Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter

Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter Dixie Hemingway Knows First Hand That Many Things In Life Are Worse Than A Dirty Litter Box Once Happy As A Florida Sheriff S Deputy, She Lost Everything When Senseless Tragedy Shattered Her World Now Dixie Laces Up Her Sneakers, Grabs Some Kitty Treats, And Copes With One Day At A Time As A Pet Sitter Her Investigations Deal Strictly With Crimes Such As Who Peed On The Bed Until She Finds A Dead Man Face Down In An Abyssinian S Water Bowl With The Local Cops Stymied Including A Handsome Detective Who Catches Her Eye She Decides To Clip A Leash On A Lead Or Two And Go Sleuthing Herself Dixie Soon Finds Out That The Abyssinian S Pretty Owner Has Vanished And Left Behind A Shocking Past, A Lonely Cat, And A Chilling Reason For Dixie To Start Running When She S Out Walking The Dogs

My passion is people I think people are absolutely magnificent Not the power hungry heads of governments or churches or corporations who justify all kinds of horror if it suits their goals, but the rest of us In spite of the awful things some human beings do in order to control other human beings, most people are peacefully going about their own business, and I applaud that Families are the ba

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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter
  • Blaize Clement
  • English
  • 13 March 2018
  • 9780312941925

10 thoughts on “Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter

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    I like Dixie She s persistent, compassionate, and has her flaws, making her human There s some swearing and violence, but it didn t distract me The Florida setting is vividly described.

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    I wasn t as fond of this book as I thought I might be The plot is simple and fits the cozy mystery genre, but I got tired of all of the posturing the author does throughout the book Dixie was a Sarasota Sheriff s Deputy until her husband and daughter were killed and she became emotionally unstable She gets embroiled in an investigation when one of the cats she cares for is found cowering in a corner and a man is found duck taped to the cat s water bowl Dixie has an uneasy feeling about the whole set up and she has a hard time explaining to Lieutenant Guidry what is going on The part I got very tired of was Dixie s gay brother, Michael and his partner It is very heavy handed to make all the gay people incredibly handsome, mature and wise and the people who are uneasy about the relationship stupid, intolerant and homophobic Enough, all ready This is exactly like the old morality plays except the roles have been reversed and the PC proponents are just as prejudiced and sanctimonious as the people they vilify Wouldn t it be better to just treat people, gay and straight, as simply people, sometimes bigoted and sometimes wonderful, sometimes handsome, sometimes plain etc Isn t that what being inclusive is all about Just because you are gay doesn t make you handsome, wise and charming and everyone else jerks.

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    Very entertaining I love a good murder mystery and this one fit the bill Also I learned a lot about cats I didn t know Our heroine had to face the worst thing that can happen to a wife and mother Now she tries to only deal with pets Until finding one of the pets with a dead body Now she has to brush off her detective skills and find the murderer before she s next.

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    Really 4.5 stars, but I rounded up.I simply couldn t put this book down it was THAT good I started this last night and went to bed with 80 pages read, but every single spare second I got today I picked it back up Filled with stunning descriptions and chilling scenes this book was by far a winner Dixie was one of the realest, most relatable MCs I ve read in a while She was blunt, yet Ms Clement did a wonderful job of making her perfectly realistic and in no way was Dixie annoying The other characters Dixie s brother, the detective were also wonderful and relatable.The setting was also wonderful Many authors have recently been making their settings so pretentious, and uppity that it s driven a wedge between the book and me However, this setting was wonderful in the fact that it was not pretentious or uppity The mystery was the only lackluster part of the book It had heart pounding moments, sure, but the killer was obvious for awhile before the reveal.Overall a superb book I will be read the next one and I highly recommend

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    Awesome intrigueThis had me suspecting but still unsure until the end A little edgier and I probably wouldn t really call it a cozy just a heads up I did enjoy it a lot and am anxious to read the next one because it has a dachshund in it.

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    I m not rating this since I only got about 15% of the way through But I can definitively say that I m relieved I got this on paperbackswap rather than actually paying for it.My issue is that the writing is just bizarre Example 1 talking about cats being indifferent Then they ll raise their tails to show you their little puckered anuses and walk away p5 Example 2 while grooming a client s cat I turned Fred so that his anus faced her while I brushed the hair around it p48 Um, really That s a bit too much talk of kitty butts for me, thankyouverymuch The first time it was talked about, it was jarring The second was when I stopped reading The writer and the agent and the editor all thought those sentiments deserved space on the page Ugh What s the world coming to

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    I abandoned this book and author with no regrets.Reason 1 Apparently the main character has some sort of big bad in her background that caused her to leave the police force and become a pet sitter There were hints and occasional surface explanations, but nothing that explained much If this is to be a defining aspect of why the main character is who she is, then explain it don t make me extrapolate.Reason 2 Weird writing style Do I really care about cat anuses or that the blessed air conditioning made someone s nipples hard Do I care that a medical professional had hairy knuckles and so by extension probably had a hairy back What does this have to do with the price of eggs in Cincinnati

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    Wow..i really did not like this book..for several reasons..i do not care for foul language in a cozy and there was a fair amount in this was fairly depressing..and i didn t care for the plot or the outcome..i will definitely not continue with this series

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    I think I liked Dixie enough to continue the series, but it was hard to believe that she would keep so much close to her chest while also actively providing information to the police Don t killers get off on technicalities such as obstruction As a former sheriff s deputy, I d think she would know enough not to try that There s also a lot of facts about cats which especially don t concern my cat Anxious and needy, my cat And it eats anything and everything, no turning his nose up at anything, the greedy pig But the thing that made me side eye the book was the handling of the Rush Limbaugh Alex Jones kind of character He s hateful and frothing, so it s nice to see him getting his due, but it just bugged me the convenience of it But it s a cozy mystery, and not a book I d look for social commentary, so I ll give it a pass.

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    Don t let the cutesy title fool you This is much than a cozy mystery My reviews don t contain descriptions of the character or a synopsis of the plot You can get that from the book jacket or s review Suffice it to say, the protagonist, Dixie Hemingway, Professional Pet Sitter, Ex Sheriff s Deputy, in Siesta Key, Florida, is involved in some pretty fascinating crimes for someone you would think is in a relatively safe occupation I have only read two of her books, but they keep getting better I like them for many of the reasons those who choose saccharine mysteries don t.The series is well written, with enough of a twists and turns plot to keep you guessing If you are looking for a cozy about a cat who talks or solves the mystery, this one isn t for you If you would prefer a mystery where the murder victim is licked to death by kittens, skip this series It s grittier than a cozy, has an element of a police procedural and at times, borders on a thriller Ms Clement s books are not easy to categorize, but intriguing ones to read I will be savoring this exciting series one after the other

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