Choosing You (Jade, #1)

Choosing You (Jade, #1) When Jade Is Given A Scholarship To An Elite Private College In Connecticut, She Sees It As A Chance To Finally Escape Her Painful Past And Get A Fresh Start She S Determined To Succeed And That Means Keeping Her Focus On School And Not Guys But Her Plan Falls Apart Her First Day On Campus When Garret, A Rich Prep School Boy With Swimmer Abs And A Perfect Smile, Offers To Help Her Move InJade Tries To Push Him Away, But She Can T Deny Her Attraction To Him And Garret Won T Let Her Things Quickly Heat Up Between Them, But Then Come To A Sudden Halt When Reality Hits And Jade Realizes That A Relationship With Garret May Never Be Possible He Comes From A World Of Wealth Where There Are Rules, Including Rules About Who He Can Date And Not Following Those Rules Has ConsequencesAs The Two Of Them Try To Overcome The Obstacles Working To Keep Them Apart, Jade Is Confronted With Another Challenge On Her Th Birthday, She Receives A Letter That Her Now Deceased Mother Wrote Years Ago In It Are Revelations That Explain Her Traumatic Childhood But Also Make Her Question The Past She S Been Running From


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  • Choosing You (Jade, #1)
  • Allie Everhart
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  • 07 December 2018

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    4 4.5 StarsI really, really like Jade and Garret To be honest, there are several grammatical errors but nothing that I thought took away from the story This story does indeed end with a cliffhanger The next book is scheduled to be released on November 2 I for one will have my one click finger ready Jade Taylor is the Kensington Scholarship winner She sets off to Moorhust College to begin her freshman year She struggles with trust and friendships She is against parties and drinking due to her mother s death Jade is definitely sarcastic I liked her and I really enjoyed her banter with Garret Garret is the pretty boy she meets on moving in day He is taken by her, he sees through her tough exterior and just wants to spend time with her I can t believe I m telling you this, but I ve never had a real friend Jade is haunted and taunted by the negative words of her deceased mother She is determined to move forward and have a life I hate her I hate her so much But I can t let her words keep controlling me like this She s taken too much from me already She can t take the rest of my life away Jade and Garret s relationship sways from friends to UGH Garret was completely SWOON WORTHY I just loved the practice hugging, pancakes, runs, swimming, movies, twinkling lights and that concession stand I m not much of a hugger Well, you need one, so don t just stand there Put your damn arms around me Sadly, Garret s family has a lot of say on who he is allowed to associates with So readers be warned, things aren t easy for our couple The angst level for these two was really high Although their relationship stayed PG, I sure had butterflies I like that I have no idea what you re gonna do after I do this Jade tries to keep their relationship in the friend zone but her attraction and feelings for Garret are just too strong Jade, aside from you, everyone on the planet can see that I m completely crazy about this girl from Iowa who runs constantly and is addicted to potato chips A mystery unfolds by the end of the story I have a million different scenarios running through my head on what it all means.Overall, I truly enjoy this read and thought that Allie Everhart did a fine job with her debut novel Just in case I haven t made myself clear, I like you I like you a lot My smile grows, I like you, too P.S What is the name of the crime fighting dog movie they watch

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    This was an okay story, but I have to say that the main character irritated me a bit.Jade was a girl who wasn t afraid to speak up about her opinions, and boy did she come across as rude at times Just because someone s toddler is having a tantrum in a diner, it doesn t give you the right to shout and be rude to them about it I mean really And Jasmine is a bad name because it s the name of a cartoon princess What a bitch The storyline in this was about Jade starting college, and meeting a boy called Garrett, who was considerably richer than her She was generally pretty rude, wasn t particularly nice to him, and didn t seem to want to make friends She was even rude about swimmers because swimming isn t as difficult as running because you don t have to support your own body weight can you see why this girl annoyed me yet There was romance in this, but why Garrett liked Jade and wanted to be with her I don t know, she wasn t any nicer to him than she was to anybody else The ending to this was a cliff hanger We got a storyline very close to the end concerning Jade s dead mother, and someone who possibly wants to keep certain information hidden, and is prepared to kill to do it This came very late in the book though, and left us with a cliff hanger Hmm.6 out of 10

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    DNF 15%The heroine was extremely unlikeable She was a bitch AND a mean girlmade fun of OW because her name was Jasmine said she had to be a drama queen and a rich preppy girl because her name was Jasmineshe had one conversation with the girl and based everything off of it AND while at a restaurant told parents of a child that was crying to shut it up.

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    no big story summary here, just my impression This is one of the very few books in the NA genre section that deserves credit for an original story line NO instant fake chemistry where heroine and hero want to undress themselves right on the spot characters that are truly compatible and likable no bitchy heroine and empty headed immature college guys who loves to indulge in every imaginable shit but will suddenly change just for the sake of the bitchy heroine the story line develops gradually, in a pace that is realistic and not boring the main characters meet and are attracted to each other but their interest in each other is genuine and not entirely motivated by hormones as in the other prototypical NA books dialogues are realistic and you can actually for a change expect the female protagonist to admit that the guy is hot and still expect her to say NO and the greatest thing is the guy will for a change listen to NO in this book even greater is that the protagonist is strong and I always felt like she said no or yes in the right places, never let herself push too much or crawl and remain locked in her dorm room feeling sorry for herself.the added plus is the suspense aspect because obviously the book contains some mystery as well involving the protagonists family history this will clearly be resolved in the next book and i m really looking forward to it The only thing i really hated though was the cover I really don t like it and almost refused to read the story just because it left the wrong impression with me.

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    Negative stars if I could No seriously I don t think I have ever ever come across a annoying character as Jade She s about as cuddly as a porcupine and as loveable as a rock She s just a bitch I hate her and I m only 30% in the sample So the old same story I have a past so I can be a complete bitch I want one thing but tell him another, or nothing at all don t touch me but kiss me again I can t read another page

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    This was cute and a bit different because of the political mystery aspect Jade has had a loveless life Raised by her alcoholic drug addict mom who constantly berated her She never knew motherly love After her mother died at 15 she was raised by neighbor and friend Frank, and his son Ryan She gets a scholarship to college Her first day she meets Garret Garret is the son of a wealthy man He s very sweet and has taken a liking to Jade She s not used to having friends or someone wanting to care for her Her mom has left some very deep emotional scars so opening up, being affectionate and trusting is not east for her Garret and Jade spend a lot of time together as friends But it s very clear their affections go deeper than friends.On Jades 19th birthday she learns a huge secret from a letter her mother left her Things are complicated than young Jade realizes Until she gets a very threatening phone callGarett s dad is not only wealthy, he s into politics At least his pocket book is His dad is against Garret and Jade and is not allowing them to be friends But they have other ideas and don t want to let Garret s dad dictate their life But his dad is very adamantI can see where the story is headed and what the secret most likely is, but I still like Jade and Garett and the flirty friendship they ve developed He s done such a good job of being slow and tender to a girl that s always been on the receiving end of harshness The traditions they ve established are sweet and perfect I m looking forward to seeing what happens next with Jade and Garett and also the outcome of Jades family secret.

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    4.5 starsI m really confused by all the negative reviews I read about this novel, and I m really glad that I ignored them The most noted flaw was in the heroine, Jade Almost every negative review said she was a bitch and I really don t see it Did she have bitchy moments Sure Does her horrible childhood make these moments excusable Of course not But I really don t see how anyone can flat out think she s a bitch , especially when we re in her head and she s just as confused about her behavior as everyone else is Honestly though it makes a lot of sense to me When you are so used to being left alone, you learn to be the one to push people away first so it doesn t hurt as much even if you really still want to be with them Yes, Jade was seemingly all over the place with her feelings but I really believe it was just a fear of abandonment and she pushed Garret away because that s the only way she could believe in his feelings And not because she was playing games but because subconsciously that s the only way she can understand it.There are quite a number of NA YA novels where the heroine comes from a troubled background and often than not she s timid and sad and truly believes that she s to blame I thought it was rather refreshing to read about a heroine who is angry at her situation and has no problem saying This sucks This is not my fault and it s not fair And despite this she doesn t feel sorry for herself She recognizes that outside forces are at play but she is also adamant to take control and forge her own way in life Granted being that angry all the time isn t any healthier than being sad, but honestly I haven t read too many novels that touch on the anger like this novel did And just like a heroine would need to work through her sadness to find happiness, I believe Jade can work through her anger to find happiness I m really glad the author wasn t afraid to make a heroine like Jade Also I find it funny that Jade s behavior has her labeled bitch when in plenty of other novels the hero has been much much worse but because as females we can see ourselves having feelings for him we come to understand it or overlook it It just doesn t make much sense to me But personally I liked Jade I m really looking forward to how her character is developed Okay, rant overnow to the storyI don t really have much to say other than I really enjoyed it I loved the slow build up of their relationship and Garret teaching Jade how to hug all those scenes were great It was well written and had a good pace to it IMO I also enjoyed the bit of intrigue at the end, hopefully the storyline doesn t get too crazy but so far I m hopeful If you ve read negative reviews and are debating on whether to read this, I would encourage you to take a chance and make up your own mind.

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    Actual rating 2.5I didn t get on with the main character at all She was rude.I felt bored for most of this unfortunately Not much was happening and none of the characters were likable enough to save it.When the story did get a little bit interesting, it ended Really annoying.

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