Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society (Chinese Cinderella, #2)

Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society (Chinese Cinderella, #2) The Future Belongs To You Should Anyone Insult You, Tell Yourself This I Am A Child Of Destiny Who Will Unite East And West And Change The World After Enduring Abuse At The Hands Of Her Cruel Stepmother, Chinese Cinderella CC Seeks Refuge At A Martial Arts School And Joins A Secret Dragon Society Under The Guidance Of Grandma Wu, CC Is Introduced To The Exciting World Of Espionage As A Part Of The Chinese Resistance Movement And When CC And Her New Comrades Take On A Daring Mission To Rescue A Crew Of WWII American Airmen, They Prove That True Bravery Knows No Age Barrier

Adeline Yen Mah Chinese Yen Jun ling Pinyin M Y n J nl ng Yale Cantonese ma5 yim4 gwan1 ling4 official birthday 30th November 1937, however real birthday not known, this is in fact her father s birthday is a Chinese American author and physician She grew up in Tianjin, Shanghai and Hong Kong with an older sister, Lydia three older brothers, Gregory, Edgar and James and a younger half

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  • Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society (Chinese Cinderella, #2)
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    First, after reading Chinese Cinderella The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter by Adeline Yen Mah , I decided to watch the movie Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo as, in the author s note, I found that she used to read her writings, about the The Ruptured Duck , to her closest friend in primary school Her novella is inspired from the movie I wanted to live the exact feelings of her friend as if I just watched the movie in cinemas and now ready to listen to her tales of Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society By the Author of Chinese Cinderella Second, this book was written from Adeline memories of her childhood made up stories and tales she wrote for her friend It targets kids and so you may find it quite childish However, it is probably beneficial to know about war crimes and how everyone was deliberately pushed into this massacre through such an ironic and adventurous tale.I loved The Secret Dragon Society and it really raised up my enthusiasm to get to learn a brutal sport such as kung fu I believe I need to learn about the Chinese history, and here is some starters to begin with, enjoy What makes the Great Wall of China so extraordinary Megan Campisi and Pen Pen ChenThe incredible history of China s terracotta warriors Megan Campisi and Pen Pen ChenThe history of tea Shunan TengWho was Confucius Bryan W Van NordenThe myth behind the Chinese zodiac Megan Campisi and Pen Pen Chen 2,000 Years of Chinese History The Mandate of Heaven and Confucius World History 7And now to watching the World War 2 Apocalypse Documentary Apocalypse World War 2 HD Episodes 1 6

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    In Chinese Cinderella the True Story of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter, Adeline Yen Mah told the story of her life growing up in Shanghai, China during the 1940s as the daughter of a prosperous father and a cruel stepmother In Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society, she has taken the same story and turned it into an exciting fantasy novel.Ye Xian, nicknamed Chinese Cinderella or CC, is 12 when her father throws her out of the house for being disrespectful to her stepmother She befriends three boys who live with their kung fu teacher, Grandma Wu, at the Martial Arts Academy David is half American, half Chinese and a Christian Sam is half German, half Chinese and Jewish Marat is half Russian, Japanese and Muslim Grandma Wu is Chinese and a Buddhist The boys are orphans, very proficient in kung fu, and belong to The Dragon Society, a branch of the Shaolin Association of Wandering Knights, dedicated to helping the oppressed and downtrodden Pretty soon, CC has also joined them and becomes quite skillful at kung fu and wishes to join the society China has been occupied by the Japanese since 1937 and it is now 1942 One night, Grandma Wu and her son, Master Wu, gather the children together and explain a secret plan to help American flyers who are planning to bomb Japan They soon travel to southeast China, but the plan goes awry and the group end up rescuing 5 Americans who crash land on the Chinese island of Nan Tian Now, they must get the badly injured Americans to mainland China where they can get medical help, but the sea around the island are patrolled by Japanese soldiers They finally do manage to board a sail boat called a Junk, but soon they are pursued by a Japanese gunboat It looks like they will all be caught when the breeze dies down and the Junk comes to a standstill But they are saved by Ling Ling, a dolphin that had been befriended and trained by David and her dolphin cousin Bumby.Back in Shanghai, CC, whose family thinks she has been living with her beloved Big Aunt, is advised to move back home because her stepmother is threatening to accuse her aunt of kidnapping But living at home doesn t last long When CC receives a package from Big Aunt, who has been temporarily living on Nan Tian Island, which incriminates both of them in the rescue of the Americans, her stepmother implies she is going to permanently end CC relationship with her aunt CC runs away to Grandma Wu, but they receive very bad news about a violent Japanese attack in Nan Tian, including the death of Big Aunt CC naturally suspects her stepmother of having a hand in this unusually cruel behavior At the same time, she comes up with a plan to rescue other Americans being held prisoner by the Japanese at Bridge House in Shanghai, the same prison Marat s older brother is a prisoner Can yet another exciting escape succeed I thought this was a very interesting tense story, full of adventure, though sometimes the writing was a little too pedantic Nevertheless, Yen Mah writes compassionately about these children who are considered to be outcasts by society The tone of the whole story is one of hope and resourcefulness even in the face of brutality, oppression and vindictiveness by the Japanese occupiers and for CC, also by her stepmother In the face of all that, friendship, overcoming, and even acceptance become important themes throughout the story.Through CC s initiation into The Dragon Society, Yen Mah is able to weave extensive explanations about important Chinese culture and beliefs into the story At the heart of The Secret Dragon Society is the philosophy of Taoism, including the life force Qi pronounced Chee , the Yi Jing or I Ching , the concepts of yin yang, the principles of strength, power and control embedded in kung fu and the Chinese Zodiac Sometimes this gets complicated For instance, when CC is told to consult the Yi Jing by casting the yarrow sticks before joining the society, I was totally lost I found the writing confusing here, though it did peak my interest in the Yi Jing and I will probably get information on it I am afraid younger readers might just skip over these parts, but hopefully not be discouraged from finishing CCs story The central story, the rescue of the Americans, is based on a true event In April 1942, Jimmy Doolittle actually did lead a bombing raid on Japan, but the outcome was very different than the one in Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society This book is a historical novel and so there is a Historical Note at the end of the book, which I would recommend reading first It gives a brief history of the author s family and the Japanese occupation of China and the true events surrounding the bombing of Japan and its cruel aftermath unleashed by the Japanese against the Chinese In that way, the reader knows what is factual and what has been fabricated by the author.Despite some of the problems with this novel, I would still highly recommend it Personally, I think it would be beneficial for this novel to be read under the guidance of a teacher, given some of the content There is an extensive teaching guide available on Adeline Yen Mah s website that would be very useful for that And it might be interesting to read this fantasy novel in tandem with its biographical counterpart, Chinese Cinderella the True Story of an Unwanted Daughter.This book is recommended for readers age 10 14.This book was purchased for my personal library.Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society was read as part of The Summer 2011 Diversify Your Reading Challenge

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    Yet another review by yours truly So here s the story I went to the library to pick up a few books, like I usually do, and I saw this amazing beauty on the shelf I just love the cover It has a dragon people A dragon Do you know how much I bloody love dragons It s one of the main reasons I love Eon but Allison Goodman so much Anyway, when I saw that cover and read what it was about, I just had to take it home with me I mean, it s about a girl who is treated harshly by her stepmother whilst being thrown into what the Chinese went through during WWII with some fantasy elements mixed in How could I resist However, I was disappointed once I started to read it As a historical book about the war, it s an amazing read Buy as a fantasy book with a Cinderella twist, it was sorely lacking There really isn t much to the plot and the characters are bland as hell I was hoping to get a lot out of it too bad I didn t.Adeline Yen Mah s writing style was very simple Almost juvenile I m not too big of a fan on her writing style I thought, given the subject matter, it should have been a bit complex Although, considering this is meant for children than it is for, say, a historian, I do not fault her for writing this book so simply The historical facts are written clearly and to the point No one will be able to overlook something because of it And trust me, I did enjoy those aspects of the book Now, for the parts of the story I thought Mah could have improved on The fantasy parts Where s the fantasy There were only two scenes that had some kind of fantasy twist to it and even then, it is very hard to see it If Mah s main goal was to let people know how the Chinese suffered during the time of WWII then she should had written a book solely on that But no She wanted to write a fantasy novel that included a lot of realism do you even know the meaning of fantasy Oh well, I m just being picky Another thing should could improve on were her characters I ll explain why below.They All Had The Same Personality I m not even kidding There were no distinctions between the behavioral patterns or how they talked Every single one of them was so boring I had to force myself to keep my eyes open Besides having one trait that made them stick out from the others one was great in martial arts, another was very smart, etc , they all acted the same as if Mah didn t know how to change her characters personality Not even Ye Xian or CC , our protagonist, had anything remarkable about her The only thing that made her awesome was when she bit her stepmother was that a spoiler Speaking of stepmother, she s the only other character that had a different personality but that s because she is supposed to be overly bitchy I didn t like her What can I say I was not a fan of the plot of CC being abused by both her stepmother and father and the characters being all the same with the exception of one Come on, Mah You could have done better in that aspect I can t really talk much about the book It s very short and I fear I might let something slip if I keep going As I ve said, it s a decent book If you are looking for a book that shows the Chinese side of things during the war then pick this book up It will not disappoint you then However, if you are looking for a fantastical adventure that incorporates the story of Cinderella and WWII, then you re are going to be disappointed I know I was Then, you must be wondering why I gave it a three Well, it s great with the historical facts, you get to picture China in your mind, and I just love Marat he s one of the few characters I loved in this book on account of the fact he knew a whole bunch of languages And we all know how much I love languages I may be a little biased towards his character XP Anyway, if you re curious, go ahead and pick this book up But I advise to get it from the library first then purchase it if you really like it Well, that s all from me today See you soon with my next review _

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    Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society written by a well loved author Adeline Yen Mah is a tale of a twelve year old girl living in Shanghai in the time of Japan invasion Its a brilliantly written book with history making historical events Most of the events based in this story are true which makes it so heart breaking to read because knowing that these happened to people, well tears you apart.CC or Chinese Cinderella her Chinese name is Ye Xian ran away from home because her Niang step mother was being mean and over controlling to her and the he thing is her dad doesn t really care So CC lives with her Big Aunt a wonderful lady Her Big Aunt had to go to Nan Tian to look after her god mother leaving CC So CC is forced to go and stay with her father and Niang until her Big Aunt comes back But things turn worse at home Her Niang slaps her for being disobedient and in defence CC bit her That made CC father throw her out of home With no where to go she goes to the place on the card a boy gave her the card , the place promises a place for refuge for people like her CC goes there and by fate she meets Grandma Wu who actually knows Big Aunt There the story characters widen You meet Marat a muslim, David a Christian and Sam a Jewish They all have a painful past of their own and their all a part of the Secret Dragon Society When CC joins the society her life changes dramatically.

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    Chinese Cinderella And the Secret Dragon Society is a memoir of the author, Adeline Yen Mah It takes place in china during World War II.This book is about a young Chinese girl named Ye Xian or CC It all starts when she is kicked out of her house for calling her fathers girlfriend fathers new woman and not Niang Mama Once she is kicked out, she wanders around and stumbles upon the secret dragon society of wandering knights This is a secret organization that is wanted by the Japanese for helping the Allied Powers She faces and internal battle as to whether or not to help the dragon society or go home and beg for her father s forgiveness.One of the key plot ideas for this book is independence Throughout the book, CC is learning how to be independent from her father and the norms of society Another key idea is to not pay attention to a persons race and to love them for who they are and not for what they are Many of the people in the dragon society are discriminated against for being mixed raced in China For example, one of the boys is a Chinese Jew, another is a Chinese German, and another is Chinese Hindu At their school, they are forced to wear armbands that signify their race The purebred Chinese make fun of them for being mixed race The dragon society allows them a means for support where they are not judged for their race The motto of the dragon society is Zi Qiang bu xi, which means motivate yourself to work hard and be strong always In the book even when cc is kicked out of her home, when she get to the dragon society she is still expected to get good grades In fact she is expected to get better grades than all the other children The dragon society is partly a boarding school to help orphans, and those orphans are taught martial arts, kung Fu, inner strength, and friendship The wandering knights take knowledge very seriously They say knowledge is power because they are helping the Americans in the war with knowledge Overall I loved this book and would read it again It is a riveting memoir o fan unwanted Chinese daughter The author tells the story from her point of view and gives a realistic account of her terrible childhood with historical insight I had trouble putting it down

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    This book was really fun to read because the plot the whole thing was just magnificent The time period of the story was during the time of world war II, where the Japanese had just bombed Pearl Harbor It was about a girl named Chinese Cinderella, CC for short, who goes to the Dragon Society, which are the people who help the Chinese in times of need My favorite part of the book was when CC fought against her stepmother for her rights I really liked that part because CC s stepmother was a complete freak who wanted to control CC, so her fighting allowed me to understand her true nature, a person who fights for her beliefs and that makes the book even better as it goes on because I would be able to make predictions based on CC s character The fight was also one of the many amazing action and suspenseful scenes because I kept wandering, what is CC going to do now The best quality I like about his story though, is that it kind of teaches me what the Chinese went through in the war.The book was realistic and historical fiction and was truly worth my time Therefore I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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    The book is about a chinese cinderella who was thrown out of her house by her cruel stepmother on to the dangerous streets of shanghai, she then takes refuge with Grandma Wu in her Martial Arts Academy There she becomes a part of a whole new family, making friends with three remarkable boys acrobats and learning kung fu One day the four children embark on a secret mission that changes their lives and the course of history forever

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    i started to read this book because my friend had recommended this book for me because of the emotion and conflict it has.the category on the bingo table is that it has a main character that is a female.the first thing i liked about this book was the start of it and how CC had been abused from her stepmother i liked that because of the detail wording in which the author described the feelings and hatred CC had towards her stepmother and father from her stepmother had done to her but also her father never took the chance to believe her the second thing i liked about this book was how CC bounced backup in life as she started to get the support and help from the Secret Dragon Society in which she had been taught many different things than she thought she would need but throught the middle to end CC was going to have a big role on her hands as she was going to be a war between the West and East.i did not like anything about the book because the book gave a true story feeling with the emotion and courage.i would recommended this book to people who have like emotion and redemption wording a this book has those two key things in this book and it teaches you that people may go through rough patches but they can then be a leader of a army that can save the world or themselves.

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    Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society by Adeline Yen Mah is a historical fiction story that will blow your mind I do not like reading, but this book grabbed my attention because I cannot imagine reading about a twelve year old girl going through the toughest moment of her life during the World War ll The book takes place in Shanghai, China about the main character, Ye Xian, who gets thrown out of the house by her father, she has nowhere to go, but to join a group of people that fights against the Japanese It is very interesting because there are a lot of dialogue that makes me feel different kinds of emotions My favorite part of the story is when the main characters read a piece of yellow silk, it said, We are in China at this moment in history for a reason We are here to make a difference We are children of destiny who will unite East and West and change the world The future belongs to us This connected with the theme, it tells us that we can change the future but not the past The future is in our hands, we can make our future better but we can also ruin it.

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    Ye Xian dijuluki Chinese Cinderella oleh Bibi Sulung Dari inisial julukan itulah Ye Xian mendapat nama baratnya, CC Karena bertengkar dengan ibu tirinya, CC diusir dari rumahnya dan bergabung dengan kelompok Long Xia Hui Di kelompok itu, dia bersahabat dengan Sam, Marat dan David yang merupakan anak2 blasteran Mereka mendapatkan tugas untuk menyelamatkan pilot2 Amerika dari kekejaman tentara Jepang Cerita ini ditulis Adeline Yen Mah berdasarkan kejadian nyata yang terjadi di Cina pada Perang Dunia II Adeline menulis cerita ini saat masih di bangku SD untuk mengusir kesepian Adeline dengan lugas menuliskan perasaannya yang sedih dan kesepian melalui tokoh CC Waktu gw baca buku ini, gw merasakan ketegangan bagaimana CC dan kawan2 mencoba menyelamatkan para pilot Amerika dari patroli Jepang Gw juga merasakan kesedihan CC karena diperlakukan buruk oleh ibu tirinya dan ayahnya tidak bisa berbuat apa2 Bisa dibilang, Adeline menempatkan dirinya sebagai CC.Melalui buku ini, kita bisa mendapatkan pesan mengenai kekejaman perang, persahabatan, dan juga kasih sayang keluarga.

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