Clouded Innocence (Clouded, #1)

Clouded Innocence (Clouded, #1) This book s pretty much predictable I can see the ending right away, not that I hate it, it s just. It made this book quite ordinary I can t say I liked Fran, because she s just a teenager And for a teenager, claiming to feel that kind of love, I can t help but feel scared for her, because one day she might regret what she did, for not living her teenage life So yeah, this book is not as good as I expected it would be I enjoyed it, yes but definitely not my favorite But overall, it s good. Just finished it, towards the end I kinda predicted where it was going but it didn t disappoint me Conner and Francesca have everything working against them but they still persevere I can t wait till the next book I jut hope it s a continuation on Conner and Francesca s story and not one of those spinoff stories. So I ve been wanting to read this for 3 years and it wasn t really that bad I expected it to be really triggering but it wasn t like that.It wasn t that good either It was just good view spoiler H is not a virgin h and H were talking once and he said he thought in love once and when the h asked him if he had been with her he said that just once There are no other mentions of any other sexual encounter so I preferred to assume that he had sex just once Although, I appreciate that later he mentioned he wish he would ve saved himself for the h this is not second chance, he was faithful to the h since he saw her.The h was a virgin H was her first everything.There are some unwanted attention from o w and o m, however imo, it was not that mild, but that actually was the main issue.This o w was h s cousin At first I was so annoyed at first with her, but I didn t blame this girl at all because she didn t know about h and H s secret relationship, although she did suspect it, however she didn t pay that much attention because she thought the h was interested in this o m Nothing romantic happened between this H and this woman She did go once to the H s bedroom at night but H dismissed her immediately She didn t really give up tho, but once she found the H and h together she was actually supportive of their relationship, so she wasn t that annoying after all.This o m was a guy who was interested in marrying the h and h s father approved He did fight the H when he found the main couple together, but then he accepted it and backed away Nothing ever happened between h and him either.What I didn t like was that the H and h seemed weak For example, there was this ball and H took this o w because h was going with this o m , but what annoyed me was that the h found out from the o w and when she asked the H, he said that he didn t tell her because he knew how she was going to react and because he was a gentleman , the fuck, just say that you agreed because h was going with this o m and you didn t want anyone to suspect about their relationship, I understood some of it tho because it was around the 1880 ish Also, they finally opened their mouths when h s father found out that the h was pregnant, so those events really annoyed me.They did say they loved each other almost instantly.Other problem was that the H wasn t enough Alpha for me.But overall, it was a sweet story, do I recommend purchasing it tho Yes and no, yes if you want some kind of forbidden love, and no because the story itself isn t THAT special, but it was a good one I just read it because I ve been wanting to since 3 years ago hide spoiler I think I m in love with Conner Edwards The things he does to Francesca Fanning myself from the rush of heat I m getting from just thinking about it Not to mention the love he has for her In his eyes, she is perfect Wishing for a little of what these two shared I would have finished it faster if I hadn t needed to work As it was I was up later than I should have been Love it love it love it Just finished it, I m not a big historical romance reader but this book really drew me in Conner and Francesca have everything working against them but they still persevere This book will not disappoint. OMG I loved it I m not normally into historical romance books, but fell in love with this book and its characters I couldn t stop reading until I finished You get to see the love between the characters grow and they don t let anything stand in their way of being together Definitely looking forward to readingabout Conner and Francesca andfrom this author. Good book Ending surprised me, not where I thought it was going Look forward to the next in the series. Francesca De Bella S Normally Peaceful World Is Turned Upside Down When Her Stepbrother, Steven, Returns Home For A Visit And Brings With Him A Surprise Guest No One Has Ever Affected Francesca The Way Conner Edwards Does Not Only Is He Incredibly Handsome But There Is Something Else That Draws Francesca To Him, But She Knows Her Father Would Never Approve Of Conner Conner Has Nothing To Offer Her But His Heart She Soon Learns That Her Doubts Are Not The Only Problems Standing In Her Way, When Her Father Announces Her Impending Engagement To Nicholas Jackson, The Son Of A Prominent Business Partner With The Whirlwind Of Events Pulling Her In A Multitude Of Direction, Francesca Anchors Herself To The Only Constant In Her World, ConnerA Historical Romance Novel Contains Sexual Content Recommended For Ages D.C Gamble did amazing with this book She makes you feel like your in the story watching as everything is going on I laughed and cried and was smiling at the end She did amazing. As the author, I m sure my opinion is bias, but if the author doesn t show confidence in their own work, why would anyone else Clouded Innocence is my first full length novel It is also the first book in the Clouded series It s a historical romance novel based in the late 1800s where Francesca de Bella falls in love with her stepbrother s best friend, Conner Their friendship starts out innocent enough until Francesca realizes she s playing with fire But no matter how hard she tries she can t seem to stay away from Conner When her father announces her impending engagement to Nicholas Jackson, the wisest choice is for Conner and Francesca is to stop, but they simple can t Their love blooms into something that neither of them can live without, circumstances be damned.

D.C Gambel is a mother, army wife, and a hopeless romantic Romance has always been her genre of choice whether it was contemporary, historical, paranormal, or even pushing towards erotica in both reading and writing When she first decided to try her hand at writing, romance was the obvious choice Getting lost in a different world, living unimaginable lives is something she strives for even if

[PDF] ❤ Clouded Innocence (Clouded, #1)  By D.C. Gambel –
  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • Clouded Innocence (Clouded, #1)
  • D.C. Gambel
  • English
  • 06 March 2018
  • 9781492215714

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