Cursed Benedict Jacka S Acclaimed Alex Verus Series Continues With CursedSince His Second Sight Made Him Infamous For Defeating Powerful Dark Mages, Alex Has Been Keeping His Head Down But Now He S Discovered The Resurgence Of A Forbidden Ritual Someone Is Harvesting The Life Force Of Magical Creatures Destroying Them In The Process And Draining Humans Is Next On The Agenda Hired To Investigate, Alex Realizes That Not Everyone On The Council Wants Him Delving Any Deeper Struggling To Distinguish Ally From Enemy, He Finds Himself The Target Of Those Who Would Risk Their Own Sanity For Power

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cursed book, this is one of the most wanted Benedict Jacka author readers around the world.

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  • Cursed
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  • 01 September 2019
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    FROM THE POLICE BLOTTER Subject Benedict JackaAlias Alex VersusLocation CursedDate Published 2012, ongoing issues.Charges Multiple counts of misdemeanor littering explano dumps One felony charge of plot deus ex machina Multiple felonies committed against women characters, including Class 1 felony of all females equaling damsel in distress category, and additional multiple Class 1 felonies of Classic Female Stereotypes.Consider charging in supernatural courts for crimes against love. Warning Has priors for for multiple trope violations Repeat offenses in the book include Light Dark mage councils, mystery man power behind the bad guy plot line, and magic store setting.Incident report See officer s summary Here s the deal I read fantasy because I want a world that isn t like my own As a nurse and a human being that participates in society, I m immersed enough in current world angst and drama I read urban fantasy because I like the idea of mystery and magic behind the everyday, and I d like a new twist on familiar stories.Alex Jacka is far, far too every day for me to enjoy He is the sexism that I grew up with He is the male gaze that evaluates women by their fuckability Sara Gran, you are awesome sauce He is the establishment that say women need to be rescued by men He is the world where men have conversations, make decisions, analyze the future and act upon it. He is the world where women are limited to role of emotional impetus as helpmeet, as love interest, as protectorate in need of rescuing The bones of the story A dreary copy cat Dresden verse set in modern London, only without the detailed setting or local idioms that come through in sophisticated series hello, Aaronovich It begins with the hero Alex, doing a favor for a major player on the Light Mage Council by hunting down a lethal magic creature They find it dead It seques into a windy explanation of how Alex makes his living with his magic shop, and the inane customers and their requests Is he trying to be disdainful of his readers, or just trying to create inside jokes It was set off in dialogue snippets and didn t flow well, either emotionally or in the storyline Wasted space Alex introduces us to Luna, his sort of apprentice who carries a family curse that protects her so fiercely, everyone around her that she comes into certain physical range will have terrible luck, perhaps even lethal Luna has found a special man and wants to bring him round the shop to meet Alex Alex meets with spider Arachne to discuss Luna, her boyfriend, and to examine the implications of the magic creature being drained of magic The next day, Luna s boyfriend takes ownership of a disastrous magical object and in general, acts like a jerk Alex warns Luna of the danger, and she flounces off Alex would be worried, except he just met Meredith, a beautiful woman on the run It turns out she is an enchantress capable of manipulating emotion in others Not too much later, bad guys kidnap some ladies to accomplish Evil Ends see Dresden 12 You can about guess where it goes from there.That s about as far as I was able to go reading closely before my self defense mechanism set in and I was forced to skim A relatively ordinary, but vaguely interesting plot, several transparent double agents and an alliance with supposed enemies used in the last book means nothing about this book was surprising except Jacka s audacity As a side note, for those that are interested in romantic development, Jacka s view on the topic seems very cynical romantic entanglements all seem to be based on dysfunction and or outright deception Normally not something that I would care overmuch about, it was troubling here because it dovetailed too well with his anti female characterization Please tell me, younger readers, that you are alert to this and think it reprehensible Is it actually satisfying to read something that is such a pale watered down version of quality, that participates in adding nothing new to the literary conversation except it s own commercialization This isn t just a flabby, re treaded story it s a lifeless story that propagates everything that is wrong with the genre It is a MUF indeed, the evil male doppelganger to the F l UF that focuses only on female clothes and her next love interest Spare yourself there s much better out there If you want Dresden esque, try the very well written The Markhat Files London detective MUF Ben Aaronovitch Women as People in UF, try Ilona Andrews or Wool Omnibus.For on the conversation about women and urban fantasy from Carrie Vaughn, author and another former Occidental ian what can I say, analysis was beat into us posted at

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    This series is rapidly becoming my latest favourite mind candy, doing wonders to cleanse my palate between heavy tomes of fiction and generally getting me rearing to go It s entertaining, solidly written, thoroughly character grounded, and the magic system, while slightly unoriginal, is very fun Seeing the future is rather beast.I could probably read all of these in a single sitting, as long as I had all the proper plumbing hooked up Saline solution, waste ejecta, etc., I d almost be willing to be a test subject for one of those chairs from Idiocracy What can I say It s just one of those hugely addictive series.I should have known better before picking them up, but oh well

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    The second book in a series must be a difficult book to write especially when the first is really, really good Luckily Benedict Jacka was up to the task and has produced another excellent read Alex Verus, our hero and trusty mage, continues to avoid assassination and gets involved in a variety of dangerous situations which he usually escapes by the skin of his teeth I love the moments when his precognition clicks in just in time for him to dodge a bullet or save his apprentice from an attack The author has created an excellent character in Alex Verus His ability to see multiple futures is fascinating and the way he uses his skills even so He is quiet, calm and usually in control and I love the fact that that he does not do stupid things He is quite prepared to walk away from a bad situation run away in fact if needs be He stands up for all his friends, mundane and magical, and certainly tries to stay on the good side of the magic divide All good and very promising for the next book.

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    Congrats, you ve just had your first assassination attempt It is just another day in the life of Alex Verus, diviner extraordinaire Cursed picks up a few months after Fated Alex has picked up a semi apprentice in Luna and some notoriety in the magic community after the events at the museum He has also picked up a few enemies on both the Light and Dark side of Magery As I walked, I started making a list of everyone in the mage world whom I d opposed, fought with, or otherwise irritated After I ran out of fingers to count on I decided to limit the number to people I d pissed off relatively recently Alex is pulled into yet another debacle when a magical creature being hunted is found dead with no obvious cause When Arachne is worried about what it could mean to all magical creatures Alex listens and takes it seriously Arachne is after all a very old, giant spider who magics magical clothing so I m pretty she knows what she is talking about.This was another fun tale with a slightly straightforward plot than the first book I got a little frustrated with Alex just a few times because he just didn t seem like he could decide what he was doing with Luna and I really had some hope that eventually there might be a romance there While I don t think that love will blossom between them, I do like the friendship mentor dynamic between them I think they are really good for each other in that she is innocence and he well he is not Also, I think that the new potential love interest for Luna might be fitting.Alex makes the book though I really enjoy his inner monologues and how he interacts with the world around him I don t sell spells, and I don t sell tricks I don t carry illusions or marked cards or weighted coins I cannot sell you an endless purse or help you win the lottery I can t make that girl you ve got your eye on fall in love with you, and I wouldn t do it even if I could I don t have a psychic hotline to your dead relatives, I don t know if you re going to be successful in your career, and I don t know when you re going to get married I can t get you into Hogwarts or any other kind of magic school, and if you even mention those stupid sparkly vampires I will do something unpleasant to you He is a mage mentored in the Dark practices but choose to leave that path and now walks somewhere between light and dark He isn t necessarily a good person, he will kill you and probably not feel very remorseful about it but he does have a moral code of sorts and tries to stick to it, some people just really push his to want to go totally to the dark side I can relate.I might have enjoyed the first plot a smidge but I m getting a good feel for Alex Co and I like them They aren t all goodie two shoes and that makes them interesting The introduction of a few new magical creatures cough Dragon cough also added to the magic and fun of this world I think that as the series goes on there is a ton of potential and I can t wait to see if this tenuous sometimes alliance with a few Dark mages might just grow into something Very engaging story with cool creatures, great good bad guys and a guy who can see the future but sometimes gets slapped in the face with the present Fun all around.

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    When I read the first book of the series 2 or 3 years ago, I was new to urban fantasy, just setting out on my journey into the genre I thought the first book was quite good Then I discovered other urban fantasy series that I liked Since then I ve read countless urban fantasies Recently I felt the urge to try this series again And this second book I loved Now I ve read the Harry Dresden series, I can see the similarities and the differences And there are enough differences for this not to be a Dresden rip off I am really enjoying the magic of this London and the characters, Alex and Luna are filling out I also loved Arachne The implications and possibilities of Alex s magic are opening out, as is Luna s curse Looking forward to book 3.

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    This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in Books.I liked this book even better than the first installment I think that the biggest difference was that I was already familiar with the characters and the rules of the world instead when I started this one It was really easy to slip back into Alex s world and I was really curious about how everything would work out This was a book that I wanted to listen to for hours at a time so I finished it up pretty quickly.This book picks up shortly after the events of the first book Alex has received some attention but he is back in his shop just getting through each day as it comes One of Luna s friends stops in the shop and picks up a dangerous item despite Alex s warnings There also seems to be some strange deaths of magical creatures that are raising a lot of questions To top things off, someone seems to be trying to kill Alex.I am really growing to like this group of characters Alex is very loyal and is determined to protect those that he considers his friends As far as that goes, Alex is pretty quick to try to protect anyone who he thinks needs it I love how he is able to use his abilities and I think that it really keeps the story interesting Luna is a fun character but she makes some terrible decisions in this book There are some other really colorful characters that help to move the story along as well.I thought that this book was pretty exciting There was a lot going on and I was never quite sure what would happen next It was fun to watch Alex try to juggle so many things while looking into the future to see potential outcomes There were a few twists that I didn t see coming and a few moments that had me a bit worried before everything drew to a close.Gildart Jackson continues to do an amazing job with this series It was so easy to listen to this book for hours at a time His pacing is perfect for the story and I think he adds a lot of excitement and emotion to the reading He does a great job with all of the character voices as well I do believe that I probably liked this book just a little because I made the decision to listen to it.I would recommend this series to others This is the second book in the Alex Verus series which really does need to be read in order I found this to be a very exciting and intense story that was very hard to put down I cannot wait to start the next book Initial ThoughtsI liked this one even than the first installment It was fun watching Alex try to figure everything out in time to save the day I think that some of the decisions that he made in this book really show who he is as a person I listened to the audiobook and thought that the narrator did a fantastic job.Book source Audible purchase

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    Forgot to review this, but I read all three of these books in a row a few months back and LOVED them Def check it out if you re an urban fantasy fan No romance to speak of, but really fun writing

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    As I said in another review todaySCORE This week I ve finished 3 books that I rate 5 stars I had trouble making time to get to this one, but burned through it once I got to it This is a good to great book in a great series with a great character Alex Verus in definitely my 2 UF character Harry Dresden being 1 by quite a margin.There s a thread here called Books to Read While Waiting for the Next Dresden Book I found these recommended there Seeing Jim Butcher s recommendation of them helped and I ve really enjoyed the first 2 with the next the last one in print so far on my shelf waiting So, where are we Alex is still the same retiring, non offensive, low powered mage about town we came to know and love in Fated Of course now he has a sort ofrep The Battle Mages that can knock down buildings if they want to be restrained are a little slow about crossing this low power diviner Strange that.As the book opens Alex has been contracted by a Council Mage to help in tracking down a human killing creature After all Alex can see paths into the future, a handy thing when a slavering, toothed and clawed beast might be planning an ambush to rip your entrails out and make use of them as food, decoration, garters or whatever.From here Alex and his apprentice get involved in things that are actually dangerous.Sound good It is Great story telling, great characters and lots of twists There s humor here and that s something a lot of UF authors go for but only a few pull off Yep a good book and highly recommended.I just may have another series I ll be waiting to snatch up as soon as they re publishedcool, but I hate waiting Update note I think the series has held up I ve read all that are in print and look forward to the next which is due out soon I can recommend these.

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    4 StarsCursed picks up where the first book left off and continued the fun started in book one Fresh off his success against the dark mages from the first book, Alex is grudgingly becoming involved with the Council As part of a mission, he comes across what appears to be a ritual designed to drain the life from magical creatures Once again, he is reluctantly drawn into a struggle between mages looking for power at any cost Cursed followed the same general format as the first book The plot was fairly straightforward and the events in the book happened over the course of a few days I was pleased to see the worldbuilding expand slightly, though I think there is still a lot of untapped potential there I hope that in future books we get to see aspects of mage society and get introduced to other characters I thought Cursed was a bit of an improvement over the first book, and I m looking forward to seeing where the series goes next.

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    3.5 stars again It was very much a continuation of the first story, therefore it had a lot of the same strengths and the same negatives Alex is easy to connect to, his voice is clear and personable and the explanation of his powers makes sense But I was again disappointed in the female characters Luna had so much promise in the first book, but she was very young and weak in this one I can see in a certain way where it makes sense for the story, but it leaves the surprisingly cool giant spider as the only strong female character in the book, the others again are all weak and or victims There hasn t been a reason suggested why women wouldn t be as powerful magically as men, so why aren t the ranks of powerful mages mentioned at least including the occasional woman It just feels like a huge blind spot that maybe the author doesn t even realize he has I m not usually sensitive to these things but it keeps hitting me over the head in this series But overall it was another fun book.

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