Cream Cream, An Androgynous Beauty, Knows What It S Like To Be Abandoned, Broke, And Used Left To The State By Her Parents And Taken Under The Wing Of Her Selfish Foster Mother, Cream Sets Her Focus On One Thing Money She Dives Head First Into The Exotic Lifestyle Of Stripping Starting Out In Gentlemen Clubs, Drama Seems To Follow Her Wherever She Goes Instead Of Facing The Turmoil, She Moves On To The Next City, Causing Chaos Than What She Left BehindShe Thinks She Has Life All Figured Out Until She Crosses Paths With Payton, A Daddy S Girl With Lots Of Cash And A Lust For Women Payton Makes Her Learn Things About Herself That She Never Saw Possible And With Her New Discovery Comes A Big Change In Her Look And PersonalityCream Is At The Top Of Her Game, Surrounded By Money And Beautiful Women Then, One Wild Night Forces Her To Discover Yet Another Truth About Herself And Face The Reality Of Her Lifestyle Will She Continue To Dwell In Her Unstable Comfort Zone Or, Will She Finally Open Her Eyes

I write about heterosexuals, I write about lesbians, I write about transgenders I write about people Writing is my life I don t do it to make money I do it because I enjoy it and I love the escape that comes with it If I win awards with this gift that s fine If I dont, that s fine too At least, I ll have left something behind.

[Reading] ➿ Cream  By Christiana Harrell –
  • Paperback
  • 230 pages
  • Cream
  • Christiana Harrell
  • English
  • 11 November 2019
  • 9781491096147

10 thoughts on “Cream

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    Really enjoyed this book Kept me interested from beginning to end Great writing.

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    I had originally checked out this book by talking a peek at the sample After reading the sample, I immediately purchased the full version It took me a little while to finally slow down long enough to read it but it was so worth the wait.I absolutely loved this tale I enjoyed following along Siren transitioned into Cream before transitioning into her true self A LOT of this tale was true to life, especially when dealing with women, the life, and entertainment Cream s first performance reminded me of the first time that I had seen a show in Atlanta and the awe I felt as I watched the performers Lawd It was an experience This story gave me a feeling of nostalgia and made me reminisce over some of the fun I had back in the day I haven t come across many tales that do that for me, but this one did On top of that, this was a tale of growth, letting go and learning to love This is one I will read again

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    Plagued by drama, gender confusion and abandonment issues The transition of Cream tugs at your heartstrings from beginning to the very end So, strap up and prepare for an emotional ride with this lost soul in aimless pursuit of THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR.Minus the numerous typos, I absolutely loved the story line, the naiveness of Cream discovering herself and the author s vivid writing style.Bravo Christiana Harrell is one to keep on your radar EyeCU Approved Recommended

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    Enjoyed this book The character, Cream, draws you in and holds you within her grasp as she works through the hand life deals her Wrought with emotion and reality, this book was excellent from beginning to end.

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    Cream was a page turner Christiana Harrell is a bawse.

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    The headline reads passion because most people find it easy to relate to books written based on true stories Cream is a fictional novelyet based on true stories So many characters in this novel I ve met in my everyday life to include the good and bad so many memories from my own life I read from a complete stranger The book instills a yearning for the best possible outcome You see the character transition, not just change wardrobe but she truly becomes herself and I think that is a familiar territory for all people gay and straight alike It was definitely a fast read The words flowed smoothly and the Ms Harrell was able to bring you into the book s world through description without over doing the details I legitimately love this book Since I discovered Ms Harrell s abilities as an author I have been a loyal fan I encourage you to pick the book up, or download it either way it s a good read and you re definitely missing out if you don t get your copy.

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    The only thing wrong with this book is that it contains a disturbing and alarming amount of typing errors, misspellings and punctuation issues, all of which are big deals However, the book is so good and engaging that I have to give 4 stars I read this page turner from start to finish in one day because I couldn t put it down I went back and forth on whether to give 3 or 4 stars due to typing errors I decided on 4 because the story, alone, was so good I do want to add here that if this book gets re edited and released again, it is sure to be a best seller The fact that it was edited and published with so many edit issues is really disturbing to me There are many typos that need to be addressed But excellent story and I do hope to read from this author A sequel to this one would be exciting

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    Review from This book was a page turner from the moment I got it I really enjoyed every moment of the story I think Christiana Harrell is turning into one of my favorite authors. You will not be disappointed Worth every bit you spend.

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    Informative, Emotional, Funny, Page Turning, Excellent Read

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