a future mystery but I will try the second novel The Las Vegas setting is unusual and secondary characters are very likeable. I love animal mysteries but didn t like this one. I really wanted to like this book I mean, it s Vegas and a talking detective cat Sure fire recipe for brilliance, right Wrong Problem is, the plot is not nearly as engaging as you d be led to believe, and the mystery upon which these characters are laid is pretty flimsy The best parts are the parts recounted from the cat s perspective where all cats can talk, apparently but even these are few and far between I dunno if this series got any better as time went on It seems like such a great idea to waste. A thoroughly enjoyable read Looking forward to reading in the series. It took me a while to get used to the voice that Ms Douglas uses for her main characters It is very intelligent, quick witted and sarcastic The two main characters have an ongoing discussion within their own heads Ms Temple Barr is a young freelance PR Public Relations expert who is hired by various and sundry casinos and hotels Her job is to make sure their business is seen in the best light possible That is hard to do when people drop like flies all around you and Temple is in the middle Then there is Midnight Louie, Ms Barr s 18 lb all black alley cat that decides to stay with Temple for a little while and he also fancies himself to the the Phillip Marlow of the Cat set He aides Ms Barr in all the investigations and fully believes that he is responsible for the solving of the murder In this case, Temple is asked to Pr for a Book convention at one of the hotels, but just before it opens she sees a huge black animal running through all the displays She gives chase and almost immediately fall over a body She regards this as an embarrassment and vows to solve the murder At the same time, she makes friends with the black cat named Midnight Louie who comes and goes as he pleases from one of the hotels.I am enjoying the entire series Don t let the convoluted rhetoric turn you away Keep reading and you will soon be in tune with the characters All in all a good read. 3.5 stars I enjoyed the premise of this book a lot I loved the character of Midnight Louie I also thought the plot and the motivation behind the murder were great.The one problem i had with this book, and I admit I may be obsessive about this, is that when the two cats, and then later Midnight Louie go missing, why didn t Temple Barr check the animal shelter I know it sounds crazy, but that is what I kept thinking Temple Barr wrap up at the end was wonderful, she sounds intelligent, so why this hole in the plot about the shelter Of course Midnight Louie pointed her in the right direction at the end, but when animals go missing, you check at the shelter to see if they had been turned in.Anyway I admit it may be just me about this matter A good book, I will definitely read by this writer. I guess I m missing something, judging from the large number of 4 and 5 ratings for this book, but I just couldn t get into it Full of cliches, not really that amusing and the parts in Louie s voice were just too coy and trying too hard to be clever Not my cup of tea, I m afraid.

Carole Nelson Douglas is the author of sixty three award winning novels in contemporary and historical mystery suspense and romance, high and urban fantasy and science fiction genres She is best known for two popular mystery series, the Irene Adler historical suspense novels and the 28 book Midnight Louie contemporary mystery series Delilah Street, PI Paranormal Investigator , headlines Carole

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