Celtic Fire

Celtic Fire When A Roman Commander Travels Through Britannia To Investigate A Haunting Vision, An Ambush By Hostile Celts Leaves Him With An Unexpected Prize A Beautifully Enchanting WitchBack Cover Synopsis In The Wilds Of Britannia, A Fierce Battle Raged Rhiannon, Rightful Ruler Of The Celts, Longed To See The Invading Romans Driven From Her Land But When She Was Taken By The Enemy, She Couldn T Deny Her Reaction To Their Compelling Leader His Dark Eyes Promised Endless Nights Of Wicked Delight, Yet Rhiannon Continued To Be Haunted By An Eerie Feeling Of RecognitionHaving To Look Upon The Ghost Of His Murdered Brother Every Day Was Torture For Commander Lucius Aquila But The Strangely Fascinating Woman He D Captured Had The Power To Make The Visions Disappear, And Lucius Knew She Could Help Him Solve The Mystery Of Aulus Death Even As He Questioned Her Loyalty, Her Courage And Beauty Held Him Spellbound, And Lucius Could Only Dream Of The Day He Might Succumb To Her

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 309 pages
  • Celtic Fire
  • Joy Nash
  • English
  • 05 September 2019
  • 9780505526397

10 thoughts on “Celtic Fire

  1. says:

    This was a fairly dark, pretty violent story with a good romance Definitely a must read for those who have an interest in Roman Conquest Britain It reminded me of the movie King Arthur I have to admire Ms Nash for writing this story in a gritty style that felt very true to the period It s fairly unique for any paranormal I have read so far, with the hero, a Roman soldier and high level citizen, being haunted by his murdered brother s ghost The heroine is a Celtic queen who has suffered from the brutality of her deceased husband It has quite a bit of Druidic mysticism if that is an interest to a would be reader.

  2. says:

    An okay storyGot confusing with so many people, but a good story overall Torn if I ll read the next one or not.

  3. says:

    Only good line in the book She tasted like wind and honey Never read this I read it because I m doing research as a writer.

  4. says:

    A well written story, this book takes the reader to a slightly different historical framework the Romans struggle to contain the wilds of Britain The romance was powerful and interesting, and the heroine a queen of her people faces a terrible struggle in that those around her are convinced she has to throw her life away by marrying a barbarian one of several to save her people from war Given the war like nature of that time, that seems unlikely but the pressure is there This is a great departure from a lot of historical fiction a slightly different time frame a slightly different set of religions and people who have little hope for connection but they make one

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    I can look past the writing and snort and eye roll worthy romance, but the cheating, the rapes, the carelessness with which slaves are mentioned and the overall attitude towards women in this book is just wrong.

  6. says:

    Slow to start and then hard to put down This did start a bit slow for my taste but then developed into an interesting story with a lot of Roman and Celtic information as well.

  7. says:

    Interesting A nice touch on historical romance, with a twist here and there A bit brutal to some i would say, but an easy read.

  8. says:

    Mixed reviewsWhile the story has some promise, there was little fire and mostly smoke Adding the boy Marcus was a stroke of genius

  9. says:

    GreatThis is the best book I have read on a long time Can t wait to read of the series.

  10. says:

    First Book of The Druids of Avalon Series It had a very slow start but once you get to the middle where Rhiannon is captured by Lucius does it get better There is a lot of magic, ghosts, mystery, twists, romance it was hard to put down Excellent read Joy Nash is a great author On to Book 2 The Grail King.

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