Damaged (Crystal Brook Billionaires, #1)

Damaged (Crystal Brook Billionaires, #1) This story is simply so perfect, how it is slow and not rushed Lovely christmas scenes with warmth.We meet Gwen Lawerence, who moved back to her hometown crystal brook to open a coffee book shop after leaving New York where she lived with her sister Claire The shop has been running for a year, and still growing She didn t believe guys were worth it after being hurt by Mike and kept working at the shop to hide her hurt and get over it It all changed just before christmas when she had to pick her sister Claire and her friend up from the airport She couldn t stop looking at Jason but thought they were together.We meet Jason Sadler, entrepreneur and sexy as sin He is Claire s boss, and was invited to spend christmas with the family after Claire finding out he has no plans, and plans to be alone for christmas He is jaded, and likes to have one night stands after having his heartbroken over a year ago and still going through divorce His whole world changed perception slowly after arriving in Crystal Brook for the holidays and meet his employees sister.Will Jason ever get over his hurt and find love Will Gwen change her mind on men This story is slow build up to love and relationship You can t help but feel for the characters and cheer them on It was exhilarating to read a book what wasn t fast paced and let you see the angst and fear of new relationships WTMO I grew increasingly angry with the female lead But other than that, it was good. Christmastime In Cozy Crystal Brook, North Carolina Is For Tree Trimming And Family Dinners, Not For Falling In Love Besides, Gwen Lawrence Doesn T Believe In Love Not Since Her Heart Was Broken A Year Ago Back In New York She S Yet To Recover And Finds That Love Only Taunts And Teases But Never Fully Delivers So She Keeps Herself Busy In A Whirlwind Of Lattes And Paperbacks Via Her New Business A Hometown Bookstore Coffee Shop And Avoids All Chances Of Love Until Jason Adler Arrives In TownJason, A Billionaire Real Estate Mogul, Once Did Believe In Love Until His Wife Divorced Him Out Of The Blue No Longer Believing In A Happily Ever After, He Is Content To Use Women For One Night Stands And Weekend Flings Until He Meets His Match In The Headstrong, Deceptively Aloof Gwen, Who Isn T Impressed With What S In His Pocket Or His Pants An Unusual Set Of Circumstances Find Them Spending Christmas Week Under The Same Roof Gwen S Parent S House And The Holiday Sparks Start Flying In The Midst Of A Family Holiday, Can A Christmas Miracle Occur Or Will Santa Only Deliver Heartbreak Once Again Way too long There was no excitement to justify it being this drawn out I had read Claire s book first and decided I never wanted to read the ones that came before it If I had read this book first I definitely would not have wanted to read Claire s But when I was browsing on Kindle I thought the description sounded good and I didn t realize what this book was until it was too late I tried to put my feelings aside and judge strictly on this book s content It turns out I hate everyone that much I know this is a romance book but a woman doesn t have to have a man in her life She doesn t have to have a man make her a fire if she doesn t want one Gwen s entire family believes that being with Jason will fix everything The majority of this book was of Jason and her bickering The other parts were of her family telling her what a shitty person she is being For the life of me I cannot figure out how they fell in love I just can t It is not even remotely possible They both needed to work on their own crap and then have an actual conversation with each other without arguing. Title DamagedAuthor Jessica BlakeSeries Crystal Brook BillionairesReviewer LisaRelease Date Published May 11,2016Genre s Contemporary RomancePage Count 334Heat Level 4flames out of 5Rating 4 stars out of 5Blurb Christmastime in cozy Crystal Brook, North Carolina is for tree trimming and family dinners, not for falling in love Besides, Gwen Lawrence doesn t believe in love Not since her heart was broken a year ago back in New York She s yet to recover and finds that love only taunts and teases but never fully delivers So she keeps herself busy in a whirlwind of lattes and paperbacks via her new business a hometown bookstore coffee shop and avoids all chances of love until Jason Adler arrives in town.Jason, a billionaire real estate mogul, once did believe in love until his wife divorced him out of the blue No longer believing in a happily ever after, he is content to use women for one night stands and weekend flings Until he meets his match in the headstrong, deceptively aloof Gwen, who isn t impressed with what s in his pocket or his pants An unusual set of circumstances find them spending Christmas week under the same roof Gwen s parent s house and the holiday sparks start flying In the midst of a family holiday, can a Christmas miracle occur Or will Santa only deliver heartbreak once again Review After a bad breakup with her boyfriend, Gwen has changed, she s mad at the world Keeping to herself and her bookstore When her sister Claire brings home an unexpected guest her boss Jason for Christmas Emotions are running wild for Gwen, she s fighting her attraction for him Everyone see what s happening and trying to boost it along, Gwen however, is fighting her own demons about it Will she ruin the family Christmas Will she find love again with Jason This book was a fun read Review Copy of Damaged provided by the Author,Jessica Blake for an honest Review. Excellent I always love the extra book at the end I couldn t put either of them down they were so good I look forward to reading This book did not hold my interest, it was a struggle to read it The back and forth of I like you, I don t like you, drove me nuts Two immature people trying to make something work Wrecked was a much better book. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I really liked Jason and Gwen s story It was sweet, sexy and emotional Jason is a real estate mogul spending the holidays with his employee Claire s family where he meets Claire s sister, Gwen There s an instant attraction between them, but Gwen is really wary of anything remotely resembling feelings, and Jason is going through a divorce that has left his heart closed off.Sometimes I wanted to smack Gwen because she was incredibly mean sometimes Not deliberately, but her ex had left her so messed up that it made her unable to deal with her growing feelings toward Jason so she lashed out as soon as she had to acknowledge those feelings Not that Jason was that easy to deal with either, he was so wishy washy with Gwen, it was a wonder she put up with him at all Both of them were damaged and it made their relationship hard to start and then maintain But their end was worth all the angst and drama, because at the core of it all was a really sweet guy and a sweet woman who loved each other.I d love to read Claire s story, if one is coming, and the rest of Gwen and Claire s family were awesome Their parents especially.So if you like stories about 2 people who fight through their damaged hearts to come through on the other side with an amazing love, then this is the one for you. So good A beautiful story that shares the fears and disappointments that love can bring Jason and Gwen have both been hurt by people they ve loved Can it really only take a week to see past their damaged and broken selves and become a couple An outstanding read Major disconnect This could have been a great story, but the constant bickering back and forth between Gwen and Jason became quite annoying Not to mention it was about 100 pages too long repeating the same argument over and over.

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