Chorus An Anthology Of Poetry By Young People, Edited By Superstar Poet And Author Of The Dead Emcee Scrolls And ,said The Shotgun To The Head, Saul Williams CHORUS Is The Anthem Of A New Generation Of Poets Unified By The Desire To Transcend The Identity Politics Of The Day And Begin To Be Seen As One One Hundred Voices Woven Through Testimony And New Testament It Is The Cry Of The Unheard The Occupation Of The Page Itself It Embodies The Speak Up Spirit Of The Moment, The Confidence Propagated Through Hip Hop, And The Defiant WTF Of The Now It Is The Voice That Comes After The Rebellious Voice That Once Cried, I Want My MTV Branded Back To Where Punk Was, Slammed Up And Beyond It A Combination Of Trash, Heart, And Craft An Anthology In Rant CHORUS Is What All Modern Day Losers Chant brilliant poetic experience I loved this I think there s a magic in anonymity and a beauty that exists between lines strung together without trying to fit worlds into themes Though themes could shape this Chorus into a song, and I m curious to see what that would have looked like, I m glad that this work exists in a semi shapeless format It feels open and like anything could happen with every page flip and anything and everything does happen, is said, is spoken about and is shared with us, the readers.I love that you get to find out who everyone is after the fact you get the opportunity if you d like, to delve deeper Highlights include to me 28, 37, 40, 41, 44, 52, 76, 78 80 so many multilayered conversations about various aspects of the human condition as it pertains independently to each human There s something for everyone in this Chorus and as an editor, Saul Williams strings it together in a way that births a bumpy, spastic, varying and uniquely cohesive, textured mosaic. Some poems part of the poem were definitely better than other ones, but overall it was a great read and some lines were absolutely exquisite, so 4 stars What this almost spoken word poetry book has caused is the fact that even the most mundane actions are narrated in my head as if it were spoken word poetry, which is really weird to be honest. Saul Williams Chorus a literary mixtape is in the category of I like it And I like what it stands for To be fair, I m a fan of Williams, especially his writing I m much apt to criticize a decision he s made with an album than I am anything that he s written I ve read almost everything he s published and liked just about all of it.Chorus is Williams esque in that it s challenging and dark and emotionally charged and smart and playful all at the same time What s utterly fantastic is that it s a collaboration of many poets, and styled not as an anthology, but rather as a mixtape with the poems arranged to flow seemlessly from one to another Certainly there s some varience, but on the whole it s all very good.100% worth checking out. 4 1 2 stars Great anthology Missed a half point because some poems weren t overwhelming This man is a genius poet the likes of which you rarely see His struggle with Islam and homosexuality was fascinating The fear of rejection is the basis of religion and hate and breads the demons of hell He is right, love no matter if you feel it after a loss it never goes away Like any energy, it can transform into rage, hate, fear, depression and death It can also place you in the highest echelon of heaven Support gay marriage and overall equality All living things share an identical ancester As humans, we should revel in our diversity and learn instead of hate and fear Destroy fundamentalism at all cost. I don t read much poetry, so I don t have much to compare this book to, but I did enjoy it Saul Williams is incredibly talented, and love listening to his albums I read these poems in his voice, and that largely worked It seemed like many of the themes and expressions and word choices in this book line up closely with Saul s lyrics, and I wonder which direction those sorts of ideas flowed I m sure both ways, and to and from many other same sources as well.Anyway, this was a nice read As is to be expected, the appeal of the individual poems, to me, varied, but I think they all went together well And it was cool to have the poem picked out running through them all, though this is naturally a bit harder to read, it has a bit less flow. Mr Williams s anthology covers a much broader span of contemporary poetry than I d been expecting Authors featured aren t limited to the tried and true heroes of the spoken word slam movement Some pieces are experimental in the extreme Sometimes, this pays off in major ways Sometimes, it doesn t If I recall, there are 93 pieces in the book I d say I enjoyed around 85 of them, with ten or fifteen in particular really getting my motor going Definitely worth the read Will probably re read at a later date when I don t have so much on my plate. I really liked this book a lot but the fact that there is no table of contents of poet bios is stupid like way stupid. Pure Genius This anthology presents poetry like no other The way the voices of the poems wed together is a thing of beauty and makes the reader think and see and believe in the connectedness of all of us on this wide, vast blue ball called Earth The 4 poem, Rivers , must have been written with God s own fountain pen because it is the most glorious, spectacular, magical beautiful poem ever written Ever In life.

Saul Stacey Williams is an American poet, writer, actor and musician known for his blend of poetry and hip hop and for his leading role in the 1998 independent film Slam.

❆ [KINDLE] ✿ Chorus  By Saul Williams ➟ –
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Chorus
  • Saul Williams
  • English
  • 06 February 2017
  • 9781451649833

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