China and the Human

China and the Human In The Western Media, Stories About China Seem To Fall Into One Of Two Categories China S Astounding Economic Development Or Its Human Rights Abuses As Human Rights Discourses Follow Increasingly Hegemonic Conventions, Especially With Regard To China, Many Of Their Key Assumptions Remain Unexamined This Special Issue The Second In A Two Part Series Beginning With Cosmologies Of The Human Critically Investigates The Relationship Between China And The Human As It Plays Out In Law, Politics, Biopolitics, Political Economy, Labor, Medicine, And Culture The Contributors Interrogate The Evolving Meanings Of China And The Human, Both Inside China And Internationally The Issue Tracks The Ways In Which Global Discourses Treat China Still Officially Socialist As Similar To, Different From, And Alternative To Western Capitalist Modernities Several Essays Probe The Modern Theoretical Underpinnings Of Human Rights Abuses In China, Including A Crucial Distinction Between The Human And The People Others Review The Impact Of Maoism On Marxist Debates In China And In The West, As Well As The Specific Influences Of Mao S Writings On French Politics And Theory In The S A Visual Dossier Compares Eight Contemporary Chinese Artists, Directors, And Public Image Makers In Order To Discuss The Figure Of The Human From Tiananmen Square To The Beijing Olympics While Many Contributors Discuss China And The West Comparatively, The Issue Interrogates The Universalizing Claims Of Both Western And Chinese Norms Of The Human By Privileging The Local, Particular, And EccentricContributors Ackbar Abbas, Michael Dutton, David L Eng, Doug Howland, Petrus Liu, Camille Robcis, Teemu Ruskola, Shuang Shen, Shu Mei Shih, Wang XiaomingDavid L Eng Is Professor Of English, Comparative Literature, And Asian American Studies At The University Of Pennsylvania He Is The Author Of The Feeling Of Kinship Queer Liberalism And The Racialization Of Intimacy And Racial Castration Managing Masculinity In Asian America, Both Also Published By Duke University Press Teemu Ruskola Is Professor Of Law At Emory University And Visiting Professor Of Law At Georgetown University Shuang Shen Is Assistant Professor Of Comparative Literature And Chinese At Pennsylvania State University

David L Eng is a Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Pennsylvania and also a member of the Asian American Studies Program.

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  • China and the Human
  • David L. Eng
  • English
  • 10 February 2018
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    hot on the heels of the anti post infra trans humanist convo in the humanities i first copped this and then let it sit on my shelf forever i m always wanting to expose myself scholarship on asia from asia camille robcis essay urges one to check instrumentalizing china as object heterogeneous to the eurocentric bloc to dispose of such facile binarisms which is challenging because in the back burner of my mind that s totally what my interest in turning to this in the first place from within empire was about but let s try to just look at china as china ignore all the poststructuralist supplements and fragments and drama to be honest i was never really able to, and this journal tries, but why is it even their responsibility in the first place, it s really my own problem this feels like a very promising preliminary step to a deeper engagement with investigating the contingent space of convergence concerning the enlightenment and maoism the journal thrives to throw the human into question, but the ambitions to abstraction kind of can t fully shrug off the material consequences of the mao regime what is it with lefties and mao it s intergenerational, all i can think of is dude in front of tank someone suggested i read mao s on the correct handling of the contradictions of the people call it a manifestation of my secular humanism yet again if you want and re shu mei shih s essay me and mines only ever received fanon as anti humanist fanon a humanist really i see it now it s not just seth macfarlane and ellen page that s really given me something to think about is this just sartre talking what this journal managed to do quite successfully is unsettled my sedimented sentiments regarding the shape of the human that s gotta be good, right

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