Children of the Stones

Children of the Stones The tiny English village of Milbury lies at the center of an enormous ring of standing stones, but that is not its only oddness, as Adam and his young son Matthew quickly learn Adam has come to the village for a few months to take scientific readings of the stones, and he and Matthew are immediately struck by the strange behaviour of nearly all of Milbury s residents From their universal greeting of Happy Day to the apparent brilliance of Matthew s classmates, everything feels wrong The only exceptions are a few other newcomers to the village, an eccentric Welsh poacher named Dai, and Mr Hendrick, who lives in the old manor house Gradually, Adam and Matthew realise that the villagers are subject to some sinister power which saps their wills and removes all thought and independence, and their fellow newcomers are falling prey to it before their eyes How can they fight the danger when they don t know what it is, or how it will come at them All they know is that they must do something quickly, before they are the only ones left in Milbury with the power of independent thought All they know is that it s something to do with the stones A good read, especially for the 9 12 set The only issue I have with it is a low level of casual misogyny This book was published in the 1970 s, and it seems like, even though Margaret and her daughter Sandra have been in Milbury longer, Adam and Matthew come up with all the good ideas to solve the mystery, while the girls sic just sit around going, I never thought of that Best EPub, Children Of The Stones Author Jeremy Burnham This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Children Of The Stones, Essay By Jeremy Burnham Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I loved this when I read it as a teenager in the seventies and was so glad to find it again I enjoyed it just as much second time around and am now reading the much awaited sequel, Return to the stones. I never saw Children of the Stones when it was broadcast so I don t have the same feeling of nostalgia that I do for certain other 70s Children s tv shows But I did watch it a couple years ago for the first time and really enjoyed it This is a very good novelization of that story It is very clearly written so you can easily picture the events as they happened in the show There are nice little additional background details and the story sucks you in I think one of the things I like best about this story is that it is basically a warning that conformity in tiny villages in England is evil, which, having grown up in a tiny village in England, I totally agree with It s a wonderful children s story with a strong mixture of science and superstition and folklore. The first of two fantasy series written by Jeremy Burnham and Trevor Ray for HTV Matthew and his father Adam Brake arrive in Milbury so that Adam can perform a study of the standing stones and the stone circle that surrounds the village Very soon they become aware that all is not as it should be in the village, but the nature of their concerns is hard to fathom since the villagers all appear to happy Only a few newcomers to the village are not in on the greeting Happy Day A wonderful blend of science and superstition make this a haunting adventure that will keep you enthralled to the end, assuming they are ever allowed to escape the stones Additional comments on blogsite I read this book because I saw the BBC TV mini series, which I enjoyed very much, back in the early 80s The book seems to be based on the series, and not the other way around, which is why it was so exactly like the series as I remembered it Great story of ancient magic Does anyone else remember the TV series Not as good or creepy as the original tv show but still a good read. Ah, nostalgia Having watched this as a child and it scared the bejahsus out of me it was a pleasant surprise to discover a recent reprint of this was available cue purchase of the DVD and sequel which is yet to arrive Astrophysicist Adam Brake on tv, Gareth Thomas aka Blake of Blakes 7 fame arrives with his precocious son, Matthew at the tiny village of Millbury clearly based on Avebury for a stint of research amid the strange stone circle that encompasses the entire village Stranger still, however, are the weirdly happy villagers with their fixed smiles and almost robotic greeting of Happy Day Shades of the Wicker Man abound, as well as mythic elements found in the works of other authors such as Alan Garner, Penelope Lively and latterly, Neil Gaiman.Well written, if a tad dated in that Brake has a housekeeper, Mrs Crabtree, and a relatively quick read I have to say it took me longer than it should as I read The Ambridge Archive in between Talk about parallels of weird villagers I won t think of Donna Pegiosa Wooley and St Jill of the AGA in the same light again The book did not take anytime at all to finish Having watched the series on DVD this 70s classic is immense as so is the novel The characters are well devised and I m looking forward to reading The Return to the Stones

Jeremy is a British screenwriter, actor and author who has appeared in, and written for the TV series The Avengers , he has also written for many British TV programmes including Minder and Inspector Morse Jeremy made an appearance in many west end plays, including Hippo Dancing and The Rehearsal , he is also a co author of Children of the Stones , and has recently published a Return to

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