Council of Peacocks (Activation #1)

Council of Peacocks (Activation #1) There Is A Dark World, Hidden In Plain Sight, Filled With Vengeful Djinn And Shadowy Demons The Council Of Peacocks, A Group Of Ruthless Wizards, Has Plans For The Human Race For Centuries They Have Plotted And Schemed Now, The Moment Of Activation Draws NearWisdom, An Immortal Sorcerer, Has Gathered A Band Of Hybrid Youths With Extraordinary Powers They Are Trained To Stop The Council But There S Something That Wisdom Doesn T KnowThe Council Is No Longer Working AloneIf Wisdom And His Students Cannot Stop The Council, The World As They Know It Will Cease To Exist Council Of Peacocks, A Paranormal Thriller, Is The First Installment Of The Activation Series Grab Your Copy Now

Joseph Murphy was born and raised in Ontario, Canada He earned his geekdom at an early age He read X Men comics from at the age of 8 and it only went downhill from there.As a teenager he wrote short stories and wanted to be the next Stephen King Instead of horror, however, he kept writing fantasy stories After surviving high school as a goth with a purple mohawk, he studied English and Creativ

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  • Council of Peacocks (Activation #1)
  • M. Joseph Murphy
  • English
  • 20 January 2019

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    Paranormal Thriller Baddassary I read this book twice over, as a beta critique reader The thriller intensity sucked me in, hook, line and sinker My inner scifi paranormal horror geek was thoroughly satisfied.This is precisely the kind of book I enjoy reading It hits all the buttons Epic battles, epic moments of self discovery, epic tales of heroes and villains, and of course there s loads of angst ridden teenagers with badass paranormal psychokinesis abilities, trying to find their way through horrific scenes of violence and callous disregard for human life Can I get HELL YEAH Its X MEN meets CLASH OF THE TITANS directed by Quentin Tarantino cue the cheesy surfer music We begin the story with this enigmatic character named Wisdom He s just been through a vicious brawl, but he won Wisdom isn t exactly human, he s something else a demi god, so powerful he can move through space time to restart the battle in an attempt to balk fate This isn t the first time he s fought this battle.But something has changed Some other party is mucking about in the timeline, the outcome is no longer certain.As the tale unfolds, we meet a series of gifted people Wisdom has collected over the years, the Anomalies They are being trained for the showdown.A secret society of sorcerers known as The Council of Peacocks is plotting their return to power Once a thriving religious group, they are now led by one of Wisdom s mistakes, Propates, a man transformed into an immortal The Council intends to use humanity as a bartering chip in their deals with demonic entities from other dimensions who want a piece of Earth With his army of ragtag teenager Anomalies, Wisdom intends to stop the Council, at all costs But these kids are freaks of nature who don t even know how they came to be, let alone how to harness their wicked powers.And how can a band of kids who have in common with demons than angels become heroes when they barely understand what the hell Wisdom is asking them to do In the end, we are securely lined up for the next installment of a very promising series M Joseph Murphy raises concepts of faith, religion, an insightful view of human history, and a couple of philosophical questions Is there really such a thing as fate And if we could move through time, could we change it

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    Council of Peacocks Activation by M Joseph Murphy is a highly entertaining and clever paranormal thriller It is a fun read with some unexpected depth Set between Canada and Greece it involves amongst other great ingredients time travel, djinns and wizzards While out camping a group of six youngsters get attacked and run from what appears clearly not human creatures.As they are on the run we learn about how they link to a much bigger picture.The Council of Peacocks, a group of ruthless wizards under the leadership of Propates are taking on the world while Wisdom, an immortal scorcerer and his team of gifted youth, the Anomolies, fight back.It is the classic battle of good versus evil, but not in as simple a way at all The plot is highly evolved and complex, cleverly constructed and very engaging Human kind is evolving and threatened, different groups of beings fight each other and battle for the ultimate tool to wipe the other out, time and events are muddled up by repetitive time travel to alter history, so there is a lot going on The book is written with great suspense and action that cleverly involves the hero and the anti hero The characters top me are clearly one of the biggest strengths of the book they are not your average and boring stereotypes, they have issues, contradictions, a past and they make for some excellent entertainment They even add some serious thoughts and a philosophical dimension to the story at times.The paranormal or fantasy part of this thriller is very engaging with lots of great ideas and imaginative creations You dive into this world and feel for once someone has not re told the same story with just a different colouring.There are surprises in the plot that save us from predictability, the language is superb and the humour in the novel was just right for an epic fantasy like this to keep it real.I don t often read fantasy books but this one pressed all the right buttonsWell done and highly recommended.

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    Since I m not going to review my own book, I decided, instead, to add the acknowledgements from Council of Peacocks.Last year, if you d asked me, I would have told you writing was a lonely, solitary activity Now I know better.First, a thank you to my beta readers James Marentette, Rob Welch, Bronwyn Cair, Stephanie Parent, Craig McGray and Carey Heywood.To Charles Ekeke a special thanks for being my harshest critic You forced me to look at some of the largest weak spots in Council of Peacocks and make them stronger To Christie Stratos for spot on line edits and constant encouragement She pointed out weaknesses in the story and inconsistencies between scenes This type of error is much harder to spot and important to the reader s enjoyment.To my cover artist, Dane Low, thanks for your wonderful eye You took my idea for a cover and created something better I also need to thank Linda Johannesson for her thorough, in depth proofreading You were worth every dime and then some You found things no one else did You also helped immensely by improving Australian slang and finding all my Canadianisms.Lastly, a huge thanks to Travis Luedke who did line edits twice You made me look at every word of every line on every page You told me when my jokes weren t funny, when my exposition was too wordy and when my dialogue needed umph You ve also been my largest supporter There is no way I ll ever be able to repay your kindness.

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    The Council of Peacocks has it all, epic battles, conspiracy theories, romance, and a great story line The first page will suck you into a complex and unpredictable, page turning plot Upon meeting the main character, Wisdom, immediately you feel the power and pain behind that power Wisdom is an immortal that is traveling through time to make a future that he is happy with His former prot g , Propates, is up to something dark and destructive and Wisdom will do anything that it takes to stop him Despite his immortality and inventive super powers, Wisdom needs help New characters, The Anomalies, are introduced and each have something in common, fire starter tendencies and a past that does not allow them to go home These teens are being collected by Wisdom and taught how to control and fully utilize their powers Tempers run high when the students do not feel like Wisdom is being honest with them but when unexpected events occur, they have no choice but to band together and fight Wisdom is an unusual main character because I wasn t sure whether to like him or not He has a dark past but seems to have a good heart deep down but will it be enough to save the world from the super villain, Propates His friends don t fully trust his intentions including his heart s desire, Echo Wisdom learns to rely on a new friend, Josh, to gain information that can help defeat the Council of Peacocks With an ending that is sure to leave you wanting , this book is a great start to the series

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    The book begins as we meet to two very powerful characters on opposite sides of the conflict for Earth Propates and Wisdom Propates works within the Council of Peacocks, a group of practitioners of arcane powers, forcing the evolution of humans through a process he calls Eyeness, aiming to change the world Wisdom, with his Djinn abilities, wants to prevent the council from succeeding in their plans and destroying the world as we know it.We meet several Anomalies people with EFHB s, Extraordinary Functions of the Human Body , who are under Wisdom s guidance and tuition for the upcoming war against the Council Propates is actively hunting for these Anomalies to convert them into his Edimmu angel like beings with black wings who dwell in the shadows.With the conflict set, the cast introduced, the storyline quickens with several changes in location, problems for Wisdom and the Anomalies to overcome, and the underlying threat of the Council s plans.Each scene in the book is balanced with storyline, character development, inter character relationships and of course plenty of action, making Council of Peacocks a well paced, interesting and deeply inspired piece of fiction.I found this book incredibly enjoyable, and having already read through it twice, I am still finding new areas to enjoy In absolute honesty, I cannot wait for the second book to be released.

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    This was an interesting beginning to a series Wisdom is a special kind of witty and jaded person because he s been alive for far too long Like any immortal, he makes his share of mistakes over his very long lifetime But he s insanely powerful, strong enough to overpower his father, a powerful Djinn Over the years Wisdom has made plenty of friends and enemies, and the lines can be blurred with both Echo is a woman he took by force and made into an immortal, but he clearly has strong feelings for Propates is a male he d turned into an immortal as well, but Propates becomes an enemy He is actually leader of the Council of Peacocks.What I find most interesting is that Wisdom is not some altruistic character fighting solely to save mankind He s a selfish jerk, to be quite honest, and most lives are expandable to him But he does care for some, most definitely Echo and a few others among the hybrids he takes in to teach to use their powers The author adds some bits of different mythologies and modifies them, which I m certainly a fan of What makes the end worthwhile for me is that Wisdom has to learn a lesson the hard way, the same as the youths he teaches All in all, a good story despite a few grammar issues and I can t wait for the next in the series

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    I beta read this book It s thrilling, original, and filled with a dizzying in a good way array of references to different mythologies and cultures.

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    While this is not a genre I usually read, I was surprised by how engaging I found this story Murphy has a tremendous imagination, a colourful vocabulary and has created an ensemble of equally colourful characters The pace of the story moved well and there were no real gaps in logic which can be challenging for me when reading the fantasy genre While it s a shade or two darker than my usual read, it s also very human and relatable I found myself cheering for good over evil, rooting for the heroes over the villains Though at times, I ll admit that I wasn t completely convinced who was on which side Definitely an entertaining and engaging read Bring on the book two

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    This book had me sucked in by the first page I loved that the whole thing read like I was watching a movie The descriptions were adequate enough for me to form a good picture of the characters and their actions in my head, but not so much that I became bored and lost the flow of the story I found the story thrilling and the characters interesting Looking forward to the next book in the series.

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    Interesting and very likeable characters Fast paced exciting read Enjoyed it far than I expected since I m not a true sci fi gal Very glad I read it and even so that I had the chance to meet and discuss the book and his ideas with this very interesting author.

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