Conning Harvard

Conning Harvard For me, this kind of book is a guilty pleasure I love stories about frauds and con artists Usually I root for them, but it was hard to like the fraudster in this book because he lied and plagiarized not just to get into Harvard, Bowdoin, and Stanford, but also to be a straight A student and win top prizes At first I was not very impressed by the writing style of this book, but once I realized that the author is a college kid herself I had a lot of respect.The story of what the con artist did is quite interesting, and I won t spoil it here, except to say that he was following the school of thought that says the bigger and ridiculous your lies are, the likely it is that you ll get away with it The author is too respectful of the Harvard admission s department and administration to delve deeply into why it took them so long to catch on A smarter, moderate cheater would never be caught If all he d wanted was to collect a Harvard diploma, no one would ever have caught Adam Wheeler, but then he set his sights on a Fulbright I like that the author has an insider s view because she is a Harvard student herself, but I think it also made her blind to questions that would occur to an outsider Like, what is so great about Harvard that people will do anything to get in what is the spell that people are under That is so bizarre it should be a chapter in itself But I got the sense that the author feels that way too, like naturally the highest dream of any student would be to go to Harvard, so no explanation needed And my biggest questions went unanswered What motivated this guy Why did he keep on doing the same things even after he got caught No one knows the answers to these questions, probably, but I would be curious to hear what the people who knew him thought Also, what was his childhood like Any interesting backstory on this guy What was wrong with him, anyway At times the fraudster must have spent much time copying and editing little snippets of plagiarized material than he would have just writing a few sentences The few pieces of his own writing in the book are almost complete gibberish Did he do any of his college course work Would he read the assigned books in his classes I thought it was interesting that the person who finally caught him was not cynical or suspicious than the other people who d read Adam Wheeler s amazing transcripts, recommendations, and resumes He was just caring, worried that this student was taking on too many responsibilities at a young age Oh, and he d read the essay that the fraudster lifted Anyway, the whole book brought back my college days in the humanities, where it didn t matter if my papers made sense or were on topic, as long as they had a certain tone and lots of three dollar words. It s written by a reporter for The Harvard Crimson, and to be frank, you can tell Not that the reporting isn t thorough, but a you can tell she disapproves of the whole scandal while I was actually interested in how he did it than in hearing how bad it is to cheat , and b it is VERY dry I gave it about 30 pages before quitting. A rather interesting book that at times gets bogged down in the recitation and review of the length Adam Wheeler went in perpetrating his fraud on several institutions of higher education, most notably Harvard I would have preferred about Adam the man, but his reclusive tendencies probably did not offer much to look at.Yes his conduct was certainly criminal in the fraud and deceit and he was eventually punished with equal measure, but I could not escape the presence of the giant elephant looming in the background, Harvard University It is true they have many thousands of applications to review each year to enter their hallowed academic environs Yet this great institution of most learned scholars at the very pinnacle were entirely duped, caught up in their own hubris and romance of seeming brilliance and accomplishment And their outrage at being duped and financially taken advantage of for around 40k or so was somewhat amusing The court ordered restitution The richest educational institution that controls and endowment of around 30 billion, that s billion with a B How dare they be embarrassed this way, caught with their pants down for all the world to see. DNF I m not sure what I wanted when I began this book, but I didn t get it There are some interesting tidbits about the college application process at top tier schools along with some general criticism of that process along with plagiarism and cheating among high school and college students I was curious about Adam Wheeler and his specific cons although I think calling him a con artist is going a bit far , but that took a backseat to the author s own agenda viewpoint Interesting topic but poorly executed I just couldn t get into it. Best EPub, Conning Harvard Author Julie Zauzmer This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Conning Harvard , Essay By Julie Zauzmer Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You The story itself was interesting and the book appears to be thoroughly researched However, the author spends large chunks of the book editorializing about the college admissions process This breaks up the flow of the book, is unnecessary, and gets to be pretty repetitive The author s writing style is also very much like a journalist The prose is pretty dry and unvaried It feels like you are reading a serious of newspaper articles to a degree The book would have been much better if it was crafted as a story with better character development and better descriptions of events. A 21st Century Catch Me If You Can I have little doubt that Adam Wheeler has a bright mind What s most impressive is his grit to work overtime through the complex and involved application process and the resourcefulness to find the right words to plagiarize each of his college papers, writings and reflections. An interesting re telling of real life Adam Wheeler, who conned his way into Harvard, as well as the broader social implications that contribute to cheating. quick read about serial, compulsive plagiarist who BSed his way into Harvard as a transfer student, faked effusive recommendations for himself, invented credentials on his cv, won scholarships and writing prizes with other people s work, and so on and so on until getting tripped up when applying for a Rhodes scholarship using an essay written by a friend and colleague of one of the interviewers Oops Author was on the story for the college newspaper at the time, which means she has lots of insight into the details of what made his Kirkland house suite so suitable for big parties, but also is predictably correlated with a youthful, inexperienced writing style.Other major gap in this very interesting story is that she never got cooperation from the perp or even his family So the technical details of his cheating are all here, including the somewhat ridiculous lengths to which he took it e.g., cribbing from the acknowledgements of someone s dissertation in English lit , but any further intel on his life, how this all started, whether he was nervous about getting caught, etc all lacking. This was a very interesting and well written book that I found hard to put down Julie Zauzmer did an excellent job of weaving the story of how a pathological fraudster faked his way into Harvard and Bowdoin and, amazingly, how he was not caught until he came very close to winning Harvard s endorsement for a Rhodes scholarship Particularly impressive is the fact that the author of this book was a senior in college at the time she wrote and published what is an incredibly compelling story The book had only two shortcomings First, there was insufficient information about Adam Wheeler and his family This may have been due to a lack of access to them, but insight into his background and upbringing, and his personal perspective and motivations would have helped round out the story Second, Ms Zauzmer was pretty easy on Harvard s complete and utter negligence in not catching Wheeler sooner The claims he made on his application, and the nature of many of his essays and writings, were virtually unbelievable and should have resulted in some added due diligence.

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