Crimes Unspoken

Crimes Unspoken Great book The Soldiers Who Occupied Germany After The Second World War Were Not Only Liberators They Also Brought With Them A New Threat, As Women Throughout The Country Became Victims Of Sexual Violence In This Disturbing And Carefully Researched Book, The Historian Miriam Gebhardt Reveals For The First Time The Scale Of This Human Tragedy, Which Continued Long After The Hostilities Had EndedDiscussion In Recent Years Of The Rape Of German Women Committed At The End Of The War Has Focused Almost Exclusively On The Crimes Committed By Soviet Soldiers, But Gebhardt Shows That This Picture Is Misleading Crimes Were Committed As Much By The Western Allies American, French And British As By The Members Of The Red Army, And They Occurred Not Only In Berlin But Throughout Germany Nor Was The Suffering Limited To The Immediate Aftermath Of The War Gebhardt Powerfully Recounts How Raped Women Continued To Be The Victims Of Doctors, Who Arbitrarily Granted Or Refused Abortions, Welfare Workers, Who Put Pregnant Women In Homes, And Wider Society, Which Even Today Prefers To Ignore These Crimes Crimes Unspoken Is The First Historical Account To Expose The True Extent Of Sexual Violence In Germany At The End Of The War, Offering Valuable New Insight Into A Key Period Of Th Century History This book is really good Though it of course has its issues, and those stem in part I think from the intended audience Germany and me being not that, but most importantly she challenges the assumption that so many scholars of war make about rape that it is a natural consequence of war It is not It is socially constructed to be a consequence of war, but it can be dismantled. ja meine Oma war auch darunter hat ihrer Beziehung zu meinem Opa nicht direkt gut getan A 20th Century Event Clouded by 21st Century Glasses This book was reviewed as part of s Vine program which included a free copy of the book.I took an interest in this book because it suggested a wealth of new information was discovered to provide a clearer picture of crimes against German women at the end of World War II While Miriam Gebhardt certainly outlines a passionate perspective, I didn t find her research offering anything new and left me with questions than answers.The mass rape of German women at the end of World War II isn t really a topic of debate it is another tragic chapter of the deadliest catastrophe in human history While the perpetrators of the mass rape are generally attributed to Red Army soldiers and their desire for revenge, Gebhardt wants to be sure the blame is shared by the other victors as well mainly American and French Colonial soldiers It s an honest and believable point the Russians were not the only ones raping German women This is probably the only issue in the book I didn t question Once that suggestion is made, the book quickly transcends into a rather convoluted effort to detail different perspectives of the sexual violence and its aftermath difficulties faced by the women , further illustrated by individual accounts While accounts and statistics are one thing, the book speculates assumes on the why aspects of the mass rape, which generalized German women being easy prey for the winning armies chest thumping conquerors eager to take anything and anyone available Believable, maybe but is this true I felt the conquering male theory is too simplified an approach to the subject matter Gebhardt implies sexual encounters with German women were often the result of virile predatory males of conquering armies offsetting the loss of manliness suffered by the men of the defeated German military Revenge is mentioned mostly on behalf of the Red Army , but she doesn t really approach the theory that the war s end may have playing into sexual encounters between former foes I ve read other studies that states even freed concentration camp survivors sought sexual encounters for the sole purpose of reinforcing the fact they were still alive Nor does the author factor the millions of fit to serve draftees that comprised the Allied armies included a large number of criminals The author takes great liberty in making gross assumptions and even assertions the book is peppered with words like assumed , believe , estimate , etc I never found the book providing definitive or new information that would shed any light on the matter Even the number of rapes she estimates over 850,000 German women is speculative and let s be honest an accurate estimate will never be known After 70 years, we cannot even account for an accurate estimate of people who died, let alone validate rape claims how was a claim actually proven back then Though Gebhardt does account for some individual cases, I never felt compelled to believe those she highlighted as being convincing to support her figure, it could be less or even Gebhardt, who is German, seems intent on ensuring the rapes are not simply a trait of the Red Army Americans in Southern Germany take the blame as well The author even implicates the Americans of mass rape of British and French women as well pretty much any country that crossed the US Army s path , but fails to elaborate on this claim The same points are reiterated throughout.Honestly, I never felt CRIMES UNSPOKEN proved anything other than implicate the US and Colonial French forces as contributing to the mass rape of German women following World War II I do think this subject matter is worth examining a lot closer, but Gebhardt s work is provocative in nature and does nothing than cloud and already dark, tragic chapter of mankind s most deadly and destructive event This appears to be an unfinished work. Gute neue Erkenntnisse, teilweise ist der Blick jedoch zu stark durch die Gender und Feminismus Brille gef rbt Varsin raskasta luettavaa Mich hat die Zeit um den zweiten Weltkrieg schon immer interessiert und da ich mehr in diese Richtung lesen wollte, war dieses Buch einfach ein Muss f r mich Besonders da das Thema Vergewaltigung in der Besatzungszeit bis heute nicht wirklich anerkannt wird und die Frauen daher auch nicht als Opfer gelten.Das Thema Vergewaltigung wird auch in der heutigen Zeit, meiner Meinung nach zu oft derart behandelt, dass die Frauen nicht immer als Opfer angesehen werden Man h rt immer wieder, dass es nicht ausreichend Beweise gab, dass es kein einvernehmlicher Sex war oder dass die Frau es ja so gewollt habeDiese Einstellung war nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg, aber auch schon w hrenddessen, noch extermer in den K pfen verankert Ich war schockiert, wie mit den Opfern umgesprungen wurde Sie bekamen kaum Hilfe, die T ter wurden oft gesch tzt Und wenn ein Kind unterwegs war und die Frau es abtreiben wollte, wurde dies meistens verweigert Ich bin kein Freund von Abtreibungen, nicht falsch verstehen Aber wenn eine Frau Opfer einer Gewalttat wurde, da kann ich verstehen, dass sie das dadurch entstandene Kind vielleicht nicht lieben kann und es sie immer wieder daran erinnert, was ihr angetan worden ist.Was ich nicht verstehen kann, ist, wie man denken kann, dass eine Frau eine Vergewaltigung will Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass jemand das wirklich wollen w rde Ganz egal was die deutsche Armee getan hat, nichts rechtfertig, was die Besatzer den Frauen in der Besatzungszeit angetan worden ist.Wie ihr vielleicht merkt, f llt es mir schwer, die richtigen Worte zu finden Ich finde es einfach grausam, was so vielen Frauen angetan worden ist die genaue Zahl weiss bis heute niemand und ich denke, daran wird sich auch in Zukunft nichts ndern und wie die Beh rden etc damit umgegangen sind und es noch immer tun F r mich spielt es keine Rolle, welcher Nationalit t eine Frau angeh rt und was andere Angeh rige des Landes eines Vergewaltigungsopfers getan hat diese Person hat es nicht verdient, derart erniedrigt und gedem tigt zu werden Ich hoffe sehr, dass sich in Zukunft die Einstellung zu dem Thema ndert denn das ist dringend n tig Auch wenn man die Vergangenheit nicht mehr ndern kann, man kann f r die Zukunft dazulernen Noch kurz zum Schreibstil Dieser war zwar soweit in Ordnung, doch die Autorin hat sehr viele verschachtelte und zum Teil lange S tze geschrieben Durch das schwierige Thema fand ich es pers nlich anstrengend, dadurch dem Inhalt folgen zu k nnen Das fand ich sehr schade Einfachere S tze, mit dem gleichen Inhalt, h tte dem Buch bestimmt gut getan und es h tte sich etwas leichter lesen lassen.Das Cover gef llt mir sehr gut es spiegelt gut wieder, was das Buch beinhaltet.Alles in allem bekommt das Buch, trotz dem etwas anstrengenden Schreibstil, von mir f nf volle Sterne. Harrowing Gebhardt s book Crimes Unspoken in the translation I read is about the tens of thousands of German women raped by Allied British, French and American soldiers during WW2 and the occupation.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Crimes Unspoken book, this is one of the most wanted Miriam Gebhardt author readers around the world.

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