Colters' Woman

Colters' WomanCallie s Meadow 3x100 555 Menage view spoiler hide spoiler It was a very hot read, but I had a few issues To say that the female lead Holly was stupid would be an understatement Also, some of the storytelling was just a little unbelievable At one point, I busted out a piece of paper and started making a list with 2 columns Stupid Pathetic and Unbelievable But Holly made a MAJOR turn around for the better about two thirds of the way into the book, so I got over all of it The Colter brothers have a family tradition going back at least several generations the 3 brothers will share a wife And they ll just know the one when they find her All brothers will be instantly attracted to her and recognize her as their mate The book gets off to a very quick start when Adam Colter finds Holly lying unconscious in the snow near their property The Colters live together in a secluded Colorado ranch up in the mountains They earn a comfortable living guiding hunters during the warmer seasons, but it s Winter now, so they ve got nothing better to do than have hot sex with their recognized mate Holly Unfortunately, Holly happens to be on the run from her crazy, killer husband.I loved the unique personalities of the brothers Adam is the very authoritative older brother, so much so he even frightens Holly in the beginning Ethan is the middle child, and definitely the softest one of the bunch A little bit of a sap, so Ethan was my least favorite The youngest brother Ryan was the most complex and definitely the hottest Ryan was an Iraq POW for several weeks, and the pain and memories still haunt him Ryan has refused to discuss it, and his brothers recognize he needs healing I m not alone in loving Ryan as he was also the favorite of all my Cincinnati girlfriends who read this book The Sex Here s where some of the unbelievable part comes in.someone has saved their virginity for marriage, runs away from their husband before consummation, and gives it up to 3 strangers And the ease with which Holly has rather advanced sex was very troubling So you ll need to suspend your disbelief a bit But do it, because MAN was it hot Ryan, the military man, was very dominating in the bedroom When he orders you to drop your pants, you listen Lots of spontaneous sex in a barn, an elevator, a hotel room, and bedrooms Men drawing hot baths for you, bathing you, washing your hair it was a woman s dream Holly has individual and m nage a quatre sex with all the brothers Note it s too bad hotels don t clean their sofas often, because they use the hell out of one in Denver Although the mate recognition is instant, the loves takes time and it comes across as believable Three hot cowboys loving on one woman was enough to redeem all the problems I had with this book. This book is sooooo bad It starts with an interesting idea but goes downhill fast The poster child for the TSTL heroine is in this book The brothers are moronic and it s totally unbelievable given the fact that the girl who s a virgin suddenly turns into this Debbie Does Dallas character Bad writing all around. TSTL virgin damsel in distress is rescued by three hot brothers who instantly decide they all love her want her for their wife cause apparently that s the way they roll They call her doll and baby before they even learn her last name or who she is, and have very cleverly choreographed inventive sex with her, which is perfect despite the fact she s a virgin and three other people are participating Oh, and the brothers never touch each other while they are all having the four person sex despite all being naked in one bed and moving around Not accidentally, never a part brushing up against another, like magnets, I think their naughty bits must repel each other to avoid any implication of reality She proceeds to take baths and have threesomes with brothers Takes baths Has threesomes Sometimes she sleeps with just one brother while the others are out chopping firewood or tracking lost children in the snow.They instantly recognize her as the one , fall in love with her, and are completely dedicated to her care and upkeep, and I don t get why The story idea had promise, but the execution here is just silly, and completely unbelievable. Es todo tan absurdo que no tengo palabras xD. sigh GoddammitI fell for it again teaches myself a lesson Not every thing threesome foursome is a good written story, Snow pouts her lips No, noi m telling you, even if you throw in a smutt to burn your insides from off the chart heatit still doesnt justify a 200 and smth pages to make a good story picks under her nails and rolls her eyes You know what, i think you ve learned your lessonwhen you pile up some lame excuses for a characterisation downplay and toss in a few dangerous situations Boooohoooo yeah, you don t dwell long upon that, you just ride along with the smutt and then you move on So, run along now I wasn t sure what to expect from this book because there is such a varied opinion of it among my GR friends Some loved it, some thought it was okay, others hated it.Me, I ended up enjoying it quite a bit I did roll my eyes a few times in the beginning when the brothers kept going on about you re the one and you belong to us now because it came off a little ridiculous, but it didn t annoy me too much It just seemed a bit silly.But overall, I didn t have any major problems with the book I m a sucker for a menage story with a happy ending for ALL of them There s a lot of explicit sex in the book, but there was still enough of a story going on to keep me interested So the book didn t seem like just a bunch of gratuitous sex to me.At the risk of having some of my GR friends thinking I m nuts, I have to admit that I liked the character of Holly I can sort of understand the other comments about how she was whiny and annoying and all that, but to me, she was just a different type of heroine than you find in most romance novels these days She came off a bit old school to me a woman who defers to her man and wants him to take care of her It s a bit atypical and I wouldn t want to read about that kind of heroine all the time, but it didn t really bother me And I liked that she showed she did have some inner strength by escaping from her kidnapper and for taking charge of the situation with her husband toward the end.I would liked to have seen a little character background development Banks only gave the necessary details of their pasts needed for the story, but didn t develop them than that I wanted to know where were the brothers parents What was it like growing up with a polygamous family What was Holly s family like Those kind of details give you insight into the characters and it was lacking in this book.Other than that, I thought this book was an enjoyable erotic menage romance I did have to suspend reality a bit I mean, Holly trying to be sexually available to 3 virile men is a bit much but I thought it was a fun read. Written April 9, 2010 Colters Woman was reissued this week with a new expanded ending and bonus material There is also an excerpt for the upcoming ebook Colters Lady For those who have already read the original 2006 version and they are legion , I would say that the added material is not worth getting this again unless you are hardcore or have OCD Like me The expanded ending consists of one chapter added to the original story The original had 29 chapters This is Chapter 30 and it features their wedding ceremony I would say that it s most notable for introducing the Colter brothers parents The original s ending was really abrupt so I guess this is an improvement.The bonus material is a short story called Callie s Meadow Not to be confused withColters Wife which is a different short, that also comes after Colters Woman. Callie s occur approximately eight years after the end of Colters Woman and it s mostly about the birth of their fourth child Callie, who will get her own story inColters s Daughter release date unknown I put Callie s through WORD and it s approximately 12K It s similar to Colters Wife in that Holly is a regular prairie woman but this time, Adam doesnt liken Holly to a mare that Adam is SO smooth There are no sex scenes I guess having three rambunctious sons even puts a damper on the sex lives of the Colters What a shock For those who have not read the original Colters Woman, I am posting my original review from 3 years ago below Written February 17, 2007 Holly, our heroine, is running away from her psycho killer husband Fate decree that Holly ends up at the Colters ranch with the three Colter brothers The Colter have a family tradition that is like a reverse Mormon instead of one dude having many wives, all 3 dudes are looking for just one wife to share This is suppose to be a menage a quartre romance Holly, with her virginity she ran away from psycho hubby on her wedding nite and her big ass trust fund, is obviously The One the Colters Have Been Waiting For Much sexual antics ensues with some weak suspense elements thrown in.This e book had been at the top of the Samhain website s Bestseller List for MONTHS so I finally gave in to see what all the fuss was about.The verdict This is some good smut Exhausting, going at it like bunnies, how the heck do they do that, jaw dropping smut You know how exhausting it is to read about Skye O Malley or Erica Kane as they go through their countless marriages and lovers over a period of 25 years Well, Colters Woman is like that, except condensed to about, um, 2 weeks.Okay, so why the B grade Well, a girl cannot live on smut alone altho seton tries, really really hard and the falling in love aspects are not very believable IMO, Holly only has a real connection with Ryan, the youngest Colter brother I wouldnt be surprised if Holly and Ryan run off together and leave the other 2 behind However, I admire Banks for going out there with this story that I will swallow the whole fantasy The fantasy that Holly loves all the Colters equally The fantasy that Holly has the energy to service all three oversexed men at least once Every Single Day.Jeez, I m exhausted just typing this book review. This was my first taste of Maya Banks, and I enjoyed her writing style, for the most part.However, in general I found the book to be disappointing The story opens with one of the Colter brothers finding a woman laying in a ditch on their property He picks her up to take her into their home and immediately thinks she s the one No sooner is she inside, still unconscious, when the other two brothers see her and think she s the one Now, while this is a common occurrence in PNR, what with bonding scents and the such, Colters Woman is not PNR So it left me wondering how three men could look at this nearly dead, half frozen woman and think she s the one Clearly they were verylonely.I wanted desperately to connect to the main characters, to understand why they chose the lifestyle they did, but there was such a lack of depth of emotion on their parts, that I felt like I was reading a newspaper article than reading about people I should care about.I wanted to feel for Ryan, the former POW who had been tortured beyond human endurance, but his story was merely grazed over When he finally unloaded, for the first time ever, what had happened to him during his captivity, it was to Holly, who he barely knew but had enjoyed great sex with After what was supposed to be a heart wrenching, soul shattering retelling, she comforted him with sex.The brothers are compelling men, so much so that they could have had their own stories, so I didn t feel like it was a total waste of time, but it was a let down given all the raving reviews Which brings me to this There are a lot of great reviews for this book, so don t take my word for it If this sounds like something you d enjoy, give it a go Many people love it, and maybe you will, too. Adam, Ethan And Ryan Aren T Looking For Women They Re Looking For A Woman One Woman To Share Their Lives And Their Beds They Don T Want A Casual Romp In The Hay, They Want The Woman Who Will Complete Them And They Re Losing Hope Of Finding Her That Is Until Adam Finds Holly Lying In The Snow Just Yards From Their Cabin He Knows She S Different The Minute He Holds Her In His Arms But Before Adam Gets His Hopes Up, He Knows He Has To Gauge His Brothers Reactions Soon Its Evident That She S The One There Are A Few Problems, However, Like Convincing Her She Belongs With Them And Keeping Her Safe From The Man Who Wants Her Dead Warning, This Title Contains The Following Explicit Sex, Graphic Language, Menage A Quatre, Violence

Maya Banks is the 1 New York Times, 1 USA Today and international bestselling author of over 50 novels A wife and mother of three, she lives in Texas.

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