Corruption Renegade Biker Drug Runner Recovering Addict Wanted By The Southeastern Narcotics Bureau But He Isn T A Crook, He S The Law SNB Agent Bo Schollenberger S Solved His Cases Using His Brains And Not A Gun, And With His Partner, Not Alone Now He S Handed A Tough New Case Involving Designer Drugs That Turn Users Violent One False Move Could End His Life As He Immerses Himself Into A Motorcycle Gang To Locate The Source His Fate Depends On How Well He Can Impersonate Someone Else Someone Named Cyrus Cooper Cyrus Is Everything Bo Schollenberger Isn T, Including The Badass Enforcer For A Smuggling Ring He Establishes Pecking Order With His Fists And Doesn T Take Shit From Anybody, Not Even The Undercover Agent Who Comes To Help His Case Simon Lucky Harrison S Always Been The Best, Whichever Side Of The Law He Was On Former Trafficker Turned SNB Agent, He Damned Well Ought To Be Undercover In This Motorcycle Gang, Instead Of Hanging Around The Office Going Crazy With New Policies, New People, And Inter Departmental Cooperation That Sticks Him In A Classroom Yet He S Passed Over For The SNB S Biggest Case In Decades In Favor Of The Rookie Who Shares His Bed A Man Lucky Thought He KnewWhen Survival Depends On A Web Of Tangled Lies, Lines Blur, Worlds Collide, And A High Stakes Game Turns Friend To Foe Lucky Knows The Difference Between Bo The Agent And Cyrus The Outlaw, But Does Bo

You will know Eden Winters by her distinctive white plumage and exuberant cry of Hey, y all in a Southern US drawl so thick it renders even the simplest of words unrecognizable Watch out, she hugs Driven by insatiable curiosity, she possibly holds the world s record for curriculum changes to the point that she s never quite earned a degree but is a force to be reckoned with at Trivial Pursuit.

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  • ebook
  • 195 pages
  • Corruption
  • Eden Winters
  • English
  • 12 March 2017

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    4.5 stars Audiobook4.5 stars Story Hot Funny Mystery on point The writing solid Lucky and Bo s relationship solid, Kinky and hot Lucky makes it so easy to love this seriesDarcy Stark narration is sooo good and he nails the accents.

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    I m seriously getting addicted to this series staring Lucky, the ultimate but so lovable asshole and the sweet and smart Bo, two unusual Narc agents with lots of baggage from their past.The author left us at the end of Collusion with Lucky finally saying the L word gasp but still weary of commitment Lucky and Bo decided it was best to hide their love affair to all their Narc colleagues but keep privately diving into their relationship at a very different pacing Where Lucky pays attention to his food habits, cleans up his place, gets fond of the luck statue Bo offered him and agrees to spend nights at Bo s place yeah, he is that in love , Bo dreams about losing condoms, buying a house and raising kids yeah, very different scale Bo may be a very patient man, not sure he won t throw the towel though And Lucky is at loss about what to do And the new mission Bo is assigned to is not helping After spending some time in undercover training, showing that Lucky s mentorship is no needed, Bo has a new assignment infiltrating as Cy a biker gang selling Corruption , a new drug creating havoc in the streets and to discover who the suppliers are Meanwhile, Lucky has to stay in Atlanta where he is promoted to train newbies However, the mission takes an unexpected turn and Lucky is being sent to help Bo After so many months of separation, how Bo will welcome Lucky And will Bo still be Bo or get consumed by his personae Cy, the hot as fuck outlaw biker I so love the way the relationship develops and how Lucky deals with having Bo in his life as well as having Cat Lucky in his life such a funny parallelism All the past circumstances have made of Lucky an asshole and a nightmare in socializing but deep down, he s reliable and thoughtful And, OMG, when these guys can find a few moments to enjoy themselves, it s scorching hot But what left me breathless in this instalment the twist at the end of this mission Trouble in paradise guaranteed I need to get my hands on the next book like yesterday Fan girling in the air

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    I m fucking whoever the hell you are, cause you re all the same to me And you can consider yourself fucking Lucky Damn it all to hell I wanted to say a lot of vulgar and trashy things right now, because I held off reading this book in fear of not liking what was to come I mean, Lucky and Bo had a pretty nice ending previously, and now there s trouble in paradise So yes, I was stepping on eggshells deciding if I wanted to read this, or plug fingers into my ears while shouting, lalalalala to drown out my consciousness But I couldn t fight off the sexy half naked devil wearing assless chaps, who sits on my shoulder And now with images of motorcycles to boot So I am very surprised that this series isn t popular I think it s the premise of dealing with real life pharmaceuticals that throws people off For me, it was the opposite As a pharmacist myself, the book blurb was like waving bacon to a starving southern man While the plot of drug diversion is important in the series, I always felt the books were character driven If you ve made it this far into the series, then all I can say is this if you ve liked loved Lucky and Bo up to this point, then Corruption won t disappoint The story is told from Lucky s perspective, and boy does he make me want to get naked sometimes He continues to have that bad boy attitude laced with enough sarcasm and smarts to make you snicker and at inappropriate times and isn t it cute how he has to stand on tip toes to kiss Bo on the lips What I liked best about Corruption was its exploration of Lucky s hesitance to bring his relationship to the next step with Bo While many M M stories tend to have one of the MCs hesitate due to their own insecurities of love i.e do I really love him , Eden Winters makes it clear that Lucky will always love Bo He just has problems communicating with words, and the goals that Bo wants in life were things that Lucky never dreamed possible So yes, there s a lot of self exploration in this book And Bo has to go undercover where new demons or old, depending on how you see it surface as he battles with his dissociative state of mind But in the midst of all this introspective exploring, that doesn t mean we don t have action going on There s a supplier of bath salts known as Corruption that needs to be found, while new plot twist makes it clear that the series does not end with this book The book can be emotionally painful at times, but I find myself loving Lucky and Bo even is that possible By the end, I can see some pretty bad things looming across the horizon, but these two have never been closer than ever before I will be waiting with much anticipation for the next book

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    Ummmcan we just stop for a second to stare at this cover and the SEXINESS that is Bo Cy here Holy smokesokrecoveringSo, on with the review Corruption is book 3 of the Diversion series by Eden Winters and I m a fan I ve really enjoyed the first 3 books and yaythere will be well, at least 1 from what I ve heard The characters are fun well, Lucky is fun, Bo is HOTand lovingand vulnerable sigh and the storylines are always engaging and have me suckered in This one was no exception.Bo is sent to train and eventually go deep undercover in a drug ring A la Zane Cut Run during his Miami days, it s a dark place and time for Boand he s gone for awhile This leaves Lucky home, worried, stressed Just as the I love you s had been exchanged, they re separated I, too, was home worried, stressed Bowell, I just don t trust that he can take care of himself without Lucky at his back But apparently, we don t know all there is to know about Bo.Book 3 is, for me, the best of the bunch to date The undercover story is great But even better is the growth, the uncertainty, the insecurity, and the strengthening of Lucky and Bo s relationship They face a lot of questions and doubt and eventually come out stronger in the end because of it all I love Lucky s quirkiness, which is borderline insanity in this book, but still so endearing And Bo really shines in this bookstepping out of his boring straight man role.I wish for people to be reading this series It s not the kind that I think will totally knock anyone s socks off, but it s one of those solid, entertaining, glad I m reading it series and I d love for you all to give it a go

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    I just realized that this series quietly sneaked up on me to become one of my favorites with different, smart story lines, frustratingly awesome characters I m looking at you Lucky o.O and some steamy chemistry Ok, so I haven t said anything about this particular bookread the blurb, it s pretty spot on and there are some nice reviews out there too.I will mention that the chaps are backand undercover Bo as biker Cy Badass, indeed Yep, with three back to back 5 star ratings I have to admit to loving this series to bits Anyone who has followed and enjoyed the series should like Corruption as well.Thanks a million to Mandy who selflessly searched for and found my vision of Bo THANK YOU, MANDY DAlso for you cat people, Cat Lucky was pretty darn cool too.

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    I set out to write a stand alone novel three years ago, and yet Diversion has now spawned a series, being followed by Collusion and now Corruption Bad boy Lucky has grown on me, but in this installment, he just might be eclipsed by his mild mannered partner I m a big fan of motorcycles, and relived my own youth in writing the riding scenes If you blink you ll miss it, but the 1977 Super Glide mentioned is a tribute to the black and chrome beauty I used to ride in the early eighties I still own a riding jacket, chaps, and boots The next installment is tentatively entitled Manipulation , in which the mystery man from Corruption is revealed Cue evil cackle I hope you enjoy this continuation of Bo and Lucky s story.

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    4.5 stars

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    4.5 StarsI really liked these books when I read them, but I am loving them on audio Darcy Stark s narration is just phenomenal the accents are great and the performance balances the story telling with just the right level of drama.With each book I get to re live Bo and Lucky figuring their shit out, falling in loveand the romance isn t overshadowed by the case Like I said in the review for the ebook version, I really wish we had Bo s POV for this installment given he was the one undercover maybe a novella at some point, please, Eden but hearing Lucky s distress at the danger Bo was constantly in, at not being constantly in contact, really developed the character Cracked that shell right open so we could see the creamy nougat center.Can t wait to start the next onebut I may hold off because I need to have the audio for all of them and I hate to have too big a gap waiting for 5 7

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    Ahhhh that ending On to the next book.

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