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Cider with RosieAt All Times Wonderfully Evocative And Poignant, Cider With Rosie Is A Charming Memoir Of Laurie Lee S Childhood In A Remote Cotswold Village, A World That Is Tangibly Real And Yet Reminiscent Of A Now Distant PastIn This Idyllic Pastoral Setting, Unencumbered By The Callous Father Who So Quickly Abandoned His Family Responsibilities, Laurie S Adoring Mother Becomes The Centre Of His World As She Struggles To Raise A Growing Family Against The Backdrop Of The Great WarThe Sophisticated Adult Author S Retrospective Commentary On Events Is Endearingly Juxtaposed With That Of The Innocent, Spotty Youth, Permanently Prone To Tears And Self AbsorptionRosie S Identity From The Novel Cider With Rosie Was Kept Secret ForYears She Was Rose Buckland, Lee S Cousin By Marriage From The Paperback Edition I enjoyed this little book, so to say I was somewhat disappointed sounds disingenuous, but I honestly thought this would be a 5 star read All the ingredients were there classic, set in The Cotswolds area of England in the early twentieth century, the musings of an adult about his childhood days when life was slow and oh so mellow kind of thing But my imagination just didn t take flight to that place I wanted to go Parts of it were good, I especially liked the chapter on the grannies, only if the whole of it could have been like that Still a good read 4 stars. Ahthe good old days as a little nipper rolling around in hay, tickling girls and getting kicked in the shins, licking jam off a spoon and declaring war on a swarm of wasps, trying to catch tiny fish in the local stream with a hair net, and getting tipsy on my father s homebrewed ale before getting a right good rollicking Reading Cider with Rosie bought back so many memories of my own childhood, I almost forgot about Laurie Lee s Filled with elaborate metaphors that conjure up wonderful images of life in the English Gloucestershire countryside post WW1, Lee uses a poetical descriptive prose in describing his early life just as huge change and upheaval took place in society He offers us his intimate sharing of the people, events, and places that helped shape his days.Evoking nostalgia plays heavy throughout, that was easy for me to relate to as his home village wasn t a million miles away from where I grew up, and I felt a connection with the areas he describes There were some nods to the writing of Welshman Dylan Thomas, and although the memoir was pleasant, with some poignant moments, I just found Lee s basis a little too sweet and sickly for my liking, like being covered in honey and having a big soppy Labrador lick it off.For some reason I read this after As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning , which is the follow up to this For me, that was a far superior read, looking at time he spent crossing Spain one year with little in the way of possessions.Cider With Rosie, considering he wrote this in his fifties, clearly shows he had a good mind, as at times you feel it s Laurie the child doing the writing, the youth and enlightenment to life s sharp realities brings a mixture of emotions, and truly showcases a by gone era that captured the heart and soul of growing up in this specific period in time A decent read but he has written better , that was let down by the most pointless introduction, featuring too many quotes from the yet read book, and the print wasn t great either Looked like a photocopy of a photocopy. Before I started reading this book, I was warned that it is extremely boring, or as my colleague put it 200 pages of absolutely nothing going on, that it s a complete waste of paper and time as well.But after I d read a few pages, I quickly realized that I was enjoying the book immensely I love the way he describes simple, everyday things, feelings, smells in a way that instantly makes you feel nostalgic about your childhood, that makes you wish to go out of town and settle in the countryside And how it makes you look on the times when you actually had enough time to spend with your family. Con una prosa l rica evocadora tan descriptiva como bella, Laurie Lee me ha conquistado Me encanta el costumbrismo y Sidra con Rosie es muy buc lico. This is not merely a biography or description of a special time and place the Cotswolds the years after the First World War , it is prose poetry It is the lyrical fashion in which it is written that is its outstanding element The story unfolds not chronologically but rather by theme There is a chapter on summer and winter A chapter on festivals A chapter on school A chapter on sexual awakening A chapter entitled The Kitchen which is the center of a home, and here we hear of his family, his mother and father and half sisters, half brothers and brothers His father departed at the age of three His mother waited for years and years and years for his father s return She waited and waited, raising the kids from both his marriages, until his father s death made clear he was never to return Laurie Lee s mother and his half sisters shaped what was to be his home The essence of home is not just described but felt His mother s essence is not just described but felt too You leave the memoir knowing well not just Laurie Lee but his mother and his sisters too You leave the memoir feeling the passage of the old Cotswolds into the new Horses replaced by cars, songs and tales by candlelight in the evening to the wireless Life in the village to life out there in the beyond The girls married and gone The absence of pigs Laurie Lee draws contrasts vividly then and now, summer and winter, quiet and bustle, presence and absence Laurie Lee narrates this, his own book His voice quavers, but it is full of emotion I went from disliking it in the beginning to thinking it was perfect by the book s end In the middle I disassociated myself from what I was hearing by repeating the magnificent lines in my head Then my need to do this suddenly stopped I began to love the narration The book covers only his childhood and teens It is the first of a trilogy which covers the later years of his life See this you love lyrical writing, read this book. 3,5 Lo he encontrado bastante entra able Me ha recordado mucho a cuando le Las cenizas de ngela , aunque no ha conseguido encandilarme tanto como esperaba.La historia est siempre rodeada del halo de nostalgia e ingenuidad que conlleva contar la propia infancia en un paraje y poca como los que describe Adem s, no sigue un orden estrictamente cronol gico, cosa que le da un aire como de vi etas que van recomponiendo a fragmentos su ni ez y preadolescencia.Hay un par de cap tulos sobre sus primeras experiencias con las chicas que me han resultado un poco molestos y en los que no puedo compartir el enfoque que ha querido darles el autor.Curiosamente cuando el libro me ha resultado m s especial ha sido cuando el foco se dirig a a otras personas, como el cap tulo que dedica a sus t os, a su madre o el que va sobre dos ancianas rivales que viven una en el piso de arriba y otra en el piso de abajo Ese cap tulo vale su peso en oro, el mejor del libro There was a reassuring prevalence of Penguin books, resplendent in their orange cummerbunds, as I rummaged through a squished cardboard box in my attic.Then, delightfully, I spied a book that triggered a wave of nostalgia Cider With Bloody Rosie I gasped um, mine wasn t a version with bloody in the title, just so you know Well, I never Cider With Bloody Rosie You see, I repeated the word bloody yet again, such was my cock a hoopedness Gosh I had previously read this a gazillion years ago, at a time when even Tarzan didn t seem at all far fetched.A quick shufty through its sepia hued pages reminded me what a terrific writer Lee was, with indelible characters such as Cabbage Stump Charlie and Harelip Harry.For me, his sumptuous imagery and poetic prose and the fact that this was an autobiographical memoir, which reads like fiction drew comparison with Gerald Durrell s My Family and Other Animals.The story harks back to the rural hardship of an English village shortly after the Great War, long before such villages were served by gastropubs, delicatessens, or even motor cars Were it written today, I venture it might be titled Cider Round the back of Tesco Express.Rediscovering Laurie Lee s beautiful wordplay made me initially think that his prose was wasted on a boy who could clearly imagine a clean shaven Tarzan swinging from vines through the jungle But perhaps my evidential nostalgia confirmed otherwise. When you are transported directly into the childhood of the writer, you know this is a good biography When you smell the very air, when you feel that what the characters are smiling about is a scene of intense everyday hilarity, and when you want to visit THERE for just a second, just for the sake of both reader and writer, just for the sake of experience , well, then you know you are dealing with a superlative type of novel, which weaves truth with literature at an almost mythical level Britain after WW1 If anything, I would buy this book for the sole purpose of flipping it randomly to any page to be confronted by Laurie Lee s unforgettable mastery of descriptive detail He belongs to a talented class of writers, which includes John Muir, who have the ability to capture nature in writing and speak to the reader in an inclusive and intimate manner Everything in this autobiography is written with such a full, fresh, and loving fondness making it impossible not to like the obscure village of Slad, England and its lively villagers Reading the verdant descriptions in this book is like biting into the largest, juiciest piece of fruit you ve ever eaten Even the moldy, dripping, cottage walls, constant struggle for food, nine living and three dead siblings, numbing cold of winter, and common English brawling and beatings don t seem that bad because they re described so beautifully It must have been just awful at times, but one might never know how wonderful too if not for his telling of it However, reader be warned, don t fall in love like I did with the bucolic, English countryside of Lee s childhood because it does not exist any As he describes at the end of the book, that prelapsarian picture of village life that had existed for thousands of years, ended shortly after the first automobile came clanking down their narrow dirt roads It is fortunate that Laurie Lee happened to be there to experience it and possessed the ability to document it with the vision of a poet before it disappeared.

Laurence Edward Alan Laurie Lee, MBE, was an English poet, novelist, and screenwriter His most famous work was an autobiographical trilogy which consisted of Cider with Rosie 1959 , As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning 1969 and A Moment of War 1991 While the first volume famously recounts his childhood in the idyllic Slad Valley, the second deals with his leaving home for London and his

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