Covert Mission (Thunder Creek Ranch, #2)

Covert Mission (Thunder Creek Ranch, #2) Covert MissionAs everyone settles sown form the commotion in book one , a stalker, Zakia and Luke coming back together, and everyone being in danger Things start to resemble a little bitnormal on the Thunder Creek Ranch The twins thriving, Zakia and Luke are gloriously happy Sam, Zakia s best friend, war veteran, has loss she has been dealing with on her own Not even Zakia knows the extent of her headache So as Blake pushes to get closer and closer, Sam is so drawn to him but holds back She does not see a future with this man, even with the extreme attraction to both his body and mind Thetime Blake spends with Sam, he knows she is the one He doesn t understand why she will not give the two a chance He just knows that he wants her in his life, to raise a family with and never leave his side As they finally get to the point of talking and getting down to business, danger comes back to the ranch The stalker, Roy has escaped and the family, Luke and Zakia has created, is in danger Blake steps up and gets his team in gear to protect the family Sam, gets a target on her back as well and now Blake has evenat risk Will they finally be able to put Roy to justice Will the family ever be safe or will we lose one of the people we have all come to love And will, a secret Sam has kept, end their budding relationship I really enjoyed this book The romance was building from book 1 and you are at the point you know the characters and theyou learn thein love you fall for this family The sex scenes are adult and very steamy You really are rooting for Blake and Sam I also liked how we got to continue to see lots from Luke, Zakia and the boys My only fault I read was a little bit about the hospital scenes I personal work in a hospital, so I amcritical of those scenes Nothing that would ruin a book or plot, just technical issues The storythan makes up for the slight issues Am looking forward to readingon the Thunder Creek Ranch If you like a good romance, you will love these books Thanks Lorraine for asking for a review, I thoroughly enjoyed my time come check out this review andon Two Cops Have Been Murdered, Two Convicts Escape Samantha Muldoon And Blake Northrup Pair Up To Protect Their Friends Will Their Attraction To Each Other Hinder Their Effectiveness And Distract Them From Their Job Can It Grow Into Something Lasting, Or Will Previous Hurt Keep Them Apart Enter contest here Ray The bad guy escapes prison and Sam gets into an accident which leaves her with no memory things get interesting Here is where the pace picks up and the story gets really good The ending was a little too convenient and the twists weren t really big surprises Still there were hot cowboys and great characters That s one thing that Ms Nelson really nailed, the characters Sam was wonderfully witty and Blake a sweetheart The sex was really well done too Overall, the pace and plot needed work So, the big question, would I recommend this Yes It s still a very sweet read and the characters are wonderfully written. Every book in this series is wonderful Thank you so much Lorraine for bringing these character to life and for doing it so gracefully This was a good book Blake and Sam both liked each other, but kept their distance from each other It was nice to see them give into their attraction to each other It was good to see Sam let her guard down and let her friends help her Sam was able to help with the investigation Blake was such a nice guy and took everything Sam did in stride.

Lorraine Nelson lives in rural New Brunswick, on the east coast of Canada Always a bookworm, she s read many novels of romance and mystery over the years, finally deciding to put her pen to work at writing one To write romantic suspense is my dream job, although my mom says I was born with an avid imagination and pencil in hand, crafting stories from an early age I am mother to three wonderful

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