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Curious Toys The Year Is And Pin, The Fifteen Year Old Daughter Of An Amusement Park Fortune Teller, Disguises Herself As A Boy To Run With The Teenage Boys Who Thrive In The Dregs Of Chicago S Street SceneUnbeknownst To The Well Heeled City Dwellers And Visitors Who Come To Enjoy Its Attractions, Riverview Park Is Also Host To A Brutal Serial Killer, A Perfumed Pedophile Who Uses The Secrecy Of A Dark Amusement Park Ride To Conduct His Crimes When Pin Sees A Man Enter The Hell Gate Ride With A Young Girl, And Leave Without Her, She Knows That Something Deadly Is AfootThe Crime Will Lead Her To The Iconic Outsider Artist Henry Darger, A Brilliant But Seemingly Mad Man Obsessed With His Illustrated Novel About A Group Of Young Girls Who Triumph Over Adult Oppressors Together, The Two Navigate The Seedy Underbelly Of A Changing City To Uncover A Murderer Few Even Know To Look For

A New York Times notable and multiple award winning author, Elizabeth Hand has written seven novels, including the cult classic Waking the Moon, and short story collections She is a longtime contributor to numerous publications, including the Washington Post Book World and the Village Voice Literary Supplement She and her two children divide their time between the coast of Maine and North Londo

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    Giveaway win

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    5 Stars 5 BIG Stars Curious Toys by Elizabeth Hand Release day October 15th, 2019With this atmospheric historical thriller, Elizabeth Hand conquers another genre and makes it her own.Science fiction, fantasy, horror, modern mystery and now she proves to be a master at the historical The story is set in 1915 Chicago, taking place mostly at an amusement park Riverview and the Essanay movie studio and centers around Pin Maffuci formerly Vivian Onofrio a 14 year old girl disguised as a boy because of the safety concerns of her mother after her sister disappeared earlier, Henry Darger a real life artist writer of questionable mental stability, and a pedophile serial killer who is killing young girls and stealing their clothes for a purpose I won t divulge here Along with Darger, Hand also incorporates other real life characters throughout the novel like, Charlie Chaplin, Wallace Berry, Gloria Swanson, etc A lot of writers of historical mysteries don t quite get the feel of the time period they re writing, but here Hand knocks it out of the park Every time I read a blurb that compares a book to The Alienist, I think yeah OK but Curious Toys than deserves that comparison The period detail is masterfully rendered.With beautiful linear prose, a great plot meted out with perfect pacing racing to an exciting climax, and a one chapter wrap up that takes place 62 years later, Elizabeth Hand has produced another winner.This could be Elizabeth Hand s breakout book For years she s received accolades and awards and she really deserves a wider readership If you haven t, do yourself a favor and get to know this brilliant writer, you won t be sorry.The only drawback of this novel is that it looks to be a stand alone and I would love Pin.

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    I REALLY want to read this Bc what will I do without historical fiction murder investigations when i am finished with capturing the devil stalking Jack the Ripper 4 Only issue is it quite literally gave away the killer in said book in this blurb I think Unless well why would they do THAT Defeats the purpose So confused Slightly annoyed Lol

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    From the decadent, dystopian science fiction of her debut novel, Winterlong to the immersive magic of her art world fantasies like Mortal Love to the harsh, earthy, crystalline landscapes of her Cass Neary suspense novels Elizabeth Hand s ouevre is as dark, sensuous and edgy as anything out there.I keep a copy of Hand s short story collection, Errantry, beside my desk to give me something to aim for with my own fiction It s a bar so high that not many writers reach it than a few times in their lifetimes, but Elizabeth Hand has pretty much resided there throughout her 20 book career to date.So when I received an advance reading copy of her upcoming book, Curious Toys through a Goodreads draw, I was over the moon After reading it obsessively over the next few days, and raving about it to friends, family and co workers, I have finished it, thought about it, and am ready to declare it one of her best.In this convincing evocation of early 20th century Chicago, 14 year old Pin, a girl who lives her life as a boy, resides in a shack with her mother, who works as an amusement park fortune teller A peripheral member of a gang of boys that works out of the amusement park, Pin delivers dope for Max, the carnival s half man, half woman, on a route that includes Essanay Movie Studio, where Charlie Chaplin and Wallace Beery are among the stars When Pin uncovers a murder of a young girl on one of the attractions, the wrong person gets charged, and there is only one other witness to help Pin set things right an exceeding strange, child obsessed young man named Henry Darger yes, the outsider artist, not all that long after his release from the notorious Illinois Asylum for Feeble Minded Children who is eager to become Pin s partner in solving the crime But Darger s behaviour has Pin wondering whether he is really a witness or is actually implicated in the crimes.As murders follow, the tension grows and Pin is in the centre of everything not just the child murders themselves, but the mutual attraction between her and a young actress named Glory the strained relationship with her mother, complicated by her budding relationship with ex cop amusement park guard Francis Fatty Bacon and the erratic, pedophilia tinged behaviour of Darger Although set in 1914, Curious Toys is very much a novel of our time Sexual ambiguity is an important and effective motif that runs from beginning to end of the book, heightening the resonance and poignancy of everything that occurs.Evocative, multilayered, exciting, and accessible to fans of mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction and anyone looking for a great read, Curious Toys could be a break out 30 years in the making At the very least, Liz Hand should win another bucketful of awards maybe even a Lambda this time.

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    I was lucky enough to win an advanced reader copy of this book from the goodreads giveaways Truthfully, it did take a little to get into but once I got past the first 50 pages it started getting MUCH better After that, the further into it I got, the better the story got I was confused at the length of the chapters at first short chapters but came to realize that every chapter was related to different characters It s a great story with crime, mystery, suspense and history although fictional of course It certainly kept me guessing and my predictions were all incorrect lol The author does well to take you back to 1915, fictional as it may be, there are a few mentions of nonfictional characters that really helps bring the reader into the era of the story There are a few typos throughout the book, though this could be because it s the advanced reader version I will definitely recommend this book to the members of my book club Thanks to the author for putting this on the giveaway page

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    Curious Toys brings you back into the progressive era of 1900s with a great atmosphere of carnivals, serial killer and a heart skipping adventure of a kid The book was fun to read, the author gives the readers a fantastic and crafted narration She instilled an almost real feeling that I m taking part of the adventure with the characters and visualizing the setting of Chicago in the 1900s with elements of the past which is an edge from other historical mystery writers The mystery in the book had caught me dumb founded My term for someone who didn t find out who the serial killer is in the end The book will help you with given clues, old police procedurals and serial killer backgrounds but I bet you won t be able to stop turning the pages until you make sure of your guess and finding that it is twisted all along A quick mystery adventure novel which will satisfy your fascination with serial killers and crime fiction All five stars for this 5 5 starsBig thanks to mulhollandbooks for giving this to me in exchange for an honest review.

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    Books that detail the kidnapping and murder of young girls can be gruesome and heartbreaking While my heart ached for Pin, the main character, I was not put off by this telling of a criminal who stalks and kills girls In Curious Toys, the story is about than murder.Pin is a 14 year old girl who prefers to live as a boy a decision supported by her mother since boys are safer than girls inside a 1915 Chicago amusement park After witnessing the disappearance of one girl and later discovering her body , Pin is caught up in the investigation of the murders being committed her efforts bring her into contact with the other key characters in the story a park guard the park s She Male performer Pin s actress friend Glorie and the strange Henry Darger who could be Pin s ally or the criminal The author weaves together fictional and non fictional characters, a weaving that adds authenticity to the setting and time As I read, I felt like I was meeting actual persons in an actual place.While the book is largely about the crimes being committed in the park and the efforts to find the killer it is also a story of Pin s search for her own identity Set against the masses of people who see only the cheerful fa ade of the park and not its unflattering truths, Pin must also learn to see beyond the illusions she has created in her life I received the ARC in a Goodreads giveaway Thank you to the publisher, Mulholland Books, for this opportunity to read such a wonderful story

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    I was excited to receive a copy of this book as a Goodreads giveaway, because I was very intrigued by the description A mystery set in a 1915 Chicago amusement park with a female protagonist who dresses as a boy is right up my alley Overall, I felt like it met my expectations.Things I liked Pin, the protagonist She was tough, clever and a person who was definitely ahead of her time The inclusion of real life historical figures Henry Darger whom I had never heard of before , Charlie Chaplin and Gloria Swanson The atmospheric nature of having an amusement park at the turn of the century as the setting for most of the story Hand does a great job helping readers visualize this place, from things like cotton candy and rigged games to the seedier attractions at these venues Parts of it are gritty, and that was just the reality of life back then The way the novel played on the dual sides of a person s identity, how nobody may be actually what they seem Hand did this with many of the characters in this book, exploring gender and sexuality as well as psychosis sanity.Things I didn t like The mystery could have had a bit to it I suppose we do learn about the killer s background and why he does what he does, but it s a bit nebulous The cops in the book also do a bit of profiling, which was proooobably advanced for police techniques back then.It held my attention, kept me reading, and I was satisfied with the ending I d recommend it to people who like mysteries, particularly historical mysteries, and books with child protagonists.

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    Dark, mysterious, and thrilling Pin, a 14 year old girl who lives as a boy, begins investigating the deaths of young girls at an amusement park where her mother works as a fortune teller The novel has an ecletic cast of fictional and historical characters and the details of 1915 Chicago are vivid and interesting.Full disclosure I won a copy on Goodreads but that didn t influence my feelings about the book.

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    Enjoyed this Chicago 1915 setting Slightly annoyed in keeping up with the cast of characters.

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